Will the Last Zombie-Themed Product from the American Firearms Industry Please Turn Out the Lurid Green Lights?

Iver Johnson Eagle LR Zombie (courtesy The Truth About Guns)


  1. avatar JM says:

    At least you would be hard pressed to lose that gun…

    1. avatar TheBear says:

      I’d be hard pressed not to lose it fast enough.

  2. avatar Dano says:

    Anything that’s labeled as Zombie is something that I won’t by. If people stopped buying this crap, this expired meme would finally go away.

    1. avatar Thomas says:

      Dano I am right there with you. I have had enough of this tripe; at this point I think it detracts from the inteqrity of the industry. When “zombie” rounds came out from Hornady – I felt the downslide into futility was on…I refused then and still refuse to buy anything labeled zombie.

      1. avatar Trevor Nisja says:

        Agreed, for me its price and function over looks, like I feel most “gun guys” are about.

        1. avatar Fler says:

          While we’re all mostly about function, we’re also guilty of wanting guns that look nice. Otherwise, we’d all be buying Hi Points.

      2. avatar Kagans says:

        Sometimes the zombie stuff can be fun, like the zombie lowers from Spikes. Doesn’t hurt that they are the same price as the other lowers.

        1. avatar Great Scot says:

          Some of them can be practical. I thought Hornady’s zombie ammo looked okay. If you would make zombie ammo, you would make the most vicious, man-eating crap you could, right? Right. So, if it can kill the living dead, then imagine what it’ll do to than home invader.

    2. avatar Leadbelly says:

      I don’t know. I got a zombie green laser for my LCP at half off because of the color. It is, after all, CONCEALED carry. If it works and it’s half off, I don’t care if it’s pink and says “Hello Kitty” on it.

      1. avatar Another Robert says:

        Had to laugh at that one…

    3. avatar Another Robert says:

      You do see the irony in describing the “zombie” stuff as an “expired meme that won’t go away”, right?

      1. avatar Tom says:

        +100 I LOL’d.

  3. avatar JeffR says:

    That someone would do that to a 1911 is wrong on so many levels. The next thing you know someone will come out with a bright green, Walking Dead-themed Colt Python. (Please don’t do that.)

    1. avatar cwp says:

      If it gets Colt to put the Python back into production, I’m willing to excuse it being available in a neon green finish.

      1. avatar New Continental Army says:

        That’s true, you’d think with the popularity of that show they’d at least consider it, there would be a huge market for it.

      2. avatar Sean McCluskey says:

        I lucked out and found a decently-priced Python last year. Would I have bought it finished in Atomic Babyshit? To my shame, the answer is yes.

      3. avatar JasonM says:

        I read an article recently that said the Python recently became the best selling revolver in the used market, because of that show.

    2. avatar James R says:

      I disagree, I think this is exactly what John Browning had in mind as the ultimate evolution of the 1911. The technology to make neon green just wasn’t there yet…

  4. avatar Nine says:

    I could barely tell that it was even a gun at first.

  5. avatar PeterC says:

    People with bad taste constitute an enormous market.

    1. avatar brentondadams says:

      God bless America

  6. avatar KCK says:

    I bought and still have a few rounds of Zombie Hornady Critical Defense in 9mm because that is the only HCD Gander had at the time.
    Actually, I will never confuse the regular Nickle and Red of my .40 and .380 but having the Brass and Green for the in-between 9 makes the ammo color coded, which is nice.
    Not a bad idea for Hornady to have a different color polymer tip for each caliber.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      I have some Zombie CD because it’s the same as the regular stuff but for color, and was cheaper than the regular stuff sitting right next to it on the shelf.

      1. avatar Joe Grine says:

        Same here.

  7. avatar CoolBreeze72 says:

    Guns as fantasy toys is wrong. It is the first step on the stupid trifecta (things, places, people).

    1. avatar JR says:

      Unwittingly perhaps, but you just insulted a HUGE segment of the tacticool training industry and client base. What percentage of those guys will ever be operators operating on an operation? Tiny at best.

      You could say IDPA and IPSC are ‘fantasy games.’ Or, do you call it training? Or merely competition?

