Springfield 1911 milt sparks holster
Courtesy JRay
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From JRay:
I carry a ‘93 Springfield Champion .45 in a Milt Sparks Summer Special II IWB holster, a spare Wilson Combat 8-round magazine, and a TRS Striker 3.5” inch folding knife.  My carry ammo is usually Federal Hydra-Shoks.
I carry whenever I leave the house and practice drawing both the pistol and knife. I try to keep my skills up once a week at an outdoor range. I am retired now, age 68.

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  1. Nothing wrong with carrying a 1911, especially with an extra mag.

    I think many folks don’t consider a good holster for their carry gun.

  2. You know. I never carried a leather holster. I’ve used leather holsters outside the belt for old guns I’ve collected. I only used kydex though for actual carry. Is there any benefit to leather?

    I would imagine maybe it’s more comfortable? I’m not switching just curious.

    • It is much quieter which can be a gift under some circumstances. It is also less destructive to the firearms finish

      • Esthetically, leather can reflect more of the carrier’s personality than cold, hard plastic ever can. I have a rig of floral carved pigskin made by master leathersmith Eugenio decades ago at El Paso Saddlery…matching belt, holster (1911), double mag pouch, cuff carrier and pouch for my old Buck 110. It was my plainclothes rig for years. Nowadays, pretty much Sunday go to meeting setup. Fits nicely under an Ariat vest. That man was an artist!

        • “Esthetically, leather can reflect more of the carrier’s personality than cold, hard plastic ever can.”

          It will also mold itself to you, over time. Making it a true ‘custom fit’…

        • what if you’re not a florific swine type?
          i guess my horse, rough side in is close enough.
          but i should probably look into some thorned bullhide.
          makes me wonder about all of those stingrays, sharks and snakes.
          glad my spouse doesn’t do sea cow.

    • I’ve used leather, kydex and hybrid. Leather is definitely more comfortable. Hybrid holsters like crossbreed aren’t bad either.

      • before pulling the trigger on any big deal stuff, become familiar with the various cb styles and then peruse crossbreed seconds.

    • Biatec, I use both depending. If it’s kydex, it’s Blade-Tech. That’s where I started. See no reason to change. Yet, there is something about custom leather. My ex used to come home after UPS had dropped off a package. One whiff and she’d ask, “What did you buy now and how much did it cost?”

      • i used to come home after my wife had had a package dropped off. one whiff and i’d ask, “when was the last time you showered?”

    • My Springfield 1911 loaded came with a kydex that scuffed the stainless finish after using it once or twice never used it again have the same holster, it is very comfortable. Semce have ditched the 1911 for a tokarev. Better lighter faster stronger

        • Yup, waited 3 months for custom wood grips from Marschal grips, Bulbigina wood, flat with star and oil finish. Makes it a gem. Just make sure about your choice, he doesn’t read emails often. Historical pieces are hard to find out here and I wanted my sidearm to be that, not a fan of toting a luger or p38. And with semi auto power that rivals .357, can’t be beat. The tokarev was the best sidearm of ww2. So get a brain, or a vest. Not that either will do you any good.

          • Tokarev 7.62×25? A good friend of mine, former SEAL officer did a combat tour in Beirut. Some of you may know him as he’s written a series of books (the first a trilogy) on a dystopian future. Initials are MB. He swears by the piece. Says it’ll penetrate both sides of an automobile and pass right thru any bodies in between. Says he carried it not only for those qualities but because he can get rid of it fast without regrets. If necessary.

    • A well made holster, either in or outside the waist band, will be more comfortable than hard plastic could ever dream of. The best ones will not collapse on drawing the pistol, and many have a smooth lining to protect the finish of the barrel/slide. Your gun will not fall out if you eschew the “soft carry/soft tuck” style holster, but pay for a properly boned rig. Currently, all of my holsters are leather, but I have ordered a Kydex holster just so I can find out how the other side lives. And last of all, a Kydex holster will never have the great looks of a leather holster. This does not necessarily mean they are outrageously expensive, as many are under $100 (depending on the gun). Then again, my most expensive rig is a hand carved 49er with a Sacramento Rose pattern and a matching belt from Purdy Gear that fits the 1851/1860 and 1861 Colts, that set me back $500.

