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“As Javon Davies reads out a list of his most prized possessions, it’s hard not to smile: His Playstation, his video games, his TV, his cat. It’s typical sixth grade stuff through and through,” reports. “But the reason he made the list is heartbreaking . . .

It’s actually a makeshift will, one the Birmingham, Alabama middle schooler created just in case he is killed in a school shooting.

“[I made it] just in case something happened to one of us,” Javon told CNN affiliate WIAT. “Some kids, they get rowdy and might end up getting somebody shot or something.”

The story is your typical anti-gun rights heart-tugger. We have to enact gun control laws for the children!

Come tomorrow there will be a media feeding frenzy. The media will be suffused with soundbites from angry students demanding that the government take away its citizens’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Crap like this:

Well, The People of the Gun have children too. And they’re not writing wills.

They’re learning that their schools are left defenseless thanks to teachers, parents and politicians without an ounce of common sense. That they should run and ambush if a school shooter shows up.

They’re learning how to keep, bear and yes, shoot arms responsibly and effectively. They’re getting ready to use firearms for their own safety. And the safety of their friends, families, neighbors, community and country.

When will our pro-gun rights children get the respect that these deeply misguided gun control children protestors are getting?

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  1. Not to be a pessimist, but given the current climate, I’m gonna guess “Never.”

    Doesn’t mean it’s right, but it’s probably correct.

    • MSM pushing THE BIG LIE …
      ” Everyone favors more anti-gun laws … unless you’re a weirdo or something …. you DO want to .. ” Fit In ” …. don’t you ? ”

      Conformity Propaganda.

      • screw fitting in. i have always swam against the current in australia cos i have the same sort of views as Maddison and Co. of the founding fathers of the US. highly regulated govt….. regulated to the point it almost cant do anything while it is a free for all for the public as to what they can do within the limits of a few basic laws….. theft, murder, rape etc being those basic laws that put the brakes on the free for all. there is no reason for the plethora of laws that you have in the US or indeed anywhere in the world. in a functioning society those laws are enforced at the local level ad dealt with quickly and with fairness but also harshly. the federal govts only real purpose is to protect the overall borders of the nation and nothing else. any more power than that and it quickly becomes the problem it is now

  2. Never is correct. The whole fake organic kids gun control movement only exists because of Bloomberg spending loads of money and with the willing participation of the media.

      • yep and that f@#ker is a jew who in WWII was ratting out fellow jews to the germans for a cut of their loot. that is how he became wealthy in the first place.

        • Soros was 13 when the Germans occupied Hungary. His parents were already fairly rich. They fled to England and he went to business school. Your parroting a lie you’ve never bothered to confirm yourself.

    • Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner here! Most of these kids are being herded by teachers. In a perfect world, there would be no shooters, but it is NOT a perfect world. The methods police use do not make us feel safe, so we may have to save ourselves and others that the police can not or will not.

  3. *Read article*

    Lmao – We live in interesting times.

    Google fu-
    “21 homicides have been reported in the city as of March 12, putting the city on pace for 108 for the year. Based on the 2016 census estimate of 212,157 population, that would represent 50.9 homicides per 100,000 residents. Birmingham had 115 homicides in 2017. The recent record low of 62 homicides was set in 2014, and the recent record high was 141 in 1992. At this point in 2017, 24 homicides had been reported.”

    • Birmingham, Alabama. Better chance of the kid being shot out of school. Depending on the neighborhood, I would have the kid sleeping in the tub until I could move.

  4. I’m not sure that I would equate getting used for propaganda purposes with “respect”.

  5. ” “But the reason he made the list is heartbreaking… It’s actually a makeshift will, one the Birmingham, Alabama middle schooler created just in case he is killed in a school shooting…”

    It IS heartbreaking that the media has so thoroughly mindscrewed this kid and multiple generations that they are thinking about being killed in an event much less likely than being struck by lightning… much less a car or bicycle accident.

  6. Home school. My kids’ school was NEVER a gun free zone. In fact, marksmanship in general is and was always an ongoing pursuit. Favorite targe: blue helmet. My children all shoot at least as well as me, some better depending on the category. This is probably an example of one time when the teacher is well protected by the students!

    • Birmingham; you are way more likely to be shot anywhere other than at school. Including your home.

  7. Behind every kid story like this is a parent pushing their political agenda and using their kids to do it. Disgusting and transparent as hell. Reminds me of the young grade school boy who was self-identifying as female. CNN ate that story up too…and behind it was a mother who so much wanted to be in the spotlight and appear as “woke” to all her progressive friends. not buying it. staged/coerced/lame.

