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“Mass shootings have caused less than 1% of all gun deaths over the past couple of decades.

But every time one happens, there’s a 15% increase in the number of state-level firearm bills introduced the following year.”

“Baltimore’s assault weapons ban and background checks on handgun sales haven’t stopped people from getting a hold of firearms illegally, nor have they deterred violent crime.”

— “Gun laws aren’t helping many Black and brown communities that deal with gun violence every day”


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  1. I don’t think gun control laws are intended to help black or brown communities deal with ‘gun violence’.

    • That’s because is there is No Such Thing as Gun Violence. Only Violent Criminals using Guns Illegally. Until the Narrative aligns with the Action and Honestly dealt with. There is No Chance for a Solution. Which may be why the Liberal Democrat Leadership continue to Push the Gun Violence Narrative, They have No intention of Solving the Obvious Problem.

  2. “ “Gun laws aren’t helping many Black and brown communities that deal with gun violence every day””

    “Gun Control Laws Aren’t Preventing Gun Violence”

    Of course they aren’t not helping. History has shown time and time again that gun control does not prevent, deter, stop, either gun violence or crime. In context with the original source article “ “Gun laws aren’t helping many Black and brown communities that deal with gun violence every day””

    New 2021 FBI Crime Data shows;

    A. A record record surge in Black-on-Black homicide, and increase in Anti-White Hate Crimes.

    B. The number of black known homicide offenders rose to almost 60%, with the same demographic committing over 50% of all violent crimes.

    C. Anti-white hate crimes are the second most common hate crime category. The data also show that black offenders of hate crimes occurred at over twice the rate per 100,000 people than hate crimes committed by white offenders.

    D. On average, black Americans commit hate crimes at a rate that is three times higher than whites per 100,000 according to FBI crime data from the five previous years.

    E. Traditionally, white Americans are far more often victims of interracial crime than any other group. In 2018, The Bureau of Justice Statistics released their survey of criminal victimization, breaking down 593,598 interracial violence between blacks and whites. Black Americans committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies or 90 percent, and white Americans committed 56,394 of them or less than 10 percent.

    F. Furthermore, despite making up only 13.4% of the American population, black Americans commit more than double the amount of interracial homicides on white Americans, who make up 60.4% of the American population.

    additionally, to keep up with the gun significance and to thrown it in;

    1. Through July of last year, there was no clear association between the increase in firearm purchases and the increase in most interpersonal gun violence at the state level, according to a new study published in Injury Epidemiology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal. (

    2. The idea that increased gun sales are responsible for the surge in violent crime across the country has been debunked by academic studies. In fact, the results of one study were even reported by the left-leaning paper, The Guardian. > > “Pandemic gun violence surge was not linked to rise in gun sales, study finds”

    and further, additionally; In 2012-13, then-President Obama’s DOJ recorded that black Americans committed 85 percent of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; white Americans only committed around 15 percent.

    The black community problem with violence, gun or otherwise, is not with guns or gun control, and its not with white – their problem is black.

    • “New 2021 FBI Crime Data shows”
      The FBI UCR data for 2021 has not been released, nor compiled yet.
      Did you mean the 2020 data, that was released in September 2021?

    • “New 2021 FBI Crime Data shows;

      A. A record record surge in Black-on-Black homicide, and increase in Anti-White Hate Crimes.”

      So, it’s all those ‘White Supremacist Blacks’ killing other Blacks?

        • There are also vast numbers of blacks who are white supremacists, in case nobody noticed. Every time a black tells you he’s a poor misunderstood baby who can’t accomplish anything in life without a white sugar daddy making multiple special allowances for the fact that he has deliberately made a mess of his life, that is a white supremacist. A black who is NOT a white supremacist goes out and makes something of his life, regardless of his level of white privilege.

          OR!! Anybody who thinks Affirmative Action is even excusable is a white supremacist, as in, without special privilege a black has no chance to compete against a white person. Patent bull, and you hear it all the time, in support of Affirmative Action.

