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Yoshi writes . . .

This is my “Plebeian EDC Pocket Warrior” load.

As warm weather approaches and the jacket garments become less appropriate, I like to lighten my COVID-19 out-of-the-house-errands carry, lose the Kydex belt holster and semi-automatic (typically an FNX-9 or a HK P30) and carry something more pocket-able.

The Smith & Wesson 642 fits like a glove in a new Galco Pocket Protector and slips easily into any front jeans pocket with zero printing. I used to carry it in a DeSantis Nemesis for many summers and found the Galco hide leather is both thinner and stays better positioned in the pocket during a draw.

I make sure to take the revolver out of the sheath when I’m home. I quickly wipe it down with a rag of Corrosion-X and in the safe it goes.

Accompanying the 642 is an extra five rounds of Federal Premium .38 special 110 grain Hydra-Shok JHP on a QuikStrip. These are low-recoil non +P factory loads and are a good balance between recoil management and muzzle velocity for what the 1.875 in little barrel can push out the door.

The Leatherman Super Tool 300 has been an invaluable and absolutely reliable gadget to have in the most unexpected times and have a permanent place in one of my pockets whenever I’m out the door. An occasional wipe and weekly drop of Corrosion-X to the hinges, let it dissipate and coat the inside tools has kept it well protected for years.

The Olight i3E EOS at 90 lumens provides enough working light for the majority of little task needs while the Solarforce L2P poor-man’s-Surefire with a single mode XML-T6 and a forward tail cap at 1000 lumens does enough light splash for the darkest of nights and has been absolutely reliable.

Topping it off is my Orient Submariner (CER00007B) on a Maratac Khahi Nato band. I love Rolex but couldn’t justify owning one, especially for a beater watch. Sure, this is no Rolly but it has an in-house robust, no-frills movement and a sapphire crystal. Worn for almost a decade and still keeps a regulated +3 s/day.

This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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    • Dan must’ve not put in his info to allow edits.

      Or he just missed the countdown timer.

      Either way……pretty funny.

  1. Good EDC. However, I prefer my 442. Those silver sights are too hard to pick up in bright light. Speed strips are flat but speed loaders are faster. Leatherman is a good tool but no substitute for a fast opening single blade folder.

  2. Why do you feel you need to pocket carry when you usually carry a larger pistol, not that there is anything wrong with that? There are modes of warm weather dress, especially if you are only going to the story that allow you to carry normally. It was 80 today and I was carrying my EMP/4″ with an untucked shirt. Would have been carrying my BHP but it needs to be cleaned.

  3. Excellent little revolver.

    I still prefer the DeSantis holster myself but go with the SuperFly model. The flap on that thing makes any pocket gun look like a wallet, if it looks like anything at all. The sticky stuff on the outside of the holster grips the pocket, have never had the holster ride up on a draw.

    For a .38 snubbie I have an old Charter Arms Off Duty, exposed hammer. Obviously not the quality of the S&W, but it fit the budget back then and I’ve grown to like it over the years.

    • +1 on Desantis. Ive used a nemesis before which lacks the features of the superfly but still works well.

  4. Decent EDC. Olight is a great choice and I can’t argue with carrying a wheel gun. As far as a watch, they are nearing obsolete and nothing more than a fashion statement. Now that everyone has a smart phone, a wristwatch is just extra shit stuff.

    • And yet they still let you tell time. For those of us who dont spend the day with a phone in our hand.

        • Little more effort……can navigate with a watch as well…plus mine ( new to me) has a stopwatch as well.

        • true. but not digital. although the digital ones probably have compasses built in.

      • @ Specialist38
        Yeah I have a buddy who can’t use a computer because “he doesn’t spend all day on it” Pretty lame excuse for being an idiot I say.
        Well I know what time it is most of the time within 15 minutes or so and I don’t have to look at my phone to know. I have several watches and you know what, I have never regularly worn one my entire life and I never needed to. But I do understand, some people have no concept of time or distance. They need it a watch. I have another friend like that, he needs a watch pinned to his forehead. So I do understand. Not everyone’s brain is wired for time/distance or location. Some people have no clue which way is North East South and West. If you need a watch because you have to constantly look at it and see what time it is, I understand. Really! I see those people. They look at their watch like a teenage boy flips his head back all the time to get the locks of hair off his face. That’s all they do all day…look at their watch 80 times an hour. I get it, I really do.

    • The watch has made a comeback with the introduction of the smartwatch. The Samsung actually looks like a real watch and is much more rugged than the overpriced Apple version. I was skeptical at first but I find it to be a useful piece of tech. It has allowed me to turn off the annoying alerts on my phone.

  5. Nice load out. I see you found one with a hole.

    I sweat too much for leather pocket carry. I suggest a Mika pocket holster if you want thinner. It is also water (sweat) proof naugahyde

    Not a fan of the 110 HS, but I understand the recoil issue.

    • Blue Force Gear has a nice thin and light one; sadly, doesn’t extend up high enough to cover the laser aperture if using CT stocks.

    • I like the Mika holster also. Never had a concern about sweat. The aluminum frame and stainless cylinder are generally resistant and my 642 just gets an occasional wipe down between cleanings.

  6. Love my 642. Great gun and some days you just want a revolver. OLight has been solid for me as well. My Galco AIWB has been good to go.

    On the other hand, Glaco Holsters I’ve been a little skeptical of ever since they introduced the Glaco Plaxico model…

  7. I’d have to have a hammer and a speed loader with that wheel gun. That is a Leatherman Supertool!!! Weighs about 5lbs…

    • That took 10 rounds. 10. My J frames might get dusty as the FN will likely start getting more carry time.

  8. I like my J frames too but can’t pocket carry in jeans. I’d get shot while getting the gun out. I’m wondering why you would need to wipe your stainless and aluminum gun each day and why you don’t stay armed at home.
    To each his own.

  9. “This is my ‘Plebeian EDC Pocket Warrior’ load.”

    I have a 642 that looks just like yours. I call mine “Roscoe.”

    P.S. Can’t carry all of that other stuff. Never could.

  10. I enjoy seeing a real world EDC. Whether a snub revolver or a subcompact semi auto, I think there are a lot more minimalist EDCs than tacti-cool load outs worthy of an operator in Iraq or Afghanistan. Of course, the latter looks much cooler in pictures.

    There are many excellent pocket holsters for S&W snubs, somewhat less for the LCR. I still like the Nemesis but I’ve also used Uncle Mike’s.

    I understand the pain of +P ammo in a light j-frame, but I’d prefer a heavier bullet in a non +P load.

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