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By Larry Keane

President Biden’s call for gun control on the anniversary of the Parkland, Fla. tragedy is, well…malarkey.

President Joe Biden marked the anniversary of the tragedy at Parkland, Fla., by calling for three of the planks of his gun control platform. He showed with his gun control call that he’s more interested in pursuing an agenda rooted in ideological goals than one grounded in reality. Instead of pledging to hold criminals accountable for their actions and improve security at public schools, President Biden chose to placate the radical elements of his party.

President Biden used the tragic loss of 14 students and three adults at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School to press Congress for laws that would have done nothing to stop the murderer. He didn’t once mention the need for justice to be served and the murderer to be held accountable in a courtroom, which still hasn’t happened three years after his horrific crimes. Instead, President Biden chose to blame-shift. He called for retribution instead of accountability.

His missed opportunity won’t do anything to achieve the shared goal of reducing the criminal misuse of firearms. It will only infringe on the Second Amendment and leave law-abiding Americans defenseless against those who would prey upon them.

Background Checks

President Biden called on Congress to pass a law requiring universal background checks. That ignores the fact that the murderer purchased his firearms legally. He completed the background check forms and the retailers checked his information against the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Nothing in the system prohibited him from purchasing his firearms.

That’s not because the murderer didn’t exhibit warning signs or give county, state and federal authorities reasons to intervene – even to the point of arrest and involuntary commitment to a mental health facility.

Law enforcement had as many as 45 instances where they could have intervened, including an allegation that the murderer put a gun to his mother’s head. That’s a felony offense with a firearm. Yet, nothing was done. It is worth noting that at the time, Florida already had a form of a so-called extreme risk protective order law.

The murderer also gave enough warning signs that fellow students reported him. School Resource Officers recommended he be committed for a mental health evaluation. The murderer posted a comment to YouTube five months before his crime, writing, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”

The FBI got the first of two warnings that were never acted upon. The second warning came less than six weeks before his crime when a tipster called the FBI to complain. No one responded. The FBI admitted it failed to follow protocols.

form 4473

A background check is only as good as the information it contains. The tragedy of Parkland proves this. That’s why the firearm industry championed the FixNICS® campaign to fix the FBI’s background check system by changing the law in 16 states and in Congress to increase reporting of disqualifying adjudicated mental health records, resulting in a 266 percent increase. The industry’s effort to improve NICS is ongoing.

More background checks for personal firearm transfers aren’t the answer. That would overwhelm the system. Even backers of universal background checks know this. It also won’t work without a national firearm registry, another fact known by President Biden and others who want this law.

A national registry is against federal law. Gun rights advocates, and those concerned about protecting civil liberties, know that a national registry is the first step to confiscation – another plan President Biden said he would pursue.

Ban ‘Assault Weapons’ & ‘High Capacity Magazines’

President Biden’s second Congressional tasking was to send him a bill banning what he termed “assault weapons,” along with “high capacity magazines.” He purposefully conflated the semiautomatic rifle with “weapons of war.” These are emotionally-charged arguments that bely fundamental facts.

Modern sporting rifles (MSRs) are semiautomatic rifles. This means one cartridge is expended each time the trigger is squeezed. This is technology that’s been in existence since 1885 and first appeared as a sporting rifle for commercial sale in 1903.

The MSR was designed in the 1950s and was first sold to the public as the Colt Sporter in the early 1960s. Today, it’s the most popular-selling centerfire rifle on the market, with over 20 million in circulation, used daily for lawful purposes.

President Biden’s demand to limit magazine capacity is blind to the facts of the Parkland crime. The murderer didn’t use the magazines President Biden seeks to ban. During the six minutes of his murderous rampage, the attacker wasn’t stopped from changing magazines to carry out his crimes, all while the police failed to enter the school.

