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Today’s the day the Garden State goes down the tubes. New Jersey legislators are slated to vote on a package of 23 bills that will put the state at the forefront of the post-Sandy Hook civilian disarmament crusade. In a editorial Today, New Jersey can help stop the carnage of gun violence, Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver greets the prospect with glee. “Our comprehensive package promotes common-sense measures without infringing on the Second Amendment rights enshrined in our Constitution. By keeping dangerous weapons off of our streets, cracking down on illegal gun trafficking and addressing mental health issues and school security, we can stop these tragedies from becoming all too common.” As for accusations that the package is a totalitarian knee-jerk response to Sandy Hook . . .

For those who argue that our efforts are an emotional response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I don’t entirely disagree. To not be driven by emotion to address the incomprehensible slaying of 20 innocent children would be baffling.

What this is not, however, is a knee-jerk response. The time to get serious about protecting our communities from gun violence is long overdue. Many of the proposals Assembly Democrats have put forth are the result of long-running discussions, expert advice and common-sense proposals to close glaring loopholes.

Did you catch that? Long-running discussions. In other words, these gun grabbing measures have been in the planning stages for a long time. So much for being “paranoid” then.

Anyway, all eyes turn to Chris Christie. Will the Governor sign the “comprehensive package” punting his political prospects on the national level or will he do the right thing? Watch this space.

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      • His approval rating was 74% yesterday, an amazingly high number. He will sign, and the people of NJ will cheer. This is what the people of NJ have elected and this is what the people of NJ desire. So be it.

        • Agreed. Additionally, this is not the day when NJ “goes down the tubes.” NJ has sucked for a long time. 100% gun registration, mag cap limits, firearm owner ID cards, almost no concealed carry… all these have been the reality there for a long time. This just makes a terrible situation that much worse.

          I have a lot of friends in NJ. Hoplophobia is driven into the population at a very early age. My friend’s wife is legitimately terrified of guns and won’t even be in the same room as one. It’s a sad state of affairs played out across the northeast. Except PA.

        • Exactly, who the freak are we to pass judgement on a state that has democratically elected politicians who dutifully carry out the desires of the majority? Am I supposed to boycott NJ now as well?

        • Hal, not the northeast completely. Besides PA, Vermont, NH and ME are excellent. The bad are NJ, NY, CT and MA.

        • Hey joke, did you forget that the the CotUS trumps state law and that in this country the majority has no power to remove the rights of the minority? Yeah…

          NJ is a festering cesspit, more so now than ever.

        • DDAY,
          I agree, Vermont, NH and ME are cool. But to a Pennsylvanian they’re more like New England than the Northeast, which to our eyes is NY, PA, NJ, MD, DE.

      • It’s as good as signed. Christie is a RINO, if you haven’t noticed. As a matter of fact barrys muted position on confiscation, because that is what it ultimately is, is because the fix is in for the states. Enough states join in on this movement and a Constitutional revocation of A2 is all but inevitable. Sorry for the Pollyanna outlook, but that’s how I see it.

  1. Nearly all legislation like this is pre-written, ready to go and then dusted off when the time is right. How else do you think it’s possible for these people to write and pass things so quickly?

    All eyes on Christie is correct. Sign it and he hurts his national aspirations. Although similar stuff didn’t stop Mitt, after all it’s just “common sense”.

    Illustrating Chicagoland Idiocy, Mayhem and Stupidity at

    • Sign it and he hurts his national aspirations. Although similar stuff didn’t stop Mitt, after all it’s just “common sense”.

      Bingo. In 2016 the Republicans will nominate Christie (AKA – Fat Mitt) and lose again because all of the non-Constitution hating conservatives / moderates will vote Libertarian instead.

  2. Christie’s “political prospects on the national level” were doomed with the asskissing photo op he did with the obungler in the WH after “Sandy”….

      • Christie’s political aspirations were vastly IMPROVED with the post-Sandy photo-ops. His approval rating was 74% yesterday!! He played the willing shill to OBAMA pre-election and he will be rewarded when the time is right. He will be a Democrat in time. In case you haven’t noticed, we are living in a Progressively controlled nation.

  3. If these are examples of her ideas on common sense solutions that don’t trample on the Constitution then I would hate to see what they think would have gone to far. /sarc

    Can the south and southwest leave the union now? Honestly, at what point will we decide that they’ve gone too far?

    • That would be a great idea except for the fact that most southern states wouldn’t be able to fund themselves. Texas, sure, but TN or MS take far more federal dollars than they contribute. They might last a few months before they run back to the Union broke.

      A better tactic would be working on reform, not separation.

      • Refineries are not everything. Just look at the actual economies for which states are actually financially self-sufficient. Ironically, many of the most government dependent states are in the south.

