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“Attorneys for the U.S. neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot an unarmed black teen said Tuesday they have withdrawn as counsel because they have lost contact with him,” reports. “Attorney Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig told a news conference [click here for raw footage] they haven’t heard from George Zimmerman since Sunday.” What’s worse (in some ways), “Against their advice, Zimmerman contacted the special prosecutor who will decide if he should face charges.” What then? No se. The prosecutor ain’t sayin’. But lawyers Sonner and Uhrig used the conference to appeal to their missing client, referencing their diminishing fame. “Come back baby rock and roll never forgets.” No wait, it was “they’d be willing to represent him again if he asks.” Meanwhile, George Zimmerman is a free man. As in free to go where he wants, when he wants.

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  1. I know if I had a good chunk of the nation wanting my head on a platter I’d get the hell out of Dodge.

    Hell, sometimes I kind of want to pop smoke and get the **** out of here as is.

  2. Even if he was totally within his rights that night, he’s now acting like his own worst enemy by dissing his lawyers, talking with the prosecutor, talking to press, putting up his own website, calling Hannity, etc….
    Maybe he got really pissed off about how much those lawyers were going to cost him, but Jesus, he could’ve at least called them to let them know he was done with them. Their press conference was the classiest way of saying “this guy is a pain in the ass and fired us without even calling” I’ve ever seen.
    Ralph, you’re a lawyer right? Any experience with a client flaking on you like this? Is he doing the right thing?

    • I never had a client flake out on me, although one or two thought about it. In Zimmerman’s case, I don’t think he was being well represented. His lawyers seemed like they were in over their heads. He’s better off without them and they should shut up. They’ve already broken privilege.

      Ralph’s first rule for beating the rap: get yourself a goddam good lawyer. If you have to hock your lungs, do it.

  3. George Zimmerman’s normal life is over. Assuming for sake of argument the Florida DA says all’s kosher, the Black Panthers, a sizeable number of Americans, and the White House still want his head on a platter. The BP wants him dead. The Holder inJustice Department wants him in jail, for *something*.In a penal system dominated by black inmates, he may as well be put in front of a firing squad.

    Zimmerman could come to the logical conclusion that no matter what happens next he’s toast, so he may as well skip the farce of court and the legal system and get his bags packed for a new life in Paraguay.

    • The “New Black Panthers”, they have no association with the Black Panthers, and have been disavowed by them. I don’t mean to be trivial on this, but the NBP prety much goes against what the BP stood for and the BP has stated thier contempt for them more than once.

  4. Imagine putting yourself into his shoes. He killed a man, justified or not, and now he has to live with it. Add on top of that an undue amount of publicity, including (as others have mentioned) death threats. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a breakdown and is now doing irrational things.

    • Personally he should have been put on suicide watch. Regardless of the justification or not, it is a lot for any man to deal with. For those who served you at least have your comrades to turn to or get help with dealing, but he has no one at all.

      • Agreed. GZ recently killed a man, and has literally (if not unofficially) become America’s most wanted shooter. He is obviously under huge stress and should be kept under suicide watch.

  5. Yes, he’s fled. It’s about what you’d expect from a guy who beats up girls and starts fights with high school kids.

      • I had to look up who Bean was. I’m hardly a Judge Roy Bean. But, we do know that Zimmerman had beaten a couple of girls up, we know that he made 40 some 911 calls in about a year most of them completely groundless, and we know he started an altercation with a high school kid that doing nothing but walking home from the store.

        He doesn’t sound like a real winner to me.

        • he made 40 some 911 calls in about a year

          You’re a little behind the time. Actually, the New York Times, which already retracted that bullsh!t which they published. He made those calls over about eight years.

        • “we know he started an altercation with a high school kid that doing nothing but walking home from the store.”

          No we don’t. We don’t know the facts of the case yet, and not one witness, investigator or anyone else with any knowledge of the actual events of that night has even implied that George started any altercation.

          • Gonna have to disagree with you on that one. We know Zimmerman spotted Martin, a kid walking home from the store, called 911, and followed him in his car and maybe on foot.

