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“This individual is lucky to be in jail,” the sheriff of Orangeburg County, South Carolina, commented dryly. “He could have been in the care of the county coroner’s office.”

That individual, a 37-year-old man named Michael Rowe, is now facing up to 15 years in the slammer for that burglary charge alone. The invasion was reported just before 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday (yesterday).

The homeowner had likely just woken up, only to find a stranger in his home. He was alerted to Rowe’s presence by a strange sound before he found the suspect. The homeowner then grabbed his gun and fired three times, although none of the rounds hit their target.

Rowe fled, but didn’t get very far as the homeowner called 9-1-1 immediately. He was caught within 500 yards of the home, that’s to a good physical description given by the homeowner.

Here’s a fun fact: 44% of South Carolinians own guns, which is well above the (reported) national average of 30% to 35%. Given the prevailing gun culture in the Palmetto State, breaking into homes there is an exquisitely bad idea. The sheriff is right that Rowe is lucky to be in jail.

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    • It does seem like a dreadful waste of ammo, but on the plus side, there’s no bloody mess of brain matter to clean off the wall.

      • Nope, just a few small holes to patch up.
        Too bad the scumbag theif deserved those holes and not the house.

  1. Maybe he missed on purpose because the home owner had second thoughts about killing the burglar.
    In any case, either shoot the SOB or don’t shoot at all, don’t fire warning shots.
    (Anecdotal) most homes are close enough distance; kinda hard to miss 3 times, unless maybe its really dark, then again we shouldn’t be shooting at shadowes any way

    • Home invaders tend to move quickly and in unpredictable ways when faced with ballistic resistance, as opposed to the static paper targets you’re accustomed to. Different ball game, altogether.

      • You got to lead the shot and shoot where they will be when the sear breaks.
        Get Carry Guard, US Law Shield, USCCA, etc. They will send people to clean up the house and replace carpet.

    • I look forward to seeing your critique of both Brady and Luck after tomorrow nights game.

  2. No, no, no, stupid criminals you’re suppose to rob homes in gun free CA in cities with the half million dollar 2 bed 1/2 bath shacks and mooch off of the welfare benefits in between “jobs.”

  3. I take it that this a different MIKE ROWE,the real one is a multi-millionaor. the shooter either needs a shotgun or way more practice.. he should look into the TEXAS POPPER. a 410-45 long bbl derringer.

  4. He needs to buy a laser sight. For those late night difficult shots.

    When it positively must reach the target.

    • Yes, the only thing we bemoan here is that the homeowner missed — three times! I’ve not been in that situation, and can’t say if I would hit my target, either. I keep a Glock 17 within short reach at night. I’m not sure I would stop at 3, anyway.

      • After not shooting my 38 special for quite some time I took it to the range (outdoor) and shot at various distances (mostly close). Sad to say I more than likely would have missed also since I had trouble with paper targets.

      • I was thinking something similar..if the bad guy wasn’t down in three, the report would read “Homeowner fired 16 shots at invader, all missed” and frankly, if he stuck around long enough it may read “Homeowner empties handgun at invader, misses, follows up with mag dump from AR”.
        If I can kill ’em outright, I’m damn sure going to leave them with the impression that they are very, very lucky to be alive!

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