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“The second season begins with Scott on a standard security mission in Kenya and Section 20 facing new pressures from command. Now out of the unit, Stonebridge is training recruits at a military base—” Wait, this guy is training troops? Let’s hope their lessons don’t include “How to Spot an Ambush.” The show’s tagline: “Diplomacy is Overrated.” I guess a two-handed grip on your handgun isn’t so highly valued either. OK, so, “staying close to home and being a dutiful husband. When Scott’s mission takes an unexpected dangerous turn, Section 20 must find an immediate creative solution.” Strike Back strikes back tonight at 10pm on Cinemax.

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  1. Yeeeah, this is the show where the protagonists treat guns that have gone empty as though they’ve magically become useless and throw them away. Even when presented with a pile of rifles they’ll use one and toss it to pick up another, rather than consolidate mags and ammo and just… you know… reload.

    I also hate how often they drop mags or do mag checks only to clearly reveal the feed lips of an empty airsoft magazine. I understand that the production is probably working within a tight budget but it’s a pretty basic rule- if you don’t have the means to show something you film around it.

    Maybe they’ve gotten better since I stopped watching but my overall impression is that the people who write and direct this show have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to firearms, and if they have any legit consultants they apparently spend the bulk of their time hanging out at craft services.

    • really dude? In some situations,CQB being one of them,when your primary weapon goes dry,it’s alot easier to transition to a secondary instead of trying to reload under fire. I don’t see anything wrong with picking up another loaded weapon when mine runs dry in a firefight. I myself carry a loaded pistol in each pocket when I carry. It’s easier to present a second loaded pistol and continue firing instead of trying to reload 1. But that’s just me.

  2. OK I’ve watched it 12 times now. I’m pretty convinced the dude gets hit and there’s blood spatter. He gets out of the car and is fine.

  3. It’s written and produced by Bits, filmed in South Africa, and the only “American” is played by an Aussie. Lucky they dont use pink nerd guns.

  4. There are very few shows that show perfect gun handling. As a TV show goes it is not bad, I think we have all seen a lot worse.


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