Eric Adams
Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams greets NYPD officers as participants gather for a march through the financial district during a parade honoring essential workers for their efforts in getting New York City through the COVID-19 pandemic (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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[New York Democrat mayoral nominee Eric] Adams was outraged by the [New York SAFE Act’s] seven-round limit, but only because legislators had neglected to include an exception for active-duty and retired law enforcement officers. “You can’t give more ammo to the criminals,” he said, explaining the need for a corrective amendment exempting him from the seven-round limit. Norman Seabrook, president of the New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, elaborated on Adams’ point:

“As a law enforcement officer for over 20 years, I understand the importance of instituting a new policy on mandating the limits of bullets that a regular citizen can possess, but as a matter of fact the bad guys are not going to follow this law….The way the current legislation is drafted, it actually handcuffs the law enforcement community from having the necessary ammunition needed to save lives. We must not allow this to happen.”

In other words, since it was obvious that criminals would ignore the seven-round limit, it would be reckless to make “the law enforcement community” follow it. But “regular citizens” did not deserve the defensive advantage that Adams demanded for himself. He literally voted to put himself above the law, unashamedly demanding a double standard that sent a clear message to his fellow New Yorkers: My life is worth more than yours.

The same attitude is apparent in Adams’ announcement that he will carry a concealed handgun to protect himself as mayor. He presented that plan as evidence that he is a man of the people who “won’t have a security detail.” But in a state where it is essentially impossible for ordinary residents to legally carry handguns for self-defense, Adams’ heat packing is a mark of privilege.

— Jacob Sullum in New York’s Next Mayor: Gun Rights for Me, but Not for Thee

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    • Adams will have the advantage. He will carry 30 round mags and be invincible because we all know the one with the most cartridges in his mag is the winner, thus the reason for the 7 round limit.

      • Amazing what a skilled sharpshooter can accomplish when determined! That bastard had better keep his head on a swivel!

  1. so, so very surprising.
    perhaps they can hope that he will encourage prosecution.
    nah. lockstep.

  2. … and the parting on the left, is now the parting on the right, and the beards have all grown longer overnight…. meet the new boss, same as the old boss

        • …. I bet it’s one of those damn Schecter Apocalypse thingies, ain’t it? Nobody needs more than six strings – next thing you know they’ll have 80% zither kits . Ban psaltery devices !!

  3. Typical dumbbell democRat who is too stupid to defend what is an Individual Right. Such knee jerk anti-gun holier than thou cops run around and mix criminals acts with the rights of law abiding citizens.

    Such anti gun cops are called to a homicide where the perp was armed with something lethal and the victim had zip, nada nothing to defend themselves. And that is thanks to these anti gun ignorant ratbassturds who have their guns and bend over to make sure their pals have guns but for all others they obviously must be expendable.

    Being as The Second Amendment is an Individual Right it does not matter what criminals do or what some stupid clown running for mayor says. There comes a time to stand against criminals and moron candidates for mayor and do whatever it takes to defend you and yours.

    After slavery, Jim Crow Gun Control and other democRat Party race based atrocities that disarmed Black Americans one would expect a Black Man running for mayor to have the sense and integrity to refuse donations coming from the Gun Control Plantation and Stand for Freedom.

    • “The Second Amendment is an Individual Right”

      actually it’s a militia right. it simply does not address personal self-defense issues.

        • it doesn’t. saying so would not have occurred to the writers of the 2nd, because in accordance with the ideology of the times all white males between the ages of 16 and 60 were presumed to be in a well-regulated militia. the purpose of the 2nd was to support that militia, because “the people” were expected to function within that militia (as well as within their village, town, family, clan, society, and state – not as lone isolate individuals).

        • @ant7
          Okay, fair enough, fair enough. Now looking at My state constitution it states I have the right to be armed for My protection.

      • completely wrong, antsy…but I don’t expect you to stop trying…it’s why you’re here…

      • Are you really that dumb ass stupid? Frankly, you won’t be missed due the actions of a violent criminal that will send you to your maker with an illegal handgun that you can’t control!

    • What a great idea! Instead of saying something honest and meaningful like, “The current hysteria about racism is overblown and is being used to push an anti-white agenda” you should instead agree to play a game of “You’re racist I’m not racist” by making every single topic (including this one) all about an imaginary need for black people to defend themselves from whites when we all know that if anything they need to defend themselves from one another, and whites are MUCH more likely to need to defend themselves from blacks. Surely if you look for little examples of the dems being the real racists you’ll eventually find enough examples and then all the minorities and guilt laden whites will all convert to republicanism and you’ll win.

