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There used to be a time when hiking and hunting in the great outdoors was a chance to escape from civilization. To disappear into a world without phones and Filofaxes. Of course, there were downsides to this splendid isolation (*cough* Deliverance *cough*). And now that phones have lost their cords and paper organizers have given way to GPS-enabled handheld computers (complete with iCal and YouTube tips on how to build an emergency shelter), hitting the trail without some kind of electronic device means turning your back on safety. Which makes battery life/weight something of a worry – especially if you’re schlepping a Trackingpoint precision-guided rifle. Well worry no mo’. Texas’s Eclipse Solar Gear‘s got your back. Literally . . .

The company makes a wide range of solar backpacks. And now they make a tacticool product specifically designed for owners of a Trackingpoint precision guided firearm. The press release [via] provides the deets of the Trackingpoint-branded backpack:

The backpack is made from 1000D Cordura and features multiple organizer pockets and accessory pockets, including a zippered tablet or iPad pocket, MOLLE compatible side panels for a selection of accessory pouches, a rear zippered cavity for insertion of a Kevlar Class 3a bulletproof panel (an accessory), padded quick release shoulder straps, a padded removable waist strap, and a rear concealed handgun pocket.

The Trackingpoint Solar Backpack features an efficient, lightweight, flexible, thin film solar panel providing up to 4 Watts of power to recharge your mobile devices and wearable technologies quickly and efficiently. The Trackingpoint Folding Charger provides up to 16 Watts of power for fast and efficient charging out in the field. Both chargers feature USB and 12V charging ports.

While I’m not [yet] in the market for a $7500 rifle of any sort, this aspiring Texas hog hunter wonders how much juice a tent-compatible AC unit would require. Also, what’s up with the gas mask? I didn’t think Ebolanoia would spread that quickly.

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  1. Somehow, all this technology robs the great outdoors of a lot of its appeal. Might as well sit in the basement with your joystick, and let the drone do the hunting.

  2. Filofax? That’s a name I haven’t heard in about 15 years. Of course, that’s also the last time I was in London on business.

  3. I think it’s funny that these things are aimed at “outdoorsmen”, but they’re trying so hard to look as seal team six as possible.

    • Yea. That’s where they turn up the stupid to ’11.’ Other marketing campaigns turn up their stupid to only ’10,’ but TP has their dials made with an 11th position, so when they need that extra-special dose of derp, they’re able to twist the knob right up there and out-stupid the competition.

  4. Finally – enough power for my Tracking Point.

    Now I can’t afford the gun to go with the scope and solar-powered back pack…….

    Anyone got a deal on ammunition?

  5. A gas mask? Really?

    Lol at the epic derp of that ad. I guess there are super operator types that get a rage boner at just the sniff of having to need a gas mask.

    Yeah, cuz when the Ebola comes to town that’s how everyone will have to go decked out. Tracking point rifle, solar backpack and gas mask as you fend off the hordes of infected Mad Max movie rejects trying to get yo stash of beans.

    Bitch please.

    • The gas mask was the first thing I noticed, too. That and the exposed arms due to the short sleeves.

      In CBRNE defense, the gask mask in only one piece of the puzzle. Any exposed skin will also provide a vector for chemical agents. You need to cover up completely, and usually with something that won’t let any liquids/gases pass through the fibers.

      The only agent this “agent” seems to be attempting to counter is tear gas. Which means this add is depicting a jack booted thug, all ready to use tracking point to put down protesters/rioters. OR, he’s fighting against the jack-booted thugs that are using the tear gas.

      Either way, it’s a dumb ad.

  6. This would be great until you fall off the trail into a frozen stream and have to shed your equipment or get hypothermia. Let’s see how well it works bouncing off a few rocks on the way down.

    • That’s why I’d rather wash my eyeballs with bleach than ever live in a climate that cold again! 🙂 Heat is a pain but I can deal with it and get acclimated. Cold kills.

      • Ever heard of heat stroke?

        From the CDC:
        US Hypothermia related deaths per year (1979-2005): 689
        US Heat related deaths per year (1999-2005): 569

  7. A gas mask! That’s what I’ve been missing! Now I won’t have to smell that disgusting Nature. Are rich guys really playing pretend Fallout in the woods? I half want to apply to work at TP since Pflugerville is a good place to live near (not in), but I really don’t want to be associated with this silliness. Or do I?

    TTAG: when the autoplay ad with the surfer is displayed, the whole website locks up. Ban ’em.

  8. TrackingPoint is a joke, they will market everything and anything related to their tech, even the coming apocalypse nonsense, and then when the bans come they will act as if they had nothing to do with it. Not that anyone should be worried one of these systems will do any harm as anyone who invests in such stuff you know won’t let it leave their safe. Prediction. TrackingPoint will sell as much as they can to the citizen public in order to fund up their R&D and then eventually they will be a military/LEO ONLY weapons tech provider and all your support of them did was fund the police state and overseas military operations. Way to stay vigilant people.

  9. Don’t care about TrackingPoint at all, and I wish TTAG would drop their bizarre obsession with this company, BUT… I use my cell phone a lot during hunting for GPS & mapping, and it would be awesome to have a small solar cell sown into my pack to keep it juiced up. I may need to look into some of the cheap Harbor Freight cells, and wire one into a 12v cell charger.

  10. Or, pick up a Camelbak Urban Assault XL and clip one of these to it:

    Though it seems there’ve been newer versions with higher power density, I’ve had good luck with this unit keeping phone and iPad charged (from the battery) while in transit or camping. It’s got plenty of hard plastic loops for clipping to various things, or bungeeing to trees/fences/walls/etc.

  11. So is Tracking Point paying TTAG for advertising now?

    If you’re going to do paid promos at least man up like digg does and specify when they’re just publishing press releases.

    • Tracking Point is paying for advertising just like a bunch of other gun-related advertisers. That has nothing to do with this post. TTAG is and always has been quite specific about pointing out when content is sponsored. This is not an example of that. You’ll find lots of press releases reproduced here if one of the authors thinks it warrants interest. I’ve done it myself, in fact. So please, ratchet down your indignation.


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