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So the Dayton police dropped the ball. A 911 caller clearly stated her situation – a home break in – and waited for the promised police response. Nada. An hour later she called to inform the police that she’d dealt with situation herself – as she had in a previous home invasion. This time, the burglar left the premises with an extra orifice or two and soon assumed ambient temperature. Result. Still, the paperwork! And the possibility of revenge from the dead assailant’s homies. It would have been SO much better for the beleaguered citizen if the po-po had made the collar or perforated the perp. Oh well. Once again . . .

we can see that self-defense is something you have to do yourself – until and unless you don’t. While the anti-gunners would disarm Americans for their own good – what if the burglar had used her own gun against her! – tens of millions ain’t got time for that. Literally. [h/t DH]

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  1. “It would have been SO much better for the beleaguered citizen if the po-po had made the collar or perforated the perp.”

    Looks to me like she did just fine.

    LE wasn’t interested in dealing with it, so she did, improving the community and guaranteeing he will never break another law again.

    Saving the taxpayers the expense of incarcerating the thug at the same time.

    A win-win anyway I see it…

  2. Yet another example of why the 2nd Amendment is so crucial…….. If that citizen was killed there would be controversy over why there is civilian disarmament rather than educating the population of why proper training and fighting back against crime is so important…….

    • If that citizen was killed *with a gun*, there would be instant calls for MORE civilian disarmament.

      And since the thug left the premises, I would not have called again. Wait a couple more hours, then give up and start cleaning up the mess. The 911 call is on record, see how long it takes for someone to find the body and respond.

  3. Maybe sounds morbid, but I’m glad the intruder croaked! No wasted money for a trial. No wasted money to support the ass hole for several years.
    Just one less punk to have to deal with later!

  4. LE may have been a profession dedicated to hunting down bad guys in the past. In modern, post Ferguson times LE now exists to ensure just enough crime is suppressed to make the politicians look good.

    Period.If the city leaders could get away with no police at all they’d do it. Indeed they may be trying that experiment in YOUR town, and you wouldn’t know until you phoned 911 in your moment of need .

    “Please hold. Your 911 call is very important to us. You are number EIGHT in line for police assistance. All our dispatched officers are currently busy.Your call is very important to us…….”

    911 isn’t an emergency response line anymore. It’s a paperwork service after you’ve dealt with the threat yourself.

    • LE may have been a profession dedicated to hunting down bad guys in the past. I think that ship may have sailed sometime ago. I think the emphasis has shifted to protect and serve politicians.

    • ” LE now exists to ensure just enough crime is suppressed to make the politicians look good.”

      Exactly so.

      • More accurately, as an NRA board member noted a few years back and a Chicago University School of Law study concluded, the task of “law enforcement” is no longer to catch criminals but to manufacture them. This is especially the case where there are prosecutors looking toward a political career.

    • Well put. I can’t say that this is the case in more rural communities, but in the cities and suburbs, this is exactly the case: public relations law enforcement.

    • “If the city leaders could get away with no police at all they’d do it…”

      This is more true than most people probably realize. Cities hate their cops. It’s part of the larger dysfunctional relationship involving policing people who don’t want to be policed.

  5. The only problem with the way this scenario turned out, is now the citizen is on the hook for the wrongful death civil lawsuit by Scumbag A’s family. Survive the gunfight, you have made it past problem 1; according to the news report she will not be charged, there’s problem 2; now she has problem 3, and that can bankrupt her, even if she wins the suit. Purchase a self defense insurance policy if you carry a gun, or even if you keep one in the house.

    • The possibility of liability under a civil cause of action depends on your jurisdiction. In Pennsylvania, and provided the DA believes you acted justifiably in self-defense, no family member of the dead perp may bring a civil action against you.

      • Nice law! Does it have some sort of nickname, like “stand your ground”, castle doctrine”, etc.? I’d like to suggest it to TX!

    • I haven’t researched the details, but Ohio is listed as a state that protects defenders from civil liability, inside and outside the home.

  6. They’re professional heroes though! It’s the hardest most dangerous job imaginable and they do it completely out of the goodness of their hearts. Most of them don’t even get paid. Why do you hate them? Everybody want’s to be an arm-chair quarterback, how ungrateful. They should go on strike, the ones doing the job now are pretty much the only people in society capable of being LE and certainly couldn’t be replaced. Everybody would be doomed in 2 hours.

