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[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

Dan G. writes . . .

This is my current setup. A GLOCK 43x with the 15-round Shield Arms magazine. I use a StealthGear USA appendix Ventcore hybrid holster.

My current knife is a Spyderco Shaman which I rotate with a Benchmade Bugout.

Having the ability to carry 15+1 rounds in the 43x was a game-changer for me. I began using the Shield Arms magazines before the COVID-19 situation. If I only had 10+1, I would likely be carrying my GLOCK 19.

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    • What makes it perfect? Same Glock trigger, it works and that’s about it. It’s certainly not a “perfect” trigger. Not the best sights either. Finally, the size if the grip is usually the issue for a lot of people when it comes to concealing a gun. I don’t care what the experts at Glock are saying with their revolutionary (sarc) slide/grip length, most folks are going to struggle to conceal that gun in summer clothes.

      • A Glock is a fashion statement. Does not matter how many excellent firearms from numerous manufacturers are out there. People have bought into Gaston Glock’s publicity machine and are now addicted.

        • Whoa there, enuf. I’m definitely not a glock fan, in fact I’m an open 1911 fan boy, but a glock is by no means a fashion statement. If it is someone needs to call the fashion police and have it redesigned into a 1911 or revolver 😉

      • I conceal my 43x just fine under just a T-shirt most days. I carry it AIWB with a Vedder holster. Seems to work just fine.

  1. Bought the wife one of these along with a Mitch Rosen express belt and 5jr. She shot 2 mags through it, its never been worn 🙁. Although its made quite a few range trips with me.

  2. First. Central, excellent choice in leather. Doesn’t come any better than Mitch Rosen. Mine has served well. Second, to the author. Flashlight.

    • Im a big fan of Rosen’s express line. $75 and the only differences are its unlined and lacks boning. I’d like one of his standard line but I’ve been buying glocks as of recent and can’t see putting a glock in a $200 holster.

    • Oh yeah. Been carrying a G23 (.357 Sig) in a Mitch Rosen summer special for years. Flat out best holster out there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Got the 400 holsters I tried before I discovered the Rosen.

  3. A common sense loadout unlike the walking Wal-Mart they posted yesterday. Add a small flashlight, and you are in business.

    • *Boogaloo Belts* fully loaded, now available at your local Wal Mart starting at 29.99$. Additional charges may apply. Remember shop smart, Shop S mart…

      • Hey, is there space on the Bugaloo belt for my fleshlight? The fleshlight is huge and very difficult to conceal. So embarrassing when people recognize it. They really should make a pocket version that’s more concealed carry friendly. Or….how about cod piece carry? F all you bastards – thats my idea! Black leather and stainless spikes. Oh yeah!

      • ‘Army of Darkness’, an under-rated horror classic.

        S-Mart’s top of the line ‘Boom Stick’, made in Grand Rapids Michigan, walnut stock :

  4. Interesting to see another Slimline Glock.

    I’m pretty happy with 10+1 with 48, but I’m waiting on my SA 15s.

    I may need to get a 43x as well for when I need a shorter pistol.

    Oh …I suggest a small light….or a big one.

      • My blades don’t look like that and they’re daily use. Mine are scuffed and scratched but not dirty.

        But then I take care of the shit I own.

  5. Bought one for the wife, I didn’t like the trigger, so replaced it with the Poly Dat (Overwatch) trigger. The stock trigger is that vertical serrated one, and the new one is flat. Much better for $60!!! I’m not tempted to use it since the color is Robin’s Egg Blue . But the trigger is a big improvement.

  6. So . . . if Shield Arms can get rid of all that thick plastic and go with thin metal and get 50% more out of a Glock 43X . . . . . what could they do for a Glock 17?

  7. I’m not a Glock fan and don’t know a lot about them. How is a G43x different from a G26? I don’t understand why Glock saw fit to make a slimmer pistol, then make it fatter. Can someone offer answers without the typical snarky side comments?

    • Glock 26 is a double stack 10-round gun. It has a really short grip and is chunky.

      Glock 43x is a slim “single” stack 10-round gun with a grip about the length of a G19 but the barrel length of a G26, although a thinner slide than the G26.

      I don’t get where you’re talking about making anything fatter – the G43X is a lot slimmer than a G26.

  8. Carrying a non glock magazine proves ur a retard who cannot read or understand anything in the last 100+ years. Hope ur family does not find out how stupid u are!

    • I’ve torture tested these mags and they are great! Do you use pmags? Oh guess what, the AR-15 was not designed to be used with polymer mags! But it they work great!

  9. I have always hated Glocks. Until I tried my wife’s 43x. I was very impressed with ergonomics and the trigger. The sights had to go though. Just received the 15rnd mags.


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