      • Is there a column for the surge in high profile hate crime hoaxes that the media adores until the truth comes out, at which point they drop the story like a hot potato?

    • You’re lying and a coveted white supremacist and only a person of such nature would make such false statements and provide false data to backup his or her statements. As always there’s an agenda to perpetuate stigmatism towards the Black race. Most crimes committed by blacks living in poverty are drug related or black on black crime. To accuse Blacks of genocide would be better put vs saying blacks are responsible for anti-white anti-Asian crimes etc. Another reason your statement and data is full w crap, 90% of black communities are mixed race communities including whites and Asians.

      Your data:

  3. Laws keep lawfull people from breaking the law.
    This buisness of gunm control just keeps law abiding people disarmed.
    I’ve never heard a criminal say ” I cant do that, I might wind up in jail.”

        • “Soylent Green is People!”

          (Charlton Heston character “Detective Thorn” from the movie ‘Soylent Green’ 1973)

        • Booger, if you read the book soylent green was made from seaweed or alge. Something like that. I read it high school. That was a long time ago. I guess eating people was more dramatic for the silver screen. BTW, saw the movie too. Book was better. Usually is.

        • Look at the era, GF-

          A typical Heston movie was ‘The Posiden Adventure’ disaster flick :

          Ben Hur, Planet of the Apes, Earthquake, Midway (good movie, actually!), Airpost 75, etc….

        • Geoff, I understand. What was that one Heston movie where he was the sole survivor of some apocalypse? He had a Sweedish K or one of the S&W knockoffs.

        • Soylent Green was about the food the government TOLD you was seaweed or algae or something, but was actually processed human corpses.

  4. One more time. Maybe eventually it will get thru the thick skulls in charge.

    “If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.” Jeff Cooper

    • Cooper also observed in 1958, “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
      You cannot control the act itself
      by passing laws about the means employed.”

      A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
      He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.

      “SURPRISE….SURPRISE….SURPRISE” Even simple Gomer had it pegged.

  5. If there is one thing that we can count on, it is for politicians to make a big show and then fail to actually accomplish anything.

    And this is easily explainable:

    A large percentage of the population–on the order of 50% or more–operate almost exclusively on emotion. All you have to do is inspire warm-and-fuzzy feelings with that segment of the population to acquire and keep their support.

    Also, a large percentage of the population–probably well over 50%–have very little knowledge and understanding of History, current affairs, and human nature. All you have to do is sound confident and say stuff that sounds remotely plausible to acquire and maintain their support.

    Politicians are well aware of the above two simple truths about people. And politicians take full advantage of those two truths–and thus the populace.

    That being the case, it should come as no surprise when politicians make a big fuss and then fail to actually accomplish anything. Rather, we should be surprised when politicians make a big fuss and actually manage to accomplish something significant and good.

      • It was either OM or the HildaBeast, and if you noticed, his SCotUS is still sitting…

    • Good story, but really — Pumping a bunch of newly printed free money, backed by exactly nothing, into an overheated economy will bring inflation *DOWN*?? Nobody can be that stupid.

      • “Pumping a bunch of newly printed free money, backed by exactly nothing, into an overheated economy will bring inflation *DOWN*?? Nobody can be that stupid.”

        I remember an SNL parody by Dan Akroyd, using his Jimmy Carter imitation, saying we don’t need to worry about inflation because government was printing more money, an pretty soon everyone would be a millionaire.

    • “If there is one thing that we can count on, it is for politicians to make a big show and then fail to actually accomplish anything.” Actually, politicians accomplish much. It is just that their agenda is totally different than our’s. They create division, as in “Divide and Conquer.” They create problems to which they propose “solutions” which actually create further problems…..the endless political circle jerk. There must always be problems to resolve, victims to be saved, and big bad boogeymen from which to be saved, with politicians positioned as the Saviors of The Little Peeps. Age old formula for their path to wealth, power, and control. Politicians are accomplishing what armies feared to attempt/failed without nary a shot fired in defense.

