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Anoka County (Minnesota) Sheriff James Stuart revealed his thoughts on the possibility of the Minneapolis City Council disbanding the city’s police department. Earlier stories have suggested that sheriff’s deputies would pick up some of the law enforcement duties after Minneapolis shuts down its own PD.

Sheriff Stuart says he’s not interested in sending his deputies back into Minneapolis to restore order yet again.

Here are his exact words from a Facebook post:

The members of the Minneapolis City Council should be mindful that numerous other law enforcement agencies have responded to support them, to restore order, to protect their citizens and to return peace to their city during recent tragic days. We did this while joining our communities in disgust over the way in which George Floyd lost his life and in hopes of a stronger, unified future.

There are clearly concerns to be addressed and areas to be fixed.

However, If they choose to eliminate their police department through defunding operations without a realistic plan, they must also choose to live with the consequences of their decisions. We are one of many agencies who have no appetite for going back to their city to restore order again; especially if their decision is to actively compromise the safety of the city.

Cooler heads who seek actual answers while working with their community will find realistic answers. Those who embrace impulsive actions must live with the consequences and I think we have all suffered enough from a variety of bad decisions.

While nine of twelve Minneapolis council members have indicated their support for disbanding the police, if a single council member changes their mind, the plan would be blocked by a veto by Mayor Jacob Frey.

Time may allow inflamed passions to fade and more dispassionate decision-making. It seems unlikely Minneapolis would actually scrap its police force. If the city council backs down, that would be good news for citizens, property and business owners.

At the same time, a lot of residents will surely seek out home defense firearms just in case common sense doesn’t prevail in the City of Lakes.


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  1. If Minneapolis disbands the police there will still be government prohibitions and regulations on forming private police or exercising the 2A freely as it was intended.

    • So, then, the BLM and NAACP will take heed and reverse their declarations that they’re gearing up with their own armed “police” forces within their organizations, a la Black Panthers?

      People on both sides of the issue are losing faith in our leaders. Even here in L.A. County, nobody believes anything that Sheriff Villanueva or Mayor Garcetti says anymore. Garcetti has been attending protests while completely violating the very COVID-19 restrictions he foisted upon us plebes (not wearing a mask, approving of a gathering of people more than 100+, within 6 feet of people all around him, had a nice fresh hair cut and manicure while hair/nail services have been fighting to re-open, etc.)

      The Democrats are showing themselves as the untrustworthy clowns for the entire world to see, in a manner that even liberal-leaning sheeple are beginning to wise up to.

      • That will never happen.No matter what the democrats do their sheep will ALWAY VOTE FOR THEM, You also have to take in conceration of all of the illegals that the forster who will never leave the party

      • What moron EVERY believed Sheriff Villanueva or Mayor Garcetti? That would take a really special kind of stupid. You that stupid Haz?

        • Not so sure why the insult, Mrs. Northwest Iowa, but we certainly believed them when they (both) said they’d turn Los Angeles into a sanctuary city/county, and when Villanueva said he would not be issuing any CCW permits. At least we could predict that they were moving in a certain direction. Now they flip-flop and bend in any direction the mob’s wind blows.

        • Er, meant to write “Northeast”.

          Mebbe I *am* a certain kind of stupid when I haven’t yet had my lunch and the blood sugars are low. 😉

          • “Mebbe I *am* a certain kind of stupid when I haven’t yet had my lunch and the blood sugars are low.”

            Dry martini; breakfast of champions.

      • “So, then, the BLM and NAACP will take heed and reverse their declarations that they’re gearing up with their own armed “police” forces within their organizations, a la Black Panthers?”

        While I refuse to believe this will ever make it past the 2020 election cycle, there are parts of Hennipin, Ramsey, Washington, Sherburne and Stearns counties that might love to have their own Shia Law, judicial and policing system.

        • It’s “Sharia”, but I get what you’re saying. There are elements within the MN governance that appear to be orchestrating things in that direction.

      • The NAACP was always against the Black Panther Party of Self Defense. And they still don’t want any black person to have guns. It’s a deal they made with their rich white jewish and other white left wing supporters. As long as the NAACP is against guns for law abiding black people. The white Left will keep $$$ flowing to these Left wing blacks. The NAACP very comfortable with only white people having guns.
        And I’m very comfortable saying that.

        • I know some black people who have guns, own a farm and hunt on it and they are some damn good people. I guess it’s what’s in your heart that dictates whether you should own a gun or for that matter be a cop or even a protestor. One thing I think the Mayor of Minnasota lacks is deep self pride.

    • “… still be government prohibitions and regulations on forming private police or exercising the 2A freely..”
      You can’t be serious!?!? Who’s gonna enforce it?

    • So if there are no police, pray tell who will enforce these restrictions on 2A?

      If the Police get disbanded several things will probably happen:

      1.They are creating a new department and figure the old one is too corrupt to salvage. This has happened in Camden NJ and several other places though they escape me rn.

      2. They really are getting rid of the department and anyone not a criminal will leave the city shortly.

      3. They really are getting rid of the department. Criminals will have several high profile cases of lead poisoning and they will resume Policing like before the 1930s. No huge department, no militarized police and so on.

      Personally hope for #3 and that the movement spreads. Can’t wait to hear all the sky is falling comments from the peanut gallery here.

      • @California Richard:

        You can’t be serious!?!? Who’s gonna enforce it?

        @GuyInWI:So if there are no police, pray tell who will enforce these restrictions on 2A?Sharia enforcers, that’s who.

      • GuyInWi,

        I am voting for number 3 in your list.

        People continue to amuse me saying how the police are so vital in Minneapolis — the police who are almost never on scene to protect anyone and the same police who not only failed to stop the rioting and looting, they even failed to save their own police station!

        Newsflash everyone: police did NOT stop the rioting and looting, the police did NOT restore order. Rather, the rioters’ and looters’ desire to riot and loot waned and they simply moved on. Saying it another way, if the Minneapolis police responded so effectively, how come rioters and looters destroyed dozens/hundreds of businesses? How come multiple business owners stationed themselves at their business with firearms to protect their businesses?

  2. He shouldn’t help them. Let them find out the hard way. Set an example. Stick with the constitution, not tyranny.

    • He is the sheriff. He is duty bound by the constitution to protect the rights of the people. He is derelict in his duties if he actively refuses to enforce the supreme law of the land and protect his constituents.

      • Minneapolis is part of Hennepin County. Any assistance they get from Anoka would be purely voluntary, on an as-able basis. Can’t see Anoka taxpayers cheerfully writing bigger tax checks to bail out Minneapolis.

