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Just ahead of “Double Barrel” Joe Biden’s visit to the Constitution State, Dan Malloy has riled people on both sides of the ballistic fence. The Connecticut Governor has released his own slate of gun control measures, short-circuiting the work of a legislative “super committee.” “’It’s apparent to me that the legislature will not reach bipartisan consensus on this issue,’ the impatient potentate told the Journal Inquirer. “I’m always being accused of trying to play this outsized role. I’ve held back. It’s not working, and I will very shortly be speaking on this issue on a fairly comprehensive basis.” Surely the Veep’s planned visit today had nothing to do with the Gov jumping the gun. So what’s on his wish list? The usual civilian disarmament agenda—AND BEYOND! First up . . .

An expanded “assault weapons” ban (with registration), magazine capacity limits (10 rounds), universal background checks and a private sale registry. He’d also expand the list crimes that would make someone ineligible to own a firearm. Busted for smoking a joint in college? Kiss your gun rights goodbye.

The Governor would also like Connecticut to establish a pre-crime unit. Firearms dealers would be required to maintain electronic records of all firearm and ammunition sales “to better anticipate and respond to criminal activity.” And they’ll be “required to routinely transfer such information to law enforcement.”

And just so everyone knows who’s buying what, “By executive action, the state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection will be required to regularly report to the Governor and General Assembly on such purchases.”

As you’d expect, the Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation isn’t pleased with Governor Malloy’s end run around the Assembly. They’ve released the following statement:

As the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry with a sizeable economic presence and workforce in Connecticut, we at the NSSF and our members based in the state will review Gov. Malloy’s proposals in detail. We certainly hope to have the opportunity to engage with him in a meaningful dialog to achieve real and effective solutions that will help to make Connecticut safer.

We are, however, troubled by the Governor’s apparent change in attitude and seeming impatience with the approach of the General Assembly’s bipartisan Gun Violence Task Force and even his own commission. We do not believe a rush to quick-fix legislation is likely to produce real public safety solutions, while it holds the clear potential to hurt good-paying manufacturing jobs in our state.

We applaud the General Assembly’s bi-partisan task force for working to fully evaluate all the issues and points of view, including that of our industry, in an effort to craft an effective public policy response. We hope the Governor will give the General Assembly the opportunity to get it right. We believe that is more important than achieving headlines in connection with Vice President Biden’s visit to Danbury today.

And so Connecticut’s Governor is priming the pump to drain law-abiding Americans’ supply of firearms. They’re joining New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island et al. in the rush to prevent spree killing and reduce “gun violence” by removing modern sporting rifles, handguns and standard capacity magazines from law-abiding Americans and curtailing the right to use whatever’s left. Good luck with that. Not.

[h/t Chris P.]

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  1. “Busted for smoking a joint in college? Kiss your gun rights goodbye.”

    Do hard drugs in college? Get anointed infallible ruler!

    • Minority Report (movie) refrence where the authorities predict the future and make arrests and convictions before any actual crime is commited.

    • It’s the basic belief of the gun control crowd. Simply owning a gun means that some time in the future you will do murder. You are guilty until proven innocent and you cannot prove your self innocent. The constitution is nothing but an impediment to these people and so they work to destroy it.

    • It’s almost here, that’s what. For years the intel community has been deriving better and better predictive behavior models from the mountains of data they extract from every electronic anything that hits the airwaves.

      Every year, the algos get better and more refined. The NSA center in Utah will make it easier to crunch all that data in more real time than ever before.

      Predictive software is a multi-billion dollar industry that can already deduce your teenager is preggers before she can, just by tracking one rewards card.

      The thought that this is not already in use against us is beyond denial.

    • Easy, because there are more libtards and city dwellers who suck from the govt teet than normal tax paying citizens who care about liberty. We have a brain washed culture in New England. If you know anything about Malloy’s election you would know it was close, and some BS happened in the Bridgeport election that put him over the top. It was close enough that even the papers that support him do not believe he will have a repeat given how crappy he has run the state thus far.

