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Last Friday, a group of thieves swarmed and overwhelmed a security guard in front of a cannabis dispensary in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. The number of assailants isn’t yet known, but from security camera footage there appear to have been at least five or so and at least three getaway vehicles.

After rushing the security guard and relieving him of his firearm — which the criminals kept — they forced him inside Mountain Dew Farms where they did a little shopping, carrying many boxes of THC-laden inventory out to their waiting vehicles.

As KTVU reports . . .

One day after the brazen robbery Mountain Dew employees worked on putting new cameras in place on the exterior walls.

San Francisco police continued their investigation, meeting with neighboring businesses and looking for video of the suspects. “We haven’t confirmed the number of suspects,” said Officer Rueca. “We are stating that they are multiple suspects in a number of different vehicles. Right now we are still working without witnesses and working to analyze surveillance video that captured the incident.”

Other than distant security camera footage captured by a business across the street from the dispensary, it sounds like perhaps no video or other evidence was gathered during the robbery.

Weed dispensaries aren’t the only targets of his kind of grab-and-go larceny in San Francisco. Just last week . . .

These brazen robberies shouldn’t surprise anyone in a city that refuses to prosecute “petty” crimes like shoplifting. San Franciscans should expect to see much more of the same.




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  1. It is San Francisco, they have sown the seeds for tge destruction of the city, and now they reap! Well, BYE!

    • “sown the seeds for tge destruction of the city”

      won’t happen all at once, it will just slowly decay away. maybe a brief period or two of renaissance.

    • I bet anybody that it was democrats that did it? If it happens 100 times and you say it was a democrat then you would be right at least 99 times.

      • virtual democrat. they don’t vote, but someone casts a ballot for them for how they WOULD vote if they did ….

    • The Democrats have all but legalized robbery in some crazy belief.

      They’ll follow the CCP’s lead in rewriting history.

      Yes, I know I’m referring to Dire Straits Brothers in Arms.

  2. LMAO…..Protect weed with a gun but not life, but then not sure if there is any life left to preserve there!
    Ca is a total loss, the U.S. is 60% gone. If we can survive the rest of this administration & get a REAL Republican in to dismantle everything done there might be hope, if not kiss your ass & the American way good bye!

    • “If we can survive the rest of this administration & get a REAL Republican in to dismantle everything done there might be hope”

      “and then suddenly for absolutely no reason whatsoever hitler was elected” ….

      “if not kiss your ass & the American way good bye!”

      more than that. at first opportunity mexico and russia and china will move in. all you preppers/survivalists who are preparing for “grid down” in a wilderness are in for a big surprise – there will be a “grid”, and it will be against you.

      • “and then suddenly for absolutely no reason whatsoever hitler was elected”

        Apparently you are not familiar with the history of Germany between the end of WWI and the start of WWII. It was not sudden. It was well planned, well executed and took years to accomplish…kinda like the slow, insidious destruction of the U.S. Constitution by the Democrats.

        • “It was not sudden.”

          of course. I was being quoting someone who was being sarcastic.

          the national socialists had the support of germans. the democrats don’t have the support of americans – and in fact ignore americans, because they don’t care about or need american support.

  3. Gunsmoke?

    The Mary Jane dispensary about a mile from here has an armed guard that allows folk one-at-a-time to enter the locked vestibule. Then, another armed guard opens the inner door to allow entry to the holy-of-holy’s. It would take more than a push through to gain entrance.

    How do I know? My wife needed help for a while due to some bad things that happened. No tinctures, smoke, edibles here any more.

  4. “Marijuana Stolen Along With Security Guard’s Firearm”

    let me guess, the guard was stoned.

    probably for the best, he might have thought it was a bong and took a hit.

    or maybe the thief will ….

    • “Shocked there isn’t more crime”

      it’s not reported. the consequences however are reported – for example walgreen’s has pulled out of san fran entirely.

  5. The legalization crowd has always supported racist gun control. They said back in the 1970s that if pot was made legal, there would be no reason for black dealers to have guns. The pot heads are not supporters of Liberty.

