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From Nosler . . .

On the heels of a year where new hunter participation increased dramatically and more than 8 million people became first-time gun owners, Nosler has announced plans to launch their new “Project 48” initiative designed to welcome, engage and educate this record number of new shooting sports enthusiasts. Social media powerhouses, Tim Kennedy and Colion Noir, have been revealed as the company’s first partners to lead efforts behind the mission.

The partnerships bring together two of the industry’s most eminent 2A activists and shooting sports enthusiasts with the trusted leader in premium ammunition, bullets and rifles. In collaboration with Nosler, both Kennedy and Noir will utilize their significant social media platforms to reach new shooters and deliver content that resonates with the growing shooting sports community. Project 48 content will cover a broad range of topics including firearm safety and maintenance, shooting drills, information on 2A legislation and tips for new hunters.

An attorney by trade, Colion Noir is recognized as one of today’s leading voices for young gun enthusiasts, producing firearm lifestyle and 2A content for his millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In addition to social media, Colion appears regularly as a FOX News commentator on the issue of gun rights.

Tim Kennedy rose to fame as a professional MMA fighter in the UFC. A lifelong martial arts athlete proficient in jiu-jitsu, boxing and wrestling, Kennedy was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of fame in 2011 as MMA Fighter of the Year. In addition to his professional fighting career, he is an active, Ranger qualified, Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as others around the globe. Kennedy’s accomplished career has catapulted him into the social media spotlight, amassing over 1 million followers across his platforms. Today, he plays an important role in empowering people of all backgrounds to take ownership over their safety by offering specialized self-defense, firearms and emergency response training through his company Sheepdog Response.

Additions to the Project 48 lineup will be announced throughout 2021 and is set to include a unique pool of talent that includes military personnel, professional athletes, 2A activists and more.

“As we charge through the first quarter of the 21st Century, we are focused on partnering with the pillars of our industry who are leading efforts to educate our millions of new consumers” said John Nosler, President of Nosler Inc. “Our new Project 48 partners are dynamic leaders who are committed to addressing the most critical issues facing our industry- new hunter recruitment and new shooter education. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Colion Noir and Tim Kennedy to the Nosler family and are looking forward to joining forces during this pivotal time in the shooting sports industry.”

More information about Nosler, Project 48 and its partners can be found at

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    • But hes a MMA Milk Mans Anonymous? and knows jujitsu and stuff. Some people know Klunk Fu and dont need a gunm, some people only know Runchiknrun and need a gunm.
      Lol,,,I took taekwondo lessons, the instructor ask if I’d had any martial arts training, I told him I was a double black belt in Runchiknrun. He looked at me like “what?”, I told him yeah it’s all in the feet, if I can outrun you I dont get beat up.

      • Hey, Possum – Seen this?

        A woman tried to steal a Trump sign out of a woman’s yard, and is now d.e.a.d….

        “Police did not release information about the sign but other residents, reacting to the crime on a local message board, say the woman had a Trump sign in the yard and the victim tried to take it.”

        Possums are smarter than most people, it seems…

        • Trump signs are real valuable collectors items now I guess? Maybe they should have kept it in the house.
          Yup, if a possum cant eat it we leave it alone

      • One of the big drives for me to get interested in weapons of all types at a young age was my inability to master runchiknrun.
        I was too fat and too asthmatic and all the good breethin drugs I give people now hadn’t been invented yet.

  1. How do I email this to my sister? There’s no longer a little “letter” icon.
    I’m s-l-o-w-l-y getting her interested in this stuff.
    (I don’t do, facebook, twitter, linkedin, or the other one.)

  2. @jwtaylor,
    Then you haven’t listened to his interview. Just like a politician that gets caught with his hand in the cookee jar. He is a liar.

    • I listened the whole thing. And I also listened to the other things Tim has said . He’s been very clear. All the guns are ok. No registration, none of that bullshit. He’s openly said that American private citizens should own and be trained in the firearms necessary to defeat a tryranical government.
      You don’t get much more 2A than wanting any law abiding American to have belt fed firearms.

        • What exactly are you referring to? I used the link you provided and a direct quote from Tim in that link.
          What exactly did Tim say that makes him “Mr. anti 2A”? And how does that compare to everything he’s said and done, to include teaching thousands of Americans how to better use their AR15s and semi auto pistols?

        • @jw taylor, I’ve given you the link. If you don’t see the problem, there’s nothing I can do to help you. Kennedy shoots his mouth off. Period. If that’s your dude, have him.

  3. Look, let’s get serious. If you are a sentient gun owner (and I assume most/all on this website are), you know that it is important for ALL new gun owners to get at least basic gun handling and gun safety training. The NRA, for WHATEVER you think of them, do excellent gun safety training. There are others, as well.

    I want all new gun owners to take the responsibility of being a gun owner seriously, and get trained. I just don’t want the damned “gummint” defining, regulating, requiring, or controlling what “gun training” is or should be . . . because they SUCK at it. After all, the “gummint” controls training and licensing of drivers, right? And you NEVER drive down the road, watch some idiot do something stupid behind the wheel, and say to yourself, “What f***in’ moron gave THAT @$$hole a driver’s license???!?!?!” Amirite???

    We should all be reaching out to new gun owners (any that we know or know of) and offering to take them to our favorite range and NICELY and POLITELY teach them the basics. Whether you “like” these two or not, what they are doing is what we should ALL be doing – get the noobs at least competent.

  4. @jw taylor, I’ve given you the link. If you don’t see the problem, there’s nothing I can do to help you. Kennedy shoots his mouth off. Period. If that’s your dude, have him.

    • JWT, please don’t be so obtuse. Vahn G is referring to what was said in the interview, you are referring to a ham-fisted clarification that barely clarifies anything; a backpedaling tirade. Vahn G makes no summarization of Kennedy’s words, yet you rhetorically state “wanting any law abiding American to have belt fed firearms” is so pro 2A… but Kennedy never said that.

      There is little defense for this guy. I know of him within professional circles. He’s a mouth that’s extremely good at MMA… and it kinda ends there.

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