Officers J. Roman & J. Luera grabbed a 15-year-old girl as she was about to jump off a bridge at Belmont & Chicago River. Photo courtesy Chicago Police via Twitter.
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The Chicago Police have a lot of good men and women serving their community. Unfortunately, where the community does not work with the police, bad guys can get away with a whole lot of violent crime up to and including murder. The mainstream media has not reported it, but the Chicago PD has cleared just 6% of murders during the first three months of 2019 the Paradise by the Lake.

Not only are Windy City cops working without a contract, but they don’t get a lot of respect from the city’s political leaders. Or its Superintendent.

For instance, the Chicago Tribune actually reported on some rather ugly, race-baiting accusations by a host of political hacks “leaders” at a recent rally for corrupt Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx:

Chicago’s police union is ‘the sworn enemy of black people,’ Rep. Bobby Rush says after protest of Jussie Smollett case

After a week of heated protests and calls for her resignation, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and African-American leaders condemned Chicago’s police union and defended how the prosecutor’s office addressed an actor’s alleged hate crime hoax.

Foxx vowed to remain at her post during a Saturday news conference, despite intense controversy sparked in March when her office dropped a 16-count indictment that accused television actor Jussie Smollett of orchestrating a racist and homophobic attack on himself to advance his career.

…But U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, activist Ja’Mal Green, Jackson and a group of other Foxx supporters blamed the city’s Fraternal Order of Police …

“The FOP is the sworn enemy of black people, the sworn enemy of black people,” said Rush, who drew criticism in the city’s mayoral election when he suggested supporters of Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot would have the blood of African-American youth killed by the police on their hands.

“The FOP has always taken the position that black people can be shot down in the street by members of the Chicago Police Department, and suffer no consequences,” Rush said, as an aide approached Foxx and the state’s attorney stepped out of television cameras’ view. “Let’s be clear: Kim Foxx, her battle, is with the FOP and all of their cohorts.”

Black people can be shot down in the street by police without consequences?

Chicago Police officers have shot and killed just one man this year in one of America’s most violent cities, a 17-year-old with a GLOCK 19 who fancied himself a would-be cop-killer. Unfortunately, police training trumps music video training.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Courtesy Chicago Police

A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer Saturday night in the Lawndale neighborhood on the Southwest Side.

About 8:30 p.m., the boy, identified as Michael Elam, was shot during an “armed confrontation” after he got out of a car that crashed during a police pursuit in the 2100 block of South Keeler, according to authorities.

Officers had tried to pull the car over prior to the shooting, but the driver refused to stop and later struck a parked vehicle and a curb, Chicago police said. Elam was shot during an ensuing confrontation when he was seen running from the crash and holding a gun.

No, the police aren’t shooting and killing African-Americans without consequence. It’s African-American gang members who are killing African-Americans without consequence. But Rep. Bobby Rush doesn’t want to hear that. He doesn’t have the stomach for the truth. Not when he can play the race card and blame everyone except his constituents for the mayhem.

And when the police chiefs hold a press conference to express no confidence in the embattled Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, what do the race-hustlers say?

They refer to the law-enforcement officers as the “Blue Klux Klan.”

Meanwhile, every day the police officers go out and try to keep the streets of Chicago somewhat safe. Sadly, they can’t be everywhere at once.

Cops did make 21 arrests at this past weekend’s first big “Wilding” event in the touristy downtown area. From CWB Chicago

Here we go again!

Chicago police on Monday said 21 people were arrested Saturday around the River North and Magnificent Mile neighborhoods in the first “mob” activity of 2019. The high arrest count is the result of a new, less-tolerant approach by police assigned to handle “large group” incidents in the downtown area.

…Individuals who failed to disperse were taken into custody, according to the department. A CPD source said one arrestee was only 11-years-old and a 15-year-old girl was arrested for trying to punch a police officer.

…A second CPD source said the arrests were part of a new policing strategy that calls for officers to apply a firmer hand to non-compliant mobs.

…Saturday’s incidents—euphemistically referred to by city officials as “large groups”—were the first widespread mob activity in the tourist-rich areas of Chicago since four people were battered and one arrest was made on Dec. 29th.

Additional arrests were later made after video surfaced of a group of offenders beating a man at the Chicago-State Red Line station.

Less than a week later, Water Tower Place announced that it would require “adult supervision” for “youths 17 and under” on Fridays and Saturdays, effective immediately.