      How about skeet or sporting clays shooting?

      Putting target practice and skills training into a larger context is actually quite effective at solidfying those skills. It beats hell out of standing on a square range shooting bullseyes exclusively.

      I took a look at the ZSA rules a while back…found that in many important ways, the sport is EXTREMELY similar to IDPA. I never really bought into the draw of calling it “zombie,” but at the end of the day….it’s little different than IDPA and a lot of folks enjoy it.

      No harm, no foul in my opinion.

  8. avatar CoolBreeze72 says:

    You’d be hardpressed to lose it, but you’d never stop trying.

  9. avatar former water walker says:

    Let’s make everything evil black.

  10. avatar KCK says:

    As JM said above, that is the same color as my craftsman tape measure that is easier to find when I don’t put it back in my pouch.

    This gun might confuse the abreaviations, OC and CC.
    Strapping this to on your belt with a OWB would certainly be CC
    Conspicious Carry

  11. avatar MJN says:

    I won’t hate on the zombie craze, it served its purpose, sold lots of stock and brought new members into the fold….many of which will now stay. While I never bought anything because it was zombie themed I did pick up quite a few zombie theme ammo boxes on super clearance in spite of it.

    1. avatar Nathanael says:

      Indeed. I haven’t even bought any zombie-themed stuff, and agree with the folks who thinks it’s ugly and kinda stupid. And yet, it’s brought people into the realm of shooting, self-defense, and emergency preparation–all good things. I think that for many of those people, the zombie meme was a (somewhat) socially acceptable way to indulge an interest in weapons and self-defense and to express anxiety about the stability of our culture and civilization. Making an ironically over-the-top game of it made it socially safer, I guess.

  12. avatar Sean N says:

    And when they all go on clearance for 300$.. you can swap the grips, and bead blast the dip, and have a pretty decent 300$ 1911.

    But last I saw, the price on this… unique looking.. High Standard.. was peeking at STI Spartan levels.

  13. avatar Jo says:

    My only concern on the zombie craze is the desensitizing of infirm minds, makes them want to go out and target things with two legs.

    1. avatar JR says:

      Is this the same argument against using B-27 silhouettes?

    2. avatar Swarf says:

      My only concern is for people who bought the ammo for cheap ending up using it in a DGU and getting screwed because their ammo choice shows “… just how willing this person was to take a life. This man shot my client with ‘ZombieMax’ ammunition! What kind of sane individual buys ammunition designed to kill the undead?! This man is a dangerously delusional gun nut who just couldn’t wait to shoot another human being whom he apparently regards as zombies.”

      1. avatar JR says:

        See my response below in regard to “objective reasonableness.”

        None of that matters in court…if your attorney does the job you are paying him to do. The ONLY standard of use of force in self defense is if your life was under imminent threat of death or great bodily harm.

        Ammo choice, weapon choice, color or caliber…none of that matters. It’s all a straw man largely created by magazine writers and bloggers to sound “expert.”

        If you were justified to use deadly force, there’s no such thing as “more deadly” or “too deadly” or “deadlier than something else.”

        1. avatar Swarf says:

          Interesting. I’m not sure i agree with you (except in the sense that that is certainly how it should be), but I also have spent exactly zero time in court– and hope to keep it that way– so if you have experience in that arena, I’m willing to listen.

        2. avatar JR says:

          I have testified in a BUNCH of felony trials, including homicide cases where the defendant claimed “self defense.” My experience is not all-encompassing; it’s not zero, but it could also be claimed to be not all that much in the grand scheme of things.

          In my (lay, non-lawyerly) opinion, I think it all hinges on the defense attorney’s ability to keep things focused on the facts of the case.

          Consider that even with the crap-fest that the Zimmerman case was, he was in fact acquitted. Whatever he did wrong before the actual altercation and whatever attitudes he may or may not have had…the jury ultimately had to decide the case on facts available to GZ at the moment he pulled the trigger.

          Zimmerman may not be the BEST example, and I’m sure counter-examples DO exist. But, consider also that when pressed really hard to show examples of “ammo choice” effecting case outcome, Ayoob produced two case histories that did not even support his argument (though he claimed they did).