    • I find kydex to be too uncomfortable, and often painful, to wear. So leather, and other materials and hybrid holsters actually allow me to carry a gun.

  3. This guy knows what he’s doing. 1911. Enough said. Milt Sparks leather. Own several of their products. The snapped mag pouch. Not so much. Slows down the reload. I don’t know the knife, but it appears serviceable. Wilson mags. Thumbs up. Prefer 7 rounds to the 8. My experience 8 rd mag springs get weak. Function, but after a while will fail to lock the slide to the rear. Add light and cell px. Didn’t see a belt. Needs to be a sturdy one with this rig.

  4. Periodically, I carry one of my custom 1911’s in my custom belt rig or my custom Monarch Shoulder Rig made of Black Elephant Ear by Sam Andrews at http://www.andrewsleather.com/.

    He is the only artisan that I know of that will use ALL EXOTIC leather in the creation of the rigs NOT JUST PATCHES OF EXOTIC on cowhide.

    The holster rigs are comfortable and practical, especially the shoulder rig, and Elephant Ear is extremely durable and probably will never wear out.

    Spare mags are a must just as carrying in COCKED AND LOCKED condition (Condition 1). My custom rigs have double mag pouches and the holsters have a thumb break which acts as an additional safety device between the cocked hammer and the firing pin.

  5. I carried 1911s on the job and for years afterwards. Even when I was younger I always found them hard to conceal effectively in warm weather. I first compensated with a very expensive custom cutdown then later with a Detonics and as I aged and the weight of the gun became harder to deal with I switched to a Glock 30 and later a Glock 36. Finally when the Springfield Armory XDs was introduced I switched again. I have been using Hydra Shoks ever since they were introduced and still do.

    I also like leather holsters, but, I want them on the belt instead of inside the belt.

    I still long for the single action, cocked and locked action of a 1911. The smaller size and lower weight of the newer guns means my 1911s are now in the back of a safe.

    • A Comander sized pistol (4″) on an aluminum frame can cut ten or more ounces off the weight of the gun. My Kimber Pro Carry weighs in at 27 oz. The one thing you want with the smaller pistols, though, is front strap checkering, because they can be quite jumpy and a little slick. Plus there are some 9mm 1911s with 3 or 4″ barrels that fall into the same weight class, plus they are quite concealable.

    • I don’t know DB, I’ve carried one in one model or another since around ’82. Never thought they were too big, too heavy or held too few rounds. Handguns are not rifles. Bigger deeper holes!

      • Don’t carry a 1911. Recently stepped up to my P89 for additional capacity and some times I just change it up from my Shield 9. Never felt it was to big. Actually carried it for many years before I bought the Shield. I never worried to much about “Printing”. Since most people don’t have a clue or care what it is. They live inside the 1 meter box. Whether looking at a cell phone or worrying about their life. So I can for those who choose to. Understand carrying any firearm they want. Size not withstanding. Be Safe Out There Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • I have actually found 1911s to be one of the best platforms when all things considered for carry. Their naturally low profile and relatively small barrel and slide width make carrying even full size ones nicer than many “compact” guns. They do require a nice heavy belt, but as a person who has carried everything – 1911s are easily one of the best.

    • A commander or officers size is as small or smaller than a G19. The only reason I don’t carry one is capacity. Also could have a double stack capacity but then becomes large and heavy as you’re talking about.

    • That’s just not true. I’ve been carrying for 20 years over multiple platforms and settled on a 1911 with an aluminum frame, and it is hands down the best carry gun I’ve ever had. I’ve tried the plastic fantastic striker fireds class, and if you like them great, but they’re all to damn boxy and unnatural. I can wear a 1911 all day without issue.

  6. In before all the mall ninjas start shrieking “hur dur outdated! Low capacity! 45 is weaker than 22 short! It ain’t safe even though I carry a piece of plastic that considers a nubbin on the trigger a safety!”, as their tears stain their 5/11 pants and team Glock t-shirt.

