How Do You Carry An Extra Magazine? Question of the Day

Galco's PMC Pocket Magazine Carrier

Galco updated their PMC Pocket Magazine Carriers at SHOT this year, giving concealed carriers a better option than just dropping a spare mag in a pocket to flop around. As they tout . . .

Improved for 2018, Galco’s Pocket Magazine Carrier now features vertical magazine orientation, an adjustable tension unit and twin fore-and-aft “hooks” to retain the unit in the pocket as the magazine is withdrawn.

That’s a good thing if prefer pocket carry. . But there are plenty of ways to tote a spare. There’s the ever-popular OWB option, that’s comfortable and easy to access. If you want something more stealthy, there are plenty of inside the waistband options out there. As yet another pocketable choice, there are a few clip-designs that let you carry a magazine like a pocket knife.

And for our part, we’re fans of 5.11’s Defender Flex pants that give you a hip pocket that’s perfect for toting a spare.

No matter where or how you choose to carry your backup reload, the most important thing is to carry one. As the old cliche advises, no one ever came away from a defensive gun use situation wondering whey they bothered to have an extra magazine on hand.

So assuming that you do, in fact, carry an extra mag, how and where do you pack it?


  1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    Well Duh, carried in something similar to those shown.

  2. avatar Shire-man says:

    Neomag (or speed strips if revolving) in front pocket. Love the Neomag.

  3. avatar Mas Cool Arrow says:

    I just roll it up and put it in my back pocket. It makes it easy to get to while on the crapper

  4. avatar Kroglikepie says:

    For my XDS, yes. For my XDM, no.

    FWIW, my Springfield products are all prebetrayal.

  5. avatar Ogre says:

    Usually the spare mag goes in left front trouser pocket. A couple of speed strips (when revolving), too.

  6. avatar MIO says:

    I always carry at least one spare in a regular belt pouch on the weak side. I don’t need to be fishing for it nor do I need it full of lint.

  7. avatar Marty says:

    For most of my 47 years of CCW, I wore a horizontal shoulder holster which carried a 2 mag pouch under my left arm pit. Very comfortable and convenient. Now with neck problems, I had to switch to a belly band holster which also has a place for 3 spare mags, although 1 sits to close to the grip of the weapon, so I only carry two spares.

  8. avatar SoCalJack says:

    I wear Condor Cipher and Vertx Hyde pants with the built in hip mag pockets. No lint probs and bullets stay facing toward. If I am wearing shorts without the mag pockets, I have kydex IWB mag carriers for my Shield, XD9 and P229. I also have AIWB kydex holsters that have the integrated spare mag carrier for my LC380 and Shield.

  9. avatar Jross says:

    Swallow it in the morning. Puke it up when needed.

  10. avatar matt o says:

    my 43 mag fits nicely in the 5th pocket of my jeans

  11. avatar raptor jesus says:

    opposite side of my pistol in a shoulder holster under a suit coat

  12. avatar ironicatbest says:

    up my ass, because if I need an extra magazine it’s” Oh shit” and when I do there’s my magazine. The 40 AK is a little hard on, ( he said little hard on) the roads tho

  13. avatar Gman says:

    One mag in my TacLite Pro, LH mag pocket
    One mag in each sock when I’m not wearing flip flops
    Used to keep one next to Oscar, but I go commando now so I usually keep that one up my arse
    If I’m with the wifey, I grab a handful and drop them into her purse
    There’s one or two in the center console of each car

  14. avatar Ross says:

    T-Rex sidecar

  15. avatar GS650G says:

    A better question would be how many spare mags does one carry

  16. avatar DrewR55 says:

    I carry a spare magazine at the five o’clock position using a Blackhawk! clip on mag carrier. It is a little bulk and I don’t much care for it but convenient because I remove both my holster and mag. Arrive when at work.

  17. avatar General Zod says:

    Left side in a horizontal belt carrier. Hardly anyone notices it’s there.

  18. avatar DrewR says:

    Snagmag in my left pocket. I don’t like the Blackhawk one in the picture because ir looks like you lose an entire pocket just for a mag. No thanks.

  19. avatar strych9 says:

    Verticle mag carriers got old because I never really liked any of them.

    So, for the past couple years I’ve used a Black Arch Horizontal mag carrier. Works great, comfortable and discrete. Love it.

  20. avatar Rokurota says:

    I carry an extra LC9s magazine in an old CaseLogic Blackberry case. While it has a loop to go on a belt, I prefer to put it in my left front pocket. It also keeps my flashlight and pen, so grabbing my EDC is quick and secure in my pocket — no more items unclipping from my pocket. The case keeps the mag upright and positioned, as well.

