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Tailgunner Joe Biden is at ballistic Ground Zero for the current push for civilian disarmament, making sure that the Constitution State stays true to its name. Oh wait. Sorry. Making sure that Connecticut pols infringe upon Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

The visit comes hot on the heels of Biden’s advice to Parents magazine readers who think an AR-15-style rifle might be just the ticket for self-defense [as above]: fire warning shots in the air like you just don’t care.

Yesterday, an enterprising reporter asked White House Spokesman Jay Carney the obvious question: c’mon? Really? Yup. “In his view, you do not need a military-style assault weapon to protect your home. In fact, you would be better off with a shotgun.” breaks it down . . .

Biden’s detour actually performed an important political service for the Obama administration. It highlighted the fact that the gun reforms put forward don’t fit the “Obama’s coming for your guns!” fearmongering that too often derails our debates.

The formula that’s been used to polarize our politics always seems to involve distorting policies and demonizing the opposition. It’s effective in the short term because it spreads misinformation and plays off emotion. So the issue becomes not mass shootings or assault weapons, but total gun confiscation; not health-care reform, but socialism (or death panels); not raising tax revenue, but class warfare.

But when Joe Biden sings the praises of a double-barrel shotgun for home protection, he’s showing that he is not anti-gun. He’s drawing a useful distinction between the abstractions that are used to defend the supposed sanctity of assault weapons with the way most people use guns—for hunting or self-defense.

In his meandering way, Biden highlighted the idea of reasonable restrictions.

Not so meandering and not so reasonable, methinks. I also think Biden’s mantra—buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun—helps the pro-gun side, in the same way President Obama’s skeet shooting photo did. Both the statement and the image normalize guns, making them less scary to the mainstream.

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. That, my FN SCAR and my pistol-gripped, extended mag, semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun.

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  1. So, if I fire a warning shot, I can call as expert witness at my trial Joe Biden and expect to be acquitted? Somehow, I don’t think this will fly.

    • Someone brave enough to take the chance. Make multuple copies if the video where Biden makes this claim and when they are arrested, then go after Biden legaly.

  2. But I thought the AR needed to be banned because it was low recoil and too easy for a novice to shoot? Now it’s too hard to shoot and a shotgun is easier? Next he will tell me an Airsoft is not for the recoil adverse and is too difficult to aim properly.

  3. Shotgun “better” for home defense than AR-15. Of course. Got it. Make mine a 30″ barrel please.

    Do we consider whether there is more than one bad guy? What if the homeowner is a 105-pound, 82 year old man with a walker? What if my 95 pound, sixteen year old daughter is home babysitting the younger ones?

    Can we please get a definition of “better” before my head explodes?

    PS – I think “better” would mean owning both. I missed the part of the 2A being either/or.

  4. And when those 00 buckshot pellets go through two walls into your sleeping child’s room, I’m sure that Biden will still maintain that an accurate rifle would have been the wrong choice.

    • While I hate the shit Biden’s spewing…how much spread do you think a shotgun has? I have a pump action 16 gauge loaded with buckshot. My house is less than 20 yards long; the longest shot I’d actually have is maybe 2/3rds that. With a buckshot load, how much is that spread at 15 yards out of a 20″ barrel?
      Hint: it isn’t huge.

      • It’s the call of duty age. Shotguns don’t have to be aimed at all. One shot pointed anywhere near the target will litter the bad guy with holes.

      • Paul W, Jason’s comments implied nothing of spread. He’s absolutely correct that 00 buckshot can go through many interior and exterior walls. The hardened lead pellets have very good penetration. Spread is irrelevant if you happen to be pointing your gun in exactly the wrong direction and pellets make it through multiple walls.

        This is precisely why many Fed, State, and local law enforcement agencies have gone away from shotguns and TO AR-15s. Despite what you might assume, .223 rounds tend to fragment upon impact with drywall and they are less lethal on the other side than pistol rounds or buckshot/slugs from a shotgun.

        Not only is Biden’s warning shot suggestion completely negligent and highly dangerous, it is absolutely illegal in most cities/counties in the U.S. Plus, in the double-barrel shotgun he suggests it would leave you with an empty gun should the bad guy not turn and run after you put random holes in the night sky, ceiling, or walls.

    • It seems to me that at in-house ranges, even birdshot would do the job quite nicely in a pinch.

