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Ooobuggame writes . . .

These are indeed odd times. I work in healthcare, so I’m not allowed to carry at work. Throughout the COVID-19 kerfuffle, staying home has not been an option. To and from work and everywhere else, my usual carry this time of year is:

A SIG P365 in a Frontline Holster
Magpul Tejas Gun Belt
Streamlight Stylus Pro
POM OC Spray
Leatherman Wingman (in a nylon sheath)
Leatherman Squirt PS
Generic leather wallet (that’s old enough to vote)
NKJV pocket bible with OT & NT

As I live in one of the Twin Cities, and with the riots, I’ve adjusted my daily carry to also include:

Ruger LCP II also in a Frontline Holster
P365 12-round magazine in generic IWB soft mag carrier

I’m not one for flashy gear nor do I have a huge budget. Ya know, I got kids to feed, a family to raise. I’ve found these tools to be very reliable, but also affordable for what they are.

Stay safe. Stay kind.

[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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  1. If I lived in a riot crazed city I would be carrying something with a lot more rounds than a P365. Heck, I live 2.5 hours southeast of you and still I switched to my APX for the four more rounds.

    • Odd that OP is carrying a 10 and pocketing a 12. I’ve been carrying a 12 and pocketing a 15, only because the 15 prints too much to carry.

      Also odd that the backup is a second caliber. LC9 seems like a better option.

      • Gent said he wasn’t rich, probably carries what he has. Sensible move to move up from LCP to P365, then circumstances suggest carrying both. Makes sense to me!

  2. If you wanna be really discreet even if something peeks out of you cover… may not be the best choice.

    Just sayin……

    • I thought they were ridiculous too until I learned in a class that bright IWB holsters are actually useful for reholstering. Makes visual checking for garment or loops or debris in trigger area easier and safer.

  3. I’ve been carrying Glocks daily ever since I got my first G26. The 365, though, has changed that for my EDC. 300 rounds with no issues and a really sweet-shooting quality, I’m sold. It certainly had some launch issues but I’m confident in it, I shoot it better than any of my Glocks, and I’m snagging a second one before too long.

    I like that I can switch from a very concealable ten round mag, and a spare ten, to 2 x 15s and go with 31 rounds of 147 HST .

    An original-model LCP is my offside BUG. Tiny handgun with zero failures (as opposed to my LCP II which was a nightmare until Ruger took it back).

  4. We all do the best we can and you are doing real well. The family is job one.

  5. So, don’t take this the wrong way, it’s not meant to be offensive and I’m genuinely curious.

    What’s with the copy of the Good Book? Do you actually stop and read it daily while you’re out and about? Is it just something you like to have with you? A reminder or something?

    I just have to wonder in the context of people who carry “extra stuff” getting ragged on HARD for “too much gear” or “field notes”. Obviously you feel that it’s important enough to carry with you and to put in your post so I’m genuinely curious as to what the purpose is.


    • Some people have busy lives and still would like to read the Bible daily. Having a bible with you allows you to read it during some spare monents. Personally, I have an electronic copy of several different translations for Nook so I have it available on my phone.

      Now I am sure there are some very sophisticated people out there who sneer at the bible as something written by a bunch of primitive bronze aged people but after the events of the last few weeks can anybody really say that we are any more advanced than the people living in 1000 BC? As far as I can see we are still Mark I mod 0 humanoids.

      • Yup totally agree. The last few days of riots and looting have totally convinced me that invisible super heroes and super villains from another dimension control the fate of the human race and all of the universe.

        • Listen to Jordan Peterson’s Bible lectures and it will change your view of it, even if you don’t believe in God.

          In addition to being part history, the stories are mostly instructions on how to live successfully and have a successful culture and civilization based on distilled knowledge from millennia of human trial and error and observing over and over and over again what worked and what didn’t.

          It posits the idea of a rational God who made a rational universe that has consistent internal laws. Contrast this with most polytheistic religions where the gods are capricious and humans are at best play things for them and hope to go mostly unnoticed, or Islam, which posits that God directly controls everything and manipulates everything and there are no consistent laws of the universe. The idea of a rational God sets the stage for the development of science and the advance of human civilization.

          It also imbues the value and decision making point in the individual instead of the collective. In Christianity you are saved as an individual and must make your own decision to believe or not, whereas in many other religions it is perfectly acceptable to compel adherence by force. The bible puts forth the idea that we are all in some part divine, and thus all of us have value.

          I have 3 versions on my phone.

        • “the stories are mostly instructions on how to live successfully”

          Which part do you think helps you live a successful life, the instructions on how to enslave your neighbors or the instructions on killing the parents and taking the little girls for yourselves?

          You have three VERSIONS on your phone? Well, that should tell you something about the accuracy of the Bible…

        • I see you are one of those super-sophisticated people who think progress is measured in gadgets. You are so sophisticated that you missed the entire point.