    Pot heads are socialist progressive in their political orientation. And who had sex with a government employee in San Francisco to get a gun permit???

  6. I was told by the legalization cowd that making pot legal would eliminate crime. And they still say that.
    The legalization crowd are dumb sh!tes.

    • C’mon Chris T!

      Legalizing would help alot of people who are, for now, dependent on Big Pharma for pain relief and other medical issues. As far as eliminating crime I submit that the cartels would lose a huge revenue stream if the US de-criminalized it at the Fed level. Would it stop crime? No, we’ll always have crime, but! at least the prison population would decrease significantly when pot is no longer a sin.

        • Hard to say at this point until it’s nation-wide, but not jailing people for possessing pot, smuggling, growing, ect would seem to predict.
          But Big Pharma will not like that one bit and they will continue to fight a delaying action at the federal level and they have the money and lobbyists.

      • It’s not me who said crime would go away. The dumb sh!tes said that. Yes pot helps with some medical issues. But these idiots have turned medical marijunia into a snake oil. They now claim it solves everything wrong with you.

        They supported the raising of business taxes in california, that now have caused them to ran away to low tax Colorado. And they took their f#cked up politics with them, and f#cked up that state too.

      • The prison population went down when the potheads had the dollar amount raised that is considered a felony in california to $999.00. This way the users could steal all they want, inorder to pay for their habit.

        You lost property rights in california because of the drug legalization crowd.


        • fyi
          6 jul 21
          San Francisco’s Neiman Marcus hit in smash and grab theft; video shows suspects flee. 2 min long

    • They are the same people who say that legalizing concealed carry will result in blood in the streets.

      • You missed the news. Crime is way up in SF and other major cities in Cali. I know the Liberal press is not reporting that. Over one million tax payers have left the state.

        • fyi
          Husband and wife shop owners attacked by shoplifter in San Francisco. 2 min long

    • Pot was fun 40 years ago. In Ca, it was $10 for a bag of weed, not too strong and everyone could afford to split a bag once or twice a month. Then the high powered shit came around and people would rob others for a couple of grams and used guns and knives. I did not think it was worth it anymore and it is part of my youth.

      It stopped being peace, groovy, smoke another. After the stabbing at Altamont, the dream was over.

    • Speaking as someone that works security, I can tell you he probably had conflicting instructions and was admonished any time he actually did anything to secure the property.

      • It would go like this:

        “Yeah, I have a gun, but I can only use it to defend myself or a third party from imminent serious physical injury or death. Interestingly enough, a horde of unarmed people storming in and carting off all of the pot isn’t exactly a threat to life and limb, so I can’t use a firearm to stop it. It’s like when unarmed people ‘storm’ the Capitol building; You can’t just shoot some unarmed female USAF veteran, right?”

  7. Not unique to major cities. You can find these flash mobs everywhere. Here we had a group of 29 to 30 teens swarm a movie theater and several convenience stores.

    They have realized that force cannot be used against them. So they swarm in numbers and steal, destroy, even beat people. Then they flee as quickly as they appeared.

    • Keep the theft under $950, and it’s just a misdemeanor instead of felony if they even prosecute you, which means they give you a slap on the wrist. Does that mean 10 people can rush a store at once and steal $900 each? What’s the downside for them? Eh, it’ll be fine. Insurance amirite? *sarcasm*

      • “Does that mean 10 people can rush a store at once and steal $900 each?”

        I wonder if conspiracy and rico come into play here … and, since these events are planned over cell phones, wire fraud ….

  8. Just another day in the City by the Bay. These events are happening in just about every city throughout all of CA. Has been for some time. Media only reports on the ones that bring ratings and that can create click bait. All crime here is way under reported simply because it makes Sacramento look bad.

    Even if anyone is ever caught in this instance, Boudin will likely decline tp prosecute because… And, oh yeah, the security guard was probably part of it.

  9. The “security guard” probably was standing out in front eating twinkles.
    When the stoners showed up they grabbed his gun.
    He waved a twinkle at them while they looted the dispensary.