      • The Sheriff is duty bound to execute his duties in his jurisdiction, which is not downtown Minneapolis. His department has been pulled into the city by the nature of the emergency.

        Let’s back up and give people some background on mutual aid agreements and neighboring agency responses:

        Most first responding agencies (eg, fire departments, EMS groups, LEO’s) have mutual aid agreements with neighboring agencies for emergencies. Typically, (at least in my experience) agencies do not charge for occasional aid to neighboring jurisdictions when they’re called.

        Example: When my fire department is called to neighboring districts, we typically do not charge them for anything other than our fuel, broken equipment or such things. Now, if our fire department is called out and activated on a federal wildland fire line after the Feds take over management of a wildland fire, then our department might get reimbursement (on a per-resource, per-FF basis) for being on the fire line, but this happens after the Feds have taken over and moved their resources into place. During the emergency phase (where we might be the first to respond on federal-controlled lands), we might not get any reimbursement.

        Back to jurisdictions: NB that I said mutual aid agreements usually are there for emergencies. Not ongoing, every-day demands.

        The Minneapolis political leadership have taken a vote to disband their police department Under mutual aid agreements, first responding agencies from neighboring jurisdictions would be pulled into responding deep into the city of Minneapolis because there is no other agency other then the Hennepin County Sheriff, which probably has nowhere near enough personnel and resources to handling the job of law enforcement inside the city. This is a situation that will go on for some time.

        Neighboring agencies are well within their rights to look at their budgets, look at the feckless political leadership of Minneapolis and say “We can’t respond to their problems and serve our actual jurisdiction’s residents/citizens with the staffing and budgets we have.” This isn’t about some political statement. This is self-preservation, because the taxpayers of those surrounding jurisdictions have paid taxes for those people and resources to serve their community, not the city of Minneapolis.

        The performance of the big urban politicians has shown that they’re utterly ignorant of how to manage the situation they’ve created.

        • Someone dropped this nugget yesterday, and it’s an example of what actually happened when a big-city police department went on strike. A *total* walkout :

          The ‘gist’ : All *hell* broke loose :

          “On the morning of 7 October 1969, all 17 police stations across Montreal were deserted as the policemen gathered at the Paul Sauvé Arena for what was called a “day of study”.


          “As a young teenager in proudly peaceable Canada during the romantic 1960s, I was a true believer in Bakunin’s anarchism. I laughed off my parents’ argument that if the government ever laid down its arms all hell would break loose. Our competing predictions were put to the test at 8:00 a.m. on October 7, 1969, when the Montreal police went on strike. By 11:20 am, the first bank was robbed. By noon, most of the downtown stores were closed because of looting. Within a few more hours, taxi drivers burned down the garage of a limousine service that competed with them for airport customers, a rooftop sniper killed a provincial police officer, rioters broke into several hotels and restaurants, and a doctor slew a burglar in his suburban home. By the end of the day, six banks had been robbed, a hundred shops had been looted, twelve fires had been set, forty carloads of storefront glass had been broken, and three million dollars in property damage had been inflicted, before city authorities had to call in the army and, of course, the Mounties to restore order. This decisive empirical test left my politics in tatters (and offered a foretaste of life as a scientist).”

          That was Montreal, a supposedly “Civilized” major city…

          If that is what the Leftists want, give it to them, good and hard, straight up the keister…

        • Each to its own, I guess. The New Orleans PD went on strike during Mardi Gras many years ago (1980?). The Mayor cancelled all the parades and the National Guard was called in to keep order. Best Mardi Gras ever! The crowd, which was ten percent of what was usual in the French Quarter, policed itself. I didn’t see a single intervention by the guard. A good time was had by all. (I later learned their rifles were not even loaded.)

        • The police have no mandate to protect the individual, they protect the state:
          In the 1989 landmark case of DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the failure by government workers to protect someone (even 4-year-old Joshua DeShaney) from physical violence or harm from another person (his father) did not breach any substantive constitutional duty.

        • almost like they’re trying to force the feds to go postal on a municipality. i wonder who they’d blame for excessive force and militarism?

        • comed(y), coned, tva etc. have mutual aid agreements as well on a larger scale. convoys from west coast to manhattan for sandy, up from the gulf and all as well.

        • Dyspeptic, usually I fit hand and glove with your opinions. Which why I seldom comment on them. But, on the jurisdiction thing. At least here, we had jurisdiction of the entire county. Including municipalities. We often had citizens call and say, “I don’t want the police! I want a deputy!” A deputy is what they got.

        • No one that knows anything about the county sheriff deputies in Southern California would choose a deputy over the local police. The deputies get their attitude training by working as jailers in the county jail. They really learn the “us against them” mentality that is prevalent in our society. After a few years with these model citizens, who could blame them.
          They do have a reputation of being heavy handed, heaven help anyone they single out who might be hard of hearing, seeing or with a speech impediment. The person(even if he she is over 60) is liable to be thrown down in the street on their face with a knee in their back just for not understanding what is going on.

          They are as likely to be rough with the victim as with the perp, this is where the militarization began. While there may be a need for special teams(and this is where they should come from), your local PD should not behave like this. Sadly, the larger the department, the more they act just like the sheriff’s stormtroopers.

      • The Sheriff would be the law in the Unincorporated/rural areas of the county. If the City of Morons wanted to CONTRACT with a Sheriff for their law, and the Sheriff was willing, they could enter into a contract.

        Annual budget cost of the Sheriff/Jail and PSAP/911 center in peaceful rural Iowa is something like $125 per capita. No SWAT, executive protection, city office guards, etc. In the cesspool of Minneapolis I’m sure twice that of rural Iowa. Perhaps the Floyd’s bros would take it on for $200/capita (and pot).

      • The Constitution protects the rights of the people from the government, not each other.

      • Stop making shit up chief. You have no idea about half the shit you’re talking about.

      • Incorrect. In many jurisdictions, particularly in large cities, the SO doesn’t do any actual policing. They manage the jail, court, warrants, and maybe have a special team. But outside of that, they don’t have detectives, traffic, patrol, or anything else.

        That’s what you “just switch to the SO” sovereign citizen types don’t get. It’s not that simple. If you were to do that, you’d have to GROW the SO exponentially to fulfill all the new roles. Then you’d throw a shit fit about increasing SO funding and authority.

        • In California, the sheriff in each county is an independent police organization, some of which are quite large (LA) due to the large unincorporated (aka rural) areas.

