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[This post is part of our new series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.] 

Reader RB is keeping it simple in this time of self quarantining. He’s carrying his Ruger LC9s pistol that’s sporting what looks like a LaserMax Gripsense laser and he’s packing it in a PDA carry pouch.

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    • Carrying in self quarantine? lol… ok. Inside a fucken fanny pack, regardless of what carry means to them, or where, just stupid. And yea, this shit is lame.

  1. If it works for him, great.

    Personally I can’t force myself to “get” pouch carry. Maybe that’s a fault with me.

    • I suppose it could be folks that don’t like the sensation of a heavy ‘lump’ in their clothing. I’ve used ‘pouch’ carry before, and it was not objectionable for me, although a pouch that size kinda implies you’re carrying, so it could be a way of projecting an OC ‘image’, when you legally can’t…

      • I tend to agree but I do see folks carrying in a big pouch on their belt.

        Most look like computer geeks so I guess most folks dont notice (most folks dont notice anything).

        I often wear a vest and only cops will nod and smile. Folks in my normal haunts evidently have no idea or dont care that I’m carrying.

        Some folks ask if I going fishing… I reply you should always be ready to go fishing.

        • I live in the Northeast, and in shoulder seasons of fall and spring, I switch to OWB and a down or fleece vest.

          Much more stealth than a “fishing” vest. Or as the contractors in Iraq called it, a “shoot me first” vest.

        • “With a telltale tubeset coming out of it.”

          Genius! It feels like I’m half-Bionic anyways with all that medical hardware installed in me over the last 15 months anyways.

          (Makes note to rig tubing to pouch, and wear a ‘Med Alert’ bracelet… *Evil Snicker* 😉 )

        • Geoff– Sneaky Pete advertises a holster with the MedAlert badge already affixed. Also one with a PowerPak emblem, probably others.

      • “…so it could be a way of projecting an OC ‘image’, when you legally can’t…”

        Yeah, but then you’re the first to die when the crack-ninjas fast rope off the roof and merc all over every OCer in a five mile radius. And then as you’re bleeding out some CC guy asks “Brah,do you even tactical?” before proceeding to blame you for your foolish lack of OP SEC.

        So you look like a tard with your pouch, get splattered by the crackheads and shit on by the Gecko. Bad juju with this pouch carry thing. LOL.

        • I dont think many people notice. Too busy looking at their phones.

          Hell, they dont seem to notice detectives wearing guns with their badge on their belt.

        • “Yeah, but then you’re the first to die when the crack-ninjas fast rope off the roof and merc all over every OCer in a five mile radius.”

          In this redneck-infested little shit city in the backwaters of central Florida where the banjos ‘twang’ at all hours of the night?

          A risk I’m willing to take. *Saluting*… 😉

      • 20 years ago I used to carry a pouch like that to hold a large calculator for work. I had the bag on my belt all day long and went into restaurants, gas stations, etc. I didn’t carry back then so I didn’t even think people would think it was a gun. Maybe I got some sideways looks, but I was oblivious to it. Later on, my employer told me it was actually designed as a gun case. The brand was Bagmaster.

  2. I got an EC9s around the time they first came out. It is my EDC in a Vedder Lighttuck holster. I somewhat regret it. I should have tried to find a LC9s Pro used as Ruger had dropped them in favor of the cheaper EC9s. The Pro models don’t have the manual safety and lose the stupid magazine disconnect. The EC9s has both of those along with the sights milled into the slide. Thus they cannot be replaced unlike the LC9s shown above. A few months later, Sig then shows up with the P365.

    Anyways, I will say that LC9s/EC9s guns are very slim and incredibly easy to conceal really no matter your body frame. Also, the trigger on these is pretty good compared to most compact guns in this category (though I’ve not shot the P365 or Hellcat yet).

    • Hah! I got the LC9 and *removed* the manual safety and mag disconnect! Later got the Magguts mod (spring replacement) to add 1 to the magazine. Which is a great gadget for $25, 9 shots total is just MUCH more comforting than 8.

  3. The problem with this very minimalist EDC, you can bet some dudes are going to freak out and the next 10 “what I am carrying it now” will show 5 spare mags, 3 knives, a full size pistol, 2 tourniquets, a $3,000 holster made of stegosaurus bones….

  4. To each their own. If it works for him, cool. Nice looking small package, that most people wouldn’t think is a firearm. That’s what concealed carry is all about.

  5. For average joes like me, these EDC posts are helpful, assuming they are real, functional and provide context. Thanks for sharing. I look foward to see updated pocket dumps from some of TTAG regulars here.

  6. I have an EC9s with the same laser and a spare mag. BUT it’s my bug, not my primary. I have a cheap Dacron holster fixed to the right side of shift console so I have ready access to the bug while doing my deliveries. I re-holster it on my left hip ( into a quality leather holster) when I exit the vehicle.

  7. I like that gunm. I don’t like the pouch thing. My girlfiend just bought a special purse for her gunm. I told her ,”You stupid dumb beech,what happens if a purse snatcher grabs it? Now fix me something to eat or I’m not comming over here anymore” she needs a lighter gunm and a shorter strap, she got to much velocity whacking me upside the head with this one. She’s mean

  8. My default carry holster is a Sneaky Pete. Concealed, sort of. People easily guess the content. Fast draw, OWB, so nothing pressing againts the body. Easily accessible even while sitting. No issue when you have to go potty.

    No, I do not have a financial interest in Sneaky Pete.

  9. I know a few people who just toss a J Frame into a pocket holster and that’s the way they’ve done it for years.
    I prefer this series so far over the ridiculousness that was the 10lb, $10,000 narcissistic Gucci fest that was the pocket dump.

    • My J-frame is in my pocket (in pocket holster) right now, as I sit at home (furloughed from work, but still getting paid fortunately). That is plenty good for home carry. Sometimes I’ll switch it up with my LCP, but generally prefer the 642.

      If I had 10-20 seconds warning, I could grab the G19 from the pistol safe, or the AK or AR from the big safe. If home invaders kick in my door right now, I’d have to make due with the 642. That is pretty unlikely, where I live.

      If I lived in a bit city, and was out and about working, I’d probably want my Glock and a spare mag or two, with a couple of 30 rounders and maybe a long gun in my vehicle.

      So far, the coronavirus hasn’t caused a complete societal breakdown.

  10. I have to say I’m not a fan either of the pouch carry. The main drawback (literally) is the time it takes to get it out of the pouch. Better than not having at all, but carrying like this you limit to what situations you can respond effectively.

  11. carry evolves for most.
    that’s probably near perfect for his current situation(s).
    i’m glad ruger and all make these accessible, dependable, approachable minis.

  12. Seeing as how he can’t fit a cop in the PDA pouch, his Ruger is just fine.

    As long as you’re carrying, carry what you carry…..

    • Absolutely! I can flat guarantee better results than if you do not carry what you carry, or carry what you don’t carry, either one!

  13. Looks like a Streamlite TL-06 light/laser. I like those. 100 lumens for good target ID and the laser if needed.

  14. I think this feature would be improved with more about why and how the authors selected their EDC gear. There is just not enough substance.


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