            Maybe at the point when Zimmerman shot Martin he had given up the pursuit, was getting the tar beaten out of him, and was justified in shooting him.

            I’m not trying to argue that shooting Martin was or wasn’t justified. I’m arguing that regardless of what happened, Zimmerman sounds like an irresponsible dickhead.

            • You are making comments critical of Zimmerman yet obviously without control of the facts that have already made public. Why?

              • Media influence.

                At least watch some Fox News before letting the media from the left decide for you…

    • Michael,we don’t have objective hard facts to assess such things. The mass media and other players are not beyond twisting truths and making statistical claims that do not exist.

  6. If he’s halfway intelligent, he knows that there’s nothing left for him here. The American “justice” system is a political tool, the useful idiots of this country would cut his head off just to appease their puppetmasters, and he’s plain and simply screwed.

    If he has any sense whatsoever, he’s left the country already. And I don’t blame him.

  7. I would make some snarky comment about him being a wuss and cracking under the pressure, but quite frankly there hasn’t been this kind of pressure since Steven Hatfill or Richard Jewell, and even those guys weren’t under THIS kind of pressure. Hatfill was supposedly a government scientist gone crazy and Jewell supposedly an attention-seeking bomber, but at least they weren’t roundly decried as racists and had their words twisted to make them sound so by Big Media like NBC.

    Not sure if anyone could survive this circus and stay sane.

  8. This is another side effect of the news media trying a case in the court of public opinion. Honestly, there should be congressional inquiries over the media’s handling of this case.

    If he’s guilty, innocent or otherwise…what does it matter if the news media, with an international reach declare him guilty before even having the most basic of facts.

      • Well I am sure if he is found innocent he could sue the media outlets if he felt they presented false information. But you are right I don’t think they can be touched, you know first amendment and all.

      • The media actually do have a duty to make reasonable efforts to tell the truth and to avoid the defamation of private persons by deliberate acts. The lawyers can sort that out later, beginning with NBC. The standard for journalism commenting upon ‘public figures’ requires malicious intent. For private persons the standard is much lower.

      • Except when they report that this is their “Mission statement” .. which all of them do. And the public believes that they are doing that, I see you point though.

  9. I am willing to bet that Zimmerman is wishing he more thoroughly thought through the possible outcomes of his decision to leave the safety of his domicile and “legally” go outside with his handgun that night. Of course, most of this thinking should have happened long before he decided to become a CCW permit holder.

    • I think the most pivotal decision point where he went wrong was to leave the safety of his vehicle after calling 911 and the police were on their way. He should have stayed in his vehicle. There was nothing unlawful about him leaving the vehicle, but it sure was dumb.

      • Dumb yes illegal no. Even the 911 dispatch with no right to order him to do anything stated we don’t need you to do that. This is there way of saying don’t be an idiot!
        But he seemed ready to go for it and protect his neighborhood, and go after the punk, at least this is what we think he said.
        So really he got himself into a situation he should have never had been in to begin with. And unfortunately for both of them it turned out badly.

    • It seems to me he would wish he did not go so far from his SUV and the street lights. I’ll bet, though, that he’s glad he was armed. If, however, being armed was itself what made him incautious, and some people are like that, fools, then he’s probably not thinking about any of this, but just about the lynch mobs. And who could blame him? What would you be thinking about?

  10. He has every right to leave the state but I don’t think he can leave the country until the investigation is finished. Otherwise he would be considered fleeing. I guess in all reality he could leave, but if they put him on trial he would need to return.
    If he just left the state and kept in continuous contact with a family member I don’t the the prosecutors would have an issue with that. So long as they are able to relate pertinent information to him.
    Given the media and the NBP bounty, plus lord knows who else it makes sense to get out of town until some conclusions are made.
    Given the prosecutors drop of a grand jury I think based on law murder is off the table but not lesser charges. Given the current situation in the jails though, i.e. ethnic breakdown, population control he would pretty much be a dead man if he went to anything but solitary. The federal investigation is still on going as well.
    The media all around went nuts on this. It was headlines, there were 911 tapes, etc. It was front page news for everyone and given the legal right, well let me say the ability because I have no clue as to how they get 911 audio, it was spun up all over, and folks started making conclusions and pretty much convicted him in the court of public opinion.
    The news media has changed a lot and privacy is a thing of the past unfortunately.
    For Zimmerman he made mistakes. I am not saying he did something illegal but showed poor judgment in certain aspects based on the what facts we can ascertain.
    I think the real question now is, does anyone, family or otherwise know where he is? At least to be assured he is healthy and hasn’t been kidnapped or worse. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and justice however slow must be allowed to conduct it’s investigation and find the truth.
    I think for me that is the biggest thing is finding the truth. If he is found innocent then so be it, but get the reports and conclusions done.
    I don’t blame him for running but on the same note it doesn’t look good either.

