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“The number of women on the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Protective Detail team is increasing,” Stephanie Sinclair reports for “There are currently 13 with about a fifth of the force guarding Clinton. This is in part because three of the past four secretaries of state have been women. Their regimen is exhaustive, physically and mentally, with quarterly fitness and weapons-proficiency tests. They rehearse until the choreography of a crisis is etched into their reflexes . . .

They learn how to fire four kinds of guns upside down, do 45 push-ups in two minutes, and jog for blocks alongside rolling motorcades. They are single, funny young women who wake up at 4:30 A.M. to meditate and 20 hours later fall asleep to the Food Network. They splurge on facials. They pack 100-calorie bags of apricots. And they can take down an assailant with one precise strike. They are Hillary’s Angels.”

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  1. So hillary doesnt think I should have the right to defend myself with a gun but she gets to be protected by a team of proffessionals! If theres no reason for me to need a gun for self defense why is she surrounded by them, sounds like someone needs to rethink there basic prinsciples

    • Maybe it’s a jobs program. If the security detail lives in DC they are not allowed to carry off-duty to protect themselves, ala Heller. However, they are high-value targets because they know extremely sensitive info about the Sec o’ State’s travel plans and security arrangements, therefore they need an armed security detail for when they are off-duty and not allowed to be armed. So on and so on, until the entire country is employed by the Secret Service. As RF says, “What could possibly go wrong?”

    • Bingo. I’d love to see a Constitutional amendment forced through by popular vote in the states that says that any politician who does not support citizens rights to defend themselves forfeits their right to armed security in any form.

  2. 13 women? 1/5 of the force. Does Hillary really need 60+ people to protect her? I mean that is what? the equivalent of a reinforced Platoon? Are they all shooters or support too?

  3. Now I can see why they have a complex top-secret rotating schedule in which only a fifth of them are on guard duty at any given time. Someone’s gotta take over when one or more of their comrade’s “time of the month” rolls around.
    Sorry I couldn’t resist. On a more serious note I usually just bury my face in my hands and groan when I hear politicians bashing the 2nd and then reading all about their personal protection ninja squads. Though I will admit, I am always a little jealous of some of the goodies those secret service folks get to carry.
    It makes me wish the ’86 ban was repealed along with 922r, which is just a pain in the ass for everybody, but I might as well be dreaming. Hell I’d be doing cartwheels and backflips if we ever started importing arms from China and Russia again. Cheap Polytechs, SVDs, and truck loads of 7N1 sniper grade surplus ammo for Christmas would be a dream come true.

  4. I know whats wrong with this picture, none of them are equipped for anti sniper operations and seeing as how hillary is shot at by snipers so often………

  5. Is whats wrong with this post that it is vaguely sexist? Meh chicks with guns, dude with guns, it doesn’t matter to me as long as Hilldog is protected.

      • “No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”
        – George Orwell, Animal Farm,

        • sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. can he, then be trusted with the government of others? -thomas jefferson

  6. Ultimate collection of wives for gun owning males. “Honey, I just bought you an AR-10 for XMAS.”

  7. Other than the ladies being grouped too close together, I’m not seeing the issue with the detail. The Pres, VP, and Secretaries all tailor their own detail. Nothing new about that. Regardless of who holds the office, the President, VP, and Secretary of State, all have significant layers of protection surrounding them.

    Is 60 a lot? Not really. 60 ladies broken up into shifts guarding the secretary 24/7 is reasonable. And besides the personal detail is only the closest layer. Air Force One is usually preceded by a C-130 or similar cargo plane by a week or so. On board are armored vehicles (limousines, SUV’s etc), security equipment and additional personnel. At least in the President’s case, a helicopter is also transported. Also on board is a detachment of military soldiers who end up in front and in back of the motorcade, on rooftops, etc. Then there’s an additional layer via local police (domestic or foreign if out of country).

    I recall a Presidential visit to rural Stockton, CA a few years ago. I had the pleasure of attending. After noticing all the layers of protection, I asked about the need for so many people? Answer. Stockton is rural with an extremely low threat level. They weren’t even worrying about demonstrators. Only half of the security detail came along.

    Elected/appointed citizens? Yes, but protected as the very important people that they are. Think layers of protection.

    • “Elected/appointed citizens? Yes, but protected as the very important people that they are. Think layers of protection.”

      I’m sorry, but how are they important? Because they’re extremely arrogant and like to use armed thugs to bully others? Perhaps it’s because they read speeches written by other people? Maybe it’s just the sheer amount of money that they’ve stolen from the hardworking peasants that they claim power over?

  8. As long as they can do the job, all good. Surprised they can still find people willing to take a bullet for her.

  9. 1. Is this a North Face catalog shoot?
    2. As Joe N. said, given all the sniper fire Hilary is dodging, shouldn’t they be wearing plates?
    3. If Hilary gets shot, it will still be a man hauling her back into the car.
    4. If they’re coming out of vehicles, I’d expect a shorter-barreled M4. But maybe they have to use what they can get. Looks like A2-style sights.

    But all snark aside, hat’s off to the ladies for doing a mostly thankless job. It’s irritating that Blackwater is considered evil for basically doing the same job in much more dangerous environments, but that’s not these ladies’ fault.

  10. Bill had his interns and Hillary has her Angels. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  11. The lady in red on the front right doesn’t have her pistol properly holstered. It could fall out any time.

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