  6. This is not real complicated, folks. Remove guns from all the legal gun owners, and this killing wave will come to a complete halt.

    Or something.

    Seriously, lowering the so-called “gun deaths” in the inner cities, and low income enclaves is really hard work….and very dangerous. The very people who claim to care so much about POC and the disadvantaged spend all their effort on feel good laws that do nothing to get at the core problems.

    After decades of successful left-wing propaganda about how law abiding gun owners are slaughtering the people in poor locations, half the voters in America cannot accept that “gun laws” don’t eliminate crime; cannot accept even proof before their very lives. This is a result of a successful re-education campaign by the leftists. Committed gun controllers cannot be persuaded otherwise. Against 80 million gun grabbers, a few hundred “converts” per year cannot overcome the opposition.

    Do not believe for a minute that the millions of new gun owners since 2020 means the overwhelming majority are POTG; committed 2A defenders.

    • All these “cannots” ignore the fact that 5 (FIVE!) states passed Constitutional carry in the past year alone. National is just over the next hill.

      • “…5 (FIVE!) states passed Constitutional carry in the past year.”

        Certainly not opposed to states voting for Constitutional Carry, but do not understand the underlying theory that CC will somehow restore/reinforce 2A. How could it be that state legislation will do what the US Constitution cannot? CC is simple legislation, subject to repeal at the next state election cycle.

        It is normal for leftists to believe they will be in power permanently, so state legislation will survive any attempts at repeal. However, the anti-leftists have proven time and again they will not be in power forever.

        So, yes, state CC legislation is a good thing, but temporary. Once installed, we cannot move on to the next thing, thinking our work is done.

        • Constitutional carry is effectively the REMOVAL of state law concerning carry, laws in many cases dating to reconstruction, passed to allow blacks to be prosecuted/persecuted for any manner of possession of firearms, to include hanging. When the racists (Democrats) became overly ambitious and started also persecuting Conservatives for “firearm violations”, their house of cards began to unravel. Hopefully, we can continue to eliminate firearm “law” until none remains. I would love to live to see NFA 1934 repealed, but doubt I’ll make it.

  7. As per “the program”, the authors of the “research” do not include “mass shooting” where gangs, drugs or other criminal activity is involved. IMHO, this restricts “mass shootings” to pretty much “school shootings”. These restrictions, according to the report, result in approximately 100 “mass shootings” per year.

    One benefit to POTG is that the claim of 100 “mass shootings” per year makes those shootings seem rare. However, my take on the research is that it reflects the fact that gun grabbers are really only interested in incidents of “mass shootings” in places where all “the right people” are likely to be…which is not in crime-infested locations and neighborhoods.

  8. Even a retarded Moron knows that without Federal Gun laws that states with lax laws funnel in thousands of second hand guns into states and cities with tough gun laws rendering them totally useless. Two Chicago studies plus numerous police tracings over the years have proven this over and over again. And yes the “Iron Pipe Line” is real and has funneled thousands of guns from southern states with lax laws up into Northern States with tough laws.

    Universal Background Checks, safe storage laws, and putting assault weapons into the NFA vetting process is long overdue.

    • Laws regulating sales by FFLs are federal and universal, have been for years. “Lax [state] gun laws” have nothing to do with it. It is the same for anyone “in the business of” selling firearms, which under current ATF standards is, I believe, five or more firearms per year. The “iron pipeline” to which you refer is mostly composed of illegally acquired or transferred firearms.
      P.S.: Chicago does not have “tough” gun laws since McDonald, which as you know outlawed a twenty year ban on the possession of handguns in City limits, a law that had no discernible effect on gang violence or homicides. With a few exceptions, there is state pre-emption. “Safe storage Laws” have nothing to do with gang violence, which is the vast majority of shootings and murders in Chicago, and as is typical, most of those shootings involve handguns, not AR or AK style firearms.