  4. Blacks telling all other blacks they don’t have any right to live.

    BLM? Does it really?

    They want to see Trump supporters as racist but it really is coming from the left.

    • “They want to see Trump supporters as racist but it really is coming from the left.”

      Oldest trick in the commie playbook, accuse your enemy of being what you actually are…

      • Who is surprised??? Is there ANY major US city run by Dims(or black Dims) that doesn’t suck?!? They should resurrect Barney Fife. One boo-lit for you peasant. Slave. Serf…meanwhile the world is catching fire. Get ready.

      • Its something the left does constantly. They will tell everyone how the want “common sense” that they are just “pro common sense” but yet they say that voter ID is racist. To the point where they run and hide because they can’t do their jobs when confronted by responsible people trying to actually fix problems.

        Liberals, leftists, and Democrats have much in common. Not just lack of common sense. They all have everything upside down and backwards. While telling everyone that right-wing republicans will kill us all when Democrats (Cuomo) actually will.

        Deny arms to those that need them while turning loose killers from their cages unleashing death across the general population. All while claiming to care about Covid19 cases.

        The ONLY reason democrats have for legalizing drugs is to maintain a gullible population into keeping the left in power over them.

        • One correction: “…telling everyone that right-wing republicans will kill us all when Democrats (like Cuomo) actually will are killing thousands right now. Otherwise, right on.

          Cuomo’s covid policies killed several thousand people, at least — and that’s on top of the deaths, misery, and ongoing economic disruption caused by the Democrats’ beloved pandemic lockdowns.

          After last summer’s “fiery but mostly peaceful” BurnLootMurdering, which caused billions of dollars in damages, destroyed entire neighborhoods, and caused dozens of deaths, the murder rate has shot up by as much as 500% (not a typo…hello, Portland) in Democrat-run cities across the nation.

          The “progressive” left is a death cult.

        • “The ‘progressive’ left is a death cult”

          it is. their hope is that everyone else dies first.

  5. Everything is going to hell in a handbasket! Clearly, we should elect a different Democrap!

    • @LarryinTX

      Sadly, your comment made me give a wry chuckle with it’s truth.

      I guess the Left considers us as brain damaged ’cause we don’t allow our FEELINGS to make every decision whilst, on the other hand, we don’t understand how they can so completely ignore provable facts and logical constructs in the decision process.

      • “I guess the Left considers us as brain damaged ’cause we don’t allow our FEELINGS”

        no. precociously imitating their owners’ religion, the left has been infected with the disease of self-centered moral self-superiority. they say you’re “brain damaged” or “ignorant” or other such, but those are all just lies to cover the real issue – that in their minds they are better than you, that they are human and you are not, that they are legitimate and you are not, that they are real and you are not.

      • “we don’t understand how they can so completely ignore provable facts and logical constructs in the decision process”

        the reason you don’t understand is because you misapprehend them. to you, this is a social disagreement and political argument, conducted between equals using reason and logic. but to them, this is not a social disagreement or political argument, conducted between equals, using reason and logic. to them, this is war. total war. genocidal ethnic cleansing tribal warfare. they say whatever they need to say to manipulate and mislead and misdirect you into losing this war. right/wrong, true/false, good/evil, they don’t care one little bit, so long as it brings them closer to total victory over you. so you listen to them, consider what they say, argue with them, point out flaws and illogic, point out bad consequences – and they just laugh at you and mock you and continue waging total war against you.

        • Cogently stated and horribly so true! Conservatives read and cite the constitution while liberals/marxist.steal our country and citizens blind, (how many became millionaires after going into govt all the while chuckling at their cleverness.

    • There is no circumstance under which NYC would field, let alone elect, someone who is serious about the BoR. It is a far larger cultural problem than any one man.

  6. This issue (new guy as bad as the old guy) is what concerns us here in CA. When we ousted former Gov. Gray Davis in 2003, he only a regular Democrat, but was different from what we had previously been accustomed to (remember…CA was a red state back in the ’80s and ’90s under Deukmajian and Wilson, then turned purple enough to vote in Davis). What we got in his place was Schwarzeneggar, who was arguably worse than Davis. I voted for the conservative Republican Tom McClintock. Schwarzeneggar promptly turncoated and behaved like a Democrat, paving the way for Jerry Brown (a Leftist), then former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (the most lefty Leftist in our state’s history).

