Kyle Rittenhouse Kenosha shooting trial
(Sean Krajacic/The Kenosha News via AP, Pool)
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With trial evidence inconsistent with the news’ narrative, there could have been a major media mea culpa. Instead, headlines and framing continue that pre-trial narrative, even if inconvenient facts appear deep down in the articles. As the editors who run these stories and draft the headlines know, many if not most people don’t get far beyond the headlines and opening paragraphs.

Thus, NBC News breathlessly headlines a news report about the prosecution’s forensic pathologist testifying that Rosenbaum was in a “horizontal” position, “suggesting the victim wasn’t a threat when he was gunned down.” It’s not until the bottom of the article that NBC acknowledges that same expert testified the wound positioning was consistent with Rosenbaum diving towards Rittenhouse. Left out of the story was his testimony that gunpowder residue was consistent with Rosenbaum grabbing the muzzle of the gun when he was shot, just as Rittenhouse and witnesses said.

The headline highlight of Grosskreutz’s testimony according to a Daily Beast report was that he “tried to surrender” to Rittenhouse. Similar misleading narratives frame the case at the New York TimesWashington PostUSA Today and elsewhere. Reading only these publications, it would be reasonable to believe the original story of Rittenhouse as a shooter run amok, despite the trial testimony to the contrary.

From the inception of the Blake shooting, to the riots and now to the Rittenhouse trial, media malpractice has framed a Kenosha narrative completely divorced from reality.

William A. Jacobson in The media framed Kyle Rittenhouse — and won’t come clean even after the prosecution’s case falls apart

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  1. I’ve read comments from people who think he’s guilty. They’re either not watching the trial, watching a different trial from what I’m watching, or they’re just accepting the lame stream media of alternate “facts”.

    • Big ‘If’

      I believe that Kyle is going to catch one of the lessor charges that weasel fought so hard to get put in at the last minute. Weasel knows the case is ‘$hit’ and throwing the lessor charges in there also gives the jury an out. Weasels are gonna weasel. Judge should not have let the fairy-unicorn delivered drone footage in or the provocation instructions.
      National Guard has deployed, but I don’t think there will be any trouble if if he walks free. I don’t see BLM/Antifi or any of the rest doing the riot thing over some white kid that shot other white people.
      Who knows what the jury will do though. I agree with what others have said here. “If this ain’t self-defense, I don’t know what is.”

  2. I’ve always believed the MSM to be wholly worthless and the vast majority of people to be astonishingly stupid yet I can’t help but be amazed by the amount of morons who honestly believe Kyle essentially went there and Dylan Roof’d a bunch of black people.

    It takes real effort to farm that level of deliberate ignorance. So much so that there’s no hope for any of them.

    As an aside I’m reading through this:978-1476678825 and just happen to be doing so after a re-reading of Manufacturing Consent. They Live is real life and nobody wants to hear it even though all the monsters openly admit it.

    • It really is interesting; a white prosecuting attorney argues against a white defense attorney before a white judge, over the guilt or innocence of a white kid accused of shooting 3 white men, and after the media gets done with it, it’s mostly about the mass murder of dozens of black people by an avowed violent racist. Probably due to the hundreds upon hundreds of violent white anarchists claiming to support Black Lives Matter while destroying property and attacking police. Only in America.

  3. I’m not sure which I’ve found more hilarious: the incompetent dotard of a judge prattling on about Chinese food and his iPhone, or Kyle’s completely fake crying jag. Your boy’s going down, you crazy right wingers!

    • Even if he does. So what? He killed two fascist storm troopers and crippled a third. We can trade 3 to 1 all day.

      Math is a bitch.

      • You should look up the definition of the word ‘fascist’ before people get the impression you’re a geriatric dullard.

        • I Am Your Better That “DEFINITION” of “fascist” is right out of your Socialist playbook, mined by Socialists who became disenchanted with Hitler and Mussolini when he attacked your brother Joe Stalin.
          The only thing you are “better” at is B/S!

