US Capitol Police
U.S. Capitol Police carry out a casualty training exercise at the Capitol in Washington (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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Law enforcement is a state right.

Our founders knew that concentrating too much power in any one federal agency – especially a law enforcement agency – could lead to a tyrannical police state. It was one of their greatest fears. After all, they knew a thing or two about tyranny, and it was something they wanted to avoid at all costs.

As a result, today’s federal law enforcement agencies have very limited authority and very specific missions: Border Patrol patrols the borders, of course; DEA investigates narcotics; and the ATF enforces archaic alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives laws.

The FBI has by far the broadest powers, but it too is constrained by a very specific set or rules and guidelines from the U.S. Attorney General – a process called predication. Contrary to what’s depicted on television, before FBI special agents can swoop in and take over a case, they must first have a federal predicate – they must believe that a federal crime or national security threat exists before they can investigate.

All of these federal agencies are transparent and accountable to the public, although some more so than others. They’re all subject to the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which was signed into law in 1966, and they routinely publish annual reports as well as internal investigations by their inspectors general.

All federal law enforcement agencies keep the public informed of their activities – all except one.

If you want to create a secret police force, the U.S. Capitol Police would be a good choice, since they’re already halfway there. The agency has scant oversight. It’s shrouded in secrecy and refuses to change.

The United States Capitol Police (USCP) is part of the legislative branch, which is exempt from FOIA requirements. Because they report to Congress, the USCP believes they too are exempt from FOIA. I should point out by way of comparison that even the CIA is subject to FOIA. Additionally, the USCP publishes no annual reports, and even the findings of its own inspector general are kept secret and not made public.

The mission of the USCP is to “Protect the Congress – its members, employees, visitors, and facilities – so it can fulfill its constitutional and legislative responsibilities in a safe, secure and open environment,” so you would think that the agency would focus its enforcement efforts in Washington, D.C., but that is no longer the case.

Congress is now seeking to nationalize the USCP by creating “field offices” in different states. Two field offices are planned for now, but more are coming.

“The new USCP field offices will be in the Tampa and San Francisco areas. At this time, Florida and California are where the majority of our potential threats are,” the agency announced in an email last week.

These new field offices will be used to “investigate threats” made against members of Congress, Acting USCP Chief Yogananda Pittman announced last week.

Acting U.S. Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman (Greg Nash/Pool via AP)

Clearly, Pittman and the agency she heads are reeling from the events of Jan. 6. In her press release titled: “After the Attack: The Future of the U.S. Capitol Police,” Pittman spells out some of the changes that have already taken place.

While the chief announced the acquisition of two new “wellness support dogs” – Lila and Filip – a “pivot towards an intelligence-based protective agency,” the purchase of new riot helmets, shields and less-lethal munitions, she did not identify the types of threats her officers will investigate in their newly created regional offices.

The one thing that is clear, given the USCP’s penchant for secrecy, the public will never know what they’re up to.

Chain of command

Since it was founded in 1828, seven USCP officers have died in the line of duty. Today, the USCP has more than 2,300 officers and civilian employees, and an annual budget of more than $460 million.

To say that the agency has a muddled chain of command would be an understatement.

The USCP is overseen by the Capitol Police board, as well as four committees from the House and Senate. The Capitol Police Board consists of the Sergeants-at-Arms from the House and Senate, the Architect of the Capitol, Mr. J. Brett Blanton, and Chief Pittman, who serves as an ex-officio member.

Congressional oversight comes from the House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Legislative Branch, the Committee on House Administration, the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Legislative Branch, and the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration.

All of these committees are currently chaired by Democrats.

Chief Pittman reports directly to the Capitol Police Board, which is subordinate to the four congressional committees. None of these boards or committees are subject to federal FOIA requirements, or are otherwise accountable to the public.

History of secrecy

Demand Progress is a left-of-center internet activist nonprofit 501(c)4, which advocates for online freedom, civil liberties and transparency in government, among other things.

In June of last year, the group sent a letter to the chairs and ranking members of USCP’s congressional oversight committees, calling for greater transparency and accountability within the agency.

It noted the cozy and “often personal” relationship that exits between the USCP and their congressional protectees. “This is a relationship that arises from privilege, and we would hope that all interactions with the USCP would go as smoothly as those they have with elected officials and senior staff.”

The letter also pointed out that the USCP . . .