      • Apparently you never heard of “Warren vs. District of Columbia”, wherein the Supreme Court declared there is no constitutional mandate for the police to protect ANYBODY specifically. They are there to protect the community at large and have no duty to protect anyone individual.

    • “Stick with the constitution, not tyranny.”

      Pray tell… where in the constitution does it provide for a large, over funded, over armed, largely unaccountable standing army that does the bidding of city/local government?

      I say that this defund/disband movement cant happen fast enough…. change my mind.

      Pretending like this will lead to mass anarchy and rampant crime is just deliberately dishonest and manipulative. Look at Camden NJ after they disbanded the local PD… violent crime fell precipitously.

      In the last two weeks we are seeing example after example of how police have made these protests worse, not better; with unprovoked shooting of innocent bystanders, the press, and largely peaceful people who are exercising their constitutional rights with pepper spray, rubber bullets, teargas and even live ammo. On top of it all, when the looting and violence started they are largely standing around doing nothing.

      • “…where in the constitution does it provide for a large, over funded, over armed, largely unaccountable standing army that does the bidding of city/local government?”

        I understand you ire, your demand for following the constitution. As it happens, policing within the states are one of the powers/rights retained by the states under the 9th and 10th Amendments. Theft, assault, murder, kidnappig, fraud, you name it, were not federal crimes, unless specifically target at the federal government.

        For instance, if you defrauded Stutz and Bearcat auto manufacturer, that crime lay solely within state jurisdiction. If you burned down a house or business, those crimes lay solely within state jurisdiction (these weren’t even covered by constitutional rights enumerated/delegated to the central committee). The manner in which states, town, villages, cities managed their public safety responsibilities were strictly within the purview of the states, alone. Thus, states could raise their own standing armies to police public order, and there was nothing the central government had authority to do. The only standing army the founders feared was a federal army, loyal to the president, large enough to conquer and occupy a state.

        The constitution does not list the full array of rights and powers the people retained. It is not required that the constitution specifically list all the rights not delegated to the central power. The constitution is designed and read thusly: If a power is not directly identified as delegated to the central government, the central government does not have authority to act. The constitution does not list what the states and individuals may do, it is a restrictive document, not a permissive document. Such was the intent of the founders. Yet, the Anti-Federalists at the time were convinced government would eventually decide that if an act was not specifically restricted, then government had power to act. The BOR was the answer to the Anti-Federalists, at the time. In the end, the Anti-Federalists were proven correct, the BOR not withstanding.

  3. If it weren’t for the good people still trying to live there, I’d say go for it. Then have a pool for how long it takes for the civic “leaders” to demand Trump do something about the chaos!

  4. They cannot disband this Police Dept. fast enough. This is what the voters want so give it to them.

    • Disband the police. In ten years we will find that these animals and maniacs have eaten each other in the name of equality and social justice. Just build a wall around Minneapolis so the BLM/Antifa types cannot escape. The other voters deserve what they elected.

      • My sentiments entirely….people in these communities keep electing these Moron to office and then complain when chaos reigns. Let them live for a while under the natural consequences of their stupid voting habits and somewhere down the line they might wise up if they live through it. Remember this in Nov when you vote.

      • doing all they can furthers… and in fact serves… antifa’s agenda…part of which is the elimination of the police…you can see it coming…but, apparently…they can’t….

        • It’s because ANTIFA want to become the new political police. Robbery, rape, and even murder will be condoned if it is done to class enemies. And the same class enemies will be arrested, interrogated for confessions to their “crimes”, and then executed or worked to death in penance.

    • Build a nice wall around MLSP and staff it with former cops. We don’t want that problem spreading like Wuhan Flu.

  5. Oh, please, oh please Minneapolis, eliminate your police force, entirely. I need a good excuse to stock up on popcorn.

    • Really? Damn, the only reason I need is because…. (pick any day of the week and insert here)

    • Some version of that will be coming.

      “You have 20 seconds to comply…” 🙂

    • Camden disbanded their ~170 man police department and replaced it with a ~400 man police department and crime went down.

      Imagine that.

      • Hmmm. Wonder where those 400 Officers came from? I’m guessing a lot of the 173 from Camden crossed over to the County, so what did they change???

    • Because Camden replaced their city police force with county. Same as happened in Compton, CA, which in 2000 started contracting with LA County for law enforcement.

      That’s not no police, that’s different police (and maybe different policing).

      Also … Camden has a population of around 80k people. Compton has around 100k. Minneapolis sits at around 430k. Even if they try to contract out LE – which may be problematic based on things like we read in this article, and which would seem counter to the intent in the first place – it’s 4-5x as large a problem in terms of coverage as either Camden or Compton.

      • The so-called “Camden County Police Department” only patrols in Camden, nowhere else.

        While the prior Camden PD did have problems with bad officers it also suffered from undermanning, the city claiming they could afford any more officers, and the then current officers were also not of the desired “demographics”.

        So it was disbanded, replaced with an agency twice it’s prior size, with officers being hired according to the desired “demographics” and (in the words of Gomer Pyle) SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, the city is able to pay for it.

    • You need to do a bunch of reading on the Camden situation for the details of the situation. The Sheriff’s department of the surrounding county was a larger force, and a more professional force.

      The same deal could be said for city PD of East Palo Alto, California (east of Palo Alto and south of Menlo Park in Silicon Valley). They had a small (about 40 uniformed officer) force that was perpetually overwhelmed and somewhat corrupt (because some officers were related to some of the criminal gangs in the area – and would look away from certain offenders), and even though the force was small, it consumed over 25% of all the tax revenues of the city of East Palo Alto.

      The solution was to disband the local PD, and rely upon the San Mateo Sheriff’s Department, which has a much larger tax base and many more personnel. Camden was in a similar situation after 1971. Their industrial/commercial tax base had started leaving in the late 1950’s and continued clear through the 60’s, and going into the 1970’s, the tax base continued to leave.

      By the 2000’s, there was a serious corruption problem in the Camden city department, and it was decided that it would be better to disband the city department and beef up the county department as a way of getting the budget issue off the city’s books.

      East Palo Alto was (when I was in the neighborhood) a city of about 28K people. Camden is a somewhat larger city, with a population of about 80K people.

      Minneapolis is a major city, with a population of over 400K. Now we’re in a different league of problem and problem-shifting.

