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Cris Villacorta’s pocket dump isn’t the best picture in the world. Nor does he iD most of his kit. And ho-hum, another day, another GLOCK. The reason I include it here is the bag. Like many members of the TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia . . .

Cris goes through life with a backpack on his back. Stuffed with stuff!

I’m adamantly opposed to off-body carry, unless it’s the only option. There’s too great a chance of a firearm being inaccessible, lost or stolen. An everyday carry gun should be on your body or in your safe.

That said, there are a bunch of non-ballistic accoutrements that a backpacker can pack on his or her back which could come to save the day: tourniquet, extra ammo, flashlight, mace, signal flare, etc.

What’s in your everyday backpack?

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  1. Depends on what I’m doing. Gym stuff, school stuff, Gi…

    The things that are constantly in the bag are an IFAK, multitool, some spare cash extra flashlight, batteries, pens, paper, picks and a few other odds and ends.

  2. The little Drago backpack that lives (like a cave troll) in my truck has many non-gun things.
    First aid kit with trauma stuff and liquid bandage (new Skin).
    Water – 6 bottles.
    Clif Bars – 4 mmmmmm!
    Peanuts – 4 bags
    Flashlight – 2 small and 1 large.
    Gerber Multi-Tool
    Stainless Credit Card MultiTool – It is handy for lots of things.
    12in Ontario Machete
    Folding Saw
    Fencing Tool – For fence – not sword fighting.
    Sham-wow towel.
    50 foot paracord
    Survival Blanket – 2
    Bic Lighter – 2 and waterproof matches in double-naught spy container – (has a compass)
    A real compass.
    wetwipe singles – 20.
    Small Toothpaste – Tooth Brush – Floss (might meet someone)
    Battery/Cellphone Charger Thingy.
    US Gazeteer – (pre-Google Maps).
    Toilet Paper
    SR9 Magazine – 2
    LCR Speedloader – 2
    Outodoor Blanket – Rolled on Outside of pack

  3. Mine has my first aid kit, some paracord, extra knife, extra flashlight, extra ammo, ear plugs, sometimes a water bottle, usually a rain jacket, usually a small laptop, occasionally a second gun, plus lots of other little useful things….

    As far as off body carry goes, I rarely do that. The second gun is only in there when I will also be carrying my pack all day. (Hiking, trip to zoo with kids, etc.) usually it stays in the locked truck in a secret compartment. 😉

    I favor hiking style packs over tacticool ones. I currently carry an osprey daylite. Not too big, double straps, can be carried all day.

  4. 5 quart fruit jars, a portable burner, a bottle of propane. a package of coffee filters, a bottle of sulphuric acid, 4 ft of surgical tubing, a vacuum bottle full of anhydrous ammonia, and 56 bottles of Sudafed

  5. I carry too much to list by item. I don’t drive (medical), and I’m dependent on some meds and gear (medical.) To move about, I gotta carry enough to get me home. For me, gear expands the range of what I can sensibly do.

    – Use all the time: A mobile office. I can work wherever I happen to be. (huge laptop –I see poorly, electronics, notes & books, office supplies…)
    – Use all the time: Personal support stuff. Like 3 pair of glasses, because I don’t see well.
    – Use all the time and occasionally: Meds. A day’s supply, and a 3-day, “get home” just in case.
    – Use Occasionally: Crafty tools, like multitool, flashlight, (minimal) compass, local map.
    – Use Occasionally: A few “broke down in East-nowhere” items.

    I haven’t had to improvise the romantic “couple days with no civilization”, yet, BUT individual “there’s nothing” items have been indispensable. It turns out jerky, water and a space blanket convert a missed connection from misery to a back-yard camping adventure.

    Inter-city bus full of urban dwellers broke down, in blazing mid-sumer on a section of mid-nowhere interstate. Over half a day to get straight story on repairs or recovery.
    – Not worried: Could walk to relative civilization on the supplies on hand before my meds run out.
    – Useful: Chronograph, compass, notepad, I could go exploring n get back.
    – Did some good: Secured a case of bottled water from *the one* convenience gas-station in miles, plus local intel: “Yep, there’s nothing that way, less nothing that way, and serious nothing that third way…”

    Meanwhile, I got some work done, too.

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