…provides little public information about its activities; is under no statutory obligation (such as a Freedom of Information law) to answer record requests from the public; does not publish an annual report on its activities; does not publish reports from its oversight body, the Capitol Police Board, nor the USCP Inspector General; does not proactively publish its annual statistical summary of complaints drawn from Office of Professional Responsibility records; and only began in December 2018 publishing sparse information concerning its weekly arrests. The agency issued only 15 press releases in 2019; has never used its Twitter account; and, while we have been able to determine there is a daily Department News Summary, that document has not been made available despite our requests. In addition, repeated efforts to meet with Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund concerning the USCP’s agenda have been rebuffed, and the Public Information Office is unhelpful and unresponsive.

The USCP’s media office did not return calls and emails seeking their comments for this story, either.

Demand Progress also found that . . .

…the USCP routinely goes beyond the mission of protecting Congress, both in terms of the people they interact with and the role that they play. Capitol Police officers make arrests on and off the Capitol complex, with nearly 10% of annual arrests made at Union Station; a significant number of arrests are for traffic violations or drug use; and the majority of ‘incidents’ occur outside of business hours. When the USCP is acting in a law enforcement capacity, it should be held to similar standards as other law enforcement agencies. When it acts like a federal agency, it should be held to account like all federal agencies.

The group called on USCP to publish annual reports similar to local police departments, to create a FOIA process, to publish Inspector General reports, to publish its internal complaint process and to start using its social media accounts.


To be clear:

    • The USCP operates in secret.
    • The USCP is not accountable to the public.
    • The USCP has little oversight, given its “personal relationship” with Congress.
    • The USCP has a history of operating outside of its scope – such as making drug arrests off capitol grounds.
    • The USCP will soon be operating in many states with a mandate that’s nebulous at best.

If you add all of these factors together, you end up with a secret police force that is ripe for abuse – a team of modern-day witch hunters willing to do whatever the politicians in charge desire.

It all comes down to whom they consider a “threat.”

We all know what the Biden/Harris administration and Democratic congressional leaders think of gun owners. Once you disagree with their gun-confiscation plans you’re labeled a “violent extremist.”

Are we now going to become the subject of secret police investigations? Will our calls, emails and get-togethers be monitored? Are our civil rights up for violating? How would we even know? You can’t FOIA the USCP for documents bearing your name like you can the FBI and local law enforcement.

I am less concerned about civil rights abuse from the federal law enforcement agencies that are part of the Justice Department – except for ATF, of course – because there are usually enough safeguards in place to prevent their misuse. Besides, I’ve seen firsthand how the Justice Department reacts when news of an agency with a pattern and practice of civil rights abuse is published. I’ve personally watched the DOJ take over the prison system and a state mental hospital in Delaware, as well as the entire police department of a U.S. Territory, once their civil rights abuse was revealed.

But that’s the Justice Department. The USCP reports to Congress, which has a rather contemptuous history of allowing civil rights abuse to fester until it can no longer be ignored.

And the sad part is this whole crazy scheme isn’t even necessary. Local law enforcement is handled best by local officers, certainly not secret federal police.

The bottom line is this: America was founded on personal freedoms and individual liberties. We certainly don’t need to create an American version of the KGB, Stasi or Mukhabarat.

If you think this is too far-fetched or that it can’t happen here, wait until one of Joe Biden’s door-to-door goons asks to see your vaccine passport. Maybe that will change your mind.

Nowadays, it seems Orwell got nearly everything right except the title…which he only missed by 37 years.


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.


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  1. joe xiden has surrounded the peoples buildings with wire and soldiers. He is the head of a crime family.

    Does anybody believe this will end well?

    • Courageous Sacrifice or Complacent Cowardice. Which do you believe they are counting on? Which will “We the People” give them?

        • Exactly… As well as comfortable…Besides what can I do…The Government is to Big… It’s not that Bad… It can’t possible get worse. It’s not My problem. Insert Your excuse (Here)…

        • “As well as comfortable”

          no, that’s not how it works. how it works is to teach people to be afraid of things getting worse, and then teach them to associate holding still and saying silent with things staying the same, and any protest, any opposition, with “making things worse”. then you can cut their bug burger ration in half and they won’t say a word. once this psychological dynamic is in place, you’re home free. until it all falls apart.

      • “Complacent Cowardice”

        ? there’ll be nothing complacent about it. starving cowardice, terrorized cowardice, pedophile sex slave cowardice, sure, anything but complacent.

    • “joe xiden has surrounded the peoples buildings with wire and soldiers.“

      Just like the claims of widespread election fraud, the truth is not in you.

      “The metal fencing and concrete barriers that encircled the Capitol after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the complex on Jan. 6. gave way Saturday to an open plaza filled with families lounging on picnic blankets, dogs on leashes and visitors in sunglasses and hats.
      Support our journalism. Subscribe today.
      The sidewalks where soldiers once stood holding their guns in protection of the complex now filled with walkers with strollers and bike riders.
      Children ran and chased each other across the lawns leading up to the steps that were taken over by rioters six months before. Groups of families huddled close together for photos in front of the landmark building.
      Heazel Trimer, 45, from North Carolina, stood along a pathway facing the Capitol as her daughter Sophia, 11, walked ahead of her.