      I heard of a modification that can be done to help birdshot penetrate soft targets better. If you make a mold identical to the inside of the shotshell case, dump the bb’s in, and fill it with wax, then put that back into the shell once it hardens and close it up, it is supposed to make an excellent self-defense round by keeping all the shot together until it hits the target. I haven’t tried it out on any phonebooks yet. Anyone else heard of this?

  5. Never trusted a semi-auto shotgun.

    I just can’t shake the idea of a stuck pin making it go full-auto irrespective of the trigger and tearing my arm off.

    Silly, perhaps, but I’ll stick with a pump.



    From the article: “Jill Biden could be charged with aggravated menacing, a felony, and reckless endangering in the first degree.” In addition to felony charges, “Discharge of a firearm within 15 yards of a road (7 Del.C. § 719), a misdemeanor,” and “Violation of the residential dwelling safety zone as set forth in 7 Del.C. § 723, also a misdemeanor.”

    Leaving aside the questions of encouraging felonies and misdemeanors and considering only the tactical question: Since your “double barrel shotgun” provides only two shots before reloading, why discharge them both into the air, leaving yourself with nothing to use for home defense, which is the reason to have a loaded shotgun in the home anyway?

    Note to prospective home invaders: When you’re burglarizing 1209 Barley Mill Rd., Wilmington DE, wait till you hear both shots, then you may proceed in safety, without concern about being perforated.

  7. Last time I checked, Americans still had some freedoms (except for NY, CA and NJ) I CHOOSE an AR15 as my go to gun for home defense. I may CHOOSE a double barrel shotgun in the future, but it is still my CHOICE and my FREEDOM to do so.

    Obama and Biden: Stop trying to be authoritarian dictators, that is not what the US is about.

    • This. If one or a couple of badguys broke in (or if I didn’t know exactly what the threat was), my default grab would actually be a pump action 12 gauge loaded with bb shot. Thought about the pros and cons of this and other options, and this works for my situation.

      Now, to say that this is “better” in all situations or for other people? Biden is either being stupid or dishonest (or perhaps both, the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive).

  8. The only distinction I see being drawn is between those that understand the factors that make a good self defense weapon, and those that do not.
    There’s plenty of us who have shotguns kitted for home defense, but I see advocating something like a side-by-side or an over-under as a self defense weapon as very reckless.

    I think it’s funny they point out the whole thing as distortion, because that’s what I think this whole damn thing is about anyway- They’ve got so many people on both sides fighting and spending to push back (or for) this mess, they can pretty much do anything else they want without raising an eyebrow.

    • If it’s all I had, I would get a great deal of comfort from a decent coach gun, for instance. Again, not to say that people shouldn’t be able to choose exactly what fits them and their situation; they certainly should.

  9. Oh, Joe, you crazy old b@stard, you always find a way to make me laugh out loud. But I am taking your advice, you shotgun-loving wacky funster you. I’m buying a SxS. Oh, and an AR. If I could find some mini-Claymores at Cabelas, I’d be stocking up on them, too.

  10. honey just go outside fire off your two shots and cower in the corner. if they come in an rape you just relax enjoy it your vagina surely has the defenses to repel rape sperm.(maybe bidens the one trolling us?)

  11. So will he be pushing to have short barreled shotguns removed from the NFA restrictions? I mean, you don’t even need to aim them!

  12. Tactical advice from politicians is every bit as good as I thought it would be. There’s a reason these people don’t protect themselves, and they have just demonstrated it. If I want tactical advice, I’d rather have it from a Navy Seal or Mr. Pincus than Parents magazine. Come to think of it, I don’t want any advice whatsoever from these politicians who haven’t balanced the budget, secured our borders, lowered gas prices, or strengthened our nation. I’d give them more respect if they were good at anything besides making “encouraging” speeches, failing the War on Drugs, and wasting money.

    • They’re not even good at their own job why are they trying to take on another?

      It’s obvious the comments don’t have to make any sense, the sheep that follow the word of “the wise and all-knowing government” will listen, expect to hear “shotguns are better for home defense” now from those on the left among you that previously knew nothing about home defense.

  13. I wonder if Joe the Joke realizes that in most states it is illegal or highly frowned upon to fire Warning Shots?!
    Besides that is he going to pay for the two new holes in my house from the warning shots?
    Oh and they will have to pass a law stating that all criminals must wait one minute after hearing the second warning shot so as to give the homeowner time to reload his double barrel shotgun.
    He is such an idiot, funny as hell but still an idiot!!!