    • dacian, Yadda, yadda, yadda. So what? A gun can’t commit a crime, Socialist. It’s an inanimate object incapable of doing anything without a person pulling the trigger. Federal “gun control laws” can’t document one single life saved. We can document hundreds of lives save by good guys with a gun.
      “Safe gun storage laws?” The second biggest joke you have proposed yet. The first is “universal background checks” where are as useless as breasts on bull. The n of course what you call an “assault weapon”. PSST! The AR-15 (civilian version) is NOT an assault weapon except in the minds of anti-gun control radicals.

    • Ah! The old “everybody knows” ploy! So you don’t have to embarrass yourself trying to prove it, since it’s a total lie. First place to look, that is impossible, since it is illegal. End of story, amiright? If not right, why are you wishing to pass more laws, if laws are ineffective??

  9. “ Gun Control Laws Aren’t Preventing Gun Violence” – that’s like saying seats belts aren’t preventing deadly car accidents. Of course they do. The numbers are reduced but not eliminated. Please use your brain.

  10. “ Gun Control Laws Aren’t Preventing Gun Violence”

    This is indisputably true, as is the fact that seat belts are not preventing accidents.

    “Prevention of Gun Violence” carries an implied measure of reduction to zero (only achievable if zero guns are in the hands of the entire populace). Seat belts do not prevent accidents, ever; they simply cannot. The best seat belts can achieve is a reduction it injuries as a result of a vehicle accident.

    The inexorable growth in short form social media to express complex ideas is heavily dependent on the reader to understand the social and political context of the writer, before the words are even written. For instance, with the statement, “…that’s like saying seats belts aren’t preventing deadly car accidents. Of course they do.” is factually incorrect, but readers are left to interpolate the meaning; seat belts reduce injuries.

    We are our own victims of an ever-ineffective use of language; we choose to be lazy about it.

    • Seat belts don’t prevent car accidents but they do protect the people wearing them, I believe , in most instances. If you have stats to the contrary would you share them. Thanks

      • dprato Sorry and regret to inform you that your analogy is grapes and oranges.
        A seat belt serves to restrain a body within a vehicle. A gun is an inanimate object which can do nothing without a human to pull the trigger it just sits there.
        It was a good try though.

      • “Seat belts don’t prevent car accidents but they do protect the people wearing, I believe , in most instances. ”

        Precisely as I wrote. Seat belts, worn or not, cannot prevent accidents; they are reactive, not preventative.

        The original commenter indicated that saying gun controls do not prevent crime was akin to saying seat belts do not prevent vehicle accidents. Yet, both statements are, indeed, true.

    • Just an example: Statistics show that seat belts save lives. When used correctly, wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of fatal injury to front seat passenger car occupants by 45%, and risk of moderate-to-critical injury by 50%. For those riding in the rear of vans and sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) during a car crash, rear seat belts are 73% better at preventing fatalities. Keep in mind that victims are not properly restrained in more than one-half of all fatal car accidents. Also, children are likely to be buckled 92% of the time when adults in the car use seat belts, as opposed to 72% of the time when adults are not using them.

      Looking for more statistics? View our accident statistics page.

      2017 Seat Belt Statistics

      Note: 2017 is the most recent available statistics.

      The national usage rate for seat belts was 89.6 percent – an 11 percent increase from 2014
      An estimated 14,955 lives were save by seat belts nationwide in 2017
      2,549 additional lives would have been saved in 2017 if everyone had buckled up
      47 percent of passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2017 were not wearing seat belts

      • dprato, can you point to any instance where a gun control law saved any lives? Can you tell me when a gun was convicted of a crime?
        Again, grapes and oranges.

      • Agree. Seat belts properly used can mitigate the effects of a vehicle accident; they restrain the body.

        But that was not in contention.

  11. In other well-known news, climate spending doesn’t alter the climate, but it sure is a great excuse to consolidate money and power at the top with the added benefit of stifling growth and making the poor poorer and more dependent on the government.