      Trimer stopped and looked back at the tall, white pillared building.
      “Our democracy, our voices were attacked on that day,” she said through tears. “For us to still be here, and be able to walk up to it, it’s beautiful. It says that we’re resilient. It says that we’re better than that.”
      Crews began taking down pieces of the fencing early Friday evening. More barriers were piled onto trucks and forklifted away Saturday morning.“

      • They finally dismantled the fencing over the weekend of July 10.

        So let’s be clear about what this means. For SIX MONTHS, the Biden regime (including a feckless Congress) hid in public buildings behind razor wire, armed guards, and federal troops, pointing government guns outward at the vast, threatening American public that elected them.

        This is not the behavior of a legitimate government. It reeks of fearful totalitarianism.

        And all the establishment press has to say about it is “Such beautiful. So fence. Much protect.”

        Makes me sick to my stomach.

        • We may be looking at this wrong, Ing. Maybe it took them 6 months to child proof the building so joe xiden couldn’t wonder out in traffic and get hurt.

        • Well you know, there were quite a few really scared Republican Congress critters hiding out in the house chambers, you know the room that Ashley Babbitt was trying to bash her way into.

          “A photo has emerged of Andrew Clyde, the Republican congressman who claimed “there was no insurrection” and compared US Capitol rioters to “tourists”, barricading the House chamber during the attack.

          “The Rep. Clyde news reminded me of this,” Roll Call photographer Tom Williams tweeted this week, and included a picture of the Georgia congressman in a group of eight men pushing a piece of furniture against doors to the chamber.”

          But to hear representative Clyde tell it, nothing but tourists:

          “Speaking on Wednesday to the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Clyde downplayed the actions of the pro-Trump mob who stormed the Capitol on 6 January as “a normal tourist visit”. The violent attack left five dead including one police officer.

          “As one of the members who stayed in the Capitol, and on the House floor, who with other Republican colleagues helped barricade the door until almost 3pm from the mob who tried to enter, I can tell you the House floor was never breached and it was not an insurrection,” Mr Clyde told the committee.“

          I’m glad there is actual photographic evidence of his lies, he was a scared little chicken when the insurrectionists were banging on the door but now he’s a big man on campus, hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.

        • I may have said this before, but….

          I like to cut, cut, cut and paste

          Cut and paste

          Cut and Paste!

          Guess what propaganda site I used this time?

        • What makes you think I — or anyone else who was paying attention to the whole fraudulent mess — gives a rat’s ass about the cowering Republican cucks or what they said about the Capitol incident after it was over?

          At this point I have more respect for most of the Democrats. I mean, I hate the evil D-bag bastards, but at least they have the courage of their own fascistic convictions.

      • SA-Truppfuhrer miner. Our democracy died with Ashli Babbitt. Unarmed and gunned down for protesting.

        Funny how the cops that killed an unarmed George Floyd got prison time and the cop that murdered Ashli walks.

        Of course you fascists have an agenda.

        • “Of course you fascists have an agenda”

          they do. lie lie lie, until you’re in the corral. then they close the gate.

        • “Unarmed and gunned down for protesting“

          The video clearly shows she was not protesting, she was breaking and entering into a restricted area and had been warned repeatedly by the officers that lethal force would be employed if she persisted in her assault.

          They broke out the windows in the door, and she was climbing through the door in an attempt to gain access to the speakers lobby and the protected persons there who were the protectees of the federal agents on scene.

          Really, when a federal agent is pointing a gun at you from 10 feet away you should follow his directions and stop your illegal violent assault upon the restricted area.

          Oh, wait a minute, are you saying Ashley Babbitt was a BLM member, or an FBI agent provocateur?

        • Notice how I just justified the killing of an un-armed woman?

          It’s easy when you are a soulless ghoul.


        • So it was George Floyd’s fault, SA-Truppfuhrer miner? He didn’t follow the directions of the armed men on site.

          An unarmed woman. Who was doing a lot less than antifa does in their ‘peaceful protests’. You are pathetic.

          But what else do we expect from a fascist.

        • “…she was not protesting, she was breaking and entering into a restricted area and had been warned repeatedly…”

          So when people that are not protesting are hurling frozen water bottles and bricks at police, then you’re perfectly fine with them opening fire and killing all of them? Asking for a friend… Wait, does their political affiliation matter to you?

