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Over in the Scotland we learn [via] that “air-rifle holders will have to pay a fee and undergo stringent background and security checks before they can hold such a weapon.” Meanwhile, Chief inspector Lindsay Tulloch is asking Scottish gun owners to hand in their firearms as “many gun owners have no real use for the weapons in their possession.” Connect those dots. And feast your eyes on Gamo Outdoors USA’s latest airgun, the G-Force Tac. [Press release after the jump]. We’re talking abojut a $139 “what could possibly go wrong” kid-friendly AR-ish airgun shooting .177 cal pellets at 750 fps. As Jerry Miculek is wont to say, GET SOME! Or as the Scots would say, guid gear comes in sma’ bulk . . . [h/t SS]

Fort Lauderdale, FL -( Gamo Outdoor USA has expanded its Youth Precision Airgun line for 2015 and is introducing the new G-Force Tac featuring a complete tactical design.

The G-Force Tac is the most advanced break barrel youth tactical air rifle from Gamo Outdoor USA and includes many of Gamo’s top features from their premium airguns, totally designed with the youth market in mind. It features components that are built completely in house by the European manufacturer, such as the metal rifled steel barrel, an all-weather tactical design black stock, multiple tactical rails,  and open detachable battle sights.

This rifle offers Gamo’s industry renowned build-to-last outstanding quality, dimensions and weight specially designed for young shooters; and also important, this product offers parents a great way to introduce young shooters to the sport – while teaching them the basics of shooting safety and target competition.

G-Force Tac SPECS:

  • .177 Cal.
  • Up to 750 fps with .177 PBA Platinum pellets.
  • Metal rifled steel barrel.
  • All-weather tactical design black stock.
  • Tactical rails (upper, left and right sides)
  • Open detachable battle sights
  • Size: 41”
  • Weight: 4.31 lbs.
  • MSRP: $139.95

Gamo Outdoor USA:

Gamo Outdoor USA is a leading consumer products company that designs, manufactures and markets a diverse portfolio of outdoor sporting goods products under such world class brands as GAMO, BSA Optics, Laser Genetics, Aftermath, and is the exclusive distributor of BSA Guns and Joker Knives.

For more information visit: and

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  1. You mean .177? Also, I made the mistake of buying a Gamo. It shoots like 29moa at best. The thing is all over the place at 10 yards from the bench. My crosman pumpmaster is dead on at that distance.

    • I agree. Ban them, because even though they probably won’t kill someone they are “gateway” guns which lead to the desire for more powerful guns. Ban them now!

  2. “Over in the Scotland we learn [via] that “air-rifle holders will have to pay a fee and undergo stringent background and security checks before they can hold such a weapon.””

    Sounds perfectly reasonable.

    In that light, a fee must be charged every time a punter even *thinks* about touching it…

    ““I’m keen to get them out of circulation, and encourage folk to come into the police station and hand them in.

    “Or, if they want, we can attend at peoples’ houses and we will collect any weapons that they are not using.””


    I bet you will…

    • Putting aside how many co-citizens wish to do away with our second amendment, it is nice to not reside in places such as Scotland, England, or Australia. While we have to defend this right……..we DO have it.

  3. I’ll stick with my Benjamin Disco. Never been a big fan of break barrel airguns, and Crosman 17xx/22xx series is great for younger shooters

  4. Pretty please turn your guns, we do know what you have and will put you in jail if your guns get lost in a boating accident.

    Registration = Confiscation
    Always. Even if they are polite about it. They will eventually come for your guns.

  5. What can we expect from the Scots, a people who think it’s manly to run around in pleated skirts. Who, after winning their independence from the insipid Brits through the shedding of much blood, sold their country back to the English crown. And who consider themselves “poet warriors.”

    Such a silly people.

  6. Gotta watch those GAMO velocity claims. 750fps with 4.7gr plastic sabot steel core pellets is not 750fps with normal 7-8gr lead pellets. Should be fine for shooting paper or hunting starlings and recoil / cocking effort are probably light.

  7. My clan’s motto is “BIDE and FECHT” which means STAND and FIGHT. If it weren’t for Scot decendants you and your kind would be singing “Edelviess” while wearing lederhosen. Scotland today needs to discover her heritage I agree, boot dinna knock tha kilt, laddie.

  8. Has everyone forgotten William Wallace? Or how the king murdered him for just wanting to left alone? Oh thats right it was JUST a movie with NO historical accuracy. The Scots need to tell the king, what do the Jews say, “Never again!!” Come on Scotland I support you.

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