  8. According to recent history the people of the gun have done a lousy job of defending the gun rights of the Next Generation. They’re absolutely afraid and terrified of taking on the opposition. They are afraid of being called names. They don’t want to risk their social position, their social status, in some group. That is why children are afraid now. Because the adults in the room didn’t do what they should have done years ago.

    “Ammiano was instrumental in getting rid of San Francisco’s High School competitive .22 cal rifle teams, and worked to put an end to the junior ROTC program in San Francisco’s High Schools. Ammiano supported the ban on allowing gun owners to carry an unloaded gun in public. “Whether a gun is loaded or not, it’s still an act of intimidation and bullying,” Ammiano said.”

    The proud homosexual white man Tom Ammiano is responsible for the destruction of the rifle teams in San Francisco city schools, and responsible for the destruction of the second amendment education for future Generations in that area. And where were the adults in the room to defend the rights of those children??????

    Where was the gun community????

    • Too busy attacking other 2nd amendment supporting people online over 2A absolutism. You know, the important stuff that really matters.

  9. In all reality, the NRA just really, really, really needs a good PR and Marketing firm representing them. Firms that will research and deliver our message catered to specific demographics. They need to spend a boatload of cash on this, and get out in front from the get go, starting today.

  10. I’m in favor of taking away all rights from children, which I define as less that 25 years old because that’s what the Sorosberg puppets do when they talk about children being shot.

    No guns. No speech. No cars. No anything, not even Play Station.

    For the children!

  11. The kids that are doing this, IMHO, just want attention.

    This one goes out to that Hogg kid and his buddies because it’s what they actually want whether they have the nuts to admit it or not (it’s also a good song btw, if you like punk): Do what the rest of us did at your age, grow a mohawk, get some friends and go to shows. Grow up a bit while you’re at it. When these guys say “I know some day I’ll break away” they don’t mean “on CNN”.

    • They are doing that. Except they’re all dying their hair blue, pretending to be trannies/gays, and saying “I love Bernie”.

      I agree though, go out, smoke some pot, get a piercing, and cry about “the man”. Then, when you grow up, you’ll realize how dumb you were, and that it was a necessary step.

      • They’re not doing any of that. Any punk worth the title would beat the fuck out of these kids in the pit. That’s what someone like Hogg needs. A couple good asskickings.

        Shocking how quick you learn about life when older people beat your ass for being stupid.

        Throw that kid in a pit and let him sink or swim. I suspect he’ll straighten up and fly right within a few weeks of being forced into the pit at shows on the weekend.

        • I was meaning they are being the “anti-norm” group, by dying their hair blue, etc. I’m just confused as to why it’s the cool guy thing to take estrogen and be a female.

        • Oh… Oh!

          Yeah, I’m confused by that shit too. I mean I get the whole “being a rebel” thing but taking hormones like that is just going too far.

          Personally I think it falls into the following categories:

          1) Legit mental illness.

          2) Gaining “untouchable” status. They get bullied enough and figure out that “turning into a girl” puts them in a different class (transgender) where they don’t get bullied because it goes from “boys will be boys” to “hate crime” really quick and there are no bragging rights for beating up a transgender person. It’s like beating up a skinny gay kid: no bragging rights, everyone just thinks you’re an asshole.

          3) They don’t realize the damage it (hormones) does and think it’s going to get them “sensitive guy” status and therefore they can cut in line for some tail.

          4) Some weird cry for attention that’s not mental illness, not an attempt to get in with the chicks but… a cry for help.

          That’s what I got. I’m tapped after those suggestions.

  12. I got an A+ for my 5th grade presentation on my Bearcat Revolver and a brief history of revolvers.

    It was also in my will…..didnt want my turd brother to get it if I died.

  13. And yet the real stats say he is much more likely to be killed by another black male in a non-school setting,.,,hmmm

  14. Kids demand a lot of things, some times it’s in their best interest they do not get what they want. It is sad that a child must fear being shot at school, or a parishioner feels the need to be armed. It’s not the gunz, knives, trucks or bombs causing these problems. It’s PLASTIC, were full of it, it’s everywhere, it’s in your soap and in your food, it’s in the water and in your bowels and blood and it’s making everyone CRAZY. zzzzrt beep beep click zzzrrtt.///=¥√ Adjust tin foil hat to 9°√ zzzrrtt clik beeep.

  15. Let’s be honest, conservatives are cowards. Conservative media refuses to flood the field like the Marxist left media does therefore, they lose the battles for the minds of the average citizen. Either pout aside your squeamishness or lose your nation.

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