    • In under two hours this woman made the world a better place all by her lonesome, with absolutely no assistance from the police. In fact, the police likely made the situation worse by taking the gun she used(which will probably never be returned) and leaving her defenseless, setting her up for a revenge killing.

      In many places, the police are too scared to do their jobs for fear of lawsuit and other penalties, others are given a free pass whenever they commit horrid crimes and are no better than the gangs of criminals they claim to fight. Fewer and fewer are faithful professional public servants uncorrupted by the “blue code of silence”, and unafraid to do their duty. Those few are the ones I respect and admire.

      • I don’t even respect them ones. Screw it, I’m not looking for a reason to have mixed feelings, I can look at it as an institution and make the call. Is the institution not what I’d be dealing with if I were accused? The institution is dysfunctional. Individuals just doing their own job right is not good enough. Even they do their job right they can be part of the union, and by looking reasonable they support an illusion. It amounts to playing dress-up on the public dime and creating cover for the dirty ones.

  7. The cops will show up just in time to draw chalk lines around you and then take a report! It appears that the main reason that the corrupt democrat politicians don’t want the people armed is because it would eliminate their democrat voters!

    • The Dems are against self defense because a disarmed populace would allow their voters to eliminate the opposition more easily.

      • That is the crowning point of my entire day. The Donkeycraps really do want legal private gun owners eliminated for several reasons.
        Makes things easier for their Donkeycrap government jack booted thugs.
        Makes things easier for their Section 8 Housing thugs who vote Donkeycrap..
        Makes the sheeple more dependent on the Donkeycraps and their government jack booted thugs for security from the Section 8 Housing thugs that they created.

  8. I know that part of Dayton. It is not in a good part of town. I refuse to go there anymore for work due to problems I had there years ago. Unfortunately I do not see the situation improving there. Dayton is a Demorat city. The demographics of the voters are the reason why they are in power.

  9. My own experience is that the cops may show up in about 25 to 30 minutes if they can find your residence.The city cops did not know the street I lived on existed West of the railroad tracks. I could have walked from the cop cave to my house in about 20 minutes. The cops may have problems finding the perps as they drive by them. The whole cop response experience was just pathetic.

    • It really depends on when and where you are. I once called the San Francisco PD at 2 a.m. in the morning for someone breaking into a vehicle behind my apartment. They were there in less than thirty seconds. I live in a small town now where response time, even with a short staffed department, is generally less than five minutes, but out in the county, there is one deputy for a very large rural area, and the response time is no less than half an hour, in some places over an hour. Up in the hills and mountains, you are on your own. Next county west is even worse, since all deputies are dispatched from the county seat, the only large town in a county of less than 15,000 people.

      • The best response I have ever had was when I was night security at a foundry and some guys were trying to break into the vending machine snack room at a foundry. The cop cave was about a 10 minute walk from the foundry. The cops response time was about 10 to 15 minutes. The cops had pistols and shotguns drawn and there I was leading the charge totally unarmed. The perps had skyed out while I was waiting on the cops.

  10. Listening to 911 operator, didn’t get a sense of giving a hot damn about the women’s predicament. When the women had to call a second time, operator and told her she hold shot the home invader, operator “oh, you did, OK well they will be there soon” Want to bet operator did not dispatch LEOs after the first call, only after the 2nd. call, Knowing caller was alive and uninjured police moseyed over there in their own good time, to write the report and call morgue to pickup the body. Maybe they do it differently in Ohio but any call to 911 where there is a home invasion in progress I’ve heard, operator stays on the line passing play by play on to responding patrol officers.until caller confirms their arrival.

    • TX – agree. The failure to keep the caller online is troubling. Important to update resident when PD arrive and begin to enter premises. Easy to second-guess, but disappointed that reporter failed to ask PD spokesperson if keeping caller online was SOP.

      Can’t dodge that question under the guise of an ongoing investigation.

    • You noticed that too, eh?

      The dispatcher acted as tho she were watching paint dry. Ho-hum, just another day on the job.

  11. Dayton–didn’t we hear from them in another post earlier this week? Something about the city launching a new initiative to address “gun violence” (what other kind is there, after all?) or some such? Maybe they figured the burglar didn’t have a gun, and since stabbing, beating, raping, etc don’t really count as “violence”, they naturally waited until they heard that someone had been shot…

  12. In cases where the homeowner is well armed, the long 911 response time will allow the goblin to expire gracefully on the homeowner’s front lawn. I don’t have a problem with that.