  14. why doesnt someone call his bluff and market the “Biden Mark I Threat Eliminator” pink, purple, black, with a folding stock amd pistol grip “for the wives”. lol.

  15. What about the people who’re living in high-crime areas with no secluded woods? Are they going to step onto their balconies and fire a couple of warning shots randomly into the air? This is great if you live in the middle of the woods in Wisconsin. Not great if you’re living in Brooklyn.

  16. So Joe Biden is doing a service by cutting through the “abstractions” that make the difference between owning a shotgun and owning a semiauto rifle.

    I’m glad the Daily Beast cleared that up. Now that I know the difference between a side-by-side shotgun blasting out little pellets and a rifle firing a single projectile is only an abstraction, I want a shotgun AND a rifle. I could use more abstraction in my life.

  17. I think the fundamental problem with restrictions on gun types and features being proposed is that those types and features that are on the chopping block are what make the firearms in question effective self-defense tools, far safer and better in the role than Joe Biden’s shotguns.

    The pro-restriction people look at a 30 round .223 rifle as excessive while a 5 round 12GA shotgun is considered acceptable. In reality a 5 round shotgun with 00 buck shoots out about 9 .330 caliber lead balls per shot giving you a total capability of putting 45 .330 caliber lead balls on target. These 45 rounds before a reload are considered by even pro-restriction people to be reasonable firepower for defense against 2 or 3 life-threatening invaders given that in stressful situations missing is an option.

    But all but average sized and strength individuals will struggle with the recoil of shooting these 9 large projectiles simultaneously from a 12GA shotgun. A .223 rifle with a standard capacity magazine grants you the capability of putting only 30 .223 caliber projectiles on target. This is somehow considered by pro-restriction people be excessive for defending against 2-3 home invaders.

    While the .223 projectiles from the rifle are indeed going fast enough that they are individually each more powerful than one of the 9 simultaneous .330 caliber shotgun projectiles, you are firing only one at a time this greatly mitigates the recoil problem allowing you to actually aim a string of shots safely. This one-at-a-time feature also enables you to use appropriate force rather than the all or nothing arrangement of a shotgun.

    Also the innate physics of the high velocity .223 projectile is such that these fast moving bullets are more readily stopped and obliterated by hard building materials like walls. The larger slower moving .330 shotgun projectiles more readily penetrate hard building materials. This allows for safer use inside homes mitigating over-penetration more successfully than a shotgun.

    Since the .223 rifle is commonly loaded with hollow point ammunition for defense the penetration of soft targets is also mitigated, as hollow points are designed to stop inside a soft target rather than going through and causing unintended damage.

    Autoloading rifles are also preferable because rather than manually working the action the hypothetical home defender can focus their concentration 100% on situational awareness and determining the status of the threat, and safe shooting.

    The barrel shrouds (aka handguards) of these modern .223 rifles are intended as gripping and mounting platforms for things like flashlights and laser pointers so the user can better determine their target and what is beyond and hit it (not miss it and hit something unintended).

    The flash suppressors mitigate the night blindness induced by muzzle flash while firing in the dark so that the user may retain the ability to visually judge their target and what is beyond.

    The collapsible stocks are intended to be adjustable to various body types so that me and my partner may both comfortably utilize the same rifle for home defense rather than needing to proliferate multiple rifles in that role.

    The pistol grip and low recoil make the .223 rifle ergonomic enough to use throughout our entire lives as we age and begin to experience age related physical limitations like arthritis, loss of muscle and bone density, and loss of dexterity.

    I think all of these reasons are why so many people are using these .223 rifles in the role which up to this point shotguns were employed, and are pretty valid reasons for making a conscientious choice to do so.

    • You’re preaching to the choir, Don.

      The question is how to disseminate this logic to the uninformed, uneducated masses so they actually understand it.

      I used an M-16 while in the Army for 4 during the early ’70’s and am completely on board regarding the modern AR-15 for all the reasons you state. Though I don’t own an AR-15 (I’m an M1 Carbine/M-14 guy), I can think of no negatives about the widely used AR-15 other than that particular platform has become a convenient whipping boy for the gun grabbers and ignorant liberal media due to its military styling. But virtually ALL firearms come from a military lineage beginning with flintlock. That the media and anti gunners continue to mischaracterize the AR-15 as an “assault rifle” and “machine gun” betrays their true ignorance and/or rhetoric of lies.