    • Pretty sure no one says that. What you may hear is that 7-8 magazine capacity of .45 is not as useful as 15-17 rounds of 9mm that could be carried in a plastic pistol.

      • What he said is all over every gun blog. The modern 9mm fan boys are worse, yes worse, then the .45 fan boys ever were.

        • I guess I don’t read many of those. I get the capacity arguments, but I’ve never heard anyone seriously compare a .45 to a .22 in terms of effectiveness. Well, unless it’s a .22…3.

        • Hey Ron and it’s really funny right now because all the “9mm is all you need” morons trained the noobs to ONLY buy 9mm and now whenever there is a run (or a PANDEMIC) every box of 9mm in America disappears within seconds. Is now not at all the best SHTF choice though everyone used to push it as such. All the noob shooters in the last decade bought .223 and 9mm weapons. Now those are the first off the shelves every time. And you are right – they are FAR more insufferable than the .45 class EVER was. It’s a European round, goobers. Made for dainty-wristed French gendarmes or WORSE and more feminine, Youtube bearded 3%-ers who are WHOLLY ABSENT on this massive spending bill from Congress, lol. Big sheepdogs they were, hahaha! I like 9mm in many ways, but was by no means a wonder caliber and now in the runs no one can get it. Lol.

    • How about “.45 or die,” and “9mm is useless” or “them plastic guns will melt.” What happened to all those idiots?
      There isn’t even a 1911 vs plastic guns debate, it’s been solved years ago for most people. There are folks who love the 1911 yet carry a plastic gun, I have never heard of the opposite. I don’t see a lot of “mall ninjas” with Glock shirts around here, in a state where a lot of folks carry, but I have surely heard my share of obnoxious “.45 or die” and “plastic guns are European junk” idiots, not so much anymore, they got the memo.

      • Well, you’re meeting one right now, digitally that is. I’m 33, technically a “mellenial” but share little in common with that arbitrary phrase. I’ve been carrying since I was 21 and have had two different jobs where I carried a side arm, formerly a 92f in the military and now s&w m&p as LE, formerly also a glock, and personal carry have tried glock, XD, snub nose .38, and beretta.

        And I agree with many here that the 1911 is the best gun for conceal carry. I’ve ditched all those guns and carry a kimber custom 1911 in .45, and I’ll never look back. I’m not some kind of fat old fudd who croaks about “back in my day”. But there’s a reason why the 1911 still remains so popular today. It’s my opinion that Everyone who hates on the 1911 does so because they’ve never shot or even held one.

        • Something about this post stuck a teal serious chord in me. I couldn’t put my finger on it then it hit me square between the eyes:

          “ I’m not some kind of fat old fudd who croaks about “back in my day.”

          I go the V.A. Hospital here in Johnson City Tennessee and I see these really old guys in wheelchairs and hauling oxygen tanks while being pushed by family or nurses. Then one day this robust old guy goes strolling up to said older guy in wheelchair with oxygen tank and a haunted look in those alert eyes. I hear a booming voice like only a First Sergeant or Sergeant Major can make rolling across the VA campus: “Well, HELLO, GREEN BERET!” And it hit me, as this should hit all of you. Those guys shuffling pitifully along your city street wearing those Vietnam Veteran ball caps that are worn and bedraggled…. they were at one time the most BADASS KILLERS in the world. They saw and did MORE SHIT than you will ever dream of. So be more respectful.

  7. The Nancy Boys will also complain that it isn’t DA/SA like their CZ.
    Funny how the things we solved 30 years ago are coming back. If they had their way shotguns would be DA too.

    • A CZ can perform just as well as a 1911, is probably less demanding in term on cleaning and definitely less picky with ammo than some 1911, cost half the price of a good 1911 (and probably 1/3 the price of a great 1911), while holding more rounds. Give me the CZ please, you can keep the 1911 and we’re all happy.

      • This is the USA…in most States you can own both…why be a gun snob. So many great firearm designs…my problem is that there’s just not enough disposable income.

  8. There are days I miss carrying my Kimber CDP II in a Milt Sparks summer special. Mag capacity and reliability issues carried me to the dark side. Now it’s a G19 in a Comp-tac Minatour that accompanies me.

