There’s nothing wrong with a no-knock warrant–at least in theory. The cops know some bad guy is holed-up inside a house or apartment. A really bad guy. Someone they know is armed and dangerous. They talk to a judge. The cops convince the judge that the bad guy won’t give up without a fight (i.e. if they knock on the BG’s door). Unless they go in HARD—flash bangs, a squad of AR-wielding officers, the whole schmeer—the bad guy’s gonna kill him some poh-leece. In practice, the police go to the wrong address. Kill the wrong person. Shoot family pets. Not all the time. Not even most of the time. But with so damn many SWAT teams looking for something to do, bad shit happens. And so, now, when a bunch of people come storming into your house (story here) pretending to be police, what do you do? Pray that they are.


      • Just a flip of convenience. You’ll flip again as soon as you see the right situation for jackboot behavior to appeal to you.

  1. Why am I being subjected to a news clip that I do not want to hear but am forced to, because it comes on automaticaly.

  2. Nah, a band of non-government armed invaders is somewhat less likely to shoot my pets or my child, rape me or my wife, or break shit they don’t intend to steal than the cops. Any time I see somebody strutting around with military hardware I privately hope they’re just gangsters and not “undercover” cops so that, if it comes down to it and I don’t have any other options, I won’t be put in a cage or executed for fighting back.


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