Scot Peterson Parkland broward coward
This Feb. 14, 2018 frame from security video provided by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office shows deputy Scot Peterson, right, outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. The video released Thursday, March 15, shows Peterson going toward the high school building while a gunman massacred 17 students and staff members, but stayed outside with his handgun drawn. (Courtesy of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

The crimes in Parkland, while horrific, are thankfully rare. The FBI’s own statistics show that more murders are committed with knives, fists and clubs than with all rifles of all types combined. President Biden, backed by radical gun control groups, is gaslighting the issue. They’re calling for a ban on a rifle because it is similar in appearance to that used by the military. Yet, they ignore the murderer.

Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)

President Biden rounded out his gun control demands by telling Congress it must send him legislation repealing the bipartisan Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) by, “eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets.”

That’s madness. It would be the same as allowing activist lawyers to sue Ford for the wrongful deaths caused by drunk drivers. The bottom line is President Biden knows he’s shoveling “malarkey.” Instead of holding the murderer accountable for his crimes, he blames firearm manufacturers, whom he labeled “the enemy” in 2019. Instead of questioning the failures of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, he scapegoats the firearm industry.

The firearm industry isn’t waiting. While President Biden flails and lashes out, the firearm industry is working for Real Solutions®. The firearm industry partners with 15,000 law enforcement agencies to distribute 40 million firearm safety kits, including locking devices, for safe firearm storage through Project ChildSafe®.

We are fixing the FBI’s background check system by changing the law in 16 states and in Congress to increase reporting of disqualifying adjudicated mental health records, resulting in a 266 percent increase. We partner with the ATF to prevent illegal firearm straw purchases and warn the public it is a crime punishable by 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

We are also working with ATF to improve security at firearm retailers and deter criminals from stealing firearms. We match ATF reward offers to bring criminals to justice that steal firearms. The firearm industry is also working with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Department of Veterans Affairs to prevent firearm suicides, which account for 60 percent of firearm fatalities annually.

The malarkey stops here. President Biden is welcome to join us for Real Solutions. Peddling radical gun control agendas doesn’t honor the memory of the lives lost to a criminal’s unspeakable acts and doesn’t stop the criminal misuse of firearms, reduce accidents or prevent suicides.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Right wingers: ‘Biden is a dime Roa ridden mind corpse!!!’

    Also right wingers: ‘BiDeN iS tHe HeAd oF A muLtInAtionaL CriME fAmILy tHaT wAs AbLe tO sTEal tHe EleCtiOn!!!’

    • Yes Larry continue to allow Gun Control Zealots to set the pace and you follow like a puppy dog. Gun Control and the criminal misuse of firearms are two entirely different subjects. They are to be addressed separately and never to be mixed or matched.

      I do not have to tell you Larry that Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide. But I must say the lily white crocodile tear democRats who put on a show for gullible Black Americans by tearing down statues and monuments relating to the Civil War, Jim Crow etc. are the same bunch in favor of Gun Control. Well you know and I know Larry that the racist history of Gun Control is far, far, far and much, much worse than all the statues and monuments combined and multiplied by a thousand…Gun Control in any shape or form is rooted in racism and genocide and with that said Gun Control has no place whatsoever in America.

      For once how about shoving the Truths About Gun Control down the throats of Gun Control Zealots? As it stands they always take the lead and next comes the mops and buckets to clean up their crap.
      Face it…Fighting the same old battle with the same old worn out tactics leaves Gun Control Zealots holding you by the balls Larry. You need to take them by the horns with The Truth About Gun Control. Don’t stop twisting until they tap out or quit breathing.

    • @Reality Check….Creepy Joe is a shake down artist. Others manipulated the election results in a few specific county’s to give the presidency to him.

      Why? Because President Trump upset the status quo. The last one that really did that was JFK and he was killed for it.

      • Manse – don’t forget that the dems used the same tactics (cheating in just enough precincts) to flip Illinois for JFK. And that makes ya wonder who he didn’t ‘please’ that got him killed. Oops my bad ‘everybody’ knows that Oswald acted alone, sorry.

  2. Universal Background checks require registration and lists.

    The answer I have for Biden and his oily trolls is “NO!”

