Virus Outbreak California gun stores
An employee answers questions at the entrance to a gun shop Tuesday, March 24, 2020, in Culver City, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
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“The city of L.A., for example, they have banned all gun shops, they closed them throughout the duration of this pandemic, and the city of Pasadena is going to follow our standard,” the sheriff said.

[Sheriff Alex] Villanueva expressed concern about first-time gun owners in isolation with others during the shelter-in-place order.

“What we’re trying to discourage is panic gun-buying,” Villanueva said. “You have now a bunch of people who are normally not all crammed into a house confined together, and at some point in time when tempers start flaring, people that are unfamiliar with a new handgun — a new shiny toy — we’re going to expect to see an increase in domestic violence, with tragic results.”

– City News Service in LA County Sheriff Closes Gun Stores in 42 Cities Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

In response to questions about whether gun stores should remain open under a statewide order that has closed nonessential businesses, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said Tuesday that his department will not force firearm dealers in county jurisdiction to close, at least for now.

Calling their service valuable, Gore asked store operators to follow social distancing rules and find alternative ways to sell guns and ammunition, such as online or by appointment. The key, he said, is to restrict clusters of customers at storefronts.

– David Hernandez in San Diego County sheriff won’t force gun stores to close — at least for now

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  1. I’d really like to hear from a new gun purchaser from Californian as to what they had to go through to actually get armed.

    • 1) They have to pass a multiple choice test.
      2) Do a safe handling drill for the weapon being purchased.
      2) Buy the gun (fill out the usual form like everybody else).
      3) Wait ten days.
      4) Pick up the gun on the eleventh day.

      • BREAKING: Slow Joe Biden accused of SEXUAL ASSAULT by his former senate staffer Tara Reed in 1993. On The Blaze right now. I’m sure Joe has no recollection😩😖😟

        • well it looks like the METOO# people are not taking the case….or the bribe money funding them goes bye bye!

          Reade approached the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in January looking for assistance, but was reportedly told the fund could not help her because Biden is a candidate for federal office, and pursuing a case could jeopardize the fund’s nonprofit status. The Intercept reports the public relations firm representing Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund is SKDKnickerbocker, whose managing director, Anita Dunn, is top adviser to Biden’s presidential campaign.

          Conflict of interest and IMO they should LOOSE nonprofit status over this one!

        • Hypocrites.

          Keep in mind these are the same people that were concerned about Trump being senile. Yet they look the other way when Joe is clearly intellectually diminished. How does anyone ever take these hypocrites seriously?

      • Not exactly but you’re close. This is actually my 6th california purchase so I’m not a first time buyer but the rules are the same. This is however my first AK which I’m excited for 🙂 I’ve built 2 AR15’s 5.56/6.5 Grendel and I own a 9mm handgun, .308 bolt action as well as a CMR 30 in .22 Mag. The process is – buy online, wait for it to ship to my FFL which isn’t that long of a wait. Walk in, fill out my DROS and come back 10 days later for pick up. That’s all.

      • 1) this is the firearms safety cert. Only need to do the test once.. if it were free, I would have no problem with it. It has questions like which end does the bullet come out of and is it safe to give a loaded gun to a two year old..
        2) this is don’t muzzle flash the tester, load a dummy round, and unload it.. most ffls don’t bother with this
        2) these two weed out people like Bake who can’t count
        3) yeah 10 days is stupid..
        4) actually after 240 hours. So yes can pickup on 10th day.

    • Nah, it’s the old “chocolate chip” desert camo pattern. There’s a different photo of him yesterday. Me thinks it’s just maybe to hide something under that field blouse.

      • ya the fact the guy has hit the ‘taco tuesdays’ truck on wed, thur, fri, sat, sun, and monday! at lunch and dinner!

        a winded crackhead could out run him!

  2. Some bad & some good , perplexing, since they both took the Same oath to protect the U S Constitution.
    Me thinks the ones who break their oath to the Constitution should lose their jobs that they swore an oath to.simple solution.

  3. And Idaho considers them an essential business.
    California sucks no matter where you are in that state.

  4. The LA Sheriff had better get his act together at the jails he supervises, won’t be much longer and they’ll be more like hospitals.

  5. Funny, I thought I just read a TTAG article 2 days ago titled “LA County Sheriff Closes Gun Sellers, Then Backs Down Under Blowback, Cities Reopening Stores”.

    I guess that ain’t happening anymore.

    • And that’s essentially what happened.

      Monday, Villanueva said gun shops would be closed.

      Tuesday, they suspended enforcement of that because the county counsel’s office declared gun store essential business under the governor’s order

      Then on Thursday they started closing the gun stores again. I haven’t seen confirmation of this, but I think it’s because the governor said that he’d defer to county sheriffs on how to handle gun stores.

      • That is exactly what has happened. Being cooped up at home. I’ve been following the Draconian Closure of firearms dealer all over the nation. This last closure was precipitated by Gov. Alfred E. Newsom saying the decision to close firearms dealers was up to the sheriff’s in their counties. Check previous articles on this site for the links I have posted to pertinent stories. Be Safe Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • It’s California. Don’t believe anything anybody says or promises. Look at what is actually happening.