      So again, the challenge we all face is instructing the voting public about the truth in the face of overwhelming anti gun media bias and political lies.

  18. I think my upstairs neighbor would feel a bit put out if I fired warning shots in the air in a defensive situation. My downstairs neighbor probably would be similarly displeased if I fired into the floor. With respect to the VPOTUS, I don’t think this “warning shot” thing is going to work out for me.

  19. On the one hand, I think Biden is a moron. On the other hand I think he is Moronic like a fox. His advise is terrible for the real world, but it might be persuasive enough to enough people clueless about guns to ban everything except for double barrel shotguns.

  20. I’m wondering how long it will take for the MSM to declare
    shotguns ultra dangerous. My guess is that they’re already
    stockpiling photos of close range shotgun blasts.

  21. He’s trying to take patrol rifles away for sure. But because he’s giving piss poor advice on shotguns and self defense this proves they’re not trying to take our guns away?

    I do choose to use a shotgun for a house gun. A pump gun. How long before biden and barry rename a pump gun a semi auto and tell us we don’t need any more firepower than a double gun to protect ourselves with.

    Add to that the fact that I’m almost always carrying a j frame when home. How long before barry and joe rename the j frame a “saturday night special”?

    • They won’t reclassify a pump shotgun as a semi-auto. That’s ridiculous.

      However, it’s entirely believable that they’ll tighten the magazine capacity limits, step by step, until we’re left with 2+1 — just like those oh-so-reasonable hunters with their sporting shotguns.

      Fsck that. I’ll tolerate having to switch my shotgun setup to a legally compliant 2+1 out in the field, but any time it’s home my Weatherby is going to have a full-length mag extension, light, etc. mounted on it. Regardless of what asinine regs they pass in Sacramento.

      • I could be wrong about this AG. But I’ve heard that in England the pump gun was re-classed as a semi auto years ago. The semi auto was renamed auto.

      • These guys will do anything to make weapons sound more scary, AG. They’ve already called scary-looking semi-autos “assault rifles” to make them sound like they’re full-auto (believe me, plenty of people have been fooled into thinking this); they rename hollow-points, which are frequently used for self-defense, to “cop-killer” or “assault bullets” to make them sound more criminal, and standard-capacity magazines become “high capacity assault clips” to make them sound more intimidating.

        Don’t put anything past them.

  22. Off topic, but at least related to Uncle Joe’s home state of Delaware:

    The gun-grabbers are on the move in Dover.

    Article I, Section 20 of the Delaware Constitution says, “A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use.” What does that mean according to the Democrats who control all branches of state government? Basically squat.

  23. So crazy Joe thinks his wife is safe and competently protected with a double barrel shotgun and warning shots! He must be hoping to get rid of her, or else he truly believes the bad guy will be arriving with a flintlock. What an idiot.

    He betrays his own incompetence. First and foremost you should NEVER be firing warning shots. If an intruder is coming at you it will typically be in close confined quarters where a warning shot endangers innocents and gives the intruder more time to attack.

    Only the misinformed, uneducated public will bite on that piece of advice – which of course they will because of all the lies and anti gun rhetoric they have been fed by the gun grabbers and sympathetic main stream media wonks.

    For firearm protection, his wife (and any woman or man) would BEST be served with a gun that they can competently deploy with accuracy and skill. For a medium framed woman that might include a moderate weight automatic pistol in the .380 to .40 S&W range, an AR-15 outfitted for her particular use, or possibly a low mileage well maintained M1-Carbine or a Mini-14. For guaranteed reliability, a medium to large framed 5 – 6 inch revolver with .38+P or .357 JHP rounds and at least one speed loader (s)he knows how to use proficiently in the dark.
    A shotgun? Only if she is comfortable with the weight, length, action and recoil which most women are not.

    A double barreled shotgun; yeah right – I guess that would have to do if everything else is banned – which is of course the ultimate goal of these gun grabbers!

    My guess is that if Biden wasn’t on board the gun grabbing extremist anti 2A train he is riding, he would NEVER proffer the “advise” he expressed in that video. He doesn’t even sound truly sincere, but rather more like he’s giving a sales pitch.

