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Question of the Day: You Know You’re A Gun Guy When . . .


  1. avatar Ryan Finn says:

    You annoy your family by pointing out the flaws in firearms used in movies or tv.

    If you go out of town for an extended period of time, the first thing you do when getting in the door is run to the safe and make sure your “babies” are ok

    1. avatar Andrew Snyder says:

      Check and check.


      When you think of money in terms of how much Ammo that will buy. “Wow, 50 bucks for my birthday, I can buy 150 rounds of .40 with that!”

      When you find yourself at the local convention center for the Garden and Yard Show but can’t stop wondering where the tables with guns are.

      When your spouse threatens you with gun restriction and/or gun buying restriction when she/he really wants you to comply.

      When TTAG is the only bookmark you added to the browser on your smart phone.

    2. avatar Rudy says:

      May I “expand” it to: “your family and friends refuse to watch any “movie with guns” with you”?

      1. I have to add: when your friends have watched enough movies with you that they complain that you “ruined the fantasy” about gun handling for them. Even my non-gun friends know about mag changes, indexed trigger fingers, and not ‘lazering’ your comrades.

  2. avatar Here Iam says:

    When your preferred cologne is Hoppe’s #9…

  3. avatar ExurbanKevin says:

    You have more holsters than your wife/significant other has shoes.

  4. avatar The Cabinet Man says:

    …you know more about the price of an 8-pound jug of Unique than you know about the price per share of your 401K.

    (Guilty as charged, BTW…)


  5. avatar Derek says:

    You know what BUG, DGU, CCW, CHL, CWP, IWB, OWB, MOA, FPS, POA, POI etc means.

    A state/city’s gun laws are a deal breaker when deciding where you vacation.

    You take longer getting ready than your significant other because you’re picking the right gun, holster, shirt, pants combo.

    You’re lauging at these comments.

    You’re reading TTAG.

  6. avatar Zealot says:

    All of the above with one amendement to Andrew’s post:
    When you measure big ticket items in terms of whole guns you could have had, “We paid the babysitter the equivalent of a new Arsenal SGL21 this month?!”

    When all the magazines in the bathroom are either from the NRA or are gun-related catalogs.

    When you KIDS start pointing out the annoying gun mistakes in movies

    You find yourself giving serious thought to what shirt you’re gonna wear to the _____ (party, wedding, cookout) and its got nothing to do with fashion.

  7. avatar Andrew Wiggins says:

    You start your day with a cup of coffee and The Truth About Guns.

    1. avatar Hunter S. says:


    2. avatar Charles says:


  8. avatar MikeJ says:

    You turn down jobs, because they are in a state with restrictive gun laws.

  9. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    You have a bedside gun, a kitchen gun, a glove box gun, a gun for each front pocket… You reload AK magazines for your RPK during dinner. You have shoulder rigs hanging in your closet. You have cases of ammo in your hall closet. You give directions based on the closest gun shop.

  10. avatar Happy D says:

    Someone asks what is the biggest gun you own and you ask. By caliber, Length, height, Width, and/or weight, or relative power?

  11. avatar Bob H says:

    Your guncase triggers an overweight fee from the airline and your regular luggage doesn’t.

  12. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    Your UPS guy knows you and delivers ammo every month.

  13. avatar Buuurr says:

    When you are moving to a new state and before you move you know what the gun laws are and how to get a res permit for CCW. Also the temperature of how guns are received in said state.

    When you are traveling you know the restrictions of each state on how to transport the firearm (even for the states you may not drive through)

    When you have already checked for hunting seasons and firearms restricted for said season.

    When you say, “F&*k, California! I can’t work there!”

    P.S. Illinois sucks…

    1. avatar Leo Atrox says:

      “P.S. Illinois sucks…”

      So true, I’d laugh … If I didn’t live in Illinois.

      1. avatar Buuurr says:

        Sorry… In regards to gun laws. I have never been there but from the laws I have read, it sucks.

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    You know you’re a gun guy when:
    1. You think an accidental discharge has something to do with a gun and nothing to do with a session of heavy petting with Brooklyn Decker.
    2. You prefer the scent of Hoppe’s No. 9 to Chanel No. 5 — and so does your main squeeze.
    3. You named your son Sig and your daughter Ladysmith.
    4. You think that car is spelled with a k and an h.
    5. You own more holsters than suits — and the holsters fit better.

    You’re an anti-gun guy if:
    1. You think a tactical reload is waiting twenty minutes before you try again.
    2. You read Mikeb’s blahg for the humor.
    3. You get the runs when you hear the word “assault” used as an adjective.
    4. You find Paul Helmke to be one handsome man.
    5. You joined the ATF to “make a difference.”

  15. avatar DesertRat says:

    You buy a new ‘classic’ gun for your collection and later discover that you already own two.

  16. avatar New2this says:

    You ponder cutting out the pointless middleman (you) and having your employer deposit your checks directly to LuckyGunner.

  17. avatar Van says:

    After shooting at the range with your wife, you go back an hour later because you need some “alone time” with your Glock.

  18. avatar Buuurr says:

    When cleaning your shotgun you straight away want to make it dirty again… /me one minute and thirty seconds ago

  19. avatar Roy Hill says:

    You open a safe or a locked cabinet and find either a rifle you forgot you owned or a case of 500 rounds of centerfire ammo you forgot you owned.

  20. avatar Roy Hill says:

    Answering the question of the day at TTAG makes you realize you own more rifles in a certain caliber than you have fingers on one hand.

  21. avatar Pat Carver says:

    The first time you saw the sign for Cartridge World, you thought “Cool, a new place to get ammo”.

    So sad to find out they refill printer ink.

  22. avatar William Foley says:

    You find a deal on reloading dies in a caliber you do not currently load. Then buy the firearm that caliber.

  23. avatar Michel says:

    Many of the above are meant to be humorous, but I swear that this is the way that I realized that I was a gun guy: I noticed that whenever I shake someone’s hand, I have my index finger extended out over the other party’s wrist, because I can’t get myself to wrap my hand around something grip-like and not have the trigger finger pointing out like that – until, of course, I am ready to shoot.

  24. avatar ed says:

    “When your spouse threatens you with gun restriction and/or gun buying restriction when she/he really wants you to comply.”

    To add to that: And the current level of restriction is the result of intense long term negotiation between the two of you regarding income, budgets, increased accessories, and possible trading for the other party to have additional buying for their own purposes in exchange. AND as a result of this, the non-gun SO knows that any weapon requires a case, extra magazines, spare parts, cleaning gear, ammunition, storage for same, holsters (note plural), and any number of potential accessories. AND knows the general price of these items based solely on what you have purchased in the past.

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