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James W. writes . . .

I carry a VP9 in a Black Rhino Concealment holster with an extra mag on an Ares belt. Ammo is Hornady.

Knife is a Kershaw Blur. Wallet and key ring by Montblanc. Inhaler due to PF. Flashlight is a Streamlight Protac.

Watch is a Tag Heuer Aquaracer. Sunglasses are Oakleys. Pretty basic, but I feel comfortable with this carry load when out and about with my family.


[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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    • Years ago I had a doc who prescribed ‘something-vent’ in an inhaler for what he thought was maybe asthma. (It ended up not being that, but anyways -).

      I used it *twice* and threw it in the trash. That ‘medicine’ was flat nasty. A hit of that made me feel 4 times worse. I feel for people who have to rely on that foul ‘medicine’.

      Combi-vent, maybe? Yuc…

      • Oh, yeah, solid watch. Tag is quality without the anal rape price of Rolex…

        • Geoff, my Dad was a watchmaker. Until he passed away last September at 91. He was a bit of a legend around here in the watch collecting community. He once told me that Tag doesn’t build their own movements. He also told me a Rolex is a nice watch, but not what you pay for them. He really liked AWC.

        • The TAG is my daily “beater” watch.Its a 43mm and I can easily read the time and the lume is very bright. Bought it for a song used. I am lucky enough that I do own other watches but have since put them in the safe and do not wear them too often.

        • “He once told me that Tag doesn’t build their own movements.”

          That’s what I have heard, and it doesn’t really bother me, as I am unimpressed with most mechanical movements. (The ‘glass back” exposed movements are neat to look at in operation).

          They make nice, tight cases, and in my opinion, quartz movements keep much better time than traditional movements…

    • Yes it does suck but I’m also lucky that the interstitial lung disease is in my right lower lobe. It hasn’t progressed according to my last CT and bronch.

  1. That’s an odd IWB holster. Looks like it should be OWB. Also, what holds the extra mag? Solid carry though. What position do you IWB that beast?

    • It can be both OWB/IWB. I enjoy it and it is very comfortable to carry. The single mag holder was still on my belt when I took the pic.

  2. I like H&K, but not familiar with their newer stuff. The only H&K pistol I own is a factory hard chrome P7M8. I have owned a few of their rifles. Still do. I will say, in my experience their shit works. So an EDC built around an H&K I would give a thumbs up. If it has everything else. This one appears to.

    • I really love my P30L, fits my hand like a glove and I am a big fan of ambidextrous controls, especially with how usable they are. This gun is a tack driver too. I almost bought a Beretta 92, but the HK is just too good.

  3. I suppose carrying an inhaler allows a person to go to guns more quickly, it would also save the money spent on running shoes.

    • Well Conrad, I was an active runner before I became sick, so I don’t know if you are being a smart-ass or what.

  4. I really liked my Vp9 except for one thing…the trigger pinched my finger no matter how I squeezed it. I know Hickok45 had the same issue. The pistol is super accurate, trigger is crisp. Excellent ergos. But that dang trigger pinched on every shot.

    • Setarip, I had the same problem. I installed a Lobos trigger and not only did it solve that issue but what little creep was in the stock trigger is now gone. Very crisp trigger.

    • I haven’t experienced that issue with my P30L, but it would seem to me if everything else is perfect you could just swap out the trigger. I think if I were to change anything on my HK it would be the sights but they aren’t bad stock 3 dot.

      • I ended up selling her a while back. My USP never gave me problems with the trigger. I am a chronic gun flipper though. My other complaint for the vp9 is that’s it’s noticeably larger than a Glock 19. It’s more like a 17 in size, but with 19 capacity. HK’s win for best quality though.

        • @Red
          It did not when I sold it. And besides, even at 17 rounds it is noticeably larger than a 19. It’s closer in size to a 17.


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