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  1. Don’t worry bro… It’s all good. I know it’s an SBR, but we’ll get you a rifle length handguard so you can C-Clamp the shit out of that sucker. Oh… Wait…

    • It would have worked just fine, had he had his support hand wrapped around the end of the handguard to keep it from being bent out.

      (The dumbass is *strong* in that gun owner…)

  2. Duh, isn’t it obvious?

    He’s still using keymod! Come on buddy that is SOOOO last year!

  3. Ensure your muzzle device does not have any exhaust ports located within the handguard.

    With the exception of muzzle devices that blast entirely forward (like the Noveske Flaming Pig) it’s better if your barrel’s crown entirely clears your handguard. Even the aforementioned forward blasting devices need to clear the handguard as well.

  4. Its rare to encounter such a vivid example of natural selection at work among firearms.

  5. I hope his rear sight has enough elevation adjustment to account for that.

    I’ll never really understand people who, after they realize they have done something stupid, post the aftermath online so the world can see how stupid they are.

      • Nah! All this will do is bring out a dozen more duds who will do the same thing just to see if it is for real!

    • If no one is hurt (well, except for yourself), it might serve as a lesson to others.
      Hell, sometimes I think *I* serve as a lesson to others.

  6. Absolutely priceless! Lots of comments, there, about the muzzle “break”, and for once the name is correct! Sure broke that sucker!

    • Probably did it himself. Waited forever for his SBR paperwork and couldn’t wait to have a professional put it together. Its only an AR after all. Don’t need a barrel vise or an action wrench or nothin’. All you need is a barrel tool and a torque wrench.
      Plus the respect that a 60K PSI gas blast deserves, which many don’t have. Its only air, I didn’t think it could hurt metal(they will say after…).

      • It doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to assemble an AR from parts. It’s like LEGOs for adults.
        It does, however, take some common sense to not put the dangerous high pressure, high temperature gasses inside the handguard.
        I’d never have expected it to burst like that. I’d have expected someone to slide the support hand too far forward and lose some fingers…or a whole hand.

  7. Dunno what you guys are talking about. Handguard was obviously designed like that to help disrupt miraging off the barrel. Also, operator expanded the (so restrictive) keymod system to work with a wider variety of shapes and sizes. Additionally, the curved lines help break up the outline of the weapon system when operating particularly tactically to help avoid detection. This must be right before they applied the digital cerakote.

  8. So, let me get this straight. This person *knew* they needed to mount their *plastic* MBUS back a little further to protect it from the blast, but had no inkling that the blast wave might be a bad idea for the rail too? Derp.

  9. Remove the brake and put a different flash hider on it. Get some blanks and you would have a very effective tennis ball launcher.

  10. When you want to rock that barrel recessed under the handguard look on your SBR but you are waiting on HPA to pass and don’t have a can yet.

  11. Well, if he just couldn’t wait to shoot it, he should’ve used a linear comp while waiting for that suppressor. Dumb.

    • Good advice, but 10 bucks says this thing is also wearing a pistol brace and a suppressor was never in the cards to begin with.

  12. Nothing is wrong with custom-made handguard, made essentially for free 🙂

    A few drops of fluorescent green paint will make it even more AvP-themed, though.

  13. There’s nothing wrong with this picture. This is that absolutely predictable outcome of a stupid idea.

  14. But but but the tacticool bearded and tatted operators on the forum said…….
    And then the guy who was almost a Navy Seal one time gun shamed me at the class and said……..
    And then the youtube guru said in order to get my arm the most medically correct position I needed……….
    So then I decided to one up everyone else so they would be impressed and ……….

  15. come on give the guy a break, the extra long hand guard is so they can stand it upright in the dirt so the barrel don’t get plugged. LOL

  16. Well, there was nothing “wrong” about the picture. However, the same cannot be said of the individual who came up with concept of installing a handguard over a muzzle brak.

  17. ??? A newfangled, Mass Effect kinetic energy accelerator ! 60,000 fps with thermal, cryo or exothermic effects !!! ???

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