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I’m conflicted.


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    • True, this.

      I don’t take it as a valid sample size, my own experience that is. However, I have encountered more bad than good on the professional level.

      That statement includes spending the last year and a half plus as an effectively prohibited person by court order, without a conviction no less, for defending myself against a stalker. Were I in the wrong, I would own that. This all due to one bad actor who happened to be in charge, who, went against the opinions of the other two under his command.

      This one lied blatantly multiple times in his report despite the truth being self evident on camera. And in the mean time thereafter, they all colluded to an extent, whether intentionally or lead by the nose, in an attempted S.W.A.T.ting while we slept. Thankfully they did not breach, but… Imagine finding an officer nearly jumping out of his skin as he broke the angle on your empty back porch on your security feed a couple days after the event. And you’d feel exactly what, pray tell?

      I have the videos, as do two different law firms with instructions to release should the worst come to pass.

      Conflicted is an very apt description. ACAB isn’t right, I know some very good people on the job, and I grew up in a LEO family. If you think they are all on the side of good like the TBL crowd, I’ve got some exotic Caribbean beach front property in Kansas to sell you. Square the above in your own head as if it happened to you, and then tell me you wouldn’t be condition orange, minimum, with weapons within easy reach ever since.

      Should it happen again and they breach, I will not go down without a fight. Fuck them if they come at me for no reason. I will not beg like a slave, I am telling as a free man who did not, and will not comply.

    • You are giving cops too much credit. Cue all the cops who complain on this forum about working for assholes like that Chief from Houston who just got fired in Miami. They will follow any orders not matter how crazy, seen it first hand in Katrina.

  1. Yeah, love to think it wouldn’t happen. But within the military and LEO’s there are probably enough enforcers who will blindly follow illegal orders!

      • Especially if they have Family to be concerned about. In War there are No innocents. Being Concerned about innocents has prevented the Military from winning every conflict since WW II. War is HELL and Must be Fought that way if you intend on Winning. Otherwise you are just throwing people away for No Good reason. Keep Your Powder Dry.

      • Not really. Sadly, the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombing shows us that militarized occupation and widespread disregard for the BoR will not face any real resistance in real life.

        • That was Boston not middle America. Large liberal city. The same tactics won’t be tolerated in flyover country.

    • Even then the powers that be will consider the current police lack sufficient motivation and political reliability.

      The police will need to be supplemented, and later replaced, by a “Social Justice Police” drawn from those upstanding citizens from antifa and blm.

  2. That’s funny, but I don’t see the conflict. It’s a good thing to support law and order. It’s a terrible thing to support unconstitutional laws and regulations. Unconditional support of some group outside of your family is a terrible idea.

    • Ehhh…I don’t blindly applaud cop’s. Do your job without bias. I learned the last few years I’m on my own. Everyone should.

    • The conflict lies in the juxtaposition of unconditional support for law enforcement, as indicated by the ‘thin blue line’, and the ‘come and take it’, which says you will cap their asses if they do something YOU disagree with. It’s a welcome acknowledgement of the fact that police aren’t here to protect and serve; they’re here as agents of the state to enforce their will on the citizenry, whether it’s reasonable, in anybody’s best interest, or even constitutional. It has gotten so bad that the National Police Association has launched a campaign called ‘Comply Now, Complain Later’.

      • Can’t speak for everyone else but the Douglas County Sheriff’s department and Castle Rock Police department so far are pretty supportive of our 2nd Amendment rights. Hopefully it stays that way.

    • The police are simply there to enforce the Governements will. They are not there to protect you or your property. This has been reaffirmed by the courts all the way to the Supreme Court. Not sure where you have been.

      • You misread my comment. I don’t support the police. I support law and order when it’s just. Supporting the police represents supporting law and order, but that doesn’t mean unconditional support.

  3. Horse shit, the majority of the law enforcement officers I worked with would not even think of violating the 2nd Amendment. This is just liberal talk. The officers took an oath to uphold the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment. If they violate the oath, they deserve to be fired. In 31 years of law enforcement, I never once violated the Constitution, and most of those I worked with the same. The few liberals I worked with, screw them. The very vast majority of officers were like me, super conservative. Not so with much of the administration, they were mostly politicians. Don’t hold that against the cop on the beat.

      • you mean Sept 2005? Not only for Katrina where Police officers and federal law enforcement with National Guard went door to door confiscating firearms, in many cases at gunpoint and threat of being shot – but for many years prior it was common “official” practice for traffic and other divisions of NOPD to demand receipts proving ownership of any guns in the vehicles that were stopped. If receipts could not be produced, the guns would be taken and the owner told he or she could pick it up at the precinct if they could find a receipt proving ownership. The Louisiana legislature finally put a stop to it when the wide scale confiscation for Katrina was discovered.