  24. Joe might want to talk to those Korean store owners who were only able to protect their lives, families and properties with AR 15 rifles. This occurred during the LA riots caused by the Rodney King decision. Remember that Joe? The police kept their officers off the streets because it was too dangerous for them. Same with the fire departments. So what you’re telling me is that that gang of thirty rioters will flee if I have a shotgun? Could you cite any evidence of such an event ever occurring? I don’t think so. I’m also upset that someone is trying to ban my rights to firearms
    when they don’t even know the correct terminology. Not double barreled Joe it’s either a side by side or over and under shotgun. Just as a clip is completely different than a magazine. Now your ignorance wouldn’t mean a rats ass to me other than the fact that you’re trying to ban items that you aren’t even aware of the correct definition of said item. Everyone else is upset that the pro-control types are trying to ram legislation down our throats without regard to Federal or State Constitutions. I’m a little upset too. Like the NY Safe Act Cuomo passed in NY. They forgot to make any provisions for law enforcement. I think that’s fine as law enforcement shouldn’t be armed more than the citizenry however I’m pretty sure that those who rammed this Act through don’t share my beliefs. Keep on pushing your agenda….you may get just what you wish for but I assure you it won’t be anything like you imagine…

  25. Mr. Biden proves himself to be the epitome of someone who believes they understand the nature of firearms. For home defense all of his suggestions are poor substitutions for a good, semi-auto rifle: shotgun, warning shots and “the sound” of the shotgun itself.

    Any shotgun is better for home defense than no gun at all obviously, but I would rather use a pistol or a rifle for numerous reasons. The “sound” a shotgun makes has always been terrible advice to deter a burglar, and a warning shot is probably about the dumbest thing you can do.

    What Mr. Biden gets confused on is that a gun should be used for home defense but not to kill someone it seems. I don’t think he can comprehend that someone such as myself does not harbor any qualms or reservations to shoot to kill an intruder to my home. I have no intention to wound or maim them, nor to scare them away; if someone has broken in to my house they at the very least intend to deprive me of what is rightfully mine and at the worst intend to come for my life.

    I, however, can’t mentally position myself for anything less than the worst outcome. I don’t do so when any other situation arises where my life is potentially in danger. I don’t reason that the speeding car will not run the red light but will slam on his brakes in time. I don’t settle for a ladder that is precariously resting against my roof in hopes in doesn’t fall over as I am at the top of it. Nor should I assume someone illegally trespassing into my house is going to not intend me or my loved ones fatal harm. These people have already crossed the Rubicon and disregarded what is right and wrong, I won’t think for a second they can’t turn from an intruder to a murderer because I made a scary noise with a shotgun.

  26. In addition to the State felonies and misdemeanors I mentioned earlier, the VP’s back porch looks to be within the 1000 foot radius “gun-free zone” [sic] around the property of The Tatnall School.

    So if she follows his advice, Mrs. Biden would be open to Federal felony charges too.

  27. I think Biden is forgetting that “warning shots” are illegal in most municipalities.

    And also leave you without ammo in your side by side which he is advocating.

    If only you could reload it quickly in your own home… with say… a hi cap mag?

    F****** tard.

  28. There’s jay/ uncle joe again, making sure that no one mistakes lunacy for reality. Shouldn’t they be busy seeing how they can get a 1 day sentence for jerkson jr? Randy

  29. If a double barrel shotgun is the best weapon for self defense then I want to see each and every secret service agent guarding the president and every private security person guarding any member of congress, governor or other politician give up their handguns, AR’s and pump shotguns for good ole double barrel……

    If the Double Barrel shotgun was the best gun for SD then every LEO in the nation would carry one for SD. The double barrel shotgun is probably just above a single shot shotgun or a bolt action rifle for SD. In fact the guns that these politicians want to ban, so called “assault rifles” and semi automatic pistols are in fact the best weapons for SD.

    PS. The day I take armed self defence advise from someone who has had armed guards for longer than many people have been alive is the day I give up my guns!

  30. I don’t wonder if this is their plan to break the AR industry. If you can’t out right ban them (because they know these state laws won’t pass muster in court) then demonize them for those on the fence and over load the market with orders from those fearing they’ll be banned.