  12. Gun control is useless as teats on a boar hog. Even in countries that have strict gun laws those intent on violence manage to find weapons. No matter the laws, criminals will get a gun from some where. The only thing these back ground checks and restrictions do is keep the honest people honest. And do nothing to stop the criminals but make life easier for them.
    Semi automatic rifles have been available for around a century now. And, long guns, Rifles, shot guns, and carbines are used in a very small percentage of crimes. Just easier to hide a small pistol than a rifle. So called Assault Rifles/Weapons, are nothing new. a rock could be defined as an assault weapon if you choose. it could be used as a weapon to assault someone.
    No firearm to date has ever committed a crime on it’s own. Guns are not good or evil. Guns do not cause crimes, nor stop them. It always comes down to the intents and purpose of the human using the gun. Preventing or stopping violence has to be done with the people involved. Not the hardware used.
    We do not have a gun violence problem. We have a problem with violent people. Deal with the people and the guns will not be a problem.

  13. Like most Leftist agendas they are not intended nor designed to deal with the issue highlighted. They are intended to give the politicians more power and control over the people they represent instead of the other way around. You don’t see the media or politicans bragging that hands and feet kill more people than rifles. You don’t see them pointing out that almost 2/3 of gun deaths are suicides not homicides. You don’t see them pointing out that blacks kill more blacks than whites, and kill more whites then whites kill blacks. Whatever suits their narrative at the time is what they tell. It has carried over to Covid-19 where 98% recover from the virus and less than 2% die and of course the sky is falling. Folks have to wake up and stop listening to these charlatans. We are supose to control them, not them us.

    • Where did you get that figure that 2/3rds of the gun deaths were suicides? IF a person is bound and determined to commit suicide, he/she is going to accomplish the deed with or without a gun.

      • 2/3 of gun deaths have been suicides for decades, are you new to the discussion? Figures are from FBI, as I recall. Makes sense, easiest and most positive tool for the job. Just in America, of course, civilized countries like Japan don’t allow no stinkin’ guns, so most all of their suicides (at a much higher rate than the U.S.) are by other means. Still, bragging about 27,000 a year sounds so much more convincing than 8,000, especially when illicit drugs has reached 90,000 a year, yet no one has thought to outlaw them, or something? Perhaps passing laws does not solve problems?

        • LarryinTX, I have researched this and it is 60% not 2/3rds. The fire I provided is from the FBI. Someone isn’t checking. Actually firearms are the most common means of suicide in the United States, followed closely by suffocation, medication and poisoning. It also varies by gender. Men have a tendency to use a firearm where women use prescription drugs and poisons more prevalently. Japan, “civilized”? They don’t used guns but they sure do like to commit hari-kari.
          I could not agree more, passing a “law” solves very few problems, just like throwing money at problems accomplishes very little.

  14. “Gun control is enforced with gun violence.”

    That should make the gun grabbers wet their pants. Use that theme often, I plan to.

  15. “Gun Control Laws Aren’t Preventing Gun Violence”

    There’s yer problem. There’s no such a thing as a violent gun.

    “Gun Control Laws Aren’t Preventing HUMAN Violence”

    There, I fixed it for you.

  16. @LarryinTX
    “Constitutional carry is effectively the REMOVAL of state law concerning carry,…”

    Yes, that is so. Just not sure we should be thinking that state law protects more effectively than the constitution. One gets the feeling that all too many people look as state-level CC is permanent, or less likely to result in infringement.

    “I would love to live to see NFA 1934 repealed, but doubt I’ll make it.”

    Agree. But, why has it stood so long? NFA is simply legislation. Legislation can be easily repealed. Thinking that removal of NFA will require an amendment to the constitution; the courts are not going to dismiss an unconstitutional that has precedent, history and tradition behind it. NFA is a brazen backdoor amendment to the constitution (as with so many legislative acts).


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