  2. Also in his wishlist,
    no “grandfathering”.
    All “High” (Standard) capacity magazines, and “assault weapons” to be sold (to OOS FFL)/turned in/rendered legal (magazines permanently limited to 10 rounds)

    But good news, it “allows” semiautomatic shotguns that hold no more than 3 (three) rounds! Assuming of course said shotgun doesn’t have one of the now standard assault weapon mods (grenade launcher, shroud, shoulder thing that goes up, et al)

    • I lov3 that part… Wh3re they say “These are dangerous, and are now banned!” But its ok to sell them outside of the state. *eye roll* Why not just keep them, unless they have 1000% proof you are in possession of them, they will never be able to get a warrant. Besides, I turned all my guns in to one of those buyback things. Thanks for the eggs benny LAPD!

  3. As a Connecticut native Id like to invite any of y’all that are thinking of jumping ship to Tennessee. But stay the hell away from Memphis, this place is a joke. Eastern, TN is supposed to be nice, especially Gatlinburg. But yea, gun rights here are great. My first time in a gun store here they gladly put every handgun I oggled, in my hands and I didnt even have a permit. Not like thoes Nazis workig at Hoffmans in Newington, CT who have the personality of an angry mother bear. Oh and you can purchase, own and transport handguns here without a permit. You need one to carry loaded but its a hell of a lot better than in CT. Does open carry appeal to you? We have that too.

    • Gatlinburg is a tourist trap! But it is pretty close to a respectably sized city(knoxville), so you might be on to something.

      • Thats good to know C. Funny thing is, I expected Memphis to be a tourist trap and well its a trap alright but not so touristy. Graceland sits on Elvis Presley Blvd which is probably the biggest pot hole in the country. I hate driving on that road. Not to mention that area is a brothel by night. Mid-town and Beal can be loaded with cross dressers so be careful who you buy a drink. Overall, I dont get the appeal of this city. I may consider moving east

      • Born and raised in the Volunteer state, residing in the middle Tn area. Very nice here, several hours from memphis, right outside of Nashville.

      • Gatlinburg may be a “tourist trap” but it is next to one of the best and most visited National Parks in the U.S.A, and it’s legal to carry concealed if you have a concealed carry permit( and your state has reciprocity with TN). Lived about 50 miles north of the park and still visit just about every year for the photography. A gun friendly state and no state income taxes. Come on down, even though I don’t live there anymore. Our mailman carried a gun when we lived there to take out rabid animals on his route. Bet you don’t get that in CT.

    • I was living in Connecticut when I turned 21 and was shock-befuddled when I went to a local gun store to buy my first handgun (mostly to shop and learn the process). Forget not being able to hold one without the permit, they made me feel unwelcome just being in the store without the permit.

      • The place I shoot at almost encourages you to buy a gun in this order: Try out their rentals and whatever you can get your hands on, decide what you like and works for you, buy it, then take your permit class. That way you are learning and taking the shooting test with YOUR gun. I felt out of place because I was pretty much the only one in class using a rental lol

  4. 1) Malloy is pissed that Cuomo stole his thunder by getting a disarmament bill passed first. He’s going to outdo that punk in Albany if it’s the last thing he does. He wants to be Obama’s new BFF, just like Andy does. They’re like a pair of highschool teenagers fighting for the attention of the quarterback.

    2) I’ve never had that experience at Hoffman’s. Now BMG on the other hand – they were kinda testy. But it might just be the times.

    • Neither give a crap about being BFF’s with Obama. Both do have larger political asperations. They are just being good democrates. They have bith run their states into deficite and care more about headlines than actually doing their jobs. They took a page right out from Obama’s book. They rather be progressive than to actual lead and make real economic changes that would solve many bigger problems

  5. The only positive (albeit a very small positive) that can be gleaned from Malloy’s actions is that what he was hearing out of the committee was less restrictive than Obama and Biden’s his own proposal.

  6. A true “no grandfathering” of “assault weapons” would make NY look like a gunners paradise. I can’t believe the NSSF and others will let that fly. We already pretty much have registration – all sales from dealers are added to a town and a state registry.

    Time to buy some vacation property in PA?

    • Ok read it – so there is a very limited amount of grandfathering (registered for later confiscation, natually, but not quite “turn ’em in” – yet) if you already own them. They also expanded the list of “bad features” to add muzzle brakes and forward handgrips, while of course only allowing one feature. Threaded barrels on pistols are also banned.

      Dreams of owning a Tavor just died.