      • What looks like is happening is the government is trying to force the gun shops to go bankrupt. There isn’t many around and they don’t make much money.

        Are they going to give gun shops a few billion to stay up and running like they are going to do with corporations? Nope. They are going to offer conditional loans, government is essentially buying a portion of the shop if they take the money. At least they will get a few hundred a month with their universal basic income paycheck.

        • Over the last couple weeks (before closing), the gun stores did a massive amount of business. The ones around here sold most all of their ammo, and a huge amount of guns. Basically, they did several months worth of business in a week or two. That should help tide them over for a while. I think most gun stores will be ok.

        • @Art out West

          From what I seen, most gun shops in California don’t make much money and are always close to shutting down. Many come and go, but the old timers stick it out. You’re better off selling airsoft stuff.

          There is going to be a lot of issues after this finishes because a lot of people are going to think about selling their new gun they just bought. How is that going to hurt or help the gun shops? Maybe if they sold the guns at a higher price than usual it won’t matter much, but it seems they couldn’t because the “gun community” were complaining about higher prices (aka free market capitalism).

        • Chief Censor,
          You might be right. I’m not in California, so I can’t address the situation there. I think our local shops are doing ok (again not in California).

  6. Another example of the Left’s condescending attitude toward ‘regular’ people, who won’t survive unless the Left tells them how to live their lives.

    • Step 1: get born, tax your parents
      Step 2: live, work, pay taxes, vote Democrat
      Step 2a: live, don’t work, depend on state, vote Democrat
      Step 3: die, pay death tax, vote Democrat after death

      Eric Swalwell 2020

  7. So, with all the new guns having been purchased around the country, has anyone heard of a single scenario where they were used in a temper tantrum? I recall in Illinois where they thought Concealed Carry was going to bring back the Wild Wild West. Never happened.

    Seems like the same thing is going on now. Not an issue, just hype.

    • The only one I have heard of was some 75 year old moron down in Georgia at a post office. He has carried a gun for 40 years without knowing the law, and made himself a justifiable use of deadly force for his victims.
      He was brandishing his gun because one of the girls had a mask on and was not social distancing. He was taken to jail. He should have the right to carry a gun after being released, but he should have been shot in the post office. He is low impulse control and is just as dangerous with access to car, as a gun. Next time the old man draws on a Citizen, hopefully he gets put down.

    • nope…not a gun

      but might need a smog device or test and not doing that there might get you killed on the spot!

  8. Are there any guns to be had right now? Maybe the local sheriffs realized it was easier to leave the guns stores open since they already sold out of guns.

    • Betting there are millions out there… on shelves.., on line…everywhere.
      And plenty more on the way from the factories.
      And once this is over… how many will be for sale or pawned or bartered?
      Bought 3 pistols with part of my tax refund.
      Might have to wait for a couple… but already have a few anyway.

  9. They (california) want to be a sanctuary city let everybody in , let homeless live on the street and don’t think twice about and criticize the other 49 states for not being all coombyya holding hands and living like it’s still 1963 screw em! don’t care even after all this they will all still be liberal anti gun not learning anything from this sudden need to defend themselves. I grew up in half moon bay california leaving at 23 y/o Now I live in FL so all you who live there don’t come at me saying
    (O you just don’t understand cali bro)
    Yea ….yea I do and its NOT AMERICA ANY MORE. SO GET THE # OUT

      • There’s really not that many gun stores in the LASD jurisdiction. Martin B Retting is one of the biggest and they be cowards. Surrounding counties seem to be allowing gun stores to stay open but I can’t verify that.

        • Depends on where you live. I have seen a bunch where Asian people live, they’re not very noticeable.

  10. Frankly the sheriff is too ignorant to own a firearm. That’s right…combine that new gun with cabin fever and you’ve got massacres on your hands. Musta reached deep into his behind for that one. Who does that ratbassturd think he is ordering around? Grade schoolers? Asylum inmates? Bevis and Butthead? He’s ordering around Taxpayers and Bussinesses that pay his salary and his sicko tyrannical sht ain’t going to fly.

  11. People’s Republic of M Assachusetts “Suspended or Revoked” 2nd Amendment (Rights–not here) Privileges in various townships…No MA. Privilege cards/Permits will be processed…No permit…No police permissions. No Purchase/Ownership/Possession…NOTHING….But at least sticks and stones are still legal…Until the Demo-Authoritarians, and GOP/Globalist RINOs figure out how to criminalize everyone from using them….

  12. While it’s true enough that tempers are flaring from shelter in place orders (I’ve already seen a spike in domestic violence and child abuse cases), that’s no excuse to deprive people their right to defend themselves when LE is ordered to stand down.

    • Not so fast…Shelter in place does not mean you are not to leave your residence like you are snowbound, etc. You can leave for necessities, etc. The idea is avoid crowds where 1 individual can infect many.
      Your child abuse, etc. stats are based more on knee jerk hearsay than fact. Shelter in place does not create or inflame problems where such problems did not previously exist.