  3. It doesn’t matter what we as people of the gun or the manufacturers are doing. The communists are hell bent (and bound) to disarm and enslave us. We have to be ready to respond with extreme prejudice.

    • This dude writes: ‘wE HaVe tO bE ReAdy tO ResPoND wItH ExTremE prEjuDiCe!’

      So what exactly are you suggesting, McGarnagle?

      • U like giving people sht dont u. Do you do that face to face or just behind a keyboard?
        Joe Tast 501 Plum apt.24 Chetopa Ks 66356 drop by for a visit sometime. I make a mean batch of fried taters and catfish.

        • Not to worry possum, THAT dumbass can’t read, spell, develop a comprehensive statement OR get it’s mommies car to get to your place, but damn offering to WASTE “fried taters and catfish” on THAT clown is really going above and beyond….

  4. Universal Background checks can be done without registration. Every proposition for UBCs includes such registration, implicit or explicit, because they want to, because that’s the real reason for the law.

    • Without registration there is no way to enforce UBC. There would need to be a list that x owned a firearm and now y has it, either given to or sold. Then there is the matter of NCIC being opened to all and not just FFLs.

      • I’ve been over this several times, and really don’t feel like going over it again. Suffice it to say that, using cryptographic protocols, it would be possible, upon finding a person in possession of a particular firearm, to verify that a background check was carried out of said person in connection with that firearm, without it being possible to reverse-engineer the query to make a list of who has what.

  5. The shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School was 19 years AFTER Columbine.
    The schoolboard and principle failed the students, parents and community. Why do they still have jobs?

  6. Joe/Kamala will go down as the greatest guns sales people in the US. Too bad they want to take away semi-automatics, if congress and the senate has any common sense they will stay away from that third rail of politics. Otherwise they will make millions of felons overnight. Good night everyone, I am going to sell my last guns on the internet before Joe goes to take them away.

  7. California has had a universal background check law for two decades, and that includes registration of the firearm with the CADOJ (even if the DOJ doesn’t like to call it that).
    It doesn’t seem to have effected the rate of “gun violence” at all. Perhaps that is because felons steal their guns or engage in illegal straw sales and private sales. (It never ceases to amaze me how many previously convicted felons arrested around these parts (most of whom are tweakers) have loaded guns in their vehicles.)

    • “It doesn’t seem to have effected the rate of “gun violence” at all.”

      Because ‘gun violence’ wasn’t the point of the operation – Tying a specific gun to a specific person was the point all along.

      With that handy-dandy list, it makes confiscation much safer for them…

    • Its because they dont really care about what the law says.
      Laws are like locks, they keep honest people honest.

    • If drugs are important by the ton, what is to stop the Narcos from bringing in some guns and ammunition too? Although China might not like the competition.

  8. “He showed with his gun control call that he’s more interested in pursuing an agenda rooted in ideological goals than one grounded in reality.”

    So what else is new?–he started that on day 1 with his executive orders!

  9. Joe is going to pass the buck to Congress, which will do nothing. Kind of like his “reopen schools” with the goal being 50%+ or schools for at least 1 days a week for a couple weeks before summer break. I’ll be a happy boy if everything he does is this ineffective. I’m surprised that he hasn’t issued an EO to ban all imports by declaring them “non-sporting.”

  10. A background check is only as good as the information it contains.

    Just like 2017, guy commits domestic abuse Air Force won’t report it outside their system boom 26 dead… “Clerical errors” let the little cunt in S.C. get a gun “legally” and murder 9 people in a church… Sandy Hook killer just “took” his mothers guns that were purchased legally… The records are full of this crap, the clown in Broward county was NOT reported for years because it would embarrass local school authorities and SJWs and when he finally was reported to the FBI? well, they were too busy trying to build a bogus Russia-gate case against a duly elected POTUS (so THAT one was Trumps fault)… And now they want “UNIVERSAL” background checks (which already exists), what good is another law if those in charge of maintaining the records and enforcing the law don’t do THEIR job?…