Other mob incidents were reported in the area throughout 2018 including on Nov. 23rd when a U.S. Army soldier was beaten and robbed at the Chicago-State Red Line station;  May 6th when up to 300 juveniles were reportedly involved in mob action that included several robberies and attacks on tourists; and May 26th when at least 19 arrests were made after a series of attacks along the Mag Mile were captured on video.

What CWB Chicago didn’t report was that every one of the arrestees was out on bail before midnight.

And the cycle continues.

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      • There is really only a small part of the city you would need to build a wall around. I would say which but don’t want to be mistaken for racism.

        • In 2008 the U.S. Army began building a “wall” separating Sadr City from Baghdad, it immediately lowered the number of insurgent attacks. Perhaps the same thing could be done in Chiraq?

        • 10-4 Ranger Rick. Israel did the same to keep the terrorist Palestinians out. Cut their crime rate. Only exception is they use heavy munitions when the thugs get restless. #Walls Do Work.

        • “…There is really only a small part of the city you would need to build a wall around….”

          Actually…No it’s all of the city, as it infects the rest of the state. It may be the Land of Lincoln, but it’s city of obama, and we know how infectious he was/is.

  1. Sounds like it’s time to declare martial law and roll in the troops. Chicago local government has clearly failed. That means it’s up to the federal government to restore order.

    • Nah, ain’t happnin. … Besides, there is already U.N. Troops and all the toys necessary to deal with insurrection in tha hood.
      As to the 6% numba, it’s because “we didn’t see nuthin, we wuz home all night watchin tv.”
      No witnesses, as half the crowd of onlookers are connected by membership or association.
      Cartels supply CHICONGO, it’s a wired tight deal. Turf wars and vendetta rules.
      I’ve commented elsewhere on the UN presence in Chicongo, it would have been the next f.f. to get UN troops to be viewed as problem solvers, not our concern.
      Bull shiet.
      Fwiw, my posts said “my money is on the hood” I’d love to see the blue gums on the streets of Chicongo.
      Everyone can put away their do or don’t do books when we see FOREIGN TROOPS, ARMED, on US soil.
      This is where all this is headed, and nothing has changed, it was just delayed by DJT.
      The fan is here, the shiet is here…they just need for “someone” to plug in the socket.
      Soros is buying up each SAO, controlling the legal enforcement tool. Harris vounty, TEXAS just rolled over, she’s a 28 year old Columbian, now running the largest metro area in Texas.
      Yes, the hard and fast RED is purrr-ple and headed for blue.
      Texas isn’t the only state. Florida is toast.
      Add election fraud, and I have my doubts for 2020, let alone 2024.
      It’s a commin…it’s a commin.

      • Texas does not have a single statewide elected Democrat. Not one, and has not for decades. Even in this last cycle, with massive out of state support, and a gross financial advantage and all the media publicity he could ever want, Robert Francis O’Rourke, couldn’t beat a fairly unpopular Ted Cruz, who didn’t even start campaigning until less than a month before the election. Cruz raised very little, tried to raise very little, and didn’t even spend it all. Cruz literally beat the Democrat golden boy without even trying. Texas has not flipped.

        • Just because the government has yet to go further socialist doesn’t mean the demographics haven’t. The youth a very left and they are coming of age. You will see the results before you die.

        • User1, the exact opposite has proven to be true. We have more Hispanics, more immigrants, and a higher voter turnout than ever. And yet we have more firearms freedoms and a more conservative legislature than we did 30 years ago.
          Your defeatist fantasy has no grounding in history, or reality.

        • Cruz beat Beto by a small margin. More illegals equals more Dumbocrat votes; why do you think the party supports zero border control? The way things are going Texas will turn purple and then blue; only a matter of time. Wake up.

      • Are those UN troops hiding in the FEMA camps in downtown chicago? Can you cite a location for said troops?

    • There are worse places than Chicago.

      It’s a very bad idea to utilize Communist/Fascist tactics to solve socialist problems.

      The federal government and militia should enforce the law and arrest all government that is breaking the law. Then progress can be made. Getting rid of the U.S. Constitution is not the answer.

      • There is nothing in the CotUS that prohibits what I proposed. Lincoln did it several times. The last time was to put down the LA riots. Or do we need to wait until the latest batch of Roof Koreans pops up?