  31. here’s my take.. it’s nice if you live in a big house with a big backyard and a balcony that is surrounded by trees.. but, for most Americans, we live in small apartments, urban style homes, condos, etc.. It would take a burglar less than 15 seconds to get to my room.. there is no way for me to open my safe, get my shotgun out and fire it in a safe direction outside.. impossible.. I would be dead..

    Also, once I discharge my firearm outside my house, the police will confiscate my shotgun and I’ll get prosecuted for discharging a firearm outside.. Is VP Biden telling me I should break the law instead of owning a legal AR-15 to use for my personal home protection?

  32. Call me Captain Obvious, but Joe Biden doesn’t actually want you to own or use a shotgun. He’s representing the confiscators, which means he wants to move the marker for “reasonable” to point to “SxS shotguns” as an incremental step towards civilian disarmament.

    I don’t think he actually knows this, or has thought it through. Why would he? He’s lived in a privilege bubble for the last 30 years (at least) with the protection afforded to US Senators and now VPOTUS to keep him safe. He’s just playing the role as authentically as he knows how, because he’s been told that he needs to win this round of “let’s dilute citizen 2A rights” if he wants to be POTUS.

    Don’t want Biden to have a shot at the Oval Office? Do everything you can to oppose and undermine the specific initiatives and ideas for which he personally expresses support. Unfortunately, it looks like my prediction that the real battle was at the state level is coming true, and that’s not going so well for our side.

  33. Why would you warn a bad guy you were armed and waste two rounds?

    Most of the proposed bans have included extended tube pumps and evil looking defense shotguns anyway.

    take the MSR then come for your scoped rifle and then your shotguns, just like its been done elsewhere.

    now is the time to take a stand, while we still have the arms to underline our voices.

  34. This bit by tail-dragger Joe is PURE SUCKER BAIT – fully intended to con the public into thinking the admin is OK with being “armed”. During his friendly chat, Joe revealed that he and Jill live in a somewhat remote, wooded area. In Delaware is is highly unlikely that his home is located in a non-incorporated jurisdiction – let alone one without laws pertaining to specific rules for firearms. Joe assumes that most of us are idiots. Therefore we don’t know that were Jillie to fire blasts from the patio it would be immediately reported by the neighbors and she would be subject to arrest for discharging a firearm within regulated limits. (The event would surely be schmoozed over by enforcement and highly unlikely we would ever hear of it.)

    For the uninitiated: Semi-auto defense/tactical shotguns with six round capacities are readily available. Two and three quarter, three and three and one-half inch long shells are readily available – loaded with everything from shot the size of sand grains to full sized solid projectiles (slugs). In “close quarter” engagements a shotgun loaded with shot shells is a formidable weapon. Want to seriously light-up
    and render a perp useless without killing him? Use a cylinder bore, 20 inch barreled shotgun loaded with # 8 size shot. Let ’em have it at, say, 30-50 feet! Shells loaded with solid slugs in the hands of a knowledgeable shooter are useful to 300 feet. Surf the web for info about shot sizes and usefulness – and for info on slug loaded shells. Slugs are available in solid lead and copper or other gilding metals. Slugs are great for breaching doors, walls, penetrating vehicle radiators, blowing tires and cracking engine blocks, etc. If you can’t get THEM you’ll have a shot at disabling their vehicle. Practice!

  35. This advice is from the same Joe Biden (and family) who has 24/7 protection from Secret Service agents, armed with submachineguns? Or have they all gone to dbl-bbl shotguns? Or is Joe a hypocritical POS?

  36. Crazy Joey B, the Vice President’s command to all Americans to run outside and shoot off a couple rounds of 12 gauge when confronted with a criminal intent on harming you and your family, would place the local prosecutor in his most desirable position of having overwhelming evidence of intent to cause immediate death by simply photographing the horrific result of the 12 gauge on flesh, whereas the evil 223 damage would not be sufficiently horrific to overcome the presumption of self defense by simply photographic evidence, in other words, Obama’s demand that only a 12 gauge be used for self defense renders defensive use of a firearm in all situations likely to result in long prison sentences. They are banning all firearms and they are banning self defense.

  37. Shotgun yeah thats a goid choice fir home defense but if things go bump in the night and I dont know how many intruders I have to deal with im grabbing my shotty and 1911 and handing my lady my ar to go to my sons room and defend the nest…if I wasnt home my lady couldnt handle the recoil of the shotgun she might be able to unload it but she wouldnt be aiming very well


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