      Anyone know where I can get an Benelli semi-auto quickly?

      • Looks like the California AWB template updated with additional restrictions. In other word, Leland “Goatfscker” Yee’s wet dream.

        You have to wonder where they come up with this stuff, and why they think it will affect crime at all. I’d like to see the stats on how many CT gun crimes have been committed with (paraphrasing) “handguns that weigh more than 50 ounces unloaded”. I just don’t see the S&W 500 or Desert Eagle being favored tools for muggers.

        • “I just don’t see the S&W 500 or Desert Eagle being favored tools for muggers.”

          Having worked in Bridgeport I can say thats pretty much a good assesment

        • Well, GunUp might just be able to sell me one of those threaded-barrel R1s so long as they can ship fast. Maybe also see if Lone Wolff has any threaded barrels for Glocks I can get prior to this coming in.

          Never really wanted a Deagle, but now I sort of do. Ok, not really.

  7. Utah’s nice this time of year (and all year ’round, concerning guns; I open carry daily without needing to worry about silly permits). Only thing you gotta worry about out here is constant invites to church. 🙂

    • True story. But a lot of us pesky Mormons carry every day, too, so if you don’t want to come to church at least drop in on one of our church shooting trips!

      On a side note, why in the world are WE the ones getting stuck with that huge piece of NSA unconstitutionality?

    • I’ve heard you don’t have to be Mormon to live in Utah, but that it helps 🙂

      Meh, I’ve found Mormons to be great neighbors in general.

      • Being a non-mormon liberal living in utah has been making my friend pretty bitter. (i’m saying that like it’s a good thing.)

  8. Looks like they want to extend pistol type permits to all semi-auto rifles in CT. This means the antis are finally learning that a semi-auto rifle is a semi-auto rifles, whether it is “military-style” or not. Then why do they still want to ban AR-15 in CT?

    • Simple, they want everything registered so that at the next crises which they know will happen and which they pray will happen soon, they know which doors to knock on.

      • To expand on that, they want to ban everything, but they are going as far as they think they can ATM

    • The antis have known the (non) differance for quite some time. So far they’ve only been able to agitate the proletariat against the scary ones.

      • I wonder. Even in Canada AR-15 seems to have a different status than Mini 14. It’s as though some folks really believe a psycho will be stopped by not having a gun of the right color.

  9. Am waiting for drones with directed energy weapons used to strike us dissenters. Seems the logical next step.

  10. The wife and I moved to CT a few years ago from the midwest, but we are both ready to get da fahq outta here! Between the high taxes, the gimme gimme culture thats so pervasive around the big cities, and now these derp filled gun laws we are ready to cut our losses and move our young family to a more sane place. I hear Texas is nice this time of year.

  11. Double barrel joe, good one! If he went wabbit hunting with cheny I don’t think he would be a commin back.///Obviously the grabbers want us to live in their psycho world, good luck with that, I haven’t seen guns pried out of skinhead hands yet either, maybe they just haven’t finished reading the tatoos, Randy

  12. I am so glad I live in the South in a gun friendly state. This is beginning to look more and more like the era just before the civil war. Who will be first to secede or fire the first shot. These gun grabbing liberals have lost their minds. It appears that they are drawing the lines as we sit and watch free peoples states begin to fall one by one. I guess when this madness stops the antis in washington will come after the rest of us like rabid wolves. In my years of law enforcement I had opportunity to interview more suspects than I could possibly count or even want to remember. What i do know is that when asked many told me the only thing that kept them out of peoples homes was the fear of being shot. They said if that fear were removed there would be nothing to stop them. When the first wave of CWP’s started our violent crimes dropped like crazy. Liberals don’t care about that. It’s all about disarming and enslaving a society and final destruction of the country through class warfare. Destruction of our free nation is the socialist / communist final goal. All of these so called politicians in washington are the liberals who were the radical hippies of the 60’s. They rioted in the streets, smoked dope and lashed out at the pigs and anyone they thought was the man. They got older and wiser in their socialistic approach. They traded in their love beads, sandals and long hair for three peice suits and a manicure and became the man. They duped people into electing them and began to destroy this beautiful free strong nation from within. Hopefully next mid term elections we’ll be able to sweep some of that trash back into the gutter where they belong. God help us all and save the Union.

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