        • Actually the founders didn’t want a standing army. The law enforcement have become that standing army because there is laws that passed that prohibit the president from using soldiers on American soil. To work around those restrictions they created new “armies” that are not the Army. The additional restrictions were done after the government had passed an Insurrection Act (they wanted to use soldiers in the U.S. against secessionist) and instigated a war with former states so they can keep the Union intact.

          Many older Americans did not like what the federal government did to cause a civil war nor did they approve of the actions taken to deal with the issue. Most people have been taught to hate the losers of the civil war and to see their flag as racist instead of it being about anti government overreach.

          Martial law suspends the Bill of Rights, amongst of things.

  2. Causes of death are easy; 1. Wrong place, wrong time (shouldn’t oughta have gone there). 2. Misadventure (shoulda known better). 3. He had it coming. (shoulda kept his mouth shut). -30-

  3. Other than pure dedication, I cant understand why they dont just quit and let the place devolve into a Steven King movie. There are other place that actually support the LEO’s.

    • Some are close to retirement
      Some are waiting until they get an offer for a lateral
      Others have family or other ties

      All are doing their best to not end up on the news. That means no proactive police work. You see that ‘youth’ that just got bailed out yesterday with a bulge at his waistband? Hey, that could be a pack of skittles, better just drive on by.

  4. Let Chicago stew in the mess they made for themselves. Although. I would like to tour the Field Museum. The Lions of Tsavo and all that.

  5. Imagine if they did have community support. Why, they might solve 7% or 8% of the murders. Or 95% if their pensions were on the line.

    • Put their pensions on the line, that’s a great idea. They could function like the police and court system in a place like China, which has something like a 99% conviction rate. I mean, if the pension is on the line, then someone has gotta pay for that murder. They’ll find the perp. It could be anyone. It will be anyone.

    • Ralph, pensions don’t solve crimes. People talking do. I often said, “I sent thousands of men to prison. Couldn’t have done it without their help.”

    • About 2/3rds of homicides in the US are solved. There’s little reason to believe that cooperation wouldn’t significantly increase the clearance rates in Chicago up towards the average, particularly since the brand of criminals there isn’t particularly smart.

      • Being smart is not necessary. They only need to know that they have better than a 16 to 1 chance of getting away without being identified and a likelihood of spending 2 years or less in prison even if caught. The criminal justice system in Chicago is just that, “justice for the criminals”, not the victims. If the policymakers and the courts did their jobs as intended the fine folks of Chicago would not have to keep quiet about what they witnessed out of fear that the punk they dropped a dime on would be out looking for them in less than 2 or 3 years.

  6. It can’t be the majority who want rampant lawlessness in Chicago, can it?
    The way the pols and “community organizers” act and talk you’d think they want a Charles Taylor or Idi Amin to come in and take over.

  7. With all those cameras spying on and recording everyone, with their high tech gunshot detectors, they can’t stop or catch murders who literally run around shooting people down every weekend? They also have a large police force. I bet they write more tickets than anything else. It’s as if they want and need gang violence and murder…

    I wonder if there was more armed citizens would they do a better job cleaning up the government’s mess? Let the people fix their own problems and not live in fear. They did it in some places in Mexico. You can’t expect them to live disarmed and help government catch gang members, that’s essentially signing their own death warrant. Adding more cops will not solve a thing because the cops won’t be there when the crime happens, they need witnesses, they need evidence.

    • Adding more armed citizens would reduce the number of muggings and carjacking as criminals either learned it was dangerous or simply didn’t survive the attempt. It wouldn’t have much effect on drug dealers killing each other over turf or revenge though. Frankly they’re doing the city a service killing each other off – why would you want to stop them? Give them more deadly weapons so the trauma centers stop releasing them back onto the streets.

      • Gangs won’t have any “turf” if the neighborhood can put them in a grave. You can’t take over an area where everyone is armed and doesn’t like you. Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, etc.

        If I could pop every gang member that does violent crime in front of my home from my window… There wouldn’t be as many problems. But I would be considered a vigilante. The police tell everyone to mind their business, don’t get involved and call the police.

        • The neighborhood does not want to put them in a grave. The neighborhood is the customer.

        • You pop a gang member from a window in your home and I’ll bet my last paycheck your house gets burned to the ground with you in it inside of a day.

          Talk is cheap.

        • jdub, i get you meant that as a simplistic view and yeah there is plenty of foot traffic at flournoy and avers. but the money to be made rolls through from outside the neighborhood and even more so from the suburbs.
          the vast majority of the locals would like to see them boys gone.