    Now we’re set to vote on September 14 to recall Newsom, and he just lost his court challenge to change our State’s rules to give him an advantage. If he does indeed get ousted, who will replace him? Someone different, but just as inept (like we got with Schwarzeneggar)?

    Yesterday, Larry Elders announced his campaign to run. At this time, we now have several conservatives who have tossed their hats into the ring, but so far we have only three who are known well enough for the average voter to make an opinion (Kaitlyn Bruce Jenner, former 2018 candidate John Cox, and now Larry Elders). Elders is the only one I’m aware of who is very much pro-2A and pro-liberty, and is a strong political voice, so expect the Dems to throw everything they have at him in the coming weeks.

    • I’d vote for Elder in a heartbeat if he was running in MT. We have too many swamp rat RINOs announcing for 2022 elections. Zinke, for example, will shovel more of the same old BS while Dr. Al Olszewski is a much better Conservative choice. The Democrats will drag out their thrice loser Kathleen Williams again with her Berkeley-style Communism.

      Gonna need lots of popcorn to watch this show.

    • “Someone different, but just as inept …?”

      no. someone different, but just as anti-american. newsom hasn’t been inept, he’s been exactly what his owners required of him.

  7. “limits of bullets that a regular citizen can possess”
    We the people. We have individual rights. Including the right to keep and bear arms. Because we are the militia. Put this guy up for trial on 18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law, possibly also treason.

    “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” ― Thomas Jefferson

    • “Because we are the militia”

      more accurately, you’re supposed to be participating in a well-regulated militia, not just sitting at home saying “I’m the militia and I’m OK.”

  8. The writing is Jacob Sullum from Reason so the self righteous authoritarian anger bot Kentucky Chris T will be on shortly to excoriate him as a libertarian and thus enemy of gun rights (and everything good in this world).

    • the “military/civilian” distinction simply no longer is sufficient to describe our present practices. calling police “civilian” is technically accurate in a narrow legal sense, but is in fact misleading as to their actual status.

      • Dave is correct. Municipal police are civilian. Yes, some S.W.A.T. teams are outfitted with gear that mirrors military, but lipstick on a pig, and all that.

  9. Most Police officers, current and former, support Anti 2A efforts. Most Sheriffs and Deputies don’t support Anti 2A efforts (there are exceptions). I’ve pondered the “why is that” for 50+ years, and have never found a satisfactory answer to why.
    I’ve come to hold the theory, that it’s due entirely to Politics. Sheriffs, are directly elected by the citizenry. Police are HIRED by the municipal government, thus they echo the government’s stance on 2A issues.

    Maybe we do need to defund the Police, and spend that money on our Sheriff’s Departments instead. The Police are just lackeys of the municipal government. Citizens have no real say in their hiring and firing. Sheriffs, on the other hand, are held liable by their constituents, otherwise, they can be voted out of office.

    One LE body, answering to We the People, not the local government, is what our Founders had in mind, based on the writings I’ve read. A LE body answering only to the government, isn’t Constitutional. A LE body that answers only to those in power, is Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo), a private government security/police force. A body that answers only to those in power.

    Just the musings of an Auld Fart with a different paradigm, evolving perspectives, and trying to think outside the box.

    I’m sure some will attack my statement, but as I grow older, and look at how dysfunctional our country is becoming, holding many of the long accepted practices up against the Constitution, I’m coming to see that many of those practices are in direct conflict with the Constitution. The only way this nation can save itself, is by a return to the Constitution.

  10. “He literally voted to put himself above the law, unashamedly demanding a double standard that sent a clear message to his fellow New Yorkers: My life is worth more than yours.”

    Really? Sent a clear message? Really? If that’s the case, then it’s a message that they willingly embraced. They voted him in, didn’t they? Fools voting for fools. Birds of feather…

  11. I was born and raised in NYC, lived there for a number of years, quit the town in 1967, do a little research into enacted legislation if interested in why. Have never looked back, and not about to start now. As for the double talk oozing from officialdom/official dumb, these clowns need to be reminded of one interesting fact. The law abiding citizens they so disparage pay their salaries.

  12. Actually in the STATE it’s not hard at all in most areas to legally carry concealed , in that city you’d be right .

  13. The mayor can have a gunm that holds 5000 rounds, when we become mayors we can have that same “privlage”. As for now the voters should be satisfied with a double barrel shotgunm.
    Mayors,governors, senators, congressman’s , presidents, lives are more important then the common man.
    Without them and their intelligence Guam might capsize.

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