          Unlike Antifa and BLM that routinely assault the police (in the case of BLM they even target and murder police), Ashli Babbitt was not threatening the life or limb of anyone. She did NOT attack the police. She was an unarmed woman. Only an incompetent coward would open fire on her.

        • Still you ignore the fact that George Floyd was doing nothing other than allegedly passing a counterfeit $10 bill, which no one has seen so far.

          Ashley Babbitt was violently entering into a federally protected restricted area, just chock-full of protected persons who were debating our constitutionally mandated presidential election in a joint session of Congress.

          Every one of you is engaging in the logical fallacy of false equivalence, two completely different situations.

          George Floyd was going about his business, innocent until proven guilty of a crime with a single shopkeeper as a witness to the alleged crime.

          On the other hand, Ashley Babbitt had traveled over 1000 miles to engage in an insurrection where she violently forced entry into a federally protected area in the presence of dozens of witnesses as well as video surveillance. She ignored repeated commands by federal agents and capital police officers to desist from her violent assault into the restricted area.

          She was clearly warned that lethal force would be employed if she continued her violent entry, but she ignored those warnings and continued her unlawful intrusion into the house chambers.

          The federal agents were honoring their oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That includes protecting the constitutionally mandated process of government, it could not be simpler than that.

        • “Every one of you is engaging in the logical fallacy of false equivalence, two completely different situations.”

          For once, Miner is *almost* right. The Jan. 6 protest was not in any way equivalent to the biggest events in the BLM summer of mayhem.

          If it had been, the police wouldn’t have shot a petite, unarmed female protester — and the Capitol building would’ve been burned to the ground while reporters stood in front of the flames and called it a “fiery but mostly peaceful” protest.

        • I need to stress this point,…it could not be simpler..

          That federal agent, by shooting a 100 lb unarmed woman in the face, when she had other federal agents with long guns standing behind her, was protecting the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic….it could not be simpler..

          And if shooting unarmed defenseless women that pose no threat in the face is the price we have to pay to protect our constitutionally mandated process of government, so be it, shoot away! Because …it could not be simpler..

          Every one of you is engaging in a logical fallacy… I am the only one who can see this clearly.

          The ONLY one!!! …it could not be simpler than that.

        • “Every one of you is engaging in the logical fallacy of false equivalence, two completely different situations.”

          By “every one” you don’t mean me because I didn’t mention Floyd. I mentioned the mostly peaceful protesters that were attacking the police with frozen water bottles and bricks.

          But you’re correct. That’s two different situations. Antifa and BLM were physically attacking the police. The unarmed woman was not attacking anyone. Why didn’t the cop handcuff her and arrest her? Isn’t that a cop’s job? Was he that scared?

        • Fake Miner, your posts are just a bit weak, you’ll have to do better because all you’re doing is exposing the shallow depth of your cognitive abilities.

        • BTW I know the election was stolen.

          Any reasonable person or someone with an I.Q. above room temp can see that.

          But (HAHA!) you fools can not prove it!

        • SA-Truppfuhrer miner. You need an avatar.

          Can I suggest something fitting. Like “SS” in silver.

        • Hey!

          I cut, cut, cut and pasted from my favorite propaganda news site masquerading as legitimate news;

          The Washington Post!

          Democracy dies with the dark Democrats! Or something like that.

        • ant7. You and SA_Truppfuhrer miner should be buddies. He is also an anti semite like you and he is a follower of the sanger plan for genocide.

          He likes to see unarmed protesters shot down. How about you?

        • Lets be honest about the REAL Miner49er. Even he doesn’t believe the shit he posts, he’s just a TROLL. He Googles things and finds the answers on Wikipedia and then uses an online thesaurus to come across as semi intelligent.

          To compare him to the SS or KGB is insulting to to the SS and KGB, at least they were pretty intelligent. I’m not saying they were nice people.

          George Floyd died of heart disease and a drug overdose after fighting with the police after getting caught committing a crime. He said he couldn’t breathe in the back of a PD Explorer so they put him on the ground until an ambulance came. He died of an overdose before the ambulance got there. Fearing another riot that would run into the hundreds of millions in damages again, somebody had to be a patsy. That patsy was Derek Chauvin.

          Ashli Babbitt was murdered in cold blood by a coward who remains nameless in what was basically a selfie party at the Capitol.

      • What a load of horseshit.
        Biden and dems cheated the election and the entire world knows it. And now that he’s Head Dementia In Charge, all our enemies are taking advantage of it. gonna be a bumpy ride IMO. BTW when was the last time the capitol bldg was surrounded by 4500 NG troops? Not in the last 65 yrs I know of. That in itself is proof they cheated the election, and dems are scared .
        Wake up.