        Also, note that while oil helps some economies, most southern states are sustained through agriculture, which is kept running almost exclusively through government subsidies and tariffs on imports. Without those, the US south would collapse against the weight of foreign agriculture.

        • Yeah because we all know the research triangle has absolutely no high tech manufacturing. So sorry, almost all modern manufacturing outside of semiconductor is located in “red” states.

  4. I’m hopeful that he won’t sign all the bills. I think he’s going to let some of them go through.

    Christie is known for being a “tough” guy, and Tom Sweeny, the President of the Senate (D) hails from an area with one of the only gun shops in New Jersey (South Jersey).

    In 1994, when they passed the AWB, the Dems lost the governorship in New Jersey…”we dumped Florio”. However…we were still left with the AWB.

    I hope Christie conditionally vetos most of the bills.

    Alternatively, someone in the Senate could attach a Shall-Issue CCW clause to the bills, effectively making the Democrats choke on it.

    There is a lot that could happen. At least, for my sake and for everyone else who lives in New Jersey.

    • You’re right, the Garden State has become the Police State and the latest stuff is just piling on. Believe it or not the NJ of the early ‘ 60’s had about as many gun laws as Wyoming.

      I’ve seen it come apart in my lifetime; piece by piece, bit by bit, showing us the futility of any compromise. This is the sort of situation that clearly calls for the application of intense lobbying and massive lawsuits, nothing else will work in the slave states. It’s worked for other oppressed minorities and it will work for us – now is the time.

  5. Everybody knows “well regulated militia” was just slang for “hunting club” and the “security of a free state” will always be provided by our government who knows what is best for us. I have taken all my black guns and high capacity pistols and even my high capacity 6 shooter and traded them for one NEF 12 gauge single shot. I keep it locked in my rifle cabinet, which is now a very spacious home for it, and I keep one box of birdshot in my safety deposit box at my bank. If anyone ever calls to tell me they are coming to rob me with enough warning, boy are they gonna get it if the bank is open!

  6. He’ll sign them for sure because it is for “the children”. I hardly have any faith with regard to national “GOP” figures anymore. When he had his moment in the sun with the Supreme Lord & Dictator walking on the beaches of destruction after Sandy arm & arm………to say I felt was sick is an understatement
    Rob Drummond

  7. The thing that I despise about gun control freaks the most is their lying. Be honest, Speaker Oliver. This package is precisely about infringing on the rights of the citizens of New Jersey. Don’t slap them in the face and then tell them that it was a kiss.

    • NJ legislature and police have been infringing our 2A rights for a long time. I think it’s easier to spot a unicorn than a NJ CCW permit.

      Many, if not all, of these bills will pass, and Chris “Cake Boss” Christie will sign them. He’ll also say that it’s all common sense legislation and a good compromise.

  8. They had these bills sitting, waiting for blood to get spilled so they could bring them out when emotions and fears ran high. Christie was, is and will be anti 2nd Amendment. He has a record of being anti gun and pro government control. Why would he change his tune now when so many in his party have ignored the fact so far?

  9. Christie supported the Clinton AWB, is against concealed carry, supports the NJ one gun a month law and here is what he said to Hannity in a n interview while running for governor:

    Christie: We have a densely populated state and there’s a big handgun problem in New Jersey. Now, I don’t support all the things that the governor supports, by a long stretch. But on certain gun control issues, looking at it from a law enforcement perspective, seeing how many police officers were killed — we have an illegal gun problem in New Jersey.

    Hannity: Should every citizen in your state be allowed to get a licensed weapon if they want one?

    Christie: In New Jersey, that’s not going to happen, Sean.

    Hannity: Why?

    Christie: Listen, with the Democratic Legislature that we have, there is no way those type of things –

    Hannity: Would you support it.”

    Christie: Listen, at the end of the day, what I support are common sense laws that will allow people to protect themselves. But I also am very concerned about the safety of our police officers on the streets. Very concerned. And I want to make sure that we don’t have an abundance of guns out there.,2933,569805,00.html

  10. Christie’s career was doomed either way here. Pass and he’s screwed for GOP candidacy. No pass and state legislature will throw him under the bus to make him out to be the bad guy. I don’t envy his position

    • Christie has a very bright future in politics, as a Democrat. His state approval rating was 74% yesterday. The people of America re-elected Obama, who now loves Christie. What is so hard to understand about this?

      • The problem is that Christie does not get along with Big Labor. If you want to be a Democrat with serious aspirations, you don’t go making an enemy of Big Labor. You get down on your knees and do whatever they want you to do.