  13. This is becoming a big problem for Democrats since so many of their potential voters are now ineligible to vote. I mean the ones that survive and then have a felony conviction, obviously the dead guy isn’t gonna be voting, especially since he didn’t die in Chicago.

    • I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there! Felony conviction preventing one from voting democrat? Bwahahahahahahah! No votes from the morgue? Please, my sides, they are about to split!

      • Really–what after all is the purpose of sending out the ACORNS to manufacture phony registrations? So there will be a pool of “legitimate” names on the voter rolls that can then be used by the felons, double-dippers, dead folks, and cigs-and-beer-bribed winos that the Dems will drag to the polls. And some pundit will sit there and wisely intone “registration fraud is not voter fraud”.

  14. I applaud her actions. Don’t have slow response time in my town south of Chiraq-most of the time they lurk around the corner. Revenue ya’ know…

  15. This incident reconfirms the fact that citizens who depend upon dialing 911 for their home safety needs have effectively placed their future desire to live in the hands of unaccountable bureaucrats who have less concern about their “clients” well-being than their own.

    The well-kept secret in this response time fiasco is that many police departments have internal (and secret to the public) policies which do not allow the first responding officers to enter the home, even when it is known there are injured innocents bleeding out inside the home. Their assigned duties may be to wait outside, prevent escape of the invader(s), and report back to the next wave of responders with information gathered.

    Response time can mean absolutely nothing except the police will hang around outside for a longer period of time while waiting for someone with more authority to authorize action beyond observe, report, and apprehend if the invader tries to escape.

    Other LE agencies leave the decision to enter the home up to the individual “discretion” of the first responding officer(s) … which means if they screw up inside (like mistakenly shoot an innocent resident), their department throws the officer under the bus to protect the agency (and management) from future civil litigation in case of a bad outcome. It’s actually worse if the officer elects to violate a do not enter policy and do the right thing for their citizen in need.

    A responding officer can be publicly honored as a brave hero when things work out well, but secretly disciplined internally for violating the “wait outside” policy.

    Bottom line, like the Dayton lady has learned the hard way, is homeowners are often completely on their own inside their residence. Sub-contracting out your personal safety, and the types/availability of weapons to use to protect yourself and family, over to a government run system is a real BAD idea….

  16. Years ago, I came home and noticed the back door to my condo was slightly ajar. I didn’t think much of it and just thought my son had forgotten to close the door all the way.

    I pushed the door open, wandered in, noticed there was a stereo piled in a chair and realized I had just wandered into a burglary in progress.

    I backed out, grabbing the phone on the way and called 911 once I reached the parking lot. I waited 45 minutes to an hour before the cops showed up.

    I was lucky with that break-in. Fortunately, I did not surprise the people committing the burglary, which may very well have saved my life. Also, I was not armed, nor did I have any real experience with firearms at the time, so, I would have not had much chance, had things gone south.

    The only thing I had going for me was decent situational awareness, in that I realized what was going on fairly quickly and got out no more than 15 seconds after I walked in.

  17. The bootlickers at Twitchy would NEVER even acknowledge a story like this. They even blocked me from commenting for daring to suggest that our “beloved boys in blue” are anything less than absolute f*cking perfection.

  18. The call was classified as priority 3. When they ask if he’s still there your answer should not be “I don’t know”, but ” yes , hurry he’s trying to,break in hurry, and I’m armed”.

    You calls are prioritized by what you say, and a man knocking on the door who you say you’ re not sure is even there anymore is not going to the top of the list.

    Btw the call taker ( you don’t talk to the dispatcher) is typing it all up and sending that to dispatch as your still on the line.

  19. 1) Great job, idiot news, for airing the persons address MULTIPLE TIMES in the news story.

    2) And now the thugs family is going to sue the city saying “If the police had responded earlier and arrested by innocent boy, he would still be alive!”

  20. Met a man that owned a pawn shop in SF. After closing one day he and his wife heard someone break in. They called the police and reported the robbery. The dispatcher asked if the robber was still there and when he answered yes the dispatcher said “call back when he is gone and we will take a report.” To stupid to not be true. self defense is a God given natural and inherent right.

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