    • I had issues with my Kimber until I bought a new recoil spring direct from Wolff, and my problems went away.

  9. A 1911, .45ACP, a leather holster…LMFAO some folks never got the memo it’s not 1970 anymore. Does he also drive an Oldsmobile Cutlass?

    • 1911 45 acp because it works.

      Polymer and a bucket of 9mm bullets, eh?

      As a matter of fact that’s what I was issued in 1971 with a leather holster. And your point is?

      • My point is….it’s 2020, why would you want to carry a 1911 with so many better options, usually cheaper on top of it and more rds per magazine? I would have no problem adding a nice 1911 to the safe for the range every once in a while, but carrying one nah I am good.

        • Step, I have a very good younger friend. I sold him a Glock out of the 5 or six I had at the time. Kept telling him a 1911 shot better. Wouldn’t hear it. He’s generation what ever. However, he has money. One day he took his grandfather’s WWII 1911 to the range. Him, “This piistol shoots great!” He now owns several. New ain’t always better.

        • Why would I want to carry a 1911? Because . In original form the caliber, the pointability,the weight, the slide speed, the recoil, all come together to make it the best combat weapon yet devised. That’s my opinion, and mine is better then yours because I’m bullheaded, always right, and been married three times.

        • Those of us behind the Liberal Curtain are limited to 10+1 rounds in any gun, so why not a 1911 with an 8 round mag? Add to that, the guns that are designed for a higher round count, like the Glock or the XD, are a lot thicker than a 1911, and harder to conceal.

        • Good answer, possum. Honesty is the best policy. Also, Step, it’s not just a Cutlass. It’s a Cutlass Supreme. Deep black. There’s a difference.

    • 1911 still at the top of the game, and there is nothin’ nicer than a ’72 Olds Cutlass 442, class and style, something you obviously know nothing about…
      Better check yourself, ‘fore you wreck yourself…

    • I have heard 9mm will not penetrate if the bad guy is wearing anything thicker than a cotton shirt. A “.45 or die” expert said it to the newbies at the range. I am definitely buying a $800 1911, I’ll just wear a jacket in summer it’s alright.

    • I carry a Smith performance center shield in .45 in a desantis pocket holster. 7 rounds of 230 ball. But my next piece will be the lusty Dan Wesson bobtail commander classic stainless.

      • Man, I couldn’t dream to carry my CZ in my pocket, you must have some big-assed pockets, Rad…

        • I wear cargo shorts/pants all year. The desantis holster is pretty cool in that it looks and works like a conventional pocket holster but it comes with a square Velcro panel that attaches to the holster. The two pieces square rig is ideal for cargo pocket carry. Because of the work I do, waistband carry is not an option. My gun needs to be enclosed, and I accept the attendant disadvantages.

        • Why ball instead of JHP in 45 auto? Less expensive and pretty much just as reliable in the 45 auto. It worked for our military for almost three quarters of a century. After all, shot placement counts more than expansion. Additionally, Ball is much better at getting through obstacles and still kill.

        • Yup yup yup! I’ll also add that it feeds more reliably than JHPs might. A humongous slow moving bullet is unlikely to “over penetrate” a bad guy without him noticing.

          • …because, when comparing…bullets…size matters!

            I laugh when someone writes “9 mm bullet technology has come to the point where a 9 mm JHP is the equivalent of a .45”. What should be noted is that the same tech developments that created the 9 mm HST also created the .45 ACP HST. I use both rounds…it depends on what firearm I’m carrying. My local LEO’s carry the HST / Gold Dot. I figure that that is a positive defense in case I’m ever in court for a defensive shooting.

  10. I’ve been carrying a Sig P365 9mm for quite awhile now usually pocket carry. But there’s an old saying: “Serious Guns for Serious Times.” I’ve begun to drift back to my 1911 roots. I carried a Government Model G.I. 45 Remington Rand for literally decades. Then I discovered the various Sig P series after five trips to the Sig Sauer Academy. My home defense pistol is still a Sig P227 in 45acp mounting a Streamlight TLR-1s 500 lumen with strobe capability.