        • The left does not exist in this country any more. It was bought by a cabal of billionaires. It is so fascist now that their storm troopers, the SS/antifa, are dressed in black uniforms.

          If it has feathers like a duck. Has webbed feet like a duck. And it quacks like a duck. It’s a fascist.

          Anybody that bills himself as ‘better’ is an idiot by default.

        • “The left does not exist in this country any more. It was bought by a cabal of billionaires. It is so fascist now that their storm troopers, the SS/antifa, are dressed in black uniforms.”

          They were always fascists. Even in the 1880’s (yes, 1880’s, that’s not a typo). They’re just slightly less ambiguous about it these days. They’ve gone back to 1930’s messaging instead of sticking with the 1960’s bullshit so many people fell for.

    • Dream on Sweet Checks. The young man is guilty of self defense.
      You ANTIFA supporters will eventually get your just and due.

    • What is actually hilarious is the prosecution’s lame attempt to now want to reduce the charges after their totally inept attempt at prosecution.
      Your ex-con boys Rosenbaum and Huber went down a long time ago, as they should have.
      Your ex-con, now called “Lefty” has had to learn to beat off with his left hand.

    • Another try-hard troll. You’re just repeating what you read in headlines, you’ve obviously not watched a minute of the actual trial. Go back to watching make up tutorials on YouTube.

    • Actually he was talking about the ports in Cali being backed up… chain jokes must trigger types such as you.

      • I guess some of us don’t feel that our country’s current supply chain challenges are a laughing matter, ‘Manse’.

        • And yet you voted for it to happen. Don’t see any problem with the Trans. Secretary taking off three months during the supply chain crisis to help shop for baby things with his husband ? I’m pretty sure we’re also paying for a full-time nanny for them … elections have consequences.

        • You’re probably one of the morons that voted for the brain dead dementia addled bastard that’s in the White House so thank yourself. One of the dead losers was a kiddie diddler so some good came out of it.

    • What’s tragically hilarious is that this “Rittenhouse=Guilty” “person”, by whatever name, may actually think that “it’s” nonsensical posts garner any regard or influence.
      It seems a practice of leftist trolls that to disdainly berate gives an impression of knowlege, wisdom, or authority on a subject matter.
      Ultimately, it belies their actual intent of disruption and suppression of speech.

    • You’re gonna cry big, fat, crocodile tears when he walks, PeeGee…

      What would a little boy like you know about anything? You haven’t even gotten laid yet!

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! 😉 😉 😉

  4. My mom is 83 and a diehard liberal and was shocked to find out the trial testimony was nothing like the prior media coverage. It is hard for her to believe they got it so wrong and I think she now sees a deliberate attempt to cover up the truth at least in this case.

    When Kyle is acquitted or found not guilty, who will hold the media accountable for its role in inciting the violence that may follow?

    With all the talk about stopping misinformation, how are the media allowed to continue their lies with so much blood on their hands already?

    • If Kyle walks it’ll be the fault of systemic racism working DESPITE the heroic actions of the media. If Kyle is locked up it’ll be the heroic actions of the media working DESPITE systemic racism. Either way the media looks like the protagonist and more mostly peaceful looting and burning awaits.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the Democrat elite actually want Kyle to walk. That way they can pound the orange-man-bad drum harder than ever and push the “the whole system is RAYCISS” pedal to the metal. It would serve to distract fro Brandons stacking failures and potentially shift some midterm momentum back their way. If Kyle is locked up they’ll have to admit the system works and maybe doesn’t need to be burned down.

      Those talks about stopping “misinformation?” Well, look at who’s doing the talking: Zuckerberg, Bezos, Iger, Zucker, Gates, Dorsey, etc… and the majority of Congress.
      When they speak of stopping “misinformation” what you should hear and read is “competition.”

      • ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if the Democrat elite actually want Kyle to walk.’

        Bingo. The media and the race baiters (I repeat myself) have pushed an agenda of racial animosity for a while now. Every single one of these white cop / black ‘victim’ shootings have been justified once the truth comes out, but they’ve been fanning the flames since Ferguson. It was surprising that they covered the George Floyd death, which I think was a miscalculation on their part, since the last thing they want is blacks and whites to agree that a white cop involved in a black death was completely out of line. But their martyrs have all been anti-heroes to say the least. Drug addicted, violent, criminal thugs. Meanwhile they ignore it when a 3:00am no knock SWAT raid occurs and the cops throw a flash bang in the baby’s crib severely burning a toddler because, well the toddler was white. There’s no agenda to be served by covering that.

        BTW, the people looting and burning the pharmacy after Rittenhouse’s acquittal won’t even know that his ‘victims’ were white.

        • If reports are true Shire-Man, a major “misinformation” domino may fall.

          The rumor is CNN is going to revert to a 100% news channel, and a good number of CNN’s “talent/staff” will be fired as part of a major shakeup.

          Their ratings without an orange villain has dropped 76% from January.

        • “The rumor is CNN is going to revert to a 100% news channel, and a good number of CNN’s “talent/staff” will be fired as part of a major shakeup.”

          From here :

          “CNN To Reportedly Fire “Good Number” Of On-Air Talent, Staff In Major Shakeup”

          “After CNN ratings crashed through the floor once again in October – with not one single show averaging at least 1 million viewers, a major shakeup is in the works at the network.

          According to Deadline, Discovery chief David Zaslav – who is widely expected to assume stewardship of CNN after its merger with WarnerMedia is complete – has kept his public comments on the failing news network close the the vest. When asked by Deadline what he thinks will happen with honcho Jeff Zucker, Zaslav said “Jeff’s a good friend and I like him a lot.”

          According to Deadline, Discovery chief David Zaslav – who is widely expected to assume stewardship of CNN after its merger with WarnerMedia is complete – has kept his public comments on the failing news network close the the vest. When asked by Deadline what he thinks will happen with honcho Jeff Zucker, Zaslav said “Jeff’s a good friend and I like him a lot.””

        • Thanks Geoff, but that article is all opinion of one man. He does not provide even the hint of a source let alone a source.
          I would not be surprised if they did fire some of their “talent”. But for other reasons. It seems Lemon has put his foot in his mouth more than once and Fredo has been caught trying to advance his brother’s case.

        • New prog over air broadcast network called “NEWSY” started Oct 1. It is out to replace CNN as the home for extremist marxist. Making a good run at it. 100% wackadoodle. NO faux middle of the road “conservatives” as at CNN/FOX.

      • Shire-man, Oh please! The Socialist Media has done a hit job on this young man and have done everything they can to twist the truth, and pervert justice.
        “Racism”? You have got to be kidding. What has “racism” to do with this case all of the rioters were White and ANTIFA thugs.
        Seems all you have to play is your race card.

        • It’s funny how the system here decides what needs to be “moderated”. Sounds like they don’t like to be identified as socialist?

        • Ok you’re not a bright bulb…

          Walther go back and read what Shire-man posted again.

          This time -s-l-o-w-l-y.

        • Calvin, READ his first paragraph. That is the crux of his post. And the name is Walter not Walther. Walther is a hand gun mfg.

      • “It wouldn’t surprise me if the Democrat elite actually want Kyle to walk.”

        Such a situation presents them the opportunity to take the police state they’ve created and accustomed much of the population to and make it openly more ruthless.

        IMHO, the vast majority of everything they’re doing these days is geared towards trying to engineer unrest as a pretext for “hard” enforcement of what they already have going.

        You can already see they’re not exactly subtle with some of their arguments that basically boil down to “Die Juden haben die Fleckfieber!”.