        At one time or another its been the same in every state at some point. The Tenessee highway patrol did it up until about 2002 – if you were stopped by them they would ask if you had a firearm in the vehicle, if you said yes they would sometimes take the firearm unless you had a receipt showing you purchased it.

        Its happened time and time again in the U.S., still today in many areas of the U.S. – being persecuted for simply exercising a constitutional right.

      • This ⬆️ every cop I have ever worked with and that’s a lot has been a hardcore statist. Most also believe rights are in fact privileges that come from Governement.

    • Same oath that members of Congress take, right? Along with the President and Vice President, right? As well as all of the State Representatives and Governors…Judges. Hasn’t stopped any of them from wanting to push infringements or silence opposition.

        • Your math means only one single Governor in the Union is okee-dokee in your book. Which one would that be? I’m sure Newsom, Evers, Whitmer, Pritzker, et al aren’t eligible.

        • I was including fictional 19th century territorial governors in that statistic. You don’t get to be the Boss without stepping on some toes.

    • Ever enforce covid mandates?
      Ever enforce drug laws?
      ever enforce gun laws?
      Ever participate in asset seizure?
      What did you do last year during the race riots?

      Go back and read the constitution again. Then maybe take a look at the federalist papers, the declaration of independence, and read as much as you can find of the writings and correspondence of the founding fathers.

    • Marty, you said, “the majority of the law enforcement officers I worked with would not even think of violating the 2nd Amendment.”

      Not in my state. 100% of the law enforcement officers in New Jersey violate the 2nd Amendment. 100% of them. Every single day.

      By enforcing the tyrannical gunm-control laws of the People’s Republic of New Jersey (where a BB gun holding more than 10 BBs is an illegal “assault weapon”, an airgun with a “silencer” on it is a felony, an emergency flare launcher in a car is grounds for a felony arrest, and slingshots are completely illegal), they are declaring their contempt for the US Constitution every single day.

  4. It’s best to not have any bumper stickers at all. Or flag stickers. Or GOA or NRA stickers. Or any type of political stickers. Gray man all the way.

    • Exactly.
      Same with any type of firearm sticker on your vehicle.
      Only one on my truck says, “Look out for motorcycles”.

    • My policy with the bumper stickers is not to put any on the car until after the election…

      Just collect one each from the sheriff candidates before the election, discard the losers and attach the winner to your bumper the day the election results are announced.

  5. I see a lot of leftoids that try to present the argument in this meme is a way bigger own than it really is. Usually that same kind of RREEEE-tards that think the Gadsden flag is a racist icon.

    • Is there a reason you feel the need to reduce those who disagree with you politically to a caricature while at the same time mocking the differently abled?

      • It’s because leftoids don’t deserve any respect. They deserve open hostility, derision, and total exclusion from the rest of society whenever possible.

        Just in case you’ve not been paying attention the left side of politics has been doing that to anyone right of them for the better part of the decade. Attempting to be at all civil with them has done nothing but embolden the more extreme elements of the left. So screw’em.

      • Are you on the left? Have you seen how they try to destroy anyone that disagrees with them using cancel culture bs and the never ending race card? There is absolutely no reason to be civil with these cretins.

  6. Truth is cops are not your friend. If they got orders to take your “assault weapons” they’d stack up on your door and blow you away if you flinched. They would be proud of it too, because you’re just an “armed and dangerous bad guy”

    Wether they will admit it or not, 95% of police think they are better than “civilians”

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  8. Gangs will always stick together.
    Cops, like military, are big into tradition, ritual and mantras constantly reinforcing fraternity. It’s brainwashing basically. Makes for great warriors and terrible individuals.

    They’ll happily run right over anyone not in the “family” and by the time tough if them realize what they’re doing is wrong it’ll be too late because another fraternal order will have emerged under the new power structure that excommunicates members of the old order to suffer the same fate that had befallen the rest of us.

    There’s nothing new about this. It’s happened over and over for thousands of years.

  9. People who ultimately answer “why do you enforce laws you know are morally wrong” with the same excuses made ​by the losers at Nuremberg are never going to be your friend no matter how many BBQs and beers the families have had together.

    Back the blue at your own peril.

  10. As I said before. Disarm the police. After 2020, they have proven themselves to be useless.


    a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.

  11. The events of 2020 proved beyond a shadow of a doubt than when the rubber meets the road, 95% of cops will do exactly as they are told, irrespective of the law, the Bill of Rights, or basic decency. If illegally ordered to, they will send a SWAT team to close your legitimate business at gunpoint and then a week later throw your ass into a concrete box for (legally) defending yourself against (illegal) rioters that they themselves chose to ignore.

    Police, by definition, are the armed enforcement wing of the political apparatus and the VAST majority will happily side with the government against We The People. And that’s not just restricted to urban blue areas either

  12. Add a punisher sticker for the trifecta.

    Never seen anyone with any of these stickers who could actually run a mile with their kit on.


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