        • As a man of the left slavery and oppressing one’s neighbors shouldn’t be a big issue with you. It’s what leftists do.

          You are also an ignorant turd if you think differing translations says something about accuracy. Even within a language group words cannot always be precisely translated from one language to another because over the course of time language can change. Words get added, become archaic, narrow or broaden in meaning. Let’s take a secular example of this. Dostoyevski’s greatest novel “Beci” can translated as.”The Possessed,” “The Devil’s,” “The Little Devils” or “The Demoniacs.” You should read it sometime. it’s all about you.

        • I can agree that there are probably just as many versions of religions which are beneficial to society as there are which are destructive to society. However, whether religion has been beneficial to society or not does not affect the basic question of truth. I find it amazing that anybody, today, can entertain the idea of an invisible space alien monitoring his every move, every thought. That is simply silly. The alternative is people who are so clearly superior to their fellows that they find it worthwhile to inflict lies on their fellow man in order to control them, keep them from being bad.

    • For some folks, it’s a comforting thing to have with them.

      On the other hand, a zippered bible case can make a dandy improvised gun ‘hide’ location.

      Look at it this way – If you were a robber in someone’s home, would you even bother a leather case with “Holy Bible’ on it?

    • The Bible is the manual of arms for life, and a tool that is more effective than a double-edged sword. I have a couple different tool belts, all geared for different purposes such as hunting, fishing, carpentry, electrical work, and security. I too have a Bible app on my bat phone, which includes all kinds of tools. Pre-smartphone, I carried a hard copy of one type or another. It’s handy to have a daily devotional with me, so I can work it as time permits. I’m a contemplative sort, and usually think things like this over during the day. That was especially helpful when I was reading one called Mornings With Tozer, which was like a daily 2×4 in the face that hurt less when spread out over the course of a day.

      Miner49er, again, is looking at instead of along, and therefore misses the point.

    • Short answer. My faith is the central to me, personally and professionally. I work as a chaplain. This is the Bible I use when I read passages to comfort the sick and dying. It goes with me everywhere (except in the shower).

  6. II Timothy 3: 16 says the Bible teaches us what’s right, what’s not right, how to get right and how to stay right.
    I too carry a Bible with me wherever I go. I trust more in God’s word than my ability to shoot straight with my P229.

  7. I am in healthcare as well and forbidden to carry at work.
    I carry anyway, in off body carry so there is no possibility of accidental display.
    It’s not as good as in aiwb, but at least I have my 365 with a 12 round mag.
    And another 12 round reload

  8. Haven’t tried the Magpul Belt so it might be great. Please do a review on Nexbelt EDC Titan belt.
    This is by far the best carry belt I’ve ever used. If you have a gut like I do the leather belts warp out and are difficult to tighten–if you have a gut you do a lot of pulling up an retightening of the belt. Nexbelt has a
    ratchet system that’s amazing. Takes a little getting used to but wow, what a difference it makes. They run about $55 but I don’t think you will ever wear it out. I now own about 5 of them. They even make an EDC dress belt — the EDC belts are made to carry the weight of the gun and holster or IWB. They also make Non-EDC belts for when you don’t carry.

  9. Great Gun, Spare Mag, Knife, Flashlight and a Bible. That checks all the boxes on my list. Love my P365. Being an old codger, the sights just pop out in low light. I carry the 10 round in the gun as well, with two 12 round spares (haven’t bought any of the new 15’s yet, and they’re pricey).

    For the Philistines among us, the reason there’s so many version of the Bible, is due to translation and changing language. They all say the same lessons, but the syntax changes between the various versions. I like the KJV (King James Version) myself because I appreciate the more formal language use (the Thee’ and Thou’). It’s more poetic. The Catholic Bible differs from the Protestant, in that it includes the Pentateuch (5 Old Testament Books that were written by Greek Jews). They were left out of Martin Luther’s Bible translation, and it just became habit after that. The Pentateuch is missing from the Torah too, as they were written in Greek and not Hebrew.

  10. Ooobuggame- I am a retired RN, and when I worked I carried every day. A Ruger 2″ .357 and a coupla speed loaders, in a fanny pack designed specifically for concealed carry(I carried TWO Rugers when I worked in the ER, LOL!! Rough area with several unsecured, wide open entry ways, no security guards, like there is today). It also carried my scissors, flash light, coupla stats, band-aids, ammonia caps, alcohol swabs, you know all of the “gotta put my hands on NOW” items. No matter where I worked(ER, OR, ICU or “the dreaded floor”) no one was the wiser. Only one other EXTREMELY TRUSTED co-worker knew, and it was, only so he knew where a gun was so he get to it if I went down. I just got a 365XL, LOVE IT, and it and 2 15 rd mags(one in the gun, one spare, 31 rds total)fits in a CCW fanny pack just fine!!!

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