        As a Republican he has a legitimate shot at the Presidency (assuming he does not sign this gun control nonsense). As a Democrat, he can stay governor or maybe even a Congressman or Senator, but won’t win the Presidency.

        Also, please stop bringing up his 74% approval rating. That is his approval in New Jersey, not at the national level. I think you’d find DiFi has a pretty decent approval rating in California, but what do you think her chances are of becoming President? Probably about as good as mine.

        • Sorry, but NJ is looking a lot more like America in 2013 than I ever thought possible. Did you miss the Presidential election? Obama and Christie are total bros at this point. Doesn’t matter anyway, Hillary is the inevitable POTUS from 2016 to 2024.

  11. So this wasn’t a knee jerk reaction but had been in the planning stages for awhile.

    In other words they were waiting for tragedy to “exploit” to further their goals. Sweet! They use the opportunity of 20 dead children. Typical Demotards.

  12. This is unfortunate for NJ, but good for the Republican party. Christie will not be a national player for the party come 2016.

  13. Christie is a “progressive” Republican. He will sign the law to disarm the citizens of NJ. And if he is stupid enough to run for national office as anything but a Democrat, the gun owners in heartland America will tell him to FOAD.

  14. At the national level, us gunnies aren’t a factor.We are outnumbered by the hippies and the leftist voting bloc.Christies chances for POTUS won’t be dented in the least when he signs these proposals into law, and in fact he may gain popular support among the liberal minded in America.Unlike Obama,Christie took a decisive stand against gun violence,et cetera.

    • Where this could hurt him is in the Democratic primaries in the pro-gun states. Despite what a lot of posters here think there are quite a few pro-2A Dems in those states who, given a choice, will take the candidate they think will respect their 2A rights while giving them the other stuff they want. If such a candidate runs it could hurt guys like Christie who freshly signed a bunch of laws

      • Politics is about math.Out of 80 million gun owners,only 5 million are NRA members.Outside of online forums like this one, guns are not a political priority.We naturally care about it ,but most of the masses will react to Christie signing gun control bills with a shrug and wonder what his stance is on abortion and pension reform.

        • I generally agree, and the numbers you mentioned need to be priority one for pro-2A folks going forward. But remember that primaries are low number affairs, so energized pro-2A voters can wield disproportionate power are the primary stage vs. the general election.

  15. My prediction is that he will sign them all. He was never a strong 2A supporter, and there is something in the water besides toxic waste that makes all NJ politicians, even Republicans (read “RINO”) all in for gun control. After, if one child’s life is saved…

    He may be running in 2016, but unless all the Dems change their party affiliation to vote in the Republican primaries, he will face a hard time of it out in the middle of the country.

      • Same thing was said in 2007 when Hilary was all but assured of winning the nomination and then the presidency in 2008. Seems to me, things didn’t work out for her back then. Whether she has a real chance in 2016 will depend on what she does in the next few years. She’s not a Senator or Governor right now and is giving up her seat as Sec State. If you look back in history, there have not been too many people who have successfully ascended to the Presidency who did not currently hold a position as a Senator or Governor (or Vice President) immediately prior. Reagan was the only person to do that in the last 40+ years.

        Also, there is a real chance that Biden will run for President in 2016. To the best of my knowledge, it’s been a really long time since someone beat the “heir apparent” for the nomination. It is doubtful that Hillary would be able to do that.

        • There is no way that Biden will be elected POTUS. He suffers too much from foot in mouth disease. He is a yes man, not a leader. As to Clinton, she was pretty beat up after four years as SecState; I’m not sure she wants the top job any more.

        • A Clinton not wanting the POTUS? Ha ha. Why do you think she was Sec. of State for 4 years? Polishing her foreign policy bones. Some of you guys need to study national politics with a bit more of a cynical viewpoint. Hasn’t failed me yet.

      • J&D: Andrew Cuomo, that’s who. Also, if you look at Hillary’s health issues (i.e. the special glasses for double vision) she probably doesn’t have the stamina for another national campaign. Even if she tried, there are enough surrogates in the DNC who will whisper that she’s physically unfit to serve. Who would be so crass? Prince Andrew, The “Bully from Albany”, that’s who.

        • Can’t argue with that. Don’t write off Hillary though. Her vision issues are secondary to a recent concussion. She will probably be back to normal in a few months to a year. I see her recharging for the POTUS run.

  16. “By keeping dangerous weapons off of our streets, cracking down on illegal gun trafficking and addressing mental health issues and school security, we can stop these tragedies from becoming all too common.” Sheila Y. Oliver

    Let’s tear this apart, shall we?

    “By keeping dangerous weapons off of our streets” For no particular reason these laws will work this time even though all other such laws have failed.