    • If I owned the dispensary, the armed guard better NOT be high. The last thing I want around me is someone stoned with a gun and a job that might mean he has to use it.

    • “Why even have them there?”

      because the owners – old white guys – think in terms of the culture they grew up in, where people were civilized and respected police. so they expect security guards will be enough, not realizing that the world they grew up in has been murdered and replaced with a third world free for all.

      • ant7 nailed it. It’s amazing how many places will hire security, then get upset any time the security guard actually inconveniences, admonishes, or corrects the workers or customers in order to actually improve security.

  10. I had to pick up some shoes at the mall, the first time in 15 years that I was in one and saw 3 different shoplifters outside ripping tags off of clothing they had secreted on their person, 1 right outside the door. They have security, but it seems that these days, if you can get out the door and the tags are not attached, you will not even get the swag taken away.

  11. Possibly ole Hunter Xiden bein’ the Wheel Man in one of those getaway cars????? Anyone see any $500,000 paintings in the back seat???? Big Guy get his cut????

  12. How dare those Kalif Kommies GUARD their shit with armed thugs. They should be GIVING the shit away. To each according….

  13. After the repeal of prohibition there hasn’t been any liquor stores robbed. Pot people must be more violent then drunks.

  14. The same criminals are shoplifting the same stores over and over again. This is what the legalization crowd has created. They have never supported private property rights.

    “SF Chinatown shop owner says encounter with repeat shoplifter has escalated into violence’ video 2 min long

  15. The three L’s don’t care. The shoplifters should be shot dead.
    “Brazen, Serial Shoplifter Appears In Court As DA Vows To Crack Down On Retail Thefts” video 2 min long

    • These types of robberies have been going on for some time, they escalate with street the rioting.
      Throughout my observations the proficiency and numbers of individuals involved in these smash and grabs have increased.
      I have not been a proponent of large capacity magazines and AR type self defense weapons in the past. However times change, and changing quickly , I do not see someone defending themselves or their processions with anything much less then a high capacity weapon of superior fire power , considering the adjustments in the criminal tactics that have been made .

  16. That’s hilarious! At least for once they aren’t getting new flatscreens and Nikes… Maybe it’s a good thing, the pot ought to mellow these gangstas out for a while.

    And the “Legalize Dope” dopes have always claimed that decriminalizing narcotics would put an end to gang violence and crime…

    You bet!

  17. I for one applaud the lack of action by officials in San Francisco on crime. Allowing the city to become a haven for criminals serves several important purposes. 1) It gives Criminals a place to gather and ply their trade in full view of Society. 2) It serves as not only an example of the consequences of Liberal Ideology for which San Francisco has been a Mecca. It is a warning to those parts of the Nation who have yet to fall into the trap of Socialism as a Utopian model for society. There also an important downside that Must be addressed. The flight of those from not only San Francisco, but California and other places facing same Liberal Apocalypse, who will bring with them many of the same Ideological mindsets that created these problems in the first place. In many ways I believe this very thing has been apart of the Long Game being played by those In Control of the March to Socialism in this Nation. By allowing for the destruction of Liberal cities such as San Francisco. It turns the lights on in a room full of Cockroaches so to speak. Causing the scattering of the Ideology to other cities and states not yet effected by the Infestation.

  18. There’s a lot of retards in this comments section.

    First, the only reason the “legalization crowd” has all the issues you all have noticed is because of the hypocrisy on the opposing side. There is not a single damn argument you can make for why people should be trusted to own firearms to secure their liberty and safety but can’t be trusted to decide whether or not to put something into their own body so long as they are not actively harming someone else. If many of the “gun crowd” and others who advocate for liberty, constitutional rights, and the like were to correct this hypocrisy, the “legalization crowd” would no longer be a bunch of socialist, leftist scum and the sanity of the group would increase astronomically. The result would be that the detestation for property rights seen amongst the vocal parts of the “legalization crowd” would be remedied.