  21. avatar rudukai13 says:

    Just invested in a TRex Arms Sidecar for my P320 X-Carry with Surefire X300U, molded with a carrier for the spare mag. Keeps the rounds oriented the right way and the magazine easy to get to in a time of need, plus then my pockets are still free for the other items of my EDC

  22. avatar JDFowlerton says:

    I usually use a shoulder rig for most of my carry pieces that has a holder for two spares on the opposite side from the holster. When I carry on my waist I use a Blackhawk dual mag holder.

    I’m not interested in deep concealment since open carry is legal now so just enough that a cursory glance won’t see what I’ve got under an unbuttoned shirt.

  23. avatar Docduracoat says:

    A spare magazine is nice.
    It is almost never needed.
    Watching all of the hundreds of self defense videos on the you tube channel of Active Self Defense, there are NEVER reloads.
    Even against multiple attackers!
    On the daily “feel good stories” on the website This Ain’t Hell there has never been a reload
    While I agree it’s a good idea to carry one and it will get you back into action in the event of a magazine problem, there is very little real world evidence that you need a second magazine

  24. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I normally carry one or two spare magazines on my hip opposite my handgun. I carry those magazines outside waistband in a simple magazine holster that is basically the same holster which people use to carry multi-tools on their belt. It isn’t flashy or ultra-concealable. It sure is handy and dependable, though.

    When I am worried about deep concealment (which isn’t very often), I carry a spare magazine in my front pocket on my “weak” side.

  25. avatar little horn says:


  26. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Reply to Docduracoat:

    I agree completely that I would almost never need a spare magazine for defending myself against “traditional” violent criminal attackers.

    I carry one or two spare magazines in case of a terrorist suicide attack.

    (I would have replied to docduracoat’s comment if the “Reply” button was working. For whatever reason, it does not work for me today.)

  27. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    TTaG staff:

    The “Reply” button does not seem to work for me today. I tried replying to someone’s comment using both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and literally nothing happens.

    I try to keep my computer’s operating system, Internet Explorer, and Chrome up-to-date. Oh, and closing and re-opening Google Chrome did not fix the problem.

  28. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    I use the Mean Gene leather multi-purpose mag pouch. It has spring clips in it that adjust the width and gives enough friction to keep from losing a magazine. It holds everything from my 9mm Shield, 1911, through Glock and M&P mags. One pouch that works for all of those mags, and it just mounts on my belt, anybody who actually saw it would think it was a knife pouch.

  29. avatar O. Lee James III says:

    I carry two spare 16 round magazines on my support side. Not because I expect to use them, but because the consequences of not having them if I do need them are too great.

    I use a dual pocket nylon belt pouch with Velcro flaps. Looks like a multi-tool. I carry the magazines openly, as I carry my pistol.

  30. avatar KTR says:

    These 5.11’s Defender Flex pants and jeans are great. If I could wear the jeans everyday at work I would. Those extra pockets are handy. I keep a folding Gerber knife in the right pocket and an extra magazine in the left.

    I need to by a few more pair.

  31. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

    Crossbreed Gideon pocket carrier. Takes some breaking in to get it formed to the leg, but nicely breaks up what little outline the mag has.

  32. avatar higgs says:

    I use a generic cell phone case with a top flap and belt clip. I can carry 2 mags in it but generall carry 1 mag, a lighter, and a pocket knife. It hides my mags in plain sight because Every one sees a cell phone case

  33. avatar Mort says:

    Well, actually… I use a little Galco IWB leather holster…

    That has an extra magazine slot attached to it. Yup.

    …and a New York reload… because Yankees fan.

  34. avatar J. says:

    +1 for the NeoMag. Super convenient.

  35. avatar Anymouse says:

    Duct taped upside-down to the magazine that’s inserted into tbe gun.

  36. avatar Shwiggie says:

    I don’t typically carry a spare mag on-body unless I’m competing. A spare gun, on the other hand…

  37. avatar ramrus says:

    I carry a spare mag in a Leatherman pouch , OTW, weak-side. It retains well, both 9mm and .45, is easy to access…and it looks like I’m carrying…a Leatherman.

  38. avatar Soylent Green says:

    snagmag in left front pocket

  39. avatar Arc says:

    Goes in my usually empty front left pocket.

  40. avatar Rick K. says:

    In a DeSantis pocket magazine holder, left front pocket. got one for .380 and one for 9mm single stacks. Very convenient, don’t even know it’s there.

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