        • “…the vast majority of everything they’re doing these days is geared towards trying to engineer unrest…”

          ~ 𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑜𝑠 𝑖𝑠𝑛’𝑡 𝑎 𝑝𝑖𝑡. 𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑜𝑠 𝑖𝑠 𝑎 𝑙𝑎𝑑𝑑𝑒𝑟 ~

    • Your Mother is probably of the generation of liberal who no doubt disagreed/disagrees with many of us on a lot of things, but does do from a position of honesty.
      And when the Honest Old School Liberal realizes that they’ve been lied to and manipulated,it’s a potential Road To Damascus Moment.
      Unlike the troll here who’s engaged in his /her/they /their” You Crazy Right Wingers Are Going Down” verbal and sub par intellectual masturbation.

    • I find it amazing how anyone would trust the media after the litany of lies and smears from the past five years. Their propaganda programs people to tune out any alternative sources. Ana Kasparian is a legit lefty. She just now discovered the truth about Kyle. Her job is to talk about the news! What is the excuse for this other than willful ignorance? These videos were all over the internet after the incident.

      • “What is the excuse for this other than willful ignorance?”

        She was paid to say it. She’s a script reader.

        What, you think this is an accident too?

        • A not unexpected but thoroughly grating experience was watching 3 talking heads at CourtTV in abject denial, while watching the videos presented in court no less, that KR was defending himself.

          I was torn by a strongly compelling urge to shoot the tv, Elvis style. ;D

        • What’s ironic… they are correct, this is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

          Just not for the reasons they think. However as merely talking heads reading “the script” that maybe giving them undue credit.

          Oh… And that clip is straight out of the Matrix.

        • Thank you for that. Priceless. Sometimes it just helps to know that one isn’t alone and other people see it also. My wife was stunned.

      • Deprogramming for most isn’t easy. Stage 2 for your friend?

        All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    • Looking forward to the defamation lawsuit with that idiot Bidens name on it. Take a shot at some of the media pukes too.

        • After having done some “searching” on Lynn Wood, you don’t actually believe what you’ve typed out……….


  5. The media is disappointed the juvenile Kyle and so called “White Supremacist” was not beaten to death and fought back to save his life. On the other hand the media would cheer no charges filed had actual White Supremacists chased and beat an armed protester who used the same self defense. As for Kyle the prosecutor has the sick personality of a mike nyfong and justice was turned into a witch hunt.

    As said from the get-go…The litany of charges show desperation to see that something, anything sticks. It also showed the charges are very, very weak.

    Unless the jury consists of members of pantifa it’s an acquittal. If the jury consists of some dumbbells who voted for Jim Crow Gun Control joe it is going to be wait and see.

      • I must admit I’m a raceist, however the 124hp Sunfire just doesn’t let me be a very good racer.
        I gotta chop that catalytic converter off. Another 5hp, and watch out Hellcats.

  6. The reason is simple, logic and facts escape them. Have you seen the prosecution arguing? They keep trying to bring in subjects the judge has ruled out and they keep trying to use half truths to win. Anyone who thinks Rittenhouse is guilty has also fallen for the media’s usual vilification of firearm owners. The last point is the media has not reported on the rioters extensive criminal history before they met their demise.

  7. The National Guard, 500 of them, are being deployed in anticipation of acquittal. There will be ‘peaceful-but-firey’ protests. The media that is piling up the fuel for the fires should be sued to pay for the damage that results.

    Maybe Kyle will get a book deal or a movie deal out of this, in addition to lawsuits against all the outlets that defamed him through outright lies.

    • If I was a local business owner or anyone whose property was endangered by post verdict rioting I would take an acquittal to be a green light for defense of my life in defense of my business/property.

      • 😆
        Kyle was more principled with his follow up shots or lack thereof than many “highly trained” professionals. Someone levels a gun at the kids, and he stopped with one shot as soon as the threat was gone. I believe most cops would have unloaded on lefty.