      • Many of the PDs were disbanded because of budget problems. Just look at what happened in E St. Louis, in Detroit, an in Flint for example. Trying to police an area with fewer responders will never work, but money changers in the city council always think that it will. If you need to hire a goon squad, fine. The money you save will just go to paying of use of force lawsuits.

  6. Well at least there is one adult in the room. The city council would do well to listen to this man but they strike me as less than bright to start with so I don’t expect that will happen.

  7. Step one: Move loads of money away from the police department and into the hands of more politically favorable people.

    Step two: Get county and state law enforcement to pick up the slack.

    Step three: You’re forced to raise taxes for the county and state budgets to pay for that.

    Conclusion: You still end up with extra money for the “social worker” SJW division.

    • And even better, they would still claim the moral high ground and start protesting county/state police.

      It’s an interesting strategy. Protests aren’t fun for the people in power, so just pretend you are not the one in power.

      • …extra money for the “social worker” SJW division.

        I think this is the real goal behind all of this defund-and-abolish nonsense — or, if not a goal at the outset, it is the inevitable result. (It’s hard to tell the difference between a diabolical plan and unintended consequences when literally *everything* the so-called liberals try achieves the opposite of what they say it will.)

        The money goes to social activist organizations, which will have all the resources they need to exploit the resulting chaos, push America away from the Constitution, and continue replacing our self-reliant, cooperative culture with a thousand fractured, angry government-dependent identity groups.

  8. For those who don’t live anywhere near Minneapolis, this could be an interesting experiment with interesting results.

    I hope it doesn’t result in excessive violence, but if it does, it might deter other localities from similar decisions.

  9. Maybe modeling a “replacement” police department on the sheriff’s model isn’t such a bad idea.
    You see, sheriffs are elected officials and serve at the pleasure of the taxpayers, unlike municipal police chiefs who are beholden to the municipality “power structure” and the mayor.
    Municipal police chefs are more akin to being leaders of their own fiefdoms, who serve at the pleasure of the mayor, not the taxpayers, and are not responsible to the taxpayers.
    This is the reason for the poor response to the rioters. Urban police chiefs were ordered by their “bosses” not to respond in force to the lawbreakers as that might cost the mayor “votes”.

    • The sheriff office is supposed to be the law enforcement not a department of police. The deputies are the ones that handle the jail system too. The sheriff is an elected position that answers to the people directly. They have the power to kick out the feds like they did during the Bundy standoff.

      The police department was created by lefties to take over the country and create a military force that will follow orders to oppress the American people and destroy the constitution of the U.S.. The majority of military have said they would do no such thing. The polling indicates police will happily push a 75 year old white man, causing his head to hit the ground and bleed, then cheer when the officers are set free. The leftists end game for police is to turn them into their personal military and federalize them — as a workaround for the constitution and the supreme law of the land abiding citizens.

      It’s only history and happening in other communists strong holds. It’s not a new strategy, hence the call for the federal government to take over local PDs.

      • That 75 year old was a professional communist rable rouser. I suspect you are either uninformed or an Antifa type.

        • That 75 year-old weasel didn’t think anybody would call him on it because he’s an old weasel. Well, they did, and he crumpled like an old tent. Maybe don’t get out there to mix it up with police and riots if you can’t take the heat. Screw him, not the cop’s fault he is so unstable, awkward, uncoordinated and weak. Move out of the way next time, you ol’ weasel, or may sit the next one out.

          • “Screw him, not the cop’s fault he is so unstable, awkward, uncoordinated and weak. ”

            I think you just forfeited your right to complain when, as a 75yr old, open carrying 2A supporter demonstrating for your rights, and a cop shoves you to the pavement.

            Interesting how, just like the anti-gun elites, we declare, “Rights for me, but not for thee.”

        • Citation? Most of us have seen the video, at what part exactly did he in anyway threaten the Police or try to interfere with them? It was an old hippie peacefully protesting what he thought was right and Police had to rough him up because they could.

        • > Interesting how, just like the anti-gun elites, we declare, “Rights for me, but not for thee.”

          Damn right. Communists deserve no rights.

          • “He got knocked on this ass/brain. Who cares.”

            Are you expecting that when you are a 75yr old gun owner, engaged in protests to protect your 2A, and get knocked on your ass by police, any of us should care? Or care even if you are just a recent gun owner? Or someone who just became an adult and bought your first gun?

            You don’t get the privilege to declare that this, or that, person/group has legitimate rights, and others do not. This is precisely the stance of the anti-gun mob, and all liberals.

      • “It’s only history and happening in other communists strong holds. It’s not a new strategy, hence the call for the federal government to take over local PDs.”

        Early in Obama’s administration, he mentioned something about creating a force “as well-funded as the police”.

        Anyone else recall that?

      • Sheriff’s deputies all over California are much rougher on the citizens than local police.

    • shifting the decision making away from these liberal mayors is worthy of consideration..

    • I agree with the assertion that SO are more accountable and compatible with a republic, however, once you get rid of PD’s, you simply can’t flip a switch and say “Ok SO, take over.” It’s not that simple, especially in big cities.

      It can in fact, be done, but you’ll have to dramatically increase the funding, personnel, and scope of the SO. When that happens I suspect many that made the argument in favor of this switch will panic.

  10. Trump has insured that if the Minneapolis MN police are disbanded he will send in the US Government Military to protect the citizens and arrest and remove all Minneapolis politicians and liberals from power. Also, all Minnesota Citizens who wish to have their 2nd Amendment rights will be allowed to buy any weapons of choice immediately, delivered by the US Government without charge. Trump will insure that the failed local government will be totally incapacitated and all residents will be protected! All you need to do is show your Voter ID proving you are are a registered Republican. Otherwise you will be taken into custody and held without bond until after the November 2020 elections.

  11. Many regular readers know I’m former LE. That said, I’m so sick of this shit. I say give them what they want. Disband the police. It won’t last long.

      • And he’s very likely to have done more for his community’s citizens and the country than any shit talking ignorant troll like you will do in 10 lifetimes.

        • Yeah, you are right. I never enforced prohibition on any American. I never broke the constitution. I am faithful to the country’s ideals. You’re welcome.