  8. Then you wonder why people don’t want to live by or hire blacks,,, they think their special,,, not all, but more than half are nothing but thugs.. report on that,,,

    • They weren’t like that until the government came in to make them better. The government keeps adding on top of what they created so it spills over to other places. Then the government says it didn’t work because they didn’t do enough, let them add more to fix the problem. At some point people become racist again and setup a system to enslave everyone.


  9. Emergency managers are appointed all the time for city governments that go bankrupt due to irresponsible and inept officials handling of financial matters. Why can’t we appoint an emergency judicial manager to force the city government and courts to enforce the law and prosecute repeat offenders with mandatory maximum sentencing?

    • Mandatory sentences are bad. This leads to plea deals and other things. It’s a very stupid idea.

        • When someone goes to court for a crime that will put them in prison for 20 years they like to plead guilty to a lesser charge. Lawyers like this because they don’t have to do any work and their record will be as close to 100% as they can get. A lot of the time criminals just have to remain silent and they will get off. Lawyers don’t want to risk it, they will offer a plea deal. They do this so they can become successful politicians.

          Also an extremely long minimum sentence doesn’t keep the criminal off the street for life. They will get out of prison having spent more time learning to be a thug from the worst criminals than they spent in the street trying to be a thug. Their transition to the vastly different society than they knew will be almost impossible. How do you expect a 40 something year old felon to be successful in the more modern world when he spent most of his time learning how to shank people and stick with his race? You think he will learn to code? And you are going to have to pay for that man’s living expenses because the government said so.

          • That’s why we need to return to the good old days where prisoners were expected to work for their keep. Idle hands are the devils’ workshop so to speak. Just removing the criminals from society does nothing but give them free housing and free meals with no responsibility for their upkeep. Make them work for the room and board. If they don’t work keep them locked in a cage alone 24/7 and feed them nothing but gruel. No TV, no radio, no books. If you or I have to work if we want a bed to sleep in and food to eat or to enjoy a bit of entertainment, so should they. There is nothing cruel or unusual about having to work for your own support. I live in Michigan and we have some of the worst roads in the country. We sure the hell could save a ton of money reinstituting chain gang road crews.

  10. Meh.. as a former resident of Chiraq and living sout(yeah sout) of the city it’s going to get much worse. Two words: Laquan McDonald. If the po-leece get charged(and convicted) of 2nd degree murder after shooting a punk with a knife on a crime spree how can anyone expect them to “do their job”?!? And not to be all raciss but is there ANY major city(or country)run by black folks that succeeded? Anywhere?!? Oh well at least they gotta black lesbian “married” gal with a cute daughter annointed…

    • In answer to your pressing question: NO.

      In contrast Plano, TX, population: 269K, has a black mayor Harry LaRosiliere (R) representing a constituency composed of:
      67% Whites
      7.6% Black
      17% Asian
      .36% Native American
      0.1%Pacific Islanders
      3.8% Other Races
      3% Multi-Racial

      Plano is also blessed with being in Texas and free of democrat machine politics.

      • ‘If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell’ – General William Tecumseh Sherman. ‘Nuff said.

        • If David Duke, Louis Farrakhan and Al Capone could design their ideal city, it’d look EXACTLY like Chicago. ‘Nuff said.

    • Yet a lot of 2A advocates disagree with reforming the police and doing away with that huge socialist system which creates corruption. They want a police state and the police want a police state. So government needs to fail to make sure the police state stays healthy and ever growing whilst violence and crime continue without challenge.

      I think South Africa has some private police forces that focus on specific types of crime. It’s how they deal with the ever increasing corruption in the public police force. Instead of relying on the black South Africans (whom are taking over the government) to go after other Africans they hire other people to get the job done. Americans think this is a bad idea, that it will lead to a government take over.

      • ‘The police want a police state’? Any facts to back up that ignorant, silly, HUA (head up azz) assumption?

        • Plenty of cops are defenders of Jon Burge and his Chicago PD torture ring, straight out of Stalin’s NKVD.

          Plenty of cops wanted the video of “heroic” Chicago cop Tony Abbate trying to stomp to death a barmaid half his weight censored. Pure Stalinism.

        • Do the police not want more resources? Do they not ask for more money? Do they not call for more officers? Do they not want more equipment? Do they not say they are out gunned and need better weapons? Do they not call for gun control? Do they not call for stricter laws? Do they not want more power to ignore the Constitution? Do they not get angry when the citizens want different policies?