    But these days I’m more likely to wear a Sig RCS 1911 in 45 acp. Basically a Commander length slide/barrel on an Officer’s model frame. Capacity is 7+1 and I have about 10 spare mags. It also wears a set of CT Laser grips. The gun is unbelievably accurate and has NEVER failed me.

    Now that I’m retired and my investments are doing well, (they’ll be better once the virus is gone) I’m sort of hankering for a gun that I’ve wanted all my life: Wilson Carry Comp in 45 acp. Maybe I’ll pick up one of those soon. Make it my EDC. I’ve got a couple of Sam Andrews custom leather holsters for the 1911. I’ve known Sam for about 30 years, personally. When he first got started and his kid was little. Now the kid is running the shop!

    • Huh. I did the opposite. Stuck an officers slide on an aluminum commander frame. Then I stuck a single port comp on the barrel, and that basically made it into a commander sized gun. Shot like a dream once I got the recoil spring dialed in.

      • Did you have any concerns that the steel slide would chew up the aluminum frame faster than an all-steel gun?

        I had me once a Taurus 92 AFS, and was paranoid the frame would wear out if I ran a ton of rounds down the pipe…

  11. New legal steroid turning men into beast. I did not give that add permission to use that photo of me, and they photo chopped the nose and tail,. That is a nice setup and I really like that gunm and holstien, water shocks have been one of my favorites, a well rounded performer in penatration and expand i’m not impress with golden sabers

    • It could be worse, my ads on my phone keep telling me I need to learn “How to properly empty my bowels”.

      No problems at all in that department…

  12. Very nice. Good to see some old school. Brings back memories.

    I like a Commander and have considered going back to one.

    Milt Sparks is a great holster but I like a snap so i was always Bianchi number 3 or a Ted Blocker.

    Sorry to see you have sinistromanual disorder.

  13. Oh the 1911….. Twice as heavy, half the capacity and less reliable. For multiple shots, don’t forget to get your thumb on top of the safety or you’ll go “click…..” If you use one under stress or have a brain fart- did you put the safety back on???? Btw. I have a couple Dan Wesson 1911’s and love shooting them but if you think a 1911 is the best option for ccw, you’re lying to yourself.

    Common traits of the modern 1911 carrier….
    Nicotine stained mustaches…
    Sweet tea and Winston cigarettes….
    A “Colt” hat. (Gotta represent….)
    Cross draw practice from seated position on lark….
    Disdain for plastic, 9mm and double action triggers….
    Diabetes and a affinity for Wilfred Brinkley…

    • There is no objective best option for CCW. Someone who has shot 1911s all their life will be much better with one than trying to use a glock because polymer is in.

      Weight is largely irrelevant unless you’re rucking through a combat zone and need to carry more ammo (or unless it makes you less likely to carry, in which case get a different gun). Or unless you’re getting into desert eagle type guns. Hell, a heavier gun is often easier to shoot.

      Capacity? It’s something to consider and the 1911 platform doesn’t have a lot of it. But I won’t deride someone for carrying 8 rounds when I feel okay with 5 rounds of .357. There aren’t many bad guys out there that are looking for a target of opportunity and will decide to keep attacking because their target only has 5 rounds left after taking the other guy out.

      As always, the number one rule of gunfighting is to have a gun. Not everyone has to have the latest ideal CCW, or most popular.

    • RV6,

      If you’re going to attempt humor at least check your spelling – or is Wilfred Brinkley the unknown love child of Christie Brinkley and Wilfred Brimley? Hmmm….Christie Brinkley…..she can eat Quaker Oats in my bed anytime…

    • Idle curiosity?
      What experience do you have with 1911’s?
      Carry one in the service? Train at Gun Site? Read a meme about it?
      Further how many rounds are needed for self defense and why did you pick that number?

    • Have carried a stainless Officers model 1911 for decades. Worked over by a very proficient gunsmith shooter.

      Older than dirt
      Don’t smoke
      Not obese
      Wear USMC covers
      Don’t mind all the other calibers
      Don’t let other people tell me what I should do.