      • THe DNC and ANTIFA are proven the provocater COINTEL who captured the famous Anbush by this CAP POLICE and now that Cap Police name is Public MURDERD Ashley Abbott and now AZ has proven it as GA and Now PA all a FRAUD Election not a Consperacey of Hoax You F Moron Democrtas who do not listen and make up Lies over the Truth in facts. XBIDEN now in deep trouble for all his lies as well as callin Trump and Us Supporters are Treasonist NOT! Hunters LAPTOP wil condem the whole family and the CCP and all the Dirty Players Biden Obama and the Clintons and the whole Nadler Fake NEWS Fact checking Impeachment failures two F’king times along with that Sad Sack of a human Troll Muleller Collusion Debacle waste of FED $ and time and the UN Motivated Commie Nasty P and Husband collectiong millions now public knowledge from inside trading before an important bill condeming illegal banking and market trading like the old Glass Stegile act Sunsetted by the Elitits SWAMP of Deep Staters and Signed by that Rapist Pedophile Slick willy Clinton The Commkie take over by the Berard Scanders in Congress and Chuck you America Schummer Controlfrom His Dady SATAN riding Rough Shod over Texas and FL Patriots shutting off Coal Fired Gens to Produce Electricity and their BS Stimulas Earmarks in the phoney pacage and the Lies from the CDC WHO and That F-Rat Fauci that the COVID Wuhan buty from a Bio Wepons lab from NC Germacide weak China Bat flu weponized to survive in hot weatherr climates did or did not survive a Flipflop of lies wearing that Dirty filty Mask and Social distencing lies want to Shut Down planet Earth again by Dictating Fools With a bonafide BS facts again as Bite me is Obamas Third Term and trying to overthrow America will fail WE must all act togeather or hang seperatley.No I Will noty.I wiill go down in balze of Brass and Bullets first-MOLON LABE and KEEP OFF MY LAND you Govt and BLM ANTIFA HOMOS and Pirate Preppers. LOCK and :Load My Freinds!

  2. Because they know they can without the fear that what few “We the People” that still exist. Have not the Courage to Act against them. Period…

  3. The Capitol Police really have Zero legal authority outside of being security guards for around 4 buildings in D.C. The states would be within their rights to arrest and prosecute any officer of the Congress (Not the Federal Government) and charge them with “Gun Crimes” and impersonating a police officer, etc.

    Since these clowns are not under the executive branch, they are no more than glorified security guards and they should be treated that way. They have zero accountability to the public and have no place in a Constitutional Republic.

    • Federal agents cannot legally enforce and act within local Counties without the specific Sheriffs’ permission. Many, many Sheriffs across the nation have already (vociferously) made it very clear to LEAs that they will arrest and charge any who violate this. Yes, some localities will welcome the USCP, but most will not. So in the end, the USCP will still have limited scope.

      It’s not so much the USCP that concerns me, as the precedence behind this does. It seems that we get a new or expanded Agency with every decade. Since the turn of the century, we’ve already been gifted the TSA and DHS, plus expanded NSA, FBI, CIA, et al. Now the USCP?

      My guess is that the Dems in Congress will use the USCP to investigate any perceived grassroots threat to their power under the justification that such issues “concern the safety of the Capitol”. Note that the agency wants to operate 3000 miles away from their jurisdiction, claiming that CA is one of the most active areas of threat activity.

  4. The author left out the US Marshalls Service. It protects the various DOJ personnel and polices its convicts. In that way it is slightly similar to the Capitol Police. The big difference is that the extended DOJ has activities all over the nation, whereas the USCP really only needs to function in one building in DC.

  5. “All of these federal agencies are transparent and accountable to the public, although some more so than others.”

    “All federal law enforcement agencies keep the public informed of their activities – all except one.”

    All utter BS in today’s climate. The “rules and regs” under which these and even a lot of state agencies are only as good as the bought-and-paid-for judges, Federal and state, will enforce or allow information/evidence to be withheld, deleted, obstructed, mocked, ignored, or a host of other tactics we saw during DJT’s 4 years in office, and are seeing now with President Alzheimer’s and his favored son, Hunter…

  6. “Why Is the US Congress Creating a New Federal Secret Police Force?”

    It’s for those racist white supremacist domestic terrorists, of course.

    Their own personal ‘Brown Shirts’…

  7. GWB started this with homeland security(which, at best, should have only been temporary). Obama jumped on the bandwagon by giving many agencies LEO powers and forces. This is the federalization of law enforcement and (if the NWO types have their way) is the wave of the future, making the United States a single state.
    I guess we will need a new flag and a new name, like The Blended States of America

    • “Obama jumped on the bandwagon by giving many agencies LEO powers and forces“

      And which agencies would those be?