  11. That reminds me I need to make up the Chicago police scanner bingo cards for this week. Gotta love Polish/Ukrainian inlaws

  12. The people in this Shitcago McDonald’s didn’t see nothin’, and wouldn’t have seen nothin’ if the two young punks had beat the white haired guy to death. But listen to them scream “No!” when he defended himself from them…

    To Hell with the criminal loving denizens of Shitcago and the criminals they keep voting into office.

  13. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, June 27th, 2017/Letters To The Editor

    Violence escalates against police force

    Andrew Haut’s June 25, “Good job done on crime news articles” came from a resident of Lassen County, Calif., (Susanville). Andrew mentions in his letter about “fatal attacks” on law enforcement.

    According to the “Support Your Local Police” section in the July 2017 John Birch Society Bulletin, “violence against police escalated to record numbers in 2016,” an increase of 54 percent over 2015. In my own Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, Herald and News letter, “Law enforcement a tough profession,” I alluded to the demands, danger and stress of those in law enforcement. This letter remains archived in this newspaper.

    Again, I publicly endorse the “Support Your Local Police Campaign” of The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisc. Learn more by by accessing Three online videos appear, including: “What’s Happening to Our Local Police?” “Local Police vs. National Police,” and “Police Under Fire.” Additional sources for our law enforcement officers exist and include: “Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation, Inc. “ at, and a Dec. 20 article titled, “Officers Need Your Prayer” via

    The Christian Community/Body of Christ (including Catholics) can likewise be in intercessory prayer for our law enforcement. The Bible states:

    “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, For kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” — 1 Timothy 2:1,2.

    James A. Farmer, Merrill


  14. Chiraq is a lost cause… the only hope is to allow good citizens to be armed. “An armed society is a polite society.” isn’t wrong. To Hell with Illinois law! I will not comply with their Draconian gun laws… EVER! Better to be judged by twelve, than carried by six. Almost ALL Chicago LEOs I’ve spoken with agree that they’re overwhelmed, out numbered and out gunned. You can have food delivered faster than police response time, so you’re on your own when it comes to crime. Only 6% of murders solved, and even less criminals apprehended for violent crime. Again, Chiraq ia a lost cause.

  15. * 1919 race riot
    * Summerdale Scandal
    * Jon Burge
    * Alvin Weems
    * Gerald Callahan
    * Joseph Miedzianowski
    * SOS Scandal
    * Tony Abbate
    * Jason van Dyke

    Gee, I don’t know why people don’t trust or respect the Chicago Police Department…

    • Then why don’t YOU become a Chicago police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Put up or shut up.

      • I’ve never robbed anyone or tried to stomp a barmaid to death.

        THAT is how you “do it”.

        I’m always fascinated by how much alike defenders of gangbangers and dirty cops sound…

        • You went back a century to pick out less than a dozen examples? In a city the size of Chicago a problem rate that low would make it the least corrupt city in the country.

        • “You went back a century to pick out less than a dozen examples? In a city the size of Chicago a problem rate that low would make it the least corrupt city in the country.”

          I STARTED a century ago. The Chicago PD was dirty in 1919. It’s dirty today, just like EVERY civic institution in Chicago.

          Did you want me to list EVERY instance of corruption by the Chicago PD? There are only twenty four hours in a day.

          If that’s all you’ve got, you’re no more serious than all the other defenders of Jon Burge and Tony Abbate.

  16. I have no idea what police policies are or how policing “used to be done” back in the day.

    What I do know is this: There’s a reason that people in certain communities don’t trust the cops and it’s fairly simple. The cops don’t live in that area and don’t truly understand that area.

    Back when I lived in a really shitty area the police in the area asked me semi-regularly for help and I told them I didn’t know anything. This was extremely frustrating for them and they couldn’t grasp why I wouldn’t help them other than that maybe I was involved. Yeah, white college boy in an all-black gang of dudes who hate white people, that’s gonna work out.