        • Where are all the TTAG “exspurts” (AKA; basement dwellers, AKA; shape shifting trolls, AKA; demanding mommies) who claim private citizens can’t do anything but mag dumps and hit “unintended” victims during stressful situations/DGUses? 🤔

        • I was just at the local outdoor range again this morning. Trained as usual…at the low ready, then raised up to sight in on target at 10 yards and send a controlled pair. Then down to low ready, scan, select another (steel) target, another controlled pair or maybe one to the ocular, down to ready…

          The group of guys next to me kept mag dumping. You know the type: pick up a gun with finger already on trigger, no stance or control, fire all rounds rapidly until mag is empty and the next trigger pull results in “click”, look at the gun sideways in your hand (meaning the gun – though empty – is now close to muzzling the person next to you), shrug your shoulders, put the gun down on the bench (still not pointing properly downrange), tell your buddies you hit the steel a couple of times so now you’re “better than the cops”, etc.

          Then your buddy opens another case and says, “hey, I got this new gun and this will be the first time I’ve shot it…”

  8. What is concerning is the judge allowing the provocation charge to go forward, when it is clear the prosecution’s holy grail of a late night dropped off drone footage and their now “enhanced” picture supposedly showing kyle pointing a rifle at ziminski. Neither show anything like that. Completely open to interpretation.
    Defense should have fought harder to have that suppressed.

    • Hope for the best prepare for thee worst(for a change!) I have zero sympathy for Kenosha. The fact that a 17year thought he needed to “help” is telling
      Going to a new grand opening this morning Gunshop this morning. Sheepdog in Dyer,IN. They already have a tiny shop in Monee,ILL.

    • The Judge wants the jury to find him not guilty. It will help keep the Bolsheviks from rioting and burning the Judges house down. If a guilty verdict the Judge can declare a mistrial with prejudice and he can’t be tried again for the same charges.

  9. The media has been doing this a long time. They turned the communist ambush of peaceful demonstrators at Charlottesville into some kind of white supremacist rally run amok in the minds of many. Hell even Ann Coulter has spewed the lefts fictitious version of events, and she is usually debunking this sort of thing.

  10. “media malpractice has framed a Kenosha narrative completely divorced from reality.” And there in a nutshell is the problem – completely divorced from reality is a much sought after state of being to the media elite.

  11. The three L media smeared a good police officer in Ferguson MO. Hands up don’t shoot???
    They lied about Jacob Blake holding a knife when police shot him. Now some in the media are saying Kyle Rittenhouse was shooting black people!?!?

    Decades ago the adults around me said we have to accept people who lie as part of the 1st amendment. Those “freedom of speech freaks” are wrong. This will be how the lynching of Kyle will happen, if he wins. There will be those who because of the lies will want to kill him.
    People have tried to kill George Zimmerman who was found not guilty in his trial.

    A Hysteria has been created and maintained in this country. Just like being called a witch created a hysteria hundreds of years ago.

    • “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

      John Adams

      In other words, when it becomes ok to lie about a person we will not have to same government we have now.

      • edit
        In other words, when it becomes ok to lie about a person we will not have the same government we have now. But you will still get “free stuff” from the government.

        • Oh the lies that come out if your mouth are about on par with the media. Even starting to take the long rambling posting style of some of your misinformation brothers.

        • TheBSonTTAG, sorry, but you allude to “lies” but don’t point out what those lies are? What’s up with that?
          The fact is that the Sleepy Joe Administration is trying to buy votes with free stuff the same way that Obuma the Phony did.

    • People have allowed themselves to be conditioned to follow the media’s lead. The media knows when the color selection for automobiles was only black the sale went quicker. Once colors came along then color selection confusion came along too. The media knows if it can fill the public with enough confusion the public will march to their drumbeats.

