Will Smith gun safety
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It’s BAD Boys. Not UNSAFE Boys. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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Well, 3 million so far. The post’s been up for less than 24 hours.

Who says Hollywood types are vacuous, know-nothing, empty vessels who wouldn’t know a muzzle from a hole in the ground?

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  1. Sucks as an actor.

    Have a little more respect for him now.

    Still won’t watch his crap movies.

    • i would rather break a vhs cassette of plan9 from outer space on my head than watch after earth. they (+ son) really stunk it up.

      • I only watched Gemini Man because it was free. Okay movie, but Smith’s become a somewhat cardboard cutout overactor. Many of his movies are worth watching (except After Earth of course), but not at full ticket prices. He’s a bit too full of himself.

        At least he’s not screaming “Climate Change” and taking photo ops with Greta Thunberg like others…

      • Cant blame him and his son completely for that, it was a M. Night Shyamalan movie… The second I found that out I knew it was going to be crap.

    • Had to walk through some nasty allies and take roundabout detours in my own neighborhood because of his, Will Smith [personally have no grudge against him], armed security detail and local armed LEO being on beyond necessary high testosterone alert because of his celebrity presence in MY neighborhood. I have a permit to carry, but would have been insane to have enjoyed my rights last Sunday without having risked having my skull smashed against the cement a few times, being threatened to be tasered, etc., etc., etc., spending a few days at luxury accommodations at [tax payor] State sponsored expense with gourmet Baloney and American cheese on Wonder bread sandwiches awaiting bail and then to find out that some judge agrees with my attorney that I was detained unnecessarily and all charges are dismissed. That is what the entire country will become in the next few years.

  2. As long as The Fresh Prince is led around with a leash by his extreme leftard wife Jada he’ll still be a vapid empty headed twit. Pretending for a living😃😎😏

    • He was Fresh Prince of something? I never knew that. Maybe I’ll watch one of his movies now. I’ll have to look it up on……whatever. Netflix or library or……

      • It works better if you hold it sideways. The bad guys always hit their target that way.
        Only cops hold it upright, with both hands with a Weaver stance. Mostly they miss the bad guy until the end of the show. That’s when they never run out of ammo. This is true! I watch cop shows. AND… John Wayne and the Lone Ranger never ran out of ammo either.

    • “Winning”

      I would have handed it back action open, slide locked back…

      • My practice as well; except some pistols require either a full magazine, or the empty removed, before the slide can drop. The example here was a Cugir.

        Evidently out of sheer habit, the guy stripped the empty mag, popped in his full spare, and started walking off the range with a hot firearm. He did it so fast, it took a few seconds before my brain registered, and he was nearly to the door before I stopped him.

        He was as surprised as I was.

        • @anaxis. You come to rage to practice. When leaving you should have a round chambered in your carry gun. An empty gun chamber is of no use if you only have one hand to use….

  3. Whether or not it was intentional and made up, it’s still positive gun stuff pushed to millions. Just because you’re an actor or props manager, doesn’t give the right to flag people.

  4. I read an article a while back about the one big prop business that supplies firearms to most motion pictures and has for decades. They have gunsmiths, of course, and other specialty employees including certified instructors, so I would be surprised if Smith didn’t know a lot about guns and gun safety at this stage in his career.

  5. Well done on the gun safety.

    I would point out that Will Smith surpassed Charlton Heston in I AM LEGEND as a reinterpretation of THE OMEGA MAN. Neither movie conveyed the ironic horror of the book.

    Will Smith was hilarious in INDEPENDENCE DAY and HANCOCK.

    I can’t argue that AFTER EARTH didn’t suck. It was the Monica Lewinsky of movies.

    • My daughter criticized me when she was about 12 for sweeping her with a friend’s 1911 with empty chamber, no mag, and open action. I couldn’t say she was wrong. Kudos to her; seven years later that still sticks in my mind.

  6. I would really like to see the unedited video without the crazy scene changes and zooming in-and-out.

      • I feel like Will Smith would be one of those guys who is just annoyingly* handy with stuff, while remaining obnoxiously* cool and unassuming about it.

        * to we, the un-handy and un-cool

    • I looked him up and couldn’t find anything that was actually anti gun. If you have a specific example, I’d like to see it. Not saying you’re wrong, but I wasn’t able to find anything. In fact he was semi pro 2a in one instance I found.

  7. I’m not going to grab a loaded (they are always loaded) gun away from him or hand it back if I did. Just make sure it ain’t pointing at me. Good for Will Smith for putting a safety message out there. Staged or not

  8. I enjoyed an occasional episode of The Fresh Prince. I can’t say I’ve every really liked any of his films, though I’ve only seen a few of them. Didn’t care for Independence Day or MIB, and the only movie called “Bad Boys” I wanna see is the one with Sean Penn and Esai Morales (a pillow case full of canned soda makes for the very *best* of beat-downs).

    Each to their own, of course.

  9. I was glad to see that at least one Person in Hollywood knows how to handle a gun. Most of the time when I am watching a movie or TV show the poor trigger discipline, and other unsafe moves by actors (not clearing the weapon, waving it at everyone in the room etc) drives me nuts.

    • I’ve done 3GN with Keanu Reeves.

      Not really a fan of his acting, but definitely knows and loves his guns.


  10. He is still a staunch anti gun person who makes millions of dollar using….guns on tv and movies.
    Combine that with him being a so/so actor and I’ll pass on worshipping him like some people here.

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