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It’s mid October, the season when every little rugrat’s thoughts turn to visions of bite-sized Snickers and Twix bars. How will yours be dressing up this year for his or her door-to-door trek? As a ghost? It’s been done to death. Spiderman? Yawn. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Again? This year ISIS executioner seems to be a topical option. Of course, in addition to the blade, your miniature fundamentalist will need to be equipped with something that goes bang, too. It’s hard to cobble together a caliphate by only lopping off heads . . .

So while you’re shopping, you’ll want to watch out for mis-labeled rifles made in countries where no one other than the ruling party’s allowed to touch anything with a trigger. Of course, maybe your kid stays up on the news and knows that carrying an AR would actually be ballistically correct.    [h/t DrVino]


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  1. Good grief! Everyone in the world knows that is an AK-15A1.5 Kalishnastone! How could they get that wrong . . .

  2. AK-47 – Check

    Machine Gun – Check

    I don’t see anything wrong. Looks like they got their information from the mainstream press.

    • Now that is funny. I didn’t notice the long curved magazine on the left edge of the photo until I read your comment.

  3. Problem is that all guns look gray in the dark. Hard to ID as a toy in dim light, can’t see those bright colors.

  4. That’s clearly a Famas chambered in .22-Eargensplittenloudenboomer. The Chinese toy factories need to do their homework.

  5. if you can’t see the oooop’s then you are either a United States senator or with the MDA

  6. Chinese rendition of DeLeon’s “Ghost” guns painted up in bright fluorescent colors so they can be seen on Halloween.

  7. They’re all the same, right? No one will notice.

    Two of my non-gun co-workers thought “Glock” was a generic term for black handguns. I bet lots of people think “AK” is the generic term for scary-looking rifle.

    • That is interesting to hear. I wish there were a larger survey going on nationwide to show people’s ignorance to firearms where such supid misconceptions like this taint their views and deem their beliefs skewed.

      • They had a post here a few months back about a poll that asked non gun people what an “assault weapon” was. The list was huge and covered in stupid.

    • Looking at the top of the one on the left, it too is labeled ak-47. That one is the import version, the one we see is the domestic ak.

    • The mag and the grip look AK. But you can just see the number 7 at the top so I’m guessing they took their cue from MSM and just labeled all scary guns as AK47.

  8. Reminds me of yesterday at tractor supply in the toy aisle (why do they even have one?)

    “Bolt action semiautomatic”


    • It’s probably a recording of the president stuttering.
      “Uh uh uh, ya ya know, you didn’t build that.”

  9. Count your mislabeled blessings. Here in NYS they can’t sell those, or any toy guns, that even vaguely look like real guns. I can’t even get a pirate pistol for my costume this year. Thank god Albany is keeping me safe from molded plastic flintlocks.

  10. Don’t be fooled! Those are real guns, painted up in Duracote using Lauer’s “Bloomberg” collection paints! We were warned this would happen!

    Of course, the hoplophobes will be frightened by kids playing with toy guns – but completely nonplussed by the fact that their obese little cherubs are out there cramming their Hansel und Gretl maws full of sugary non-foods! Which is the worst killer – plastic toys or high-fructose Gummi Bears?

  11. If it weren’t for Ebola, none of this would have happened…at least folks like us know better.

  12. In the insane world we live in I wouldn’t send my rugrats out with this on hellaween.

  13. Tell you what’s wrong with that picture, that rifle appears to have a fixed mag. Thats some BS right there!

  14. Reminds me of one of my favorite stories about my younger brother. He was 6 or 7, and I walked by his room, and saw him Scotch taping a piece of baler twine to his (camouflage painted, orange safety tip Sharpied out) toy M-16. He had the twine attached to the stock with a ball of tape as big as his hand, and was working very hard on the front.

    I asked him, “T…. What are you doing?”

    “Oh, I’m putting a sling on my gun.” … tape … tape … tape

    Fair enough… We’re not rich, and can’t afford a nice leather sling for a toy gun.

    “That’s a good idea. But, T…. Why don’t you just *tie it on*?”

    … he looks at me like I’m nuts, looks at the gun and I can see the light come on.

    “Oh… I never thought of that!”

    Happy Friday!

  15. Seeing as it doesn’t have a forward assist, that means its a classic M16 and not an M16A1. Therefore it should have a 3 prong flash suppressor instead of the birdcage.

  16. Whats wrong with this picture!?!?! Those colours clash horribly! How gauche. Clearly an item available to the lower castes.

  17. How do you load the 0.9mm 30 bullet magazine clip without the thingy that goes up and down?


  18. I’d buy one on the off chance it’s worth something when we look back at this idiotic period in history. Leave it in the packaging.

  19. You all missed the point. It doesn’t matter. When the little boys say “I want that”, it won’t make any difference if it’s a Kalishnastone or an AR-47. What matters is that it has recognizable features. It’s like a toy car that looks like a Ford or Chevy, but it has a Mercedes Grill. As adults, we all do it, we gravitate towards traditional looking products, because we like it. It’s familiar and familiarity is comfortable.

  20. The last time I took my daughter trick or treating she dressed up as a cowgirl complete with a realistic looking kid size revolver (cap gun). Her dad carried a much larger pair of Bisley Vaqueros we both got several complements on the costumes until one woman out with her daughter asked where I got such realistic looking guns. When I told her the gun store (thought she was gonna mess her costume), but instead she just nodded her head.This was in Kennesaw, GA after all, and a couple of decades ago.

  21. Most likely, you guys are just over thinking it. It’s not some marketing conspiracy and it’s probably not even firearms ignorance. I’d bet it’s just a matter of the guy in charge of purchasing packaging materials did his level best to gauge demand for the two rifle styles and their associated packaging; but as actual toy store orders came in, there was an inevitable error in the demand forecast. They didn’t want to get stuck with an overstock of rifle-specific packaging post-Halloween surge; assuming they could even get more delivered in time to produce, package and ship the toys to the stores in time, anyway.

    So they probably just molded what their customers had ordered, packaged them in what backings they already had, and said “Screw it, who’s even going to notice?” Or, some guy on the production line forgot to swap out packaging when they changed the toy mold and upon discovery (if even discovered) said “Screw it……….”

  22. M-16 model toy marked as an AK-47. Love the colors! Even a moron can tell it is a toy!!!

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