        • Chief, after seeing your reply to Klaus I have to set the record straight. You made assumptions. Incorrect ones. (If others have read this before, please tolerate me.) I’ve taken an oath to the Constitution of the United States of America twice in my life. Once in the military. Again in law enforcement. Meant it both times. Still do. Before I retired I never confiscated a firearm from a citizen unless there was a compounding felony. A simple carry violation? A polite verbal correction and “Have a nice day.” Serve an Injunction for Protection? (Read red flag.) Some were legitimate. Others were bullshit. You could smell it like a stockyard. Me, “Do you have any firearms?” Respondent, “Yes.” Me, “Do you have a friend or relative that can come get them until this is over? That way I can check ‘No’ on my form and I won’t have to confiscate them.” If anything had happened after that it would have cost me my career and maybe DOC time. I was checking The Farm yesterday. Caught four people trespassing and fishing in one of the ponds. Despite numerous No Trespassing and No Fishing signs. I gave them a polite warning and asked them to leave. I also cautioned one man that open carry in Florida is a violation of F.S. He was carrying a S&W 649 in a Fobus holster. He began to correct me saying that open carry is legal if you’re fishing…. I interrupted him. “Yes. Open carry is legal in Florida if you are hunting, fishing or camping. Legally. You’re trespassing with a firearm. That’s a felony. Therefore your right to open carry on this private land is forfeited.” I could have called the Zone 3 deputy and had all 10-15. Over a fish. One with felony charges. Instead, I let them keep the fish they caught and sent them on their way. Now. Let me catch you poaching a deer and I’ll burn your world down. (Used to didn’t mind the fishing until the litter got out of control.) So. Chief, I chose the screen name Gadsden Flag because of:
          1. My strong allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America.
          2. The association of my family with the name Gadsden. We established homestead here not long after the War for Independence.
          3. Fuck you!
          Besides. Your bridge is waiting.

      • Chief I have decided not to acknowledge trolls. Except to say “Troll!” I have read enough of the other guy’s about you to know that you’re not taken seriously on this website. Why don’t you go under your bridge and emerge in a few weeks with a new identity, or at least a new idea?

        • He is one of a few that I don’t even read. It’s like a blank space in the threads to me. As time goes on I’m encountering more and more blank space entities on here.

      • Klaus, I know. And grouper opened in Federal waters the 1st. Unfortunately I can’t go until Father’s Day weekend. Hoping John can go with me. Snapper and grouper fillets on the grill with my son, best friends, adult beverages and conversation concerning firearms, custom knives, hunting and the last fishing trip. Don’t forget hoisting a tall one to the boys at the Coast Guard Station across the river from Mike’s house. Not the same station, but the Guard saved my ass once.

  12. It just shows how stupid people really are. if people would live within the laws they wouldn’t be choked to death….

      • Neither have criminals. Or eveyday citizens. I know let’s all carry bird feathers for weapons. No one will ever get hurt! Except the stupid.

    • Not sure if sarcastic or not.

      But how would we know if Floyd broke any laws that day? Where was his trial? Where was his chance to a have a jury of his peers make judgement based on evidence?

      If someone is actively trying to escape the justice system by fighting or running I have a lot less sympathy. It sounds like Floyd was passively resisting arrest. That’s not a death sentence.

      • Hannibal, of course I was being sarcastic. No he didn’t get a trial. He did deserve one. No matter how you feel, so do the LEOs.

        • Yeah, I was replying to Leslie Smith’s statement that seems to cast blame on Floyd for his own death due to criminal activity for which we will never have a full accounting thanks to the fact that he can’t offer a defense… being dead and all.

  13. Sheriff James Stuart needs to be fired. How dare he say he will not protect the people that elected him. How dare he say he will hold Americans hostage by allowing criminality on his watch. This man is disgusting. He refuses to do his duty if the illegal police force is done away with and the constitutional law enforcement office is utilized as the founders intended. He acts as if some cops won’t become deputies and more resources will be sent to the elected office of constitutional law enforcement.

    There needs to be a new sheriff in town and gun control done away with. I bet the armed society will be a respectful one and there won’t be a bunch of police putting their boots on “civilians.”

    • Please check your geography before unloading on the guy. Minneapolis is in Hennepin County, while Anoka County covers some of the northern metro suburbs. Sheriff Stuart was not elected by Minneapolis residents, and it sounds like his officers were called on to help when Minneapolis leadership allowed things to escalate.

      • Former, don’t confuse Chief with facts. It makes his little pin head explode. Just like his stupid little subsequent comment about deputies only running the jails. Yeah, the corrections deputies ran the jail. With all the risks and responsibilities of a patrol deputy. You know. The ones that brought the criminals to jail? Former, don’t pay any attention to Chief. He’s only four feet tall, wears short pants, has green skin and lives under a bridge. Or, in his Mom’s basement. But really? What’s the difference?

    • Antifa borgs are such legal experts and authorities of peaceful demonstrations and reason.

      This is what happens to drug addicts who have delusions of grandeur.

      • This is what happens to drug addicts who have delusions of grandeur.

        You mean like the woman with BLM that told mayor (twinkle toes) Frey that she would take his seat in the next election? That will truly be popcorn worthy… Just imagine an America with BLM as a major political party and Antifa as their enforcement body…

    • CC… check your reading comprehension and geography skills. Sherriff Stuart answers to ANOKA COUNTY. Almost ALL of MPLS/SP is in HENNEPIN County. He has ZERO responsibility or Jurisdiction in Minneapolis. I would think that IF the idjets vote to disband their PD it would also abrogate any and all “mutual support” agreements as the PD no longer exists. Let their foolishness be displayed as “Wilding” becomes the “norm” and Minneapolis becomes a ghost town. Sad days indeed. But maybe SOME people will realize WHY it went South to begin with….. and VOTE accrdingly! RED!! Remove Every DEMOCRAT!

    • So sayeth ANTIFA’s Special Peoples Commissar, with extraordinary powers.

      Here to ensure the political reliability of law enforcement and to search and eliminate enemies of the people!

  14. I had no idea that the Minneapolis City Council was made up of folks like Ajax, Vermin and Swan.

    • I think you meant Cheato, Limbo, Cracka Jack and Orengelo and of course, K-Martina.

      • No. I meant what I said.

        Some older person here, perhaps, will get the reference. Maybe they’ll even pist a video of bottles on fingers.

        • Brandon Lee wasn’t old enough to be in the movie I’m thinking about which is The Warriors from 1979.

        • Now that I think about it though you could go a different direction which also pretty well fits

          “Fuck a fair one, I get mine the fast way
          Ski mask way…”

          Also bottles with those on fingers…

        • Was not talking about Brandon Lee ….

          David Kelly a/k/a Luther from ‘The Warriors’ who clinked the bottles…. played in ‘The Crow’ as well.

          Movie trivia is my secret super power. Some guys do baseball and football stats..I do movies.