      • I wish I knew. I don’t think any other tapes or anything else was released once the lead prosecutor put an injunction on all evidence, but I want to know how they get this stuff in the first place. Seems pretty silly to me!

        • Well I can say that sucks! I mean in this case it does.
          As the story was trending this audio calls are what got everyone so worked up.

    • “Court of public opinion” Indeed! Uninformed mouth breathing morons. This guy is screwed forever. If you carry a gun and use it, justified or not, in this country the morons and reactionaries will destroy your freedom and your life.

  11. Wherever Mr. Zimmerman has gotten off to, I hope that they have reciprocity for his Florida permit. Semper paratus Mr. Zimmerman, and watch your top knot. It sucks being you.

  12. At this point who cares how this looks. He’s been threatened, maligned, and convicted in the media.

  13. I think that the question of this man’s welfare should be looked at. There is a very real threat facing Zimmerman. 10K is a lot of money. I could easily see Zimmerman dead or kidnapped to claim the bounty. I hope he turns up and gets his day in court to either stand for the crimes or show the world his innocence.

      • Sure they could, why do you think their felonious leaders are selling their illegal guns, to raise funds.

      • Reverend Wrong lives in a $10+million house. Jesse the Joker has million$ (I think). Those AA leaders who thrive on preaching the cult of victim-hood and leach blood-money off their sheeple could siphon off plenty of cash to pay for a hit operation.

  14. Re: ‘Long Live Zimmerman’

    Several years ago, I read a pro-gun book written by a Native American that complied a list of many (not all) incidents of ‘racist’ work which were actually done by the same targeted minorities trying to bring awareness and sympathy to their cause or plight. The actions were usually done by students doing things such as leaving small nooses around a campus (to represent lynching) and a burned cross on a black students lawn. I am Not saying that is the case now since I don’t know. For the record I want all to know that I am well aware racism exists towards minorities as I am of racism towards those traditionally in the majority.

  15. He may be hiding, but he’s not off the grid. From his website:

    Update as of 1:30pm EST on Tuesday, April 10th
        I am attempting to respond to each and everyone of my supporters personally. The support has been overwhelming in volume and strength. I thank you all and ask that you permit me the time to respond to each one of you personally. Once again thank you.
    George Zimmerman

    • Hopefully he’s smart enough to be phoning that stuff in to someone who updates the site for him. Otherwise it would be easy enough to hack GoDaddy and find the IP address that the updates where posted from.

      • SSHHHHH how do think we are tracking him lol
        That of course and tracking his cell imei number.. 🙂


    This is the bounty video for Mr.Zimmerman… the Money number is now $1,000,000 for the capture of Mr. Zimmerman. As far as Im concerned this is a hate crime and the “New Black Panthers” Should be charged with hate crimes for asking for Zimmerman dead or alive… “We are going to FORCE our government to do the right thing on this one” There is no justice in Mob justice, I dont care what the color is.


      This is Lunacy… This is a hate group that is calling for the blood. Please, everybody watch this video and help me make sense of it. Ralph, would you please do a blog on this video and situation that we are facing.

      • That video pissed me off to the n’th degree. He’s on the very same level as David Duke. He’s nothing but an unrepentant race baiting a$$hole. Even the wishes of Trayvon’s family didn’t stop the jerk which displays with ultimate clarity his hard-on to start a race war.

        All I can say is don’t start in my neighborhood.