        • I play you like a fiddle jwm.

          You will happily spend hours arguing my disingenuous points while yelling at my straw-men.

          Despite the fact you know I am a propagandist and a proven liar.

          I’m about to play another note, will you dance again?

        • Jaybird, I trust you are discerning enough to easily tell the genuine article from the impostors.
          And I genuinely do try to find reliable sources to underpin my assertions, unlike the impostors who merely chant drivel and personal attacks.

          Accept no substitutes!

        • Jaybird, you can tell my posts because I like to employ the Socratic method and ask questions that hopefully illuminate the issue.

          Fake Miner employs declarative statements, often rather infantile and repetitive.

          And I am still interested in which federal agencies Obama armed and gave law-enforcement powers.

        • Jaybird, kindly ignore the fact that I am a proven liar. Many many times over.

          That I come here to load so many falsehoods, lies, smears, hyperbole, straw-man arguments, dogmatic rhetoric and dis-information, that it would take hours to untangle the web of lies I have woven.

          Finally ignore the fact that I am a ghoul, and will justify murder based on their politics.

        • Jaybird, and even as I genuinely do try to find reliable sources to underpin my assertions, I can’t find any that match my Marxist ideology.

          So I am stuck with un-reliable and propaganda sites such as WaPo, NYT, and wiki.

          When you can’t make it, fake it!

        • You left out Flight Attendants. After 9/11 49 U.S. Code § 46504. Interference with flight crew members and attendants came into force on 10/26/2001.

          I almost got arrested because the plane couldn’t get a gate, I was on a very bumpy flight for 4 hours after slamming down a Big Gulp of Raspberry tea that I bought while we were boarding and having the flight attendant just fill my Big Gulp cup with a bunch of ice and cans of Lipton lemon tea twice. I had to piss but the seat-belt light was on the whole flight. When we landed we sat for another hour so it was either get up and use the can or piss on the floor. I wasn’t going to piss in my pants.

          I went into the can, the flight attendant was banging on the door and the pilot started babbling on the planes PA. 5 hours and we were just sitting on the ground.

          I pissed, the flight attendant started bitching at me when I came out and I yelled, Fuck You! I’m not pissing in my pants because you say so!
          The other passengers gave me a round of applause.

          These are the possible charges I could have faced:
          An individual on an aircraft in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States who, by assaulting or intimidating a flight crew member or flight attendant of the aircraft, interferes with the performance of the duties of the member or attendant or lessens the ability of the member or attendant to perform those duties, or attempts or conspires to do such an act, shall be fined under title 18, imprisoned for not more than 20 years, or both. However, if a dangerous weapon is used in assaulting or intimidating the member or attendant, the individual shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life.

          Nothing happened and it took another 40 minutes to get a gate. The pilot bitched at me when we were disembarking. I said, “You could have changed altitude for a half an hour and everybody could have used the bathrooms”.
          This was 11/2001 and these flight crews think they are above the law when you fly now. This BS all started after 9/11, they thought they became Law
          Enforcement. 6 hours for a flight that I had made at least 50 times with the best time being a little under 3 hours on a Airbus A320 with a crazy tailwind.

    • Cornpop, we law abiding citizens will actually be better off WITH the CPP Capital Pelosi Police regional offices. with dense clusters of the CCP, when the Taliban decides to do our constitutional duty for us, and attacks those tyrants, only the CPP will be harmed, and not the average law abiding citizen.

      UNLESS the CPP uses children as human shields, by putting up a baby day care center on the ground floor of those regional offices, like the FBI used in Oklahoma City. DO NOT PLACE YOUR CHILDREN IN DANGER BY USING CHILD CARE FACILITIES IN FEDERAL BUILDINGS!!!

  8. You should also know that Secretary of Defense Austin just approved the Capitol Police request for 8 Persistent Surveillance Systems Ground-Medium. These are highly sophisticated camera systems used to conduct wide swaths of surveillance in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wonder what the Capitol Police will be using them for? Write you Congressman and tell them to oppose Speaker Pelosi’s private political police force.

    • It’s the world’s most sophisticated nanny-cam. Gotta keep tabs on Dementia Joe in case he wanders out of the White House and forgets where he is.

  9. So the stasi is officially being formed. Can we can expect to see some people disappear soon? Like your neighbor that is very pro gun. Only time will tell.

    • “stasi”

      no, the stasi were germans working for germany. more like the kgb, who viewed the russian people as foreign animals to be manipulated and controlled.

      “Can we can expect to see some people disappear soon?’