      I.E. Gun Owners. Throw out any court case between Gun Control and The Second Amendment and like moths to a porch light far too many Gun Owners have been conditioned to run to defend the Second Amendment. And in doing so they blindly provide standing for Gun Control which of course is a History Confirmed diabolical agenda rooted in racism and genocide.

      When the day comes Gun Control vs 2A court cases, etc. prompt Gun Owners to cease running to dissect the 2A for the millionth time and zero in on Gun Control for what History confirms Gun Control and its baggage to be then and only then is it the beginning of the end of Gun Control.

      Now it is 60 degrees and perfectly clear and time for me to put a 110 Kawasaki HP between my legs and, “Let’s Go Brandon.” The day is young, go live a little too.

  12. Free Kyle and sue Puppet Joe for defamation! The immoral puppet occupying the White House gave the green light to defame and lie about a kid. Par for the course (remember the Covington kid?), but what a sicko!

  13. I agree. This jury will not have the courage to let him off on all charges, for a variety of reasons. Some of it’s not even their fault. But I just don’t see it happening. They’re not going to want to be harassed for the next few years by people who didn’t like their verdict. He’s going to be convicted on at least some of these charges.

  14. Why have they not gone after G. Floyd’s nephew, Cortez Rice & Maxine Waters for threatening & taking photos of the jury in Kyle’s case?
    Think it might be because of their race?
    Sure wouldn’t want the Burn Loot & Murder crowd to get upset.
    Buck FIDEN & Lets Go Brandon
    And most importantly…. FREE KYLE…

  15. I am highly educated and reasonably perceptive, and it was only today that I learned the Kyle Rittenhouse victims were white.

    My progressive bubble made this seem like a very different case than it is.

    Let me add a few points-
    1. All my friends/family are progressively and I recently woke up to their hypocrisy and msm BS
    2. I admit I haven’t paid much attention to the case
    3. If you hear someone called a white supremacist enough times, you believe it unless…

    you realize you need to question everything you’ve been told, which is what is keeping me very, very busy of late.

    • Good for you. Just don’t make the mistake of believing that conservative media is any better. When reading the news, I look at liberal, I look at conservative, then I look outside the United States for different perspectives. Russian Times, India Times, BBC, Arab News, Sydney Morning News, and so much more. Get a newsfeed reader, and load it with feeds from at least 12 countries, 50 if you want to be well read and informed. You’ll be amazed at what our country keeps secret from us all!

      • Paul, I beg to differ with you. The FOX NEWS Channel is fair and balanced. They present each and every issue from both sides. If you want to pay attention to the Russians, have at it. But you are getting propaganda. Same with the BBC which is run by socialists, Arab news? LOL.

      • I will add always look at their source. Learn the difference between news and commentary. Big publications like the NYT started putting left wing opinion pieces in the news section.

    • Sarah Beth, be prepared for the people that you thought were your friends, to hate you with a passion you thought only right-wing Trump supporters possessed.

      You have been lied to in so many ways, it’s difficult to describe.

      If you do decide to get a gun (and I hope you do!), please get training in handling it and firing it safely…

  16. Videos are damning. I watched all of this happen on the night of the riot. Kyle is guilty of one thing, and one thing only: He went into a battle zone, and failed to properly observe the buddy system. For that, he should be punished with A Stern Talking To. And, don’t forget to shake a finger at him during the Talking To.

    As a citizen of the United States, Kyle had every right to be there, and to defend himself when attacked.

    Dam the narrative of the left.

  17. I have a sinking feeling that if Rittenhouse is acquitted, we might see media outlets hound him afterwards the way George Zimmerman was.

    Whatever one thinks about the Zimmerman case, there’s little doubt the media continued to follow him long after he was found Not Guilty. Stories about where he might be moving to, stories about where he was recently spotted, etc. It was effectively a doxxing campaign in plain sight.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling Rittenhouse’s ordeal won’t end with a favorable jury verdict.