    Second, let’s address the crime issue. As a disclaimer, I do believe that full legalization of marijuana would reduce crime. A dispensary getting robbed is not evidence against this. There is money to be made whether it is legal or not. Dispensaries will get their weed and their money stolen sometimes, just as liquor stores and banks and jewellery stores get robbed sometimes. It is not the fault of pot, it is the fault of greed. But, suppose, for the sake of argument, that legalization does not decrease crime. There is, to my knowledge, no reason to believe that it will increase crime. Dispensaries get robbed, but so do other stores; if someone wants the money, they’ll rob whatever they can and if they want the weed, they’ll rob a dealer, dispensary, or whoever else has some. There is absolutely no evidence to indicate that marijuana use increases criminality (aside from the crime of using the marijuana itself), and there is plenty of crime motivated purely by the illegality of marijuana (cartel violence, etc.), so I do not think it reasonable to claim that legalization shall increase crime. If someone disagrees, please elaborate. But if we continue with the supposition that legalization of marijuana has no effect on crime rate, then any argument against legalization falls apart. Amotivational syndrome and the like have long been discredited. Even to the fools who still believe in such myths, on what grounds can you claim that you have the right to prevent someone from choosing such a life for their self? Do you not believe in the right of every person to make their own choices in life so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others? If not, how can you argue for gun rights? When the main arguments from the left in favor of gun control are that the safety of others is at stake, how can you argue for guns while arguing against weed, when the latter is merely a risk to oneself? You do not have to use weed or even support the use of weed to acknowledge that each person has the right to make up their own mind.

    As someone who knows quite a few stoners who support full gun rights, capitalism, property rights, and liberty in general, and who live productive lives and who have not been inhibited in any way by marijuana use (including two successful small business owners), I can assure you that the problems you are all seeing among the “legalization crowd” are not a result of pot itself, but a result of the false divisions put in place by the powerful to control us. The only reason supporting an individual’s right to make their own choice about what to ingest has any correlation with leftism is because it has been used for decades as a wedge issue, just as supporting gun rights has no natural correlation with opposing abortion except that correlation arising from the fact that it falls on one side of the battle line drawn between the two parties. And frankly, if you make up your mind about things because your party said it’s good and the other one said it’s bad, then you are beyond foolish and I have nothing but pity for you.

    • “As someone who knows quite a few stoners who support full gun rights, capitalism, property rights, and liberty in general, and who live productive lives and who have not been inhibited in any way by marijuana use (including two successful small business owners),”

      So why do they advocate for raising business taxes??? And then move out of CA. Take their politics with them, and then f#ck up other states???

      They are socialist progressive in their political orientation. They want “free” medical pot from the government. They want “free” crystal meth, from the government funded drug injection centers. They want “free” drug treatment from the government that says you have a right to become a drug addict.

      The legalization crowd simply does not believe in personal responsibility, nor personal accountability.

      No, it will not eliminate crime. As they claimed it would. I have no problem with making drugs legal. But I’m not a liar, like the rest of the legalization crowd. I will not be telling people that crime will go away. Nor will I say crime will go down. Drugs are legal in SF. And crime has gone up.

      And it’s the drug legalization crowd that supports racist gun control in San Francisco, and in the rest of the state.

    • “If many of the “gun crowd” and others who advocate for liberty, constitutional rights, and the like were to correct this hypocrisy, the “legalization crowd” would no longer be a bunch of socialist, leftist scum and the sanity of the group would increase astronomically. The result would be that the detestation for property rights seen amongst the vocal parts of the “legalization crowd” would be remedied.”

      I’m amazed that you admit there are leftists that have infiltrated the drug legalization crowd. I saw that happening decades ago. Thank you for saying that. Now it’s the drug legalization crowd that needs to fix that. If they are serious about gun civil rights.

  19. You’re going to start seeing more of these crimes committed by groups. The bad guys have learned that if you have enough people you can rush your target and immediately overwhelm them and accomplish your goal with little to no opposition. With private security and police being forced to “observe and report” rather than intervene due the risk of someone getting hurt, it’s open season for criminals. Should they actually get caught they know they stand a very good chance of being released so there’s no deterrence anymore. The bad guys have been emboldened and the good citizenry will pay the price. Just another benefit of the liberal utopia.

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