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Nicht zu ras writes . . .

Here’s what I’m carrying:

SIG SAUER P225A1 9mm
Spare 8-round magazine with Federal HST 124gr +P
Gunner’s Custom Kydex holster
Gerber Fast Draw plain edge knife
Victorinox Spartan
Olight S1R Baton II


[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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  1. Sig works. As does the SAK. I make sure all my SAK’s have the can/bottle opener on them. I much prefer them for opening cans to a p38. Good light tool that covers most of my knife needs these days. I always wear one on a boot lace around my neck with a fire steel and a storm whistle when I’m in the boonies.

  2. Solid. Helluva name tho…

    I saw that the Olight S1 Mini has a moonlight mode that can last up to 15 day? Is this true for all the S1 models? Not really a fan of the way they sit in the pocket and the side button, but curious about their modes. I’d like to get (another) reserve light. Are you able to program modes kind of like streamlights 10 tap? I have my EDC set to high only, and a backpack one set to low/high, but that moonlight mode on the S1 has me intrigued.

  3. I’m a big fan of that pistol, if i find a cheap used one I’ll add it to the collection. I’ll probably find a good deal on a p239 before this one though.

  4. My favorite folder. I’ve purchased them about three times… not because they broke but because I have lost them hiking or probably doing work outside. But they’re cheap enough that I’m not too perturbed by it.

    Fastest non-auto knife I have. Not only that but if you wear it right you can draw it in such a way to deploy the knife as it leaves a right hand-pocket. Not sure if it can be set up for the left.

    • Exactly my reason for buying Kershaw knives. I’ve lost knives on outings and at work. I no longer work but that gives me more time for outings. Kershaws are cheap enough that it doesn’t break my heart to lose one. Or 2.

      • Agreed. If I’m hiking, hunting, etc., it’s gerber, crkt, Kershaw…
        For most other carry, my favorite is my William Henry.

        • ESEE 4P. Always a fixed blade when I am doing anything outdoors away from the comfort zone. Plus, my EDC is exactly that, everyday. Pockets on all my pants. Never lost a knife. Broke is another story.

        • Recently bought a Boker Plus Strike Auto with a dagger shaped blade.. For my new EDC. First knife I’ve bought in over 10 years. So far it preforms well. Got a box of knives I’ve picked up over the years. Many were parking lot finds or laying along the street/highway.

  5. Never had any experience with Sig’s best known handguns, but this looks like a handy and practical load out.

  6. Good EDC. Especially like the fact the 225 is a single stack. I have an affinity for single stack. Recently bought a nice used 229 9mm. Would trade it tomorrow for a 225 in like condition. The only high capacity 9mm I like (and it’s not really high capacity by today’s standards) is a Hi-Power.

  7. It would be cool if sig released new versions of p239 and p225 that uses p365 magazines. While at it, alaso release a p938 that takes p365 magazines.

  8. I bought two P6s (225s) from AIM in 2008. First autos i had bought in years.

    Nice guns, I just could not shoot them worth a crap.

    Ended up selling them both.

    Glad you like them though…well made..just not for me.

    • I had one that i bought around the same time. If i was running drills with double taps or just playing and doing mag dumps it would fire out of battery. Had to dig brass shrapnel out of my face the last time. I no longer have it.

      • Mine worked fine. My performance with the gun just sucked.

        It is a different feel from other pistols

        Not a huge Sig ergonomics fan, I guess..


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