BRCC Christmas Carol: Merry Christmas


A little pew-pew Christmas caroling to keep the season bright courtesy of Black Rifle Coffee Company (yeah, they do make some awesome coffee, too).


[This post originally ran in 2018]


  1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I have got to get me one of those Christmas sweaters with the guns on it!

    1. avatar RCC says:

      Hi Tom,
      How is the recovery going?
      I sent message via Dan as we were in Thailand then and you can’t comment from that country. Hope you got it.

      A very cool Xmas day here. Only 27C or 80 compared to usual 100 plus for this part of Australia.

      Best wishes to everyone for the day. It’s already the 26th here.

      1. avatar Merle 0 says:

        Just a FYI, this isn’t tinder. Please take your flirting elsewhere.

  2. avatar Dennis says:

    Im not really a fan of this video.. perfer the one that was posted yesterday instead.

    1. avatar FantaSea says:


  3. avatar Wayne says:

    Guilty. I did a freeze frame at 54 seconds.

  4. avatar Jamal says:

    LOL at you honkies and your guns.

    1. avatar Mercury says:

      If this is an attempt at humor, it’s in poor taste.

      1. avatar Void says:

        Looks like another flavor of lefty troll who just saw their first episode of Sanford and son and is looking to spam for attention.

  5. avatar Cknarf says:


  6. avatar Truthman says:

    I believe Kat Ainsworth was bullycided for advocating murdering your husband if they met some arbitrary ever-expanding definition of “abuse”.

    GTFO. Take your family destroying degeneracy elsewhere.

    Today is Christmas. Jesus is King. Marriage is sacred. Divorce is harmful. Murder is wrong.

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “I believe Kat Ainsworth was bullycided…”

      Last I heard, Kat is still very much alive, dude.

      Or do you know something I don’t?

      Currently promoting her new book.

  7. avatar jef says:

    Thank you . really helpful

    I’d like you jef

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