    When I finally moved out I dropped them the addresses and names of some folks along with some information on the criminal enterprises that went on on my street. One of them asked me “Why didn’t you give us this a couple of years ago?” to which I replied “Because I like breathing” which just got a confused look from him. So I had to explain to him: Look, these dealers at these houses have protection from this gang, members of that gang live here, here, here and here. These other dealers have protection from another gang with members over on another street here. They’ve split up their business to try to avoid a turf war that brings in bangers from other cities like Cinci. So if, a year back, I told all of this I can guarantee you that my name would come up in the course of your investigation and get out to these people. Every night you go home to a subdivision while I stay here with a bunch of people who now want revenge on me for fucking up their business and getting their buddies arrested. On top of that, upsetting the balance runs a very significant risk that bigger fish end up in this pond, bigger fish that are more prone to murder and mayhem and won’t respect the current détente but rather will try to take things over and drive out the other gangs. Those gangs will also call in people from the bigger cities. That greatly raises the chances of a gang war in my neighborhood. At absolute best I end up owing these assholes a fuckton of money that I don’t have to replace what they’re losing from the dealers or, more likely, like the guy down the street who talked out of school, my door gets kicked in and I get shot (that dude did live but I bet you that to this day he doesn’t talk to the cops). Hell, I don’t even have to drop the dime on anyone, all that matters is that certain people think I did.

    The cops in that area meant well. I’m sure of that. But they were quite overconfident in what they “knew” and they didn’t understand that neighborhood nearly as well as they needed to. Someone got shot and while the cops are investigating we’re watching from our front porch with a neighbor telling us about what happened. We already know who got shot, probably why they got shot and probably who did it. Maybe you’ll figure that shit out next month after using a ton of resources. Sorry, but see that 12 year old over there on that bike? He knows more about what’s gone on since you arrived on my porch to ask questions than you will ever know about this street because no one here wants to talk to you. (Which is true, if I ever really wanted to know “what was what” I asked the neighborhood kids because they weren’t old enough to understand not to talk to “whitey”.)

    If you want to change what’s going on here you really need some sort of community redevelopment plan to get these people an education and a job. However, you also need arrests with long sentences attached to break the cycle initially. Without both you will fail to fix the problem. The gangsters have to go but they have to be replaced with something better or these people will just go right back to banging because it’s all they know and, quite frankly, without a sports scholarship or something, it’s all they can do.

    • A serious part of your problem was the fact that some of the cops worked for the gangs in question and you had no way of knowing which cops, but you could pretty much guarantee one of them would manage to get his hands on the details of the investigation even if the cops you talked to were pure as the driven snow.

      • I rather doubt that the police employed by the university worked for gangs on the side. They made way, way too much money to take such a risk. Of course there’s always some dumbass doing something stupid. Which, as my wife says, is why we can’t have nice things.

        The city cops might have taken bribes in some cases but I can’t speak to that. They were, in my view, wholly incompetent and generally more interested in revenue generation than anything else. They’d come flying up on my ass thinking my car had “party plates” (DUI tags) only to realize they were out-of-state tags and leave me alone. Patrol the street I lived on? Nah, they’d only show up if shots got fired and actually hit something someone cared enough to report or someone.

    • Out here in Yamhill County Oregon we have Judge Ladd Wiles who eagerly gave a marijuana bootlegger a free pass for shooting a 12 gauge shotgun at his landlord’s children.

      What part of “it is still illegal under Federal law” does the imbecilic asshole not understand?

      What part of “it’s still illegal under Oregon law unless you have the proper growers’ licenses and address specific grow site permits” does the judge not understand?

      What part of “it’s still illegal even if you did have the licenses and permits but were selling to school children or out of state rather than the local pot shop” do you not understand?

      What part of “a 12 gauge shotgun is a deadly weapon, especially if it is loaded with slugs,” does Judge Wiles not understand?

      With few exceptions the LE around here are good folks. However; when you have a fucktard judge who brings to his court room the same profound discernment that enabled him to remain oblivious to his wife’s spectacularly flagrant adulteries until Amanda Marshall got herself arrested for stalking her boyfriend, you should just shoot, not even shovel, and shut up so that the cops will think that it is just another drug deal gone bad.

      Living in gun controlled Chicago, all you can do is just shut up.

    • “What I do know is this: There’s a reason that people in certain communities don’t trust the cops and it’s fairly simple. The cops don’t live in that area and don’t truly understand that area.”

      That, and those “communities” are aggregations of people for whom criminality, violence, and general shit baggery are the cultural norm. I lived in the hood for years, one thing I realized was that crime was part of the cultural fabric those communities. Stupidity and violence for the hood rat is equivalent to buffalo hunting for the plains Indians, it’s part of their identity as a people. It’s natural they view cops as the enemy.

