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As we’ve mentioned before, Taurus intends to step up their game. Their latest video is meant to let the gun world know this is not your father’s Taurus any more. Chris sure had some good things to say about their big boy 24/7. They’ve apparently got big plans – look for changes in both substance and style – and we’re expecting something of a splash by the next SHOT show. If not before. We’ll be anxiously waiting.

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  1. i have never owned or shot a taures semi auto. i have owned three of their revolvers. anew mod 85, a new model -? 357 mag and a used 38, also unknown mod number. that looked and shot like a s&w 15. nothing but good thinks to say about their revolvers.

  2. I shot a 24/7 in .40 in a side by side comparison with an XD40. The Taurus demonstrated much snappier recoil. No thanks.

  3. While I remember when only the coolest street thugs had Taurus pistols for sale I’m willing to evolve and see if this next generation of guns are up to snuff.

  4. I gots to wonder. The number of semiauto pistols available on the California roster has been rapidly shrinking. One .45, the compact PT745, one .40 (PT 940), one .38 (PT38S) and two 9 mm with five inch barrels (PT 92, PT 99). I dropped by one of the LGS to look at the PT745 and was told that it is no longer a stocking item and that they have gone out of production. Not one new pistol is on roster. Is Taurus pulling out of the California market? I hope not.

    • taurus revolvers seem to be well represented at my local shops. i just assumed the lack of autos was because of the buying binge people are on.

      • Other states have more semis than we do; no new firearm can be sold unless it is on California’s “safe handgun roster,” a roster that requires a manufacturer to submit samples of every single gun that they wish to sell in this state and pay a large fee for testing–and this applies to various iterations of the same gun that are merely cosmetic, e.g., a blued slide versus a stainless slide, a two tone, different color frames and grips.

  5. I have owned two Taurus firearms and both were problematic and sub standard. Time will tell if they are serious about better quality products.

  6. I know they are looking to improve their product. I hope to see favorable changes, if you look at the replies on the review it isn’t all rainbows and roses.
    They have a long road ahead, but I do look forward to better, or improved budget products. While a SIG as an example is a top notch shooter, the almost 1K price tag here in CA at least puts it out of range of many would be gun owners.
    I am seriously considering the 24/7 myself. If it is as good or better than the M&P then I think they will have a winner on their hands, especially if price is kept low.

  7. Watched the video, just words. I knew the risk before purchasing a Taurus semi-auto, as well as a KelTec; I lost the wager on both and won’t risk my cash on either again. Not trying to bash, just don’t know what either company could do to gain my trust…..

    • I bought an M&P, and one of the night sight glowy parts was missing right out of the box. S&W has a great warranty (if you’re the original owner) and customer service and took care of it, though.

      To me, the main thing about Taurus is the seemingly endless customer service horror stories. Everyone puts out some bad guns, and Taurus sells a TON of guns so people are likely to hear horror stories, but if it’s broke, just make it right already.

      • S&W has a lifetime manufacturers defects warranty, and honestly pretty much anything else that happens to it as well they fix either free, or very very reasonably priced. Plus, they’re made in the USA. What more could you ask for?

        Now about Taurus, I just havent heard good things about them, and unless they come out with something truly game changing, I wont be buying any of their guns.

  8. I own 4 Taurus handguns, 2 revolvers (judge & .500 R Bull) and 2 semis (PT92 & 1911).
    I have no complaints. My PT92 was my first pistol, bought 10 years ago and never had a single issue with her. Maybe I’m just a lucky one.

  9. My friend has a Taurus Raging Bull in .454 Casull. It is one fine firearm and fun to shoot for about 5 rounds before switching back to .45 LC.

  10. More interested in what Rossi has to offer than Taurus. Unless the mythical Raging Bull in .223 comes out, not interested.

    • I believe Rossi was bought out by Taurus in 1997. If anything new comes out, I’d expect quality to be the same across the board.

      I have no complaints for my Wizard .308. Lightweight and accurate field rifle, sub moa groups at 100yds. My pt145 was great after the factory fixed the pin creep it had initially.

      As another poster said, the muzzle flip is pretty bad on their polymer handguns.

  11. The most knowledgeable, objective, and honest retail gun salesman I know in Portland will not recommend Taurus to the store’s customers (yes the store he works at has Taurus) based on the number of problems customers continue to experience. Some Taurus guns appear to work yet there are too many lemons in proportion to those Taurus guns owners have not had problems with.

    “we’re expecting something of a splash by the next SHOT show’
    — New models and gun features, and whatever promises of service mean nothing to me. A history of good results are all that counts. Currently, Taurus lacks a good history.

    • Gee, that’s what my local gunstore says about Kimbers–apart from the fact that even as a dealer they can’t get any to sell.

  12. Taurus has a good history with me. Ive bought and traded quite a few guns over the last few months, and the only weapons I owned which had a problem were :

    A Ruger SR9 which had some sort of barrel problem, as the weapon grouped 8″ at 7 yards.

