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James in Georgia writes . . .

I’m currently carrying a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38 revolver (new model with attached laser). In shorts and a t-shirt, it hides well and will help solve issues with two- or four-legged predators until I (or my wife) can reach a long gun.


This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]


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    • I know, right? He doesn’t even have a set of Oakleys in the picture there.

      Let’s take bets on his wardrobe being feeble and lacking any tacti-cool threads from 5.11, Blackhawk or some other appropriately cool outfit.

      • I wear dollar store clip on flip up sunglasses on my prescription glasses.

        Not only am I not tacticool, I’m just no part of cool.

    • At first of the title…..I thought it said a couple of Bodyguards and a speedloader.

      Which ….. would make pretty good sense.

  1. Short, concise and to the point. Proven dependable.

    This is the guy who doesn’t get robbed in the Winn-Dixie parking lot.

      • jwm, I’ve decided to ignore the trolls. It pissed them off. Besides, they’re irrelevant anyway.

        • I try to tell all, just ignore them. You are not going to change their minds. On TTAG the majority already are aware of the issues. And all you end up doing is wasting your own time.

          Plus when ignored they just get angrier, then their heads pop like overfilled balloons.

        • Repetition can make something appear as truth. This is how propaganda works. Why do you think Miner does the occasional copy and paste on a subject that has nothing to do with the topic at hand? Occasionally you have to push back against the lies with the actual facts. Never pushing back can also be implied as consent. There are plenty of people that read these blogs that don’t comment.

    • Don’t make fun of it. With practice you’d be suprised what you can do. We had a 48 round qualification course from one to 25 yards. With time constraints. If you carried a back up you shot the same course of fire. At the 15 yard line it was six rounds on T-1 and six on T-2 in 30 seconds. Mandatory reload even if you shot a wonder 9. I carried a 442 in Galco ankle glove. Two speedloaders in R/F pants pocket. I put five rounds on T-1. Reload. Five rounds on T-2. Reload. The one more round on each. With time to spare.

        • “And a pocket holster.”

          I’ve never shot that particular gun, but if it’s anything like the Ruger LCR in 357, that long, heavy, DAO trigger qualifies as a safety in my book.

          It takes some serious effort to ND something like the LCR…

        • Geoff, you’re right with a DA revolver it’s not so much a safety issue as it is that the holster holds the hand gun in the same position for a more consistent draw. Also the holster prevents holes from being worn though your pocket.

      • Way to make assumptions Bigus Dickus. I carry a 7+1 9mm and no reload. I probably should but I don’t. Oh well.

    • There really isn’t. They’ve worked for decades. Decade after decade, snubbies in .38 Special keep getting sold and used for self-defense.

    • Agreed. I have a snubby .38 that has seen duty as a carry weapon, my “get home bag” gun, and a part of my gear when camping. No complaints.

    • Absolutely, it works. I think it’s funny how people will be fine with a five shot 38, then turn around and act like a 7 or 8 shot .380 is insufficient.

      • My problem with the small pocket semi’s isn’t the caliber. It’s the gun. I simply shoot better with a small revolver than I do with a small auto.

  2. I never get the “get to my rifle in a DGU. It will be over one way or another before you get to the long gun but other than that a much more believable carry than yesterday’s Instagram edition.

    • Depends on the nature of the DGU. A home invasion might warrant a rush to the gun safe where one’s long-gun is. And some jurisdictions are 2A-infringers regarding handguns.

      • I don’t really see it being common that you’d have time to open a safe. Possible but rare.

        Get to a stashed long gun? Sure. A specialty quick-open “safe” maybe. General gun safe? If you’re opening that during a home invasion you’re probably doing it at the behest of the invader because you already lost.

        IIRC, this was part of Heller specifically because such guns were essentially inaccessible if actually needed which voided the point of having them in the first place.

    • I tend to agree. At home might be the exception for me.

      Keep a lever in my office and one in the bedroom.

      I think you need to be pretty comfortable your handgun will “get it done”.

      What you have on you is the only thing you can really count on.

  3. Not a big fan of normal pressure .38 in terms of expansion or penetration from a short barrel (seems to often fail at one or the other) but having a gun is usually enough…

  4. I tried one of these when they came out and did not like the narrowness of the grips.

    38 +P does not normally bother me at all, but my carry loads were painful with this revolver.

    I also didnt care for the lazer. Hard to activate and worthless anyway ( for me).

    I’ve been seeing a new version with no lazer at reduced price. Might take another look if someone makes some better after market stocks.

    • Specialist, You’ll wait but Spiegel Boot Grips are the way to go. He only does business by PX. I’d also advise to forget a new Smith. Find an earlier good condition used one.

      • I’ve got 4 of those. Model 60, 042, 640, and 32 (Terrier).

        One with Spegels I bought in 92 or 93 (hell to get old).

        Carried them on the 042 for 10 or so years. In a Kramer pocket holster.

        If I pocket carry a revolver, it always the 042 or 640 (+P+ rated).

        I often carry an LCR but its IWB or pocket of a vest.

        Mainly I’m just interested in the New Bodyguard for a reference piece.

        If Spegel is making grips that duplicate the old Jframes, I might pick one up (sans lazer).

        I also still “Need” a 649 (38 Special) for the trifecta of stainless Jframe.

        1st world problems.

    • CT-105 seems to work well for me. Tried the CT-405 (designed to be more concealable) first, and just could not get my fingers to conform to the contours of it.

  5. That’s the no b.s. kind of “What I am CARRYING now.” I like it, I would just add a small decent knife and flashlight. Anyway, it’s refreshing after all the b.s we’ve seen, the “What I am “carrying” now, in the trunk, because it’s too much and too heavy but I just wanted to post my stuff”

  6. But don’t use if you get attacked by a “jogger” in boots with a hammer.

    Just let blacks beat up the elderly in nursing homes.

    I carry everyday because of the black problem in the US!

    • “Troll paid to make gun owners look racist” would be a more accurate nickname, unless you’re doing it voluntarily (if so, you’re a fool – Bloomberg’s got plenty of money to fund such comments).

  7. Once again, it’s refreshing to read about a minimalist, real world, snub nosed EDC. I agree that a general purpose pocket knife would be a good addition, as well as a small flashlight. He should also consider a holster if he doesn’t use one. BTW, the aiming device is spelled l-a-s-e-r, though it is pronounced “laZer”.

  8. Gun, Speed Loaders. I’m not a fan of the DAO revolvers, but some people are. Good basic kit.

  9. Effective and affordable, but I agree with Gadsden Flag. Knives come in handy. He is carrying a revolver with 15 rounds, though. With that, he could probably get all the knives he needs.

  10. I have a ‘Bodyguard 38 and do not carry it because I have Arthritis in the hands and it recoils really bad for me so I carry a Ruger LCR in 357 magnum but carry 38+P rounds and it is heavier and the grip is much more hand filling and softer the the S&W.


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