          I think worrying over stuff like this is way overblown. But, it does raise the important point that we should all be quite careful in our choice of legal representation if we find ourselves charged in a self defense case.

        3. avatar Another Robert says:

          One word: jurors.

  14. avatar Brian says:

    I think some of you guys are missing the big picture. Personally, I don’t like all this zombie shit, even though I’m a Walking Dead fan. However, if it helps get the younger generation interested in guns, I’m all for it. Same with pink guns. Not for me, but if it gets more women and gays involved, I’m in. Now, are there any other themes we could think of (without being politically insensitive) that would help get even more people involved in our hobby?

  15. avatar Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Was/is there a division of zombie protocol at 5th Ave ad agencies that determined that day-glo lime green was to be the official designated color of all zombie products? Or is this just the type of insulting marketing group-think we’ve come to expect from people dedicated to pitching products to adolescent minds?

    1. avatar SpeleoFool says:

      Dunno, but that color immediately killed my interest in 99% of the zombie stuff. I did put an EOTech ‘Zombie Stopper’ on my KSG; they make one without the green splotches on the sight body, and the biohazard reticle is both fun and practical on the KSG.

  16. avatar Stephen Rivera says:

    I think my biggest beef with zombie products (ammo included) is that if you ever had to use said weapon/ammo or accessory to defend your life, you may be asked to defend your actions before a jury of your peers.
    My general feeling is that eccentric items such as “Zombie Guns” wouldn’t play well with a jury.

    Your state of mind and personal track record are going to be called into question, and the last thing anybody who legitimately defended themselves needs is to go down a lime-green-rabbit trail explaining their zombie killing collection. My two cents, take it for what it’s worth. Plus, those guns and accessories are tacky as hell and geared towards the same type of people who slap giant spoilers onto the back of their Honda Civics.

    1. avatar JR says:

      If your lawyer is worth 1/10 what you are paying him, none of that should matter.

      All that matters (in the ideal world) is “ability, opportunity and jeopardy” of the bad guy presenting a creditable, imminent threat.

      The “reasonable objectiveness” standard is there for a reason; it’s to TRY to insure that the circumstances of the particular incident are what is judged.

      Having a day-glow green gun or participating in ZSA competitions have absolutely zero bearing on if your life was threatened at the moment you pulled the trigger. It’s your lawyer’s job, if it comes to that, to make sure that threat remains the focus of your trial, not what sports you participated in or what color your gun is.

      “the last thing anybody who legitimately defended themselves needs is to go down a lime-green-rabbit trail explaining their zombie killing collection.”

      What’s the difference between ZSA and IDPA or IPSC? Difference between casual ‘zombie shooter’ and a dude at the range practicing drawing or reloading.

      There is none. None of this stuff can be “legitimately” used against you at trial. The facts of the case are the facts of the case.

      1. avatar Another Robert says:

        I’ll say it again in a different way: there is a reason top-flight lawyers hire jury- selection experts.

  17. avatar GG says:

    Hey folks, don’t knock it so fast! Drawing down on a bad guy with that might provide advantage while they stare at the green curiosity of it all and wonder if it really goes bang.

  18. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    The Xmas gift for the pilled out Raver who has everything.

  19. avatar Adam says:

    I feel that if labeling things “Zombie” gets people to arm themselves, then it’s doing a great service.

  20. avatar MustangMan says:

    This is where the divide of gun owners seems to peak. The more traditional owners are all against it yet are the first ones to shout out things like “no mag bans” or are against feature bans like NY and CA. For people who seem to want less intrusion and judging for the .gov a lot of you guys seem to have no problem verbally doing it to new gun owners who can help our sport/right.

  21. avatar Jake Tallman says:

    How can you people be against this? Yes, it’s stupid. But how many new shooters do you think it’s brought into the fold? People who, previously, wouldn’t have touched a gun, but bought into the bullshit “zombie” craze and bought a zombie themed gun?

