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Now that my daughters are grown, they’ve left both Barney the Dinosaur (currently in his fourth rehab) and The Wiggles (banished to Bird island) blissfully behind. So I’m not au fait with children’s TV. YouTube? Whatever. Anyway, guns for kids! No safety rules! And who doesn’t love Mega Gummy Bears? Awesome!

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    • wimp! I made it to 1:20……

      but seriously, whoever has to produce that, I hope they get paid well (likely not) because editing, mixing and rendering that must be soul crushing work.

    • “Middle finger, middle finger, where are you?”

      At that age, most likely rammed up that little bastard’s nostril up to the second knuckle…

  1. Yo, that was disturbing.watched just 2 minutes. I have micro-PTSD now. Yes I just coined that term. Pouring myself a glass of wine and entering my safe space. Nobody but me in my safe space.

  2. I am so glad my kid is over this stuff and watches Transformers, Ninja Turtles and Batman.
    This show was as painful as Dora!
    Makers Mark take my pain away!

  3. I’ve got a niece that was listening to that a while back. All I could think of was ‘Show us on the doll where daddy finger touched you.’

  4. Maybe it looks better to the kids on Ritalin. Kinda like watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

  5. Glad all the little kids I know missed this one. Hope they continue to. I try to get them on things like Harry Potter (pre-goblet of fire), Star Wars, Short Circuit 2, anything I liked as a kid, Pixar, and anything Disney releases in theaters that isn’t PG-13 (unless vetted).

  6. Are you sure that the CIA didn’t make this to use as a new torture ? I think after about 5 minutes just about anybody would crack.

  7. If you want to listen to poorly recorded music for an overly long period of time this is a better use of your time:

  8. Made it to 3:02 out of morbid curiosity as to watch subliminal messages are being transmitted. Hung it up when the pig took a chainsaw to the giant sandwich.

  9. Whatever is up there to watch is good and locked down with NoScript. I can’t turn enough blockers off to see it.

    But based on the comments it’s probably for the best…

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