  18. Wannabe operator with big boy delusions. Send the prick to prison with the brothers see how tough he is and how long he lasts. E

  19. I think KR shot some of the “paid to tear shit up by some government entity”, guys.
    I’ve seen peaceful protest turn nasty because one starts doing it and the protesters turn into a mob and follow the leader.
    Now there trying to incarcerate him for it.
    Dont know how many elf bee eye drones where flying that night, quite convenient that one was where it was at , at the time it was there.

  20. I have watched several nightly newscast coverages by the fake news media – and as I suspected, they are not telling the truth about what is happening in Rittenhouse’s trial, but instead doing their best to spin it, to make him appear guilty by leaving out key moments and by their biased legal analysts lying about what’s going on.

    This is entirely in keeping with what they always do – they never tell the truth. Anyone who relies on them to do so is a fool. In any fair and impartial legal system, Rittenhouse would never have been charged and prosecuted. This trial is a farce put on by the corrupt prosecutors.

  21. The many videos that have been shown make it plain as day he was defending himself. He did not threaten anybody and did not fire first. He was struck, he was knocked down, attempts to yank his gun from him were made.

    Self Defense.

    Which does not mean he is free of any and all risk of being found guilty. There are lesser charges. Including unlawful possession of that rifle. News reports state the jury has instructions from the judge that they may consider lesser offenses, including incitement. So what all those videos prove he isn’t guilty of murder that doesn’t mean he’s about to be free and clear.

    We’ll see what the jury, and finally the judge has to say on it.

    When the trial is over the judge should haul the prosecutor into court clasped in irons and sentenced to 30 days for Contempt of Court.

    Aside from all that, the kid was a damned idiot to even be there. Too young and stupid. Running around on his own in that chaos, not sticking to a team. That’s not criminal, just incompetent. Incompetence is not a crime. Being forced to shoot your attackers because you stupidly put yourself into obvious violent chaos you could not deal with, had no backup to help you, is not a crime.

    • “There are lesser charges.”

      I love how the left is suddenly all about law and order when it’s someone not from their tribe in the hot seat. I agree that he should be charged if he broke the law, but so should everyone else that was out there that night. Why is the left always advocating for unequal treatment? Where are the charges for lefty for running up and pointing his gun at someone? That was 100x more egregious than the St. Louis couple that the left raked over the coals. Lefty dude was even prohibited form carrying. Why isn’t the anti-gun left screaming for his head on a platter? Answer: because it isn’t about law and order. They despise law and order. It’s ONLY about punishing the other tribe.

    • The prosecution seems to be pinning their hopes on the idea that their “enhanced” photo will convince the jury that Rittenhouse pointed his gun at people, starting the confrontation, and negating the self-defense claims.

      Dunno how that works out.

      Either way, don’t touch the blue shit in the engine room, Detective.

  22. Boycotting the lying media ourselves is the obvious part, but how do we convert the “mainstreamers” into abandoning them?

  23. Anyone else think the deployment of 500 Guardsman may be meant to send the jury a message about needing to do the right thing?

    I just don’t see unrest in regards this, wonder if they are trying to create a sense of panic.

  24. a lot of average media consumers being shocked if kyle rittenhouse is acquitted isnt a bug of the mainstream medias coverage of the trial

    its a feature

    its baked in

    they get more riots that way

    and more ratings when they happen

    • The MSM has been a bit off their game with Rittenhouse narrative. The full on propaganda effort for many months has been spreading the BS of the injection. Which has not been going that well/successful.

      A goodly % of American have come to realize ANYTHING coming out of DC and the MSM is must be assumed to be a LIE (the notable exception being that at this great site/gun owner activists many believe anything that Blimpberg/MSM say about the NRA).

      • neiowa “The MSM has been a bit off their game”? Can you tell me when the Leftist Lame Stream Media was ever on it’s game and told the truth? I sure can’t remember? For them it’s all about control over the populace.


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