        • I didn’t follow your statement because the conversation at that point was about radman’s avatar which has facepaint, arguably somewhat like Brandon Lee in The Crow.

          I got hung up on the facepaint.

        • Well, shoot, I should have kept scrolling; you beat me by almost a whole day.
          I’m always playing catch-up on reading.

  15. Raise your hand if you kind of want to see this all happen?
    This would be like a giant social experiment.
    We could sit back and watch as crime sky rockets.
    AG Ellison has no police to keep order for him to prosecute criminals.
    Vigilante justice takes hold.
    Businesses flee.
    Citizens flee…
    And then they will need to rebuild from scratch everything, and pray people come back.

    • The deputies handle prisoners. They run the jails.

      Businesses were not protected by the police. The owners that protected their businesses with deadly force were arrested for doing so. The police stood by as businesses were looted and burned down. They protected the federal reserve, power stations and corporate buildings instead. Only businesses with armed owners were protected by the people themselves.

      There is open carry in that state. They can protect themselves.

      The police were not meant for this country. The sheriff office is not a department and the deputies are not police officers.

      In Virginia, the police will enforce the new gun control, the deputies say they won’t. Yet Republicans want the police and Democrats want to get rid of them.

      What a strange world. Republicans calling for unconstitutional socialized military police who will eventually be federalized.

      • Clearly you don’t know anything about Virginia. And its amazing how Obama wanted to Federalize police forces. Antifa thinks people are stupid.

        • Obama wanted the same thing BLM wants, localized, armed “peace keeping” groups… which they already have, they are called gangs.. so shut down the cops, let the gangs have the streets, they will kill each other off til only the strongest remain then with the gang shit settled the “hoods” will be peaceful and the dope will flow unabated after the “progressives” legalize everything.. Problem solved, the gangs protect hood, I’ll protect my mountain top.. who needs cops?

      • All you do is criticize Republicans, conservatives, and make subtle posts specifically designed to evoke feelings of shame in white men.

        I have never seen you unload even a tenth of the resentment you feel towards unconstitutional actions towards the left and the Marxists.

        You are a Provacateur.

    • No cops means they don’t need a state A.G. cool that shitbag would be out of a job he never should have had in the first place…

    • I’m guessing this is all political posturing. But it will have real costs. What qualified candidate (i.e. not a felon, psychopath, etc) would apply to the MPD now?

  16. Anoka deputies have no time to protect Minneapolis, they’re too busy slashing tires.

    • Good idea but that can easily get out of hand. I nominate officers Murphy and Lewis to run OCP’s operation, keep it on the up and up.

      • Robocop got two things right:

        In the future, Detroit would be bankrupt..

        The police would be using Ford Taurus’ for squad cars..

  17. This thing cuts both ways. Local law enforcement is responsible for letting their bad actors continue, for failing to clean their own house over many years. For example, the use of choke holds and No-Knock Warrants.

    The city will be responsible for whatever they come up with from this point forward. If they truly disband police entirely (not a likely outcome) they will own the disaster that will bring.

  18. Mpls. is in Hennepin County, so other than joint power agreements (revocable) with Anoka County, the sheriff can tell Frey and company to go pound salt. The Mayor’s mom’s home where he is currently hiding under her bed probably isn’t anywhere near the shithole he created, so he probably won’t be affected much. (By the way, I live in the Twin Cities area -for now -and have seen it slide down the rabbit hole faster and faster as each new libtard tries to outdw their predecessor…. So sad

    • Twenty years ago as an owner operator the trucking company I was leased to would not let me take their trailer in to St. Paul after dark to wait overnight for a morning pick up or delivery (the only city in the U.S. or Canada with that restriction)… Can’t imagine what it’s like now…

  19. Let Minneapolis burn Sheriff. Same as where I live. The local po-leece are cowards!!!

  20. It’s not as sensationalist, and it is NOT BLACK. That’s probably WHY the talking heads have not taken note of WHITE police officers manhandling WHITE citizens on the board walk at OCEAN CITY, MD, last week.

  21. I’m glad some sheriff had the guts to speak up. Especially as a Twin Cities resident the announcement of MPLS disbanding the police made me cringe at the utter lack of foresight.

  22. People forget that in most states, DEMOCRATs cut training budgets for Police Departments. Some DEMOCRAT Police Chiefs and Sheriffs have even called to disarm their officers. We now have Police Officers that don’t know the laws they are to enforce, proper police procedures, and can’t even handle a firearm!

    Add to the restrictions that DEMOCRATs have placed on removing “poor” Officers, by their sweetheart deal with the police unions, and you have a “Perfect Storm” waiting to happen. If the DEMOCRATs were interested more in the people they represent, and less on Union Monies, we would not be in this mess.

  23. Careful what you wish for youngsters. The wild Wild West will come back and be in Minneapolis.
    Good for the sheriff ! They will eat their own and each other ! Dumb basTurds !

  24. One really does not need to be a genius or a prophet to see what’s happening here. Simple history lessons are enough. Eliminate the various independent police departments that are unpredictable and can go either way in case of a civil war. Replace them with BLM Brownshirts and Antifa Blackshirts. Let them loose on the population. After a short time, maybe a year, but after solidifying their power, eliminate the Blackshirts and the Brownshirts and replace them with federal police, aka KGB. The path to slavery will be completed.

  25. Sounds as if the sheriff recognizes that 2 + 2 = 4, and has so stated in reasonably plain English too.

  26. Go ahead and disband ’em. I don’t care. In fact, I’ll make popcorn while your cities turn to sh!t.

  27. “Minneapolis City Council President: We Don’t Know What Replaces Police If We Disband Them”

    Sure you do, you lying sack. Après la police, le déluge. Now go away whimpering.

  28. Go ahead – disband the police , in less than 24 months the same cities will be scrambling to set up a police force. This is a predictable reaction from the left. Knee jerk is is the only reaction the left ever uses. And it never works well. Once these forces are disbanded good luck getting anybody to apply when it becomes obvious that a police force is necessary. The Minneapolis police should beat them to the punch and resign in mass immediately.

    • People need to catch up with the changes.

      Because “defund the police” might give Trump a devastating campaign issue, “defund” is now being defined as not “disband”. “Defund” now means making changes in how budget is distributed. For instance, where police would normally respond to a welfare check request, or a report of a mentally disturbed person being a problem, social workers will respond. That requires moving police budget to human services. Such a condition is “defunding”. Another form of “defunding” police should please everyone here….end the militarization of police forces.