      • I thought that too until I actually talked to these people at length.

        They’d ask me questions like “Why do you bother going to college when you could be making money?” After explaining myself I’d ask “Why would you never consider going to college/back to school or going to actual legitimate work?”. The answer I got more often than not was “Bro, what’s the point of going to college/school/work? That shit’s like years and I’ll be dead or locked up before then”.

        They see this as a hopeless situation where you just get what you can and have as much fun as you can before you get taken out or locked up forever. Based on that view point their behavior is not, to me anyway, in any way surprising. They have a very much “live like you were dying” (country song reference) attitude about just about everything. They’re not stupid or crazy. They’re not very well educated and they’re rational actors within an irrational system.

  17. “Without Community Support, Chicago Police Solving Just 6% of Murders”

    Wow, it’s a wonder they’ve been that successful, even with “community support”, it would only go up 2-3%, considering that most of the murders are gang/drug related…

  18. If I was an Asian person, who owns a store in a ghetto because that’s the cheapest place for an new immigrant to open up shop, I would like to retain my right to shoot any person (young or old) that raids my property. Those “kids” will learn real quick this isn’t Canada, but that can’t happen because 2A advocates consider it wrong to shoot people who steal your property.

    Asian people disagree…

    • But god forbid that we should baring the hammer down on these domestic enemies of the United States, why I’m sure that the Marines we send in will have a very hard time telling the little old ladies from the drugged out gangbangers taking potshots at them…

      • You think the gangsters are going to come out to fight the Marines when they run from cops? What delusional world do you live in?

        If the military was to come in the bad guys will hide. Then the government will declare the military the new police force and they will police the area indefinitely, which is going to be worse than the police doing it. They did it after the civil war. Last thing you want is a bunch of kids in their military gear playing cop when they are trained for the battlefield. It’s very dumb to allow an occupying force, controlled by leftists, to have the privilege of executing citizens on the spot. That’s straight up fascist. The 2nd Amendment will be abolished in such a scenario to reduce errors….

        • No… we grab the CPD gang databases and start rolling up gang cells the way we did terror cells. It’s not rocket science.

        • This was what should have been done in Los Angeles after the riots.

          Civil authority should have been abolished. Los Angeles should have been placed under martial law, to be administered by the United States Army. Soldiers should have been given immunity from state and local laws and have authority to conduct searches, detain people, and do other things that they see fit to end the crisis on the streets.

          To quote the movie The Siege,

          You don’t fight a junkyard dog with ASPCA rules. What you do is you take the leash off your bigger, meaner dog.

  19. “What I do know is this: There’s a reason that people in certain communities don’t trust the cops and it’s fairly simple. The cops don’t live in that area and don’t truly understand that area.”

    In Chicago, it’s much more fundamental.

    When you call the Chicago PD to a crime scene, you’re just adding more criminals.

    The Chicago PD doesn’t investigate home invasions, it plans and commits them. Ask Jerry Finnegan.

    Any time the most “elite” unit in a major city police department is running a home invasion, robbery and kidnapping ring, that department is a total write-off.

    The Chicago PD is like the Catholic Church.

    When you ignore corruption long enough, the worst of the corrupt make it into positions where they’re in charge of hiring and promotions. They then feel free to hire and promote those like themselves. At that point, you’re just done.

    The Chicago PD was hopeless in 1919 when my great uncles broke into their National Guard armory to arm themselves and defend their families and themselves from white arsonists and rioters (like future mayor Richard J. Daley).

    The Chicago PD has the respect it’s EARNED in 100+ years.

    • Then why don’t YOU become a Chicago police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Put up or shut up.

      • I’ve never committed a home invasion robbery, kidnapped a minor, or tried to stomp a barmaid to death.

        Try following THAT example.

    • In my experience people tend to operate rationally and will do so even within an irrational system.

      If Chicago has this problem with it’s PD then the cops are simply adapting to a system which is fucked from the jump. That’s exactly what’s wrong with the Catholic Church in many regards.

      • Jerry Finnegan and Tony Abbate did what observation and experience told them that the organizational culture of the Chicago PD would tolerate just as Fathers Shanley and Geoghegan did what observation and experience told them the organizational culture of the Catholic Church would tolerate.

        • It’s not really as simple as “what the system will tolerate”. IMHO, there are built in incentive and disincentive structures which are probably poorly built and then combined with advertising.