  10. The threats I see are one way threats coming from Gun Control democRats. Secret Officer arrest those sick nazi, kkk Gun Control ratbassturds.

      • Nazis, Soviets…they’re just different flavors of murderous totalitarianism.

        But you seem to get testy whenever somebody says bad things about the Nazis. Why is that?

        • “Nazis, Soviets…they’re just different flavors of murderous totalitarianism.”

          not at all.

          “But you seem to get testy whenever somebody says bad things about the Nazis. Why is that?”

          because when someone cites nazis but never cites communists who killed far far more for far far longer, and not of their enemies but rather of “their own” citizens, it shows what they’re really about.

        • “…not of their enemies but rather of their own citizens…”

          There’s no more virtue in murdering another country’s citizens than there is in murdering your own. But let’s be clear about this: Are you saying Jews don’t count as citizens?

      • And nobody ever mentions the Kempeitai, either. Imperial Japan always gets a pass when somebody brings up brutal fascist/totalitarian regimes, don’t they?
        Invasions, carpet bombing, massacres, genocide, rape as a weapon, torture, chemical weapons experiments on human subjects, bioweapons used on civilians, slavery, cannibalism, all KINDS of nasty stuff, and everybody wants a Toyota while nobody is burning Japanese flags.

        Just thought I’d mention it.

  11. The USCP are becoming precisely the type of jackbooted thugs that the founders were worried about when they wrote the Second Amendment.

  12. Yeah, saw that yesterday. It’s great that they have the ability to employ such amazing technology to monitor wide swaths of ground below.

    So, when are these going to be employed along the Southern border (cough cough). Seems like it would be cheaper, faster to implement, and more effective than a “wall”, since the Dems have already declared a wall to be ineffective.

    • Okay, TTAG, the site is acting up again. I wrote this as a direct reply to John in OR, but it was posted at the bottom of the page. The site’s been wonky again the past few days, loading in weird ways and delaying comment posts.

      ZH refers to its admin(s) as “Tylers”. I’ll start calling you guys “Dans”.

  13. “Why Is the US Congress Creating a New Federal Secret Police Force?”

    because the ones behind all this want a kgb, just like they had in the soviet union.

    • And their job will be to go after political dissidents, just like in every other authoritarian regime in the history of the world.

      • “their job will be to go after political dissidents”

        yes. because to the ones behind all this, those are the threats to their power and control, and those are the only threats that matter.

      • “And their job will be to go after political dissidents,…”

        Translation – Those who think ‘incorrect thoughts”…

  14. America is changing at such a fast pace that we won’t know this country ever existed as a Free Capitalist Republic in a few years.

    If Americans don’t wake up, teach their children about politics, get involved as a political volunteer in their community, and VOTE VOTE VOTE, then the American Marxists will take over and eliminate the country we love for something we won’t recognize or want for our children following us.

      • You had better get your ‘election fraud’ evidence over to Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, they are about to be sanctioned for lying to the court regarding the fake news ‘wide spread fraud’ lawsuit.

        Sidney Powell’s own attorneys said, “no reasonable person” would believe that “the claims in the lawsuit were factually accurate”, but of course all you guys did, ha ha!

        Quick, send them some money, they are almost broke, keep those cards and letters coming so Sydney can buy a new outfit.

        • You will never stop listening to me.

          I am a “special” agent provocateur!

          (With a minor in propaganda)

    • Sorry Roster, but you just (actually) hit on the biggest problem ” our ” side has- WE only have ONE vote each, as opposed to the libs, who get to have dead people, p.o. boxes, non residents, etc. That’s why they’re so dead set against voter ID, even though they are ok with being issued a card for every freebie, covid “passport”, you name it…. somehow those same folks are too stupid to figure out how to apply for an ID using their Obama phones though.

      • They aren’t just dead set against voter ID, they’re against election audits. They’re fighting audits tooth and nail. Why would they do that? Why does the VP pretend that “black and brown” people don’t know how to make a copy of their license? Why does the president pretend that “black and brown” people don’t know how to get online? Actually, that racist probably really believes that.

        • “they’re against election audits”

          they’re against elections. “we will do all the voting you need. just leave it to us.”

  15. There should be all of 6 Federal law enforcement agencies: FBI, Immigration Customs and Borders, US Marshals, DoD (CID, OSI, NCIS, CGIS), US National Park/Forest Service, OIG (combine all the Inspectors General). Everything else is just highly compartmentalized and leading to the same mess that let September 11th happen. DHS should be nothing more than a coordination agency between those 6 and local law enforcement.