      • Gordon in MO, well said! Spoken like a true leatherneck! No disrespect intended, this little “Doggie Infantry Captain” married into a family of marines. We traded good natured barbs for decades until the patriarch passed in 2010 and had a PLATOON of Marines led by a major to do the graveside service. The Corps tried to do a missing man flyover but the exigencies of the war prevented that. The old man flew with the Black Sheep in WW2 and got himself a Navy Cross and a Silver Star along with 18 air to air kills in theater. Retired a full Colonel. The son had less luck and is now in a nursing home suffering dementia. ~SIGH~ Time marches on.

  14. Always wanted an early Champion with the recoil spring plug (no bull barrel). Almost bought one, back in the day. I hope yours is reliable.

  15. Usually my daily carry is my 1951 .45 Colt Commander (aluminum frame, before the steel frame Combat Commander); 18.5 lb. Wolff recoil spring; 18 lb. Wolff hammer/mainspring; Wolff extra power firing pin spring; tuned Wolff sear spring; Cylinder & Slide blind hole alloy medium length smooth-faced trigger; Gov’t hammer and grip safety; tuned & polished extractor; fitted Ed Brown barrel (ported & polished) & bushing; 7 round Wilson mags; WW 2 nub thumb safety; vintage walnut stocks; relieved lower front ejection port (to allow extraction of live round); trigger/sear job; polished disconnector, etc. It works for me! Life can be good.

  16. I swear to god my first thought upon seeing the picture was “That is, quite possibly, the most hideously boomer thing I’ve seen all week”…And then the last sentence in the description proved me right

  17. A 1911 owner knows how to use a shovel without checking the art of manliness dot com.
    A 1911 owner doesn’t carry it to please his network of friends.
    A 1911 owner values form and function.
    A 1911 owner knows the heavies take care of business.
    A 1911 owner, though discriminated against, is a discriminating individual.

    • 1911 owners smoke 1235 cigarettes for every practice draw…..
      1911 owners take cover behind stacks medication bottles and Medicare paperwork….
      1911 owners run outa breath when reaching for a shovel…..
      1911 owners make sure to open carry when BBQ’n…..
      1911 owners scan their sectors with a tactical scowl while on grocery store scooters….
      1911 owners only use stainless steel pens when filling out a 4473 for their next 1911….
      1911 owners only shoot once, cause .45acp makes creeps fold like a cheap card table….
      1911 owners think folks with 1911’s chambered in 9mm aren’t worth of 1911’s…..

  18. I carry a Ruger LC9S in a Comp-Tac Kydex IWB holster. Would be interested in hearing if there are any IWB 1911 options.

  19. Short answer: Yes

    There are many Kydex holster manufacturers out there. Most of them offer models for the 1911…IWB and OWB. One of the companies I’ve had good results from is Talon Retention in Kalispell, Montana. They offer a number of holsters that are custom pressed for 1911’s. The owner is good to work with on special requests, ie. more / less cant, special color Kydex, adapting to just about any sight you can MacGyver onto a slide, customizing a holster for an off-the-wall light or laser, etc.

    Apparently TTAG will not allow me to post a web address (this is my third try).

    Look up Talon Retention in Kalispell.

    Dan, how do I get on your trusted posters list?

  20. Milt Sparks and Andrews Leather are the leaders in CCW holsters and have been for half a century. I didn’t read a single knowledgeable comment on the holster. If you can afford one or the other the wait is usually 3 — 6 months. I have an Andrews that holsters a 40 EMP. Rookies, all!!

  21. 1911s are so easy to shoot accurately, the leather holsters are still the best material, and a 45 hollow point will open up to 0.7 inch diameter or more (try that with a 9mm). The latest study I’ve seen shows it takes 2 rounds of 45 to put a bad guy down, and three of 9mm, so you HAVE to carry 50% more rounds with a 9mm.

    True, plastic guns don’t weigh as much, but we are talking ounces more, not pounds, especially if you have an Aluminum frame. And I’ve never seen a metal frame gun chewed up by a dog like I have a plastic frame.

    Sam Andrews is an artist, I met him at a couple of gunshows and he has a voice that should be doing commercials for movies and men’s products

    • Retro, a puppy did chew on some wooden Detective Special stocks that I bought from a guy. Gives the gun character.

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