  13. So can an LA resident buy a gun in San Diego, or is crossing the city/county ‘border’ prohibited now?

  14. Remember that Villanueva barely won over his predecessor McDonnell back in 2018, and the votes are still suspect due to CA’s unethical “ballot harvesting” law that dubiously propelled the Democrat candidates of several offices over the winning line at the last minute.

    If enough Los Angelinos get “woke” to these recent events and remember during the next election, we might end up with a Republican Sheriff again like we had before.

  15. In response to the radical right, guns are for military and law enforcement only. They were never meant for civilian use. The violent nature of firearms has no place in our communities. All cities and townships should follow the course set by Los Angeles. More guns raises the risk of violence in homes and families. The banning of these items of war will begin in 2021 when our president Joe Biden takes the unprecedented step of appointing Beto O’Rourke as the “gun czar”. At that point guns will be exposed as a legitimate threat to American lives.

    • “In response to the radical right, guns are for military and law enforcement only. They were never meant for civilian use.”

      Wrong, according to the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court :

      “Held: 1. The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.

      Suck on it good, hard, and long, ‘kimber’… 🙂

    • GTFO of here with that bullshit. The only threat to the American people are liberal democrats like your pandering ass.

    • @KIMBER
      More people died from stabbings last yr 2019 than ALL.. I REPEAT ALL GUN RELATED DEATHS. Do your research. And about leo and military only, ever hear of the american revolution?

      • Most definitely NOT. More people were stabbed to death than were killed by rifles, not by all firearms. Check the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics (they are on line).

    • Lol….eat $HIT MFER!…..

      P.S. You don’t deserve a normal response…..fkn pud….

  16. Its not the sheriff’s right, privilege or responsibility to limit guns because a new gun owner might be “You have now a bunch of people who are normally not all crammed into a house confined together, and at some point in time when tempers start flaring, people that are unfamiliar with a new handgun — a new shiny toy — we’re going to expect to see an increase in domestic violence, with tragic results.” guess what sheriff that’s on the individuals.. I dont want you having handcuffs because you might suffer a fatal heart attack leaving the crackhead prostitute handcuffed to the motel 6 bed.

  17. We’ll see how long the emergency lasts closing gun stores. I think long enough to bankrupt them.

  18. “people that are unfamiliar with a new handgun — a new shiny toy —”

    Why you condescending, patronizing, bleep-head…

    “we’re going to expect to see an increase in domestic violence, with tragic results.”

    So, it would be less tragic if the abuser used their fists, or a knife? Because abusers can and do use those methods all the time. Ask Carol Bowne. Oh wait, you *can’t*, because of folks with attitudes just like yours…

    A firearm isn’t going to turn someone into an abuser, and the lack of a firearm isn’t going to pull the fangs of one who is.

  19. They should close the grocery stores. Seems like there is alot of panic buying in there as well. Gas station need to close down, I saw a line there the other day. People seem to be panic buying gas. They shouldn’t need it afterall, there is a shelter in place order right?


    • New Yorkers are fleeing the virus. Maybe some Californians will do the same?

      You need gas for generators. And people are thinking right now gas is cheap because of the market manipulation, but it will go up soon.

    • The first sensible thing you’ve said in a long time. If that’s really you, Russkie.

  20. I’m suspicious of anyone who tells me I don’t need to be armed while he is protected by layers of armed men and machines.

  21. There will be serious consequences for his Anti-constitution actions. All the 2nd amendment organizations will have a field day with this one.

  22. Let’s be honest here: Any reason he would give in public is cover for the truth he cannot speak.

    That truth is something along the lines of “If things go sideways enough and I get to act out my fantasies then guns in the hands of more people make it harder to do the things that give me a boner”.

    He’s not “tonedeaf”. That patronizing/paternalistic attitude is part of a superiority complex.

    • He wants to run the show. He is shutting down gun stores by force of arms and he would love to take your guns too. He and his deputies are tyrants.

      At least one gun shop [Warrior One] is refusing to shut down their business and help infringe on the human rights of Americans.

      So many bad cops…

  23. Spent a couple of reasonably pleasant years, late 1960’s in California, Oakland and Berkley. Respecting the administrative and legislative idiocy or insanity that grips the state currently, I would not care for a repeat.

  24. Let’s see. LA cops killed a hostage in Van Nuys, fired 103 shots at two women delivering newspapers, killed an innocent bystander at a Trader Joe’s, killed two innocent civilians during a UPS truck hijacking, to list just a few cases.

    So I guess Villanueva is correct. Clowns should not be allowed to have guns.

  25. LA county isn’t shutting down gun sales because of the virus they are using it as a excuse to have control of the people’s rights to bare arms, excuses excuses to help the ain’t gunners too destroy the economy more by closing down businesses.

  26. Not long ago there were tons of questions on “how did you get your conceal permit in California?” on here, and I replied something along the lines of not that hard in San Diego. Pretty much sums up California though, because no matter how much shit like this they do, it doesn’t make a difference for the 1,000 other infringements.

    But then, it is Californication, and in LA/Hollywood (the ones always marketing violence) they have never believed in reality.

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