      Newspeak says “defunding”, regardless of public understanding of the term, will not result in less crime response, nor result in dismantling the force (unless that would entail firing all the police, and making them reapply for their old jobs).

      • Sending Mental health workers might work until one gets killed. Then the public is going to be screaming law enforcement should have been called and made sure there was no danger to the mental health personal.

        • Sending in mental health workers with specially trained armed backup, is what is needed, but would be much more expensive(and what happens when they are all out on call?)

          There is no free lunch!

      • ” “defunding”, regardless of public understanding of the term, will not result in less crime response ”

        Ahhh, good. So the police will still be minutes away when seconds count, even though they’ve been “defunded”. I’m starting to feel better about this already.

        • “Ahhh, good. So the police will still be minutes away when seconds count, even though they’ve been “defunded”. I’m starting to feel better about this already.”

          Actually, it will be the social workers who are minutes away. Their job will be to provide trauma counseling to the surviving victims.

  29. Don’t forget if they disband LEO’s they should start with all the security that public officials are getting. Including any paid security they can afford with taxpayers money. Then they should remember don’t call anyone when the BG comes aknockin’ just let them have whatever they want

  30. did you see Jacob Frey groveling before BLM, asking for forgiveness for his “brokeness”, like a needy person begging for acceptance?

    It didn’t work, because he refused to commit to disbanding the police.

    What the f*** is going on in that shi*hole?

  31. they can deny reality all they want
    they cannot however deny the consequences of denying reality
    so their judgement cometh
    and that right soon

  32. Just in case you forgot, it wasn’t just Anoka that went into the chaos, the entire state ended up dealing with the poor decisions made by the Three Stooges (Frey, Carter & Walz). When they got in over their heads who did they call to help? The National Guard, the State Troopers, the DNR and Conservation Officers, and SWAT. They gathered up all the able bodies they could find to protect them from the mess they created. They left greater MN vulnerable to fires, medical emergencies, drug violence and major/minor crimes.

    The National Guard soldiers were called in the middle of the night to report ASAP. They left their families, full-time jobs, fields that were half planted and fire/EMS/Rescue shorthanded. They had to cancel plans for their children who were struggling to have any type of celebration for their graduation. We still were under the Stay At Home order. They were called to go down to the metro to defend life and property while rubbing shoulders with anyone during this COVID emergency. (my opinion is we should have opened the state sooner but that’s for another day)

    Walz called for the entire State Troopers division to report the metro area for riot conditions. 700 of them arrived from every corner of the state. They are vital in rural MN (where the rocks and cows live). They back up our small town law enforcements, they work with our SWAT team when they are called out and patrol miles of country roads and highways. They respond to accident calls and assist EMS, they do crowd control, traffic flow and begin the reconstruction of the accident. I have worked side by side with these men and women across the state when I have been first to the accident scene and when I was an EMT. Minneapolis/St. Paul took all that away from us when the troopers were sent to control the violent protests when your weak-kneed mayor Frey told his law enforcement to stand down and gave up the third precinct to rioters.

    The SWAT team that covers our six county area was called down to the chaos, too. These men and women work in other law enforcement areas. That left their towns and counties shorthanded.

    Greater MN gave up far more to Minneapolis and St. Paul than people realize. Our citizen soldiers slept on the floors of garages where their vehicles are housed. Some slept in hallways, lobbies, wherever they could find enough room. Most of these soldiers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They slept under trucks, in the sand or tents that didn’t hold out the sand. They slept in quarters that were meant for 4-6 soldiers but often housed 8. They had to step over each others’ beds to get out. Coming home and having to face another war zone in their own state was hard enough but the sleeping conditions were even worse. They slept 4-5 hours and then reported back to their duty station. They were spit on, called vile names, had rocks or bricks thrown at them and without a flinch stood their ground. They were in battle gear, in the heat, standing a post wishing they were back home.

    Greater MN gave more than anyone else will ever realize and during that time the phrase of Gov Walz ran through the minds of the soldiers and their families that “Democrats panicked because of all the “red” areas in outstate MN when it was really just rocks and cows out there”. But when his perfect reign was threatened he called on the people that lived within the red areas and the rocks and cows.

    Minneapolis was my hometown. I loved it more than you can imagine. Now I am ashamed of how the carpetbaggers have come into our state and taken control of the government statewide and local. I loved the beautiful buildings from the last century that are now charred rubble and heaps of ash. I loved the revitalized Uptown area and tried tried to shop and visit there when I had time. My employment took me to downtown Minneapolis and St Paul where I worked with the Hmong, Hispanics, Somalis, Vietnamese, Croatians, Saudi Arabians, Native Americans and I worried if they were making it to their dialysis appts, others to the chemo treatments, their doctor appts and could they get to a pharmacy, a grocery store, what about their children? With the light rail not running, the buses unavailable were they able to find transportation?

    If they disband the police department, I certainly hope that they do not think we will bail them out again when the town explodes and someone needs to restore the peace. We have given enough and we certainly know that the first thing Walz will do is raise taxes to clean up the mess and restore some sense of a normal life again to the Twin Cities. It will not benefit anyone outside of the metro area but we will pay. However, if the three stooges are re-elected again, it will be a sad day for Minneapolis and the entire state.

    • There is an old saying. You get the government you deserve. Electing leftards so you can bask in a feel good euphoria thinking, “well I’ve done my bit” is delusional.

      I have spent years scratching my head at the increasingly left leaning local, county and state governments being elected whose policies result in a massively decreasing quality of life for inner city workers and residents, out of control taxes and hugely unbearable costs of living.

      I was simply shocked when I visited San Fransisco in Feb, the filth and homeless population camped out was unimaginable. And as the city changed the law to relegate shop lifting to a nothing crime, undesirables just walk into a store, pick handfuls of what they want and walk out. Then take a shit on the street. It’s so out of control I don’t know why people keep electing these morons. Taxes out of control on top of this craziness to fund every crazy policy you can think of. Pensions so out of control for government worker’s while employees of private companies get little or no help with retirement. The world has gone crazy. So good luck and enjoy living in the cesspool you’ve created.

      The problem is the electors eventually wise up and don’t want to live in that cesspool so they leave for neighboring states and then start voting for the same leftard politicians who advocate the same policies. Instead if voting in those who advocate for a common sense balanced approach for creating a civil society that the vast majority can be happy living in. We should wall up these cities and make the idiots live in what they’ve created.