          I can’t really speak the internal structure of the Chicago PD but this is certainly a problem for the Catholic Church. It has a set of incentives and disincentives combined with a series of claims on capability that attract a certain set of people who know they have problems and believe the system will correct and/or constrain their behavior. The system attracts those people and then fails to correct their behavior because what those people don’t understand is that the Church isn’t meant to correct their problems. It’s like going to a mechanic for your tax problem.

          Someone who’s a child molester, or maybe not yet because they haven’t acted on their urges yet, may well find the Catholic Church a “perfect” place. They think the Church will, with the power of God, rehabilitate them and take away their urges to do things to children and at the same time the celibacy rules will force them to ignore/control those urges until they can work with God to get over them. In reality it doesn’t tend to work out that way.

          What they really need is, at minimum, some sort of serious cognitive therapy which they are not getting. Instead they’re substituting a system that doesn’t recognize their problem and will likely fail them. Kind of like a person with chronic pain who is denied pain meds/medical assistance and turns to street drugs. It’s probably not going to work out well.

  20. I have a friend I went to school with here in WA that’s from the Wild Wild 100’s neighborhood in Chicago, (the same one mentioned in countless rap songs) he said there was not one day he could remember when he didn’t hear gunfire. He also said the cops don’t do shit there, call 911 to report a 4 to 6 man shootout in broad day light and the operator says “is anyone hit? it’s pointless to send anyone if nobody has been shot”

  21. Meh. Doesn’t matter how many cases the police “clear”, when the perpetrators are immediately released back onto the street. Let the trash take out the trash, there’s no point anymore.

    • At some point you just have to flush the toilet. Most big cities are and have been run by Dems for generations. Chicago is not that different from Detroit, Baltimore, Philly, NYC, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta and on and on. After a couple of generations of mis-management of their cities, citizens become immune to the effects. They just accept it or move if they can. If the labor unions ever decide to vote Repub you might see some changes. I’m not holding my breath. The Dems give the labor unions everything they want in labor negotiations (paid for by the taxpayer of course) and the labor bosses put out the word that “we will back this or that Dem candidate”. The unions of course give money almost exclusively to the Dem candidates. If you want to work, you do what you’re told. It’s a money laundering operation pure and simple. The good thing for the Dems is they get the donations and support from the unions and the taxpayers foot the bill in increased costs to do any state, county or local job. Federal work is the same. Why do you think it costs $25 million a mile to pave a road on a government contract when private companies can get it done for less than a tenth of that. You know the answer. The union bids are wildly inflated and the Dems overseeing the contracts don’t bat an eye.

      • I was born and raised in Chicago.

        There hasn’t been a Republican mayor in my lifetime. Sputnik hadn’t been launched yet when I was born.

        The Democrats OWN Chicago.

        It’s THEIR thermonuclear dumpster fire 100%.

  22. If you do the math Chicago saves dollars for every welfare collector neutralized. Why stop saving when there are still millions more.

    • the problem with the self cleaning oven is if you forget to take out the cast iron first, all the seasoning gets removed. but bare metal dutch ovens can often times be restored.

  23. Of course people won’t testify against the criminals. It would put them on the criminals’ shit list while accomplishing nothing since Kim Foxx won’t prosecute.

    Question for Chicago residents: Does Foxx prosecute crime victims who shoot their attackers in self defense?

    • This is an outstanding example of using a firearm to defend yourself with. And you don’t have to pull the trigger. He will spend less money on lawyers for doing so.

      This would be a great training film for armed self defense. Thanks for posting it.

  24. So the police suck at doing their job and it’s the citizens fault ? That’s kind of how this article reads. 6% clearance is pathetic. Maybe if they did a better job they would have more community support.

    I’m sure there are lots of good people on the Chicago PD. But they also have had black sites in Chicago where they illegally take suspects to integrate them without access to lawyers. They have covered up police brutality and evidence of police wrong doing.

    Everybody on that police force and everybody in the corrupt DA office should have been fired and replaced already.

  25. My grandfather came from the south side of Chicago back in the 40s. It was a bit rough back then but nothing like today

  26. The Chicago PD is one of the most corrupt passels of shitbird grifters ever gathered in uniform, as befits a city that has been utterly corrupt for well over a century. They don’t solve crimes because they’re absolutely awful at their jobs. The community hates and fears them because they’re absolutely awful at their jobs. I don’t hate “the police,” but I sure do hold Chicago’s cops in utter contempt.

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