      • Well from what I just got done hearing from the NBPP guy on the Anderson Cooper video above. These fools have declared war on the USA. They should be grateful we do not accept their invitation. “I am not a citizen of the USA” “I am a citizen of the new black panther party” However 2 wrongs do not make a right. Or if the war deceleration was accepted 3 wrongs. Just another group looking to get their 15 minutes of “fame”. I say their 15 minutes are up, until or unless they commit a crime.

    • Wow a million! You know I have an ex wife bleeding me dry, and enough kids for a baseball team.. hhmmm a million huh…
      In this instance amazingly enough it isn’t illegal. I believe the statement was “capture of Trayvon’s killer”.
      Of course common sense tells us it is “Get Zimmerman” but the devil is in the details. In the video he stated George Zimmerman and stated capture, anything other than that would be problematic. He could defend his statement as he never said for the guy to kill him, and making a citizens arrest is legal.

      • he did say towards the end that if they got ahold of him and the police didnt take him from them that he would proebebly end up dead…

  17. Boo hoo! Like I care about how Zimmerman feels or what he’s going through. He’s in Hell, but this Earthly Hell is only the beginning for him. He had the cajones to ask for financial support for his defense but wasn’t even man enough to at least apologize to the family of the child he murdered. Also, I suggest all of you critics of Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton look up the definition of racism and TRIBALISM. Their actions stems from their strong sense of belonging to the black community here in America. Also check out the definition of bigotry. Zimmerman may or may not be a racist, but he is definately a bigot.

    • When writing about Sharpton and Jackson, first look up the words or concepts of; opportunist, exploiter, and victim-hood cult-leader. Before recognizing them as Reverends, look up how easy it is to get a paper divinity diploma. Their motivations stem from their being…well I don’t think I can write in that word here at TTAG. You wrote that GZ should now apologize to the family of TM for an act he is claiming is self-defense while he is dealing with defending himself in the same current legal case? Can you be any more unrealistic about the law? BTW, if GZ is a bigot then why did he tutor or mentor black children?

  18. This kind of thing is going to be typical of the world of media fueled internet-petition powered mob justice. It interferes with the investigative and judicial processes, usually to the detriment of all… Even the mob.

  19. With a million dollar bounty on his head, I would be hiding also. Especially since that bounty is not being offered by any creditable agency, but is offered by a group with less than honorable intentions. I hope all of us have learned something from this, should we find ourselves in a similar situation, like it might be best to wait in the car, vs. chasing someone around at night that has not posed any threat yet? I know I have taken a real hard look at what happened and what little we know for sure and filed it away for future reference. We all know the old saying that we would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6, but this poor guy is being judged by MILLIONS with little actual evidence, and basically has been convicted in the media. I wouldn’t trade places with him right now, or even if he is found blameless and gets a million dollar book deal, because he will have to look over his shoulder the rest of his life. And if he is convicted? That would be a really bad thing to end up in prison with guys just waiting to kill him.

  20. He’d be smart to run if he is. He’s been tried in the media. Heck he’s even had two major media outlet’s doctor evidence to make him look like a liar (ABC trying to hide the injury’s) and a racist (NBC editing 911 tapes). So called Civil Rights activist already declaring him guilty (Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton). The President of the US of A leaning sympathetically towards the “victim” (not Zimmerman). And the aforementioned bounty. If he’s tried and found innocent he still has to look over his back. If he goes to jail, how long will he last? He may figure he doesn’t have a choice.

  21. We want to start a pool on what the charges might be.
    I am guessing:
    involuntary Manslaughter
    Discharging a firearm in city limits
    Possible legality of gun ownership. the only reason I say this is from his purported past dealings with the law. If the prosecutor felt he should have never owned a gun based on past issues, which we as the public don’t have full documentation on then they might throw that in as well.

    • I’m no lawyer, but I think imperfect self-defense might be more accurate than involuntary manslaughter.

      • I am not sure if that is considered a chargeable crime..
        Then again being stupid isn’t illegal either.
        It will be interesting to see what they do charge him with though as I have a feeling that it will be something the prosecutor feels they can make stick.

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