    “cracking down on illegal gun trafficking” For no particular reason, these laws will crack down on illegal trafficking because the other laws that are already in place are not working.

    “addressing mental health issues” The new laws will work this time even though the laws currently in place are failing to address mental health.

    Does anyone see the pattern here? I learned about it in a training course to help your children. The course illustrated how children expect to avoid consequences for their actions because, somehow, things will be different this/next time.

    But I saved the best for last. Ms. Oliver stated, “… we can stop these tragedies from becoming all too common.” Newsflash: these tragedies are not common!!!!! There is no reason to believe that they will become common. I suppose in a small way I admire Ms. Oliver’s determination: she doesn’t let facts nor reality stand in the way of her agenda.

  17. New Jersey’s not “on the brink,” although it’s certainly on the blink. New Jersey has been a slave state for some time now. Finding “assault weapons” in NJ is like finding pork chops in Tel Aviv.

    Don’t count on Gov. Chris Crisco to save 2A in NJ. He made his leftist bones as a gun-grabbing RINO.

  18. New Jersey Constitution Article I, [1.]
    All persons are by nature free and independent, and have certain natural and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.

  19. Let’s not get all ooey-gooey about Fatso’s approval ratings. I remember when George Bush the First had an approval rating over 80%. Two years later he was kicked out of the White House, replaced by that Arkansas pole cat.

    • A Clinton not wanting the POTUS? Ha ha. Why do you think she was Sec. of State for 4 years? Polishing her foreign policy bones. Some of you guys need to study national politics with a bit more of a cynical viewpoint. Hasn’t failed me yet.

    • Ralph, Fatso is a lot more cunning than GHWB was. Bush’s popularity dropped due to dullness, which Christie has never been accused of. His post-Sandy bro-love with Obama assured years of federal largesse to NJ’s unions, etc. which will keep them happy with Christie.

  20. Looking at the photo, I guess they will be banning AT-4s huh? That sucks. I’ll have to check my local laws, maybe I can at least own one in TN. Does anyone make a leather OWB holster for an AT-4?

  21. “That’s nice, Jim. What do you call it?” “Oh this? I call this my Prince Albert.”
    “Oh, THAT’s a Prince Albert!”

  22. It always amazes me to see these jackalopes get all wide eyed when they see an inert hand grenade or rocket launcher tube. To me its confirmation they are ether seriously disingenuous or incompetent. But hey, it makes for great propaganda so let’s take some pictures….

    • An alternate headline for this event:

      “NJ State Overpays for 2,604 Broken Firearms”

      I saw some guns missing parts in those photos… even saw what looked like an old flint-lock pistol.

    • The surplus store up the road from me has a couple of boxes full of grenades, a red eye anti aircraft system and a javelin. All are (obviously) inert and still I bet these guys would try to shut the place down.

  23. +1 for fury over the left using hollow fiberglass tubes to scare people.

    It’s a freaking expended AT-4 round.

    Can’t be reloaded, reused or utilized as anything but a really crummy club.
    I could call a few friends who are still in the Corps and probably get a conex box full of that crap tomorrow if I wanted.

    You know, on second thought, I might do that after all. I think there’s a gun buy-back in my city coming up. I could make some good cash.

  24. christy is a mamas boy fat ass punk if he gives in to this new gun legislation!! And i for one hope he is the first one to get his fat ass dragged from his office and thrown out on the street !! They are pushing the law abiding Americans into a corner and we all know when you corner a bear or lion they will come out of that corner!! And shit will hit the fan as they say !!!

  25. Christie was confused. He thought the 2nd amendment had to do with going for seconds at the Atlantic City Casinos Buffet dinners. That’s why he was for it before he was against it.

  26. Dont expect the old dried up constitution to be upheld. It was written by hard drinking God fearing, meat eating slave holding capitalists who required folks to work for their living, In a time when a man’s word was his bond, and there were few attorneys and fewer professional politicians.

    Since they dont vote today, they dont count.

  27. Everytime I see an inert LAW tube or AT-4 Trainer at a gun buy back I want to got to the nearest Army Post DRMO, buy a pallet of the tubes and then just drive to a bunch of buy-back events to see if I can make a few bucks… Last time I was at Bragg’s DRMO you could buy a box full for a couple hundred bucks… I always thought… “what the heck would I do with 20-25 3 foot fibeglass tubes- give ’em to the kids to play G.I.Joe?”

  28. From this day forward I will be forwarding every gun crime story that occurs in the state to the legislature with the questions:
    Why did this happen to these people?
    Why didn’t the new infringement laws work?
    Who do you blame now?

    • Every body says they’re coming for your guns. NO they are coming for your RIGHTS.
      No do proses list your losing your rights.


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