      As ex LE I understand the blue wall and that there is always a small minority who are over aggressive and act outside simple human values. What shocks me is the big FU by law enforcement all over the country in the face of protests against police brutality is the behavior they exhibited and the lies they told in an attempt to justify that behavior against peaceful protesters exercising their constitutional right. If we want others to respect and defend our 2A rights we should voraciously argue to protect others constitutional rights as well. Looters and thugs seem to have been basically left to loot, injure and kill is even more mystifying.

      There has been so many examples of egregious behavior, sans the old guy being forcefully pushed to the ground (oh he tripped) seemingly unconscious with blood coming out of his head and being totally ignored by the 57 strong riot squad as they walked past him without a care. Have we descended to zero humanity? Slashing tires of all the cars in a car park adjacent tow here a peaceful protest is being held? Really? It goes on.

      On the flip side, have you noticed that aggressive action by police is most usually the result of individuals not complying with police directions. If you are asked to remove yourself from your vehicle, smile and do exactly as you are asked. If you are asked to move along. Move along. Don’t argue. Nothing good is going to happen. If you struggle as the officer is attempting to move you or cuff you, nothing good is going to happen. If you run to prevent detention, nothing good is going to happen. If you mouth off and scream obscenities, nothing good is going to happen. Why make yourself a so call victim?

      None of this means that an undue application of force is warranted. E.g. kneeling on a perps neck for 8 minutes after he is on the ground and handcuffed. The old maxim in law being you take your victims how you find them kicks in. Would he/she have died if he wasn’t on drugs or didn’t have congenital heart failure etc etc, is irrelevant if your actions don’t pass the “reasonable man” test in law. Clearly jamming your knee into a mans neck for 8 minutes while he is already restrained and pleading for air fails that test.

      But if only people would comply with instructions and argue the toss later if they thought their civil rights were infringed. Resisting and failing to comply with lawful instructions is not the path to happiness. If police instructions are not lawful, obey them and have your day in court after. Don’t put yourself at risk.

      There are a lot of good ideas emerging such as opening up records of officers with complaints and creating a central database of complaints of unwarranted violence by police that will not allow the tiny minority who act out to hide behind the vast majority of police officers who display exemplary integrity.

      Finally if leftard governments want to disband police forces. Good luck with that. Not sure how many law abiding tax payers are going to hang around in your city to live out that experiment. Defund police and push chunks of that budget to other services? Sounds good in theory. Until the first social worker is attacked and badly injured or killed by some skitzo Street person. I’m sure most cops would be happy to push domestic violence calls, skitzos in the street calls, drunks in the street calls to social services. Not so sure the social services folk will be happy to take them after the first one or two interactions. Leftards or not.

      Oh and final note. The leftard Minneapolis Council women who said that being able to call the police about a burglary comes from a position of privilege? Let’s see how she reacts when a bunch of thugs break in and loot her home because it’s their right because of the oppression they suffer. No police to call. Hmmmm. We will see how quickly things will change.

      • While much of what you said about perps not following orders is correct, there are LEOs out there that give conflicting orders or just confusing ones, so they can “whoop ass”. The police academy may not teach these procedures, but they are used(even when they know they are on video).

    • I agree with you totally !!! MN has turned into a shit hole (my words, not yours) I lived here when Elk River was called ” Up North ” The Dam Democrats has ruined this State like the Dem’s in California. I cannot believe all the numb brains that vote for Democrats !!! The Politics of this is that Amy Klobuchar & her Memes were suppose to get rid of all the bad cops … Their hands are just as bloody !! BUT now I see what their agenda was/is about that issue. They want full control of everything this State has to offer. NOW we are going to get hit with MORE TAXES because they DID NOT have the guts to do anything But I’m sure that will change when they put Socialism into OUR COUNTRY !!! I just hope Canada’s border will be open when the time comes … especially if President Trump doesn’t get reelected, IF he doesn’t, Our Country is doomed. I don’t give a rats ass about what you have to say about Our President … He is one of a very few that Loves America & Americans, the rest have sold their souls to EVIL !!!! I don’t know how they have persuaded most everyone that Socialism is a Good thing. They are spitting on OUR Soldiers graves, for trying to keep this crap out & they want to bring that crap into the shores of America !!! Dam Democrats !!!!! Humm better give my name LindaMac of MN .. sorry to say !!!!

      • You think MN. is a shithole? Take a look at Seattle WA. and the BLM “Free Capitol Hill Zone” Demands include firing all cops shutting down the courts (but, new trials for ALL non-white prisoners… with no courts?) and the cherry on top of THAT fuck nut sundae? Segregated hospitals, blacks only hospitals with ONLY black doctors and nurses… What a bunch of Maroons… black people struggled, fought and died to do away with that shit and now these intellectual mountains want it back? Well they already have a small part of that in something called Planned Parenthood.. It was created by Margaret Sanger just for black women… Good luck with that one… Gov Inslee denied any knowledge of the action taking place in Washingtons largest city… What was Obamas favorite phrase? Oh yeah.. “I read about it at the same time you did, in the newspaper”…..

  33. View From the Bleachers – – – says: June 10, 2020 at 05:26

    have you noticed that aggressive action by police is most usually the result of individuals not complying with police directions. If you are asked to remove yourself from your vehicle do exactly as you are asked. If you are asked to move along. Move along. Don’t argue. Nothing good is going to happen. If you struggle as the officer is attempting to move you or cuff you, nothing good is going to happen. If you run to prevent detention, nothing good is going to happen. If you mouth off and scream obscenities, nothing good is going to happen. Why make yourself a so called victim?

    The old maxim in law being you take your victims how you find them kicks in. Would he have died if he wasn’t on drugs or didn’t have congenital heart failure etc etc, …

    Interesting comments Bleachers …

    Isn’t it now just more likely, with choke holds being banned, to just hit a suspect with a billy club, or mace or pepper spray, or taze, an uncooperative suspect. Just so the suspect lives it’s fine seems like. I would probably just apply something mentioned above and ask questions later. Why not with how it has become. No reason to be overly nice just apply what is OK under the new rules.

    But who would want to be a cop now in these times? For such low pay it’s not worth it at all. Plus you may have to answer to a arm chair quarterback politician or pencil pusher regardless of what you do or don’t do, no matter what the situation is, or was, at the scene.

    It was just a matter of time before some LEO came on here with some common sense straight talk.

  34. I only hope that President Trump has read OATH OF FEALTY by Niven and Pournelle. When Minneapolis explodes in violence, Trump will respond:

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