    A Beretta 9000 F model whose safety spontaneously failed while the weapon was cocked in condition 1-that could have gotten me killed but for the chance fact the gun wasn’t in my holster when it failed.

    A S&W 5906 with a bum extractor , generating failures to feed every 100 rounds.

    By comparison every Taurus ive owned and shot has worked 100%. Ive yet to see a Taurus fail in my young life. S&W and Beretta have already **** the bed on me, and ill never own another Beretta again after their customer service , in response to the aforementioned safety problem, told me to f**k off , in so many words.

    Methinks the Taurus hate is nothing but jealousy propped up with gun counter hearsay.

    • I lived with a womyn in Berkeley California whose astrological sign was Taurus back in about 1993. She had a bull’s temperament to match. She and another ’empowered liberated’ womyn in our home woke me up to seeing the true face of feminism. Since then I’ve been a MRA Men’s Rights Activist.

  13. Words and stock photography. Let’s see video of the factory, with finished Taurus revolvers going through a multi-point inspection process. Let’s see new guns coming with an inspection sheet in the box, with an employee’s signature at the bottom. If you don’t want to do it in Brazil, do it at the importer here. Show me a picture of a smiling American man or woman who will take personal pride in shipping a gun that does not already suffer from problems I’d expect from a shot-out old pawn shop gun.

  14. I’ll never own a Taurus, everyone I have used is junk. Brazil still owes me my share of the Billions Obama gave them to squander, I aint making them no richer

  15. My wife couldn’t be happier with her TCP. I agree – it has the best trigger of any of the pocket .380s I’ve seen, including the LCR. I’m thinking about getting one and I recommend it.

    • +1 on the TCP, mine has never had a failure to
      feed, fire, extract or eject.
      It’s pretty accurate for a pistol of it’s type, too.

      My .357 tracker regularly shoots single hole groups, as well.

      • didn’t the guy running the dummies out of the cyber cafe in fl. use one of those taurus pocket 380’s

  16. I’m giving my PT709 Slim one more chance (before I seek out an S&W Shield). While it operates reliably, its sights seem impossible to adjust for accurate and consistant targetting. However, I think I have figured out the proper adjustment, followed by locking that rear sight into position.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure the PT709 Slim was ever meant to be an accurate “target” shooting pistol. Its main purpose is to be an easily concealable, single-stack, 9mm weapon for close-quarters defense — more rapid “front sight” pointing than careful through the sights targetting.

  17. Ahh the world of functional non-premium handguns! After a ton of recent experience with friends and relatives with modern Taurus including shooting thousands of reloads through a pt145 mil pro until I needed new springs (which Taurus gave me free of charge) my opinion is that their customer service is good, their new line of autoloaders are good, their revolvers are functional though the triggers are kind of rough. For a low priced autoloader I think Taurus is pretty good. I’ve known some which needed to be sent back and this process was painless. I’ve also known some Smith’s, Springfield, and eep… Glock which needed to be sent for warranty work too, and they are much more hinkty about it. While I prefer more premium brands exclusively, for what it is I think Taurus is ok. Just put a few hundred rounds through it to make sure you can trust it. Actually for the low priced revolver class I think Rossi has the nicest trigger and lockup the moment compared to Taurus and charter.

  18. Are their captive firing spring assemblies on the semi-autos still made out of plastic? I’ll pass.

  19. I bought a Taurus 605 many years ago. No problems with it.
    I look forward to seeing their new products, hopefully they will have something “new and exciting”, not just a subcompact 9mm, a 1911 and an AR15.
    I would like to see a modern high capacity pistol/carbine in 7.62×25
    A civilian personal defense weapon
    Maybe a shotgun to rival the invisible Keltec

  20. If you want to see what a commitment to improvement, led by a good CEO, can do for a company, just look at Hyundai.

  21. My first venture into the sub-compact 9mm area has been the 709 Slim. Ruger makes a similar product, but just didn’t feel as right in my hand. I bouht mine for under $300; it has never failed to fire, eject, extract. I couldn’t get it to group within the left half of the 9-ring on a B-27 target at 10 yards with the rear sight (adjustment abysmal) all the way right. I sent it to Taurus, they put a new slide on it, shot it and sent me copies of centered groups; I can do so as well. I Gorilla Glued the sight adjustments and keep it as a spare stash gun, the rest being what I prefer and carry– J-frames. All guns are stoked with Critical Defense, hit in the vicinity of the front sight at justifiable self-defense ranges. I will be buying a M&P though. 9mm seems the way of the world; I can hardly find .38 ammo, and won’t shoot defense reloads. Barrels of them for practice, not carry.

    • I had thought about sending my PT709 Slim in for service. I had read that many others already had – most complained about how long it took, and several said it wasn’t any better upon return. However, it seems you had success, and perhaps I’ll give it a try. Cementing the rear sight once its good sounds like a great idea – thanx.

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