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According to the Daily Mail there’s a new lounge opening in Las Vegas on December 15, just in time for the holidays. Being part of the team selected to cover SHOT for you all that was enough to pique my interest, but something made me stand up and take notice. So what made this announcement different from any other announcement? Apparently this lounge will be stocked with both smoking hot babes and smoking hot machine guns.

Machine Gun Vegas, according to the article, will have “Stunning “Gun-Girls” trained in gun-handling [will] look after VIP guests.” Stunning girls who are also fully trained and certified NRA Instructors. In addition to the standard eye candy the lounge will also feature designer fashion accessories for your gats. “Louis Vuitton and Prada accessories for your guns and ammunition are available for purchase” claims the owner of the joint.

Unfortunately that’s where the classy-ness ends. Just like your standard rifle range, they’ll have Osama Bin Laden and friends available as targets. I was expecting something like gold pressed latinum target stands and inferior Gap brand accessories as targets, but whatever. Close enough.

I’ve been resisting posting this story because I have absolutely no additional information. The Daily Mail’s article is so poorly attributed that I don’t even have a URL for the website of this place, and there’s no way to contact the author. Please, if anyone has any information about this strange cross between a strip club and a gun range send it in so we can, um, “investigate” when we get there. You know, for science.

UPDATE: This is their website, thanks to Mr. Know It All Texan. But it doesn’t help much. We’ll keep you all posted.

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  1. This sound good but wonder if bikini girls shoot full auto weapons such good idea. Case in point brass cases ejecting out full auto guns after shooting them tend land in place where you want be wearing any bikini at on rang. Frist cases hot brass land between pair breast burn snot out them gone cause law suite. Think about how times have been out rang shoot semi out handgun have hot case from land in shoot glass burn face just think about how gone feel between some hot girl clivage. Full auto guns can be hard control special if belt feed gone have miss sexy thing try control them well controling guy shooting them. I work gun rang where train US Navy how shoot there weapons stop allowing them shoot belt guns in door rang when one female sailors stich wall next her with m-60 machine gun lost control of . I have shot full auto gun rangs in Las Vegas they have rang from good to bad. Even good rangs have staff not dress in bikini have hard enough job keep people safe in there place when rent full auto guns people have never fired one. Makes me wonder how safe this place well be.

  2. Good for the the tourist trade from Pacific Rim countries like China, Japan and California where people can’t own guns, but bad from a “let’s make gun ownership the new normal once again” perspective.

  3. I want to know what the buy in is. With the reference to “VIP guests” I am thinking you would have to be a whale to get comped.

  4. Good God, its like Chocolate covered Bacon with a side of Awesome and served by a gorgeous woman in a bikini…Tacky, tasteless, yet sophisticated and cultured.

    Gotta love America.

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