  16. 1. I’m liking the new wave of pro-liberty content on this website. I know it’s probably only because we have a Democrat in office now but all the same, I appreciate it.
    2. We as a country are creating a new Praetorian Guard. Last time that was tried, didn’t end great.

  17. I’m not worried about a organization that got their asses handed to them by an unarmed mob on 06 Jan.

    Their secret is out, they suck.

    • The secret within the secret is that they invited the mob into the Capitol so that we could get to this point.

      • So…they invited the mob in so the mob could beat the shit out them. That’s a pretty smart way to cover your tracks.

        • They knew there was a threat ahead of time, but intentionally didn’t increase security to match the threat. The Capitol police are seen on video waving people into the Capitol. There were “informants” within the mob that weren’t charged with any crimes. There’s a reason for all things.

        • Like I said, those guys are some sneaky bastards….

          If they are so secret, how did you find out this highly classified info?

        • Cato, there are still a few reporters out there that are relentlessly pursuing the truth. All of the above has been reported on. We still don’t know the identity of the so-called informants. Pelosi isn’t allowing the official Capitol security recordings to be released. It would be interesting to see if any of those “informants” engaged in any illegal activity.

  18. “Law enforcement is a state right.”

    Law enforcement is a government POWER. When Congress passes a law it expects the President to execute that law. When a state’s legislature does so it has that expectation of the governor. The doctrines of enumerated (federal) powers and reservation of the “police power” to the states serve to segregate these domains of power; yet, there is room for overlap.

    How to manage this overlap?

    The Secret Service protects the first family from assault where ever they might be. While in DC, it’s clearly federal jurisdiction. While anywhere in the 50 several states, it’s clearly state jurisdiction; yet, I hasten to add, that it is ALSO a federal concern.

    No less so for members of Congress. These individuals spend much of their time in DC and much of their time in the jurisdictions which they represent. And so, I’m open to the idea that the Capital Police might be allowed authority to operate in the states.

    Prior to 6 Jan 21, I WOULD have been content to allow the Capital Police some “leash” to protect them from public scrutiny that might serve little public purpose. Less so today. Were the events of 6 Jan a public concern? Or, purely one of “club” of Congress.

    Were the hallways outside the House chamber where the joint session was held more-so: IN-side the private chambers of Congress? or, OUT-side in the “public” domain? It’s a troublesome edge case.

    What sort of doctrine might serve our purposes here? The purposes of the Public to scrutinize the activities of these enforcement officers? And, the narrow and limited purposes of government officials, such as the first family and members of Congress to enjoy their privacy in at least a few places?

    Remember, we are not discussing any “rights” of Secret Service agents or Capital Police officers. If there are any rights, or legitimate privacy interests, they are invested in the members of the first family and members of Congress, respectively.

    Perhaps we should think of it as follows. There is insufficient public skin-in-the-game as to what the Secret Service might be doing and observing within the White House and while in the immediate presence of those they protect. (A blue dress might be interesting, but it does not rise to the level of a “public interest” to be secured.) Likewise, as to what the Sargents-at-Arms do on the floors of the House and Senate; or, the Capital police while in the immediate presence of members.

    However, while conducting surveillance across the 50 states, each of these agencies (and every other agency such as the US Marshals’ service) has no such private character.

    The Capital Police, in establishing a “footprint” of branch offices in the states would seem to violate this proposed boundary of separation of privacy interests of government officials and public interests of citizens.

    • Well after being embarrassed(on PURPOSE!?!)on January 6 what do you expect? They couldn’t stop unarmed goofballs. Let ’em try with millions of armed patriots. Have a swell day…

  19. It’s obvious what this is. If I need to spell it out to you, you haven’t been paying attention the last 4+ years.

  20. Queen for a Day Nancy Pelosi wants her own secret police force and a way to circumvent the Posse Comitatus Act with people she pretty much alone commands. Few, if any, threats to conservative Members of Congress will be investigated. Of course, if state voting audits being performed or proposed throw a few members of the House and one Senator out of office this will all go away.

  21. A government can do what ever it wants to do when the only punishment for violating the rights of the people is not being re-elected.

  22. “Yogananda”? Snort, har, guffah, laugh. “Yogananda”. FOUR stars no less.

    I wonder what General “Yogananda” has bought for their sniper rifle/AT/indirect? Perhaps Horiuchi is available to assist.


  24. The National Front for Organized Crime is just getting started, once they take the mid terms the gloves will come off.

  25. 1. There are red Flag laws to confidcated Guns from illegal alliens that sneak in the U.S.A too. They can”t used/there green card to buy Firearms or Ammo too. They should change the green card non citizens workers working in the U.S too. Do you agree?Sir?orMam? What public are Born in the U.S. too. What is your opion !! We like to know!!!!


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