    I agree, zombies have been done to death and it’s time for the theme to die, once and for all. But to act like the existence of these zombie guns is somehow an insult to “respectable” gun owners…. Well, you should be ashamed. It’s a mindset that’s not all that different from Fudds. Sad.

  22. avatar Thomas says:

    To clarify my earlier reply to Dano –
    I am not trying to promote nor am wishing for a ban on anything. I just think that the zombie marketing obsession is a bit much and kind of trivializes otherwise serious weapons and discussions. Some of the younger fold (newbies drawn in by the craze) that is being referred to by many here must realize there is a major difference between a video game and a physical weapon. If not, they may be on the way to a negligent discharge by not treating it with the respect it demands or flat-out be shot for displaying it in public.

  23. avatar Dracon1201 says:

    I rather like it. I just like the color in general.

    1. avatar Matt in TX says:

      I like it too, If it was the right price I would get one. Just don’t have any money to buy anything these days.

  24. avatar Maineuh says:

    I enjoyed the zombie craze for about a year. For me, it was nostalgic and fun and it was a good way to get people talking about guns, survival and classic horror movies. Three great tastes that taste great together. But like every craze that’s born and fed on the internet, it got beaten to death. Which is kind of appropriate, I guess, given the subject.

    1. avatar Lucas D. says:

      And, fittingly, no matter how many times it gets beaten to death and buried, it keeps coming back!

  25. avatar Ralph says:

    Hey — who threw up all over that gun?

  26. avatar Mercutio says:

    Mexican cartels would love this sh*t; Manufacturer should go into business with ATF; with their Fast&Furious links to cartels, they’d corner the market

  27. avatar Thomas says:

    what y’all need to realize is these are peoples personal possessions and they can modify them however they want to within the law. If it makes them happy let them do it and quit trying to control everything like a damn liberal.

  28. You jinxed it!

    I had hoped the Zombie stoopidity had finally ceased, but …. then this.

  29. avatar Wolfman Jack says:

    personally I would not buy it, but that is not to say i do not see the market appeal of it. It opens up a niche demographic to the world of guns. Different strokes for different folks.

  30. avatar Another Robert says:

    I’m just too damned old-school, but as far as I am concerned this is just the latest of a long line of aesthetic violence done to the venerable 1911. But that’s just me, heck, I kind of like the model 1905 myself.

  31. avatar Gyufygy says:

    I am going to single-handedly make the number of strokes in NC sky rocket when I show up to the range with this 1911 and a pink Hello Kitty AR. It’s going to be fuuuuuuuuun. 😀

    Also, details! I need details on this item!

  32. avatar christopher blose says:

    i dont care if it’s plum crazy purple ,as long as it go’s bang every time !

  33. avatar CoolBreeze72 says:

    Blurring the lines between fantasy-toys and the very serious business of weapons just crosses a line. I learned the difference between toy guns and real ones. Of course, its a new ‘Murcia today. 2A is all about protecting our right to fantasize.

  34. avatar N8thecowboy says:

    I’m in the camp that the zombie craze brought a lot of attention to the firearms industry. And, I’m guessing, a lot of business too. I’m okay with diversity in firearms. Some of it is fun. Some of it is over the top. None of it though, affects me. There are plenty of guns I don’t really like that aren’t green. It’s more about function than anything.

  35. avatar Hunter57dor says:

    *pinch fingers together and rub* see this? IT IS THE WORLDS SMALLEST VIOLIN.

    Get over yourselves already, if people are buying it, who cares what you think? if it contributes to someone enjoying our sport, having fun on the range, or just for the laughs, I COULD NOT CARE LESS.

    Gun snobs like you are a blight on our community. Just because it isn’t some white collar, finished and polished over under 12 gauge that you take to the clays range on sundays, that does not make it bad.

  36. avatar Michael says:

    Now it is out of fashion I want one.

  37. avatar Raul Ybarra says:

    To each their own. If you have a big enough pair to show up at the range with it, I won’t be the one to give you grief. And if you can put a smiley-face on the silhouette, that would shut everyone up.

    I will say, it makes the pink camo stock my son want for Mom on the 10/22 less cringe-worthy.

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