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OK, it’s awfully rare. But when an ND leads to the prevention of multiple murders, I’ll take the ND any time. Depending on the account you read, Ralph Lang was either loading his .38 or practicing with it in a Madison, WI hotel room when he negligently fired it through his door. The bullet also went through the door of the room across the hall, but no one was injured. When police arrived, he freely told them that his intent was to attack the local Planned Parenthood facility and another clinic in Milwaukee. Big surprise: Lang’s been ordered to undergo a competency evaluation. It would be nice if all would-be murderers were so incompetent with their guns and announced themselves in advance. Until that day, concealed carry seems a good option.

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  1. It would have been even better if his ND had taken him out, then it would have saved us all a lot of trouble.

  2. I’m totally confused, there was no one in the other room that it hit that was planning to murder anyone, so how did this stop a murder?

    • This kinda thing might be picked up on by msnbc. a militant anti-abortionist (presumably Christian) had a gun and was gonna use it.
      “Those right wing Christian gun nuts are our biggest terrorist threat” I can just hear being said, maybe even by janet napoliona.
      It may not. not as bad as that church shooting of an abortion doctor. good thing he did not get a chance to carry out his plan.

        • Next time you post a link to a {shudder} Rachel Maddow piece, could you add a content warning? Something like “Warning! Frighteningly deranged person’s opinion at this link!” It would be nice if you could do it in flashing red as well.

        • Yeah. I don’t care.

          He was being protected from being charged with committing partial birth abortions(a charge HE NEVER DENIED and RUBBED IN PEOPLES FACES) by Sebelius.

          People treat abortionists like they are some sort of champions of rights, they aren’t, they are millionaires who want to continue making money.

  3. How in the eff does anyone negligently fire a revolver? It’s got a fourteen pound trigger. You can see the bullets in it for Christ’s sake.

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