  11. U.S. Military currently uses at lest four (4) bolt action rifles and a half dozen or so various types of shotguns (three of which I own)… Does that not make THEM weapons of war?… As for magazines, what is HIGH capacity? nearly all AR-15s are shipped with a STANDARD 30 round magazine… so is high capacity 40 rounds? 50? 100?.. These proposals from Komrad Biden are NOT intended for any purpose other than disarming a large portion of the population that can and WILL stand in opposition to his masters endeavors to overthrow and enslave us…

      • Rocks and sticks were used

        Until they were banned in 40,000 BC by Crittercrats, then only criminal Homo Sapiens had rocks and sticks…

    • You to be quick witted and smart…. LOL. MADDMAXX is just another 5 star general

      And your grasp of the English language is underwhelming at best… Don’t fuck with me LOL@ASSCLOWN… You’re engaging in a gun fight armed only with….. Hmmmm, near as I can tell you are completely unarmed… What a moron… Go fuck yourself LOL@CLOWNBOY… And no, I am not /Montana Actual..

      • Wow. And i though Goof was an idiot. How does it feel to go through life with so much impotent, pent up rage MADDMAXX? Well, the good news is I know you’re alone so when the inevitable crash happens innocent bystanders won’t go down with you. Carry on, Keyboard Warrior 🤡🤣🤡🤣!

      • I know you’re alone so when the inevitable crash happens innocent bystanders won’t go down with you. Carry on, Keyboard Warrior

        Projection is a typical tactic of the LOL@CLOWNASS liberal Troll and ALL you do is project… I recognize the cry for help and dude you are bawling your eyes out… you really need to get help before you suck on the business end of a large caliber handgun (I would suggest YOU use a 12 gauge with a slug due the apparent small size of your brain)… As for me, what you confuse for “impotent, pent up rage” is actually just me amusing myself (and others) by making Clowns like you dance, however this will grow old quickly and I can go back to ignoring your moronic ignorance and someone else will take the strings, no matter YOU WILL dance and while I do appreciate your concern rest assured that my wife and I are doing just fine and she sends her regards as well…. DANCE Clown…

      • USMC handguns

        Beretta M9
        Beretta M9A1
        Glock 19M – Adopted in February 2015 for use by MARSOC
        M45A1 CQBP – Modified M1911A1, for use by MEU(SOC) and MARSOC. Still in use by Recon Battalions and Security and Emergency Services Battalions.
        M17 – Standard issue pistol since 2019
        M18 –
        ALL weapons of war….


  13. blah blah blah blah again, again, again. Silly Larry, Liberals/Socialists don’t care about Little Peep safety. They only care about protecting their own tyrannical asses. That’s why they hate guns in the hands of the Little Peeps Little Peeps tend to reach an “Enough” point and shoot tyrants…..and/or their henchmen. That’s why our Founding Fathers included the 2A in the Bill of Rights. Not to give Americans the right to keep and bear arms to shoot tyrants, but to tell the government that right “shall not be infringed”….keep your damn hands off or tread on at your own peril.

    A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
    He only controls the good guys which is his true agenda.

    In 1958. the late Col Jeff Cooper, handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy, stated, “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
    You cannot control the act itself
    by passing laws about the means employed.”

    The bad guy with a gun…..or the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the TERRIBLY DISTRAUGHT FAMILY MEMBER OF A GUN SHOOTING VICTIM…….or a gun violence survivor……or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
    The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
    History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it.
    And there, boys and girls, is the Biden Gun Violence Prevention Plan in a nut shell. It’s all about protecting Socialist tyrannical politicians from American Patriots.

    In Thomas Jefferson’s letter of 1787 to William Stephens Smith, the son-in-law of John Adams, postulates on the newly drafted Constitution and what it will mean. One of his statements succinctly deals with our situation today, and I quote: “What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.!” Our Founding Fathers dealt with a plethora of issues, and provided guidance accordingly; hoping it would never come to this!

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