What I'm Carrying Now Wilson Combat
Courtesy Nick Leghorn
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[This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

Risk assessment and management is my profession, but it’s something that we are all doing these days. We try to figure out what potential threats exist as we try and get all our daily tasks accomplished, and how to best reduce the impact if one of those things happen.

Carrying a concealed firearm is a risk mitigation step that allows you to respond to an armed attacker and defend your life and the lives of others. In my opinion, the mitigation (in this case, the size of the firearm being carried) should be proportional to the threat.

What I'm Carrying Now Charter Arms Snubby
Courtesy Nick Leghorn

I’ll be honest, most days before this whole madness kicked off I didn’t carry a firearm. I usually kept a Charter Arms snub-nosed .38 special revolver locked away in the car, but the only times I slipped it into my pocket were when I was venturing into one of the seedier or more violence-prone areas of the city.

That all changed as soon as the virus panic started. These days I’d say there’s more of a credible threat of robbery and violence. Record levels of unemployment and general uncertainty about the future can make people volatile and desperate.

I don’t see that kind of violence reported on a regular basis so I’d still call it a potential and not an active threat, but the likelihood that things could go sideways when you’re outside the home is steadily increasing.

What I'm Carrying Now Wilson Combat
Courtesy Nick Leghorn

As the threat increases so does my mitigation strategy. Instead of carrying only so often, now I strap up every time I leave the house. And I’ve increased the firepower I’m bringing to the gunfight as well.

No longer satisfied with five rounds of .38 SPL, I’m rolling with eight rounds of .45 ACP and another eight in ready reserve.

This is a Wilson Combat Bill Wilson Carry 1911 that RF gave me nearly a decade ago back when TTAG could barely afford our hosting fees. The 1911 is snugly carried in a Wilson Combat low profile holster.

Not only is it the prettiest handgun I own, it’s also the most accurate and reliable. While I might have doubted my ability to make a clean shot from more than a handful of yards with the snubby, I’ve got none of those concerns about the Wilson.

The gun is accurate as all hell and I’m reasonably accurate using it under stress. It’s slim and compact enough that I can carry it under a t-shirt without printing too badly, which means it’s about the limit of how much gun I can comfortably concealed carry.

What I'm Carrying Now SIG P226 Mark25
Courtesy Nick Leghorn

In my opinion, this is the threat level we’re at right now. It’s credible, but still under the surface. And hopefully things won’t escalate any further, meaning that this gun can go back to being more of a safe queen.

But if they do, the next step for me is moving the SIG SAUER P226 Mk25 that I use as my nightstand/home defense gun up to being a full-time open carry handgun (sans suppressor, pictured above). And if things get really bad, then it makes me happy that I finally have my SIG SAUER MCX 300BLK SBR just the way I like it.

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    • This. This is what I think of all the time when I think why people carry high dollar value EDC. I carry a CPO p229. I would have gone cheaper (only a bit) but since I carry it all year round and I don’t plan on buying another EDC for a very long time I went a bit more expensive. But to be honest there are lots of options under 400 that will get the job done and not having you crying when it doesn’t come back from evidence.

      • Every time I see this kind of comment I just do not get the reasoning. Like people who say this have their priorities a bit off kilter. I mean not entirely asswackbards, as they are carrying a gun for self defense, which is good.

        But how the heck does the dollar or aesthetic value of the gun matter one iota compared to your life?

        If it’s an expensive firearm that does the job for someone, that they can shoot well and all that, then the cops taking the gun from you is chickenshit compared to not being dead.

        • Do you know why I’m debt free? Have money in the bank? Because I don’t buy top dollar bling. Not only will the cops take your top dollar pistol but the money you should have been watching over and growing instead of buying the top dollar gun will not be there when you need it to talk to a lawyer.

          If you cannot save your life with the 500 dollar Glock the 1000 dollar bling gun isn’t likely to save you either.

        • There is zero causality/correlation between owning a high dollar firearm and it’s ability to save your life. Zero. A police trade in Glock or .40 P series will save your life just as well as a $4000 pistol (I was originally going to write 1500 but I checked online and holy shit cakes……). To say otherwise is stupid. And to argue the way you did is stupid. It makes no sense to bring that much money to bear on an event that can be handled with an under 500 fire arm in the exact. Same. Manner. I see this nonsense all the time on these blogs about people edcing massively expensive pistols. Good on them but if they ever need to use it God for bid I guarantee they will be feeling the panic in thier gut about what a massive mistake they made after the panic of shooting another human wears off. These kinds of pistols are meant for bragging rights, competition and compensation for a small dick. Not for EDC. The price is just way to high.

        • ” These kinds of pistols are meant for bragging rights, competition and compensation for a small dick. Not for EDC.”

          You seem to speak from the authority of experience on that one, my condolences to you and your wife. 🙂

          (Glock and CZ EDC carrier, here…)

        • Cops take your gunms, that’s true. Also if you haven’t broken the law you do get them back.

        • Geoff “Guns. LOTS of guns. Ha. No. My pistol collection doesn’t get any nicer my 229 Nitron maybe the SW CHP4006TSW but that may have some value but not for a while. I would love to collect but money money money.

        • I’ve a 300 dollar 9mm that has thousands of rounds through it I would trust my life on every day. If The Day I Use It occurs I won’t ask for it back. We are not talking about motorcycle helmets. The dirtbag is just as done. Spend money on training and ammo instead.

      • Man, worry about your own finances. Some broke bitches just worry about what other peoples income affords them, like a bad MTV “reality” show, all drama.

        I can understand the criticism for a dated gun, like an old west style revolver in some goofy ass shoulder holster. But when it comes to how much it costs?!?!?! Really? For this style gun and carry? The only thing you should be concerned about is efficiency and effectiveness. When it boils down, even those goofy ass old western folks are effective within reasonable variables. Efficient, probably not. Comparisons to even the most proficient draws from standard IWB/AIWB with modern carries will prove that, but knocking someone for carrying something because it costs more than you are willing to spend? That’s pleb shit. Especially considering the other carries listed. Solid carries. If you were going to knock this dude at all, I’d say do it for his mentality of not carrying all the time. For someone who assess risk, carrying should be an every time deal. Stay outta the mans wallet tho.

        • A:

          Maybe you need to look at the percentages of people who get in legally justified DGU’s, and then also look into the percent of people who’s guns come up missing after the fact. Pretty sure it’s around .001%, if it exists at all. Also, for all you know, this could have been a gift, or maybe the man works for the company, or maybe he just makes more than you and it’s the equivalent of a Ruger… Get over it bruh.

        • I have far fewer and far nicer guns now than I did when I was younger and poorer.
          Buy and carry whatever you want and can afford, DGU grab be damned.

    • I think the anxiety and the uncertainty that comes with the legal matters following a DGU are probably more of a big deal than one of your gun being kept as evidence for x months or a year. That’s how I see it.

    • If you can afford a Wilson Combat, and you can afford to carry it, you can probably afford to replace it.

      • Yup, and losing it to a self defense shooting is a small price to pay for your life…. Carry and practice with what you can afford and shoot best. It’s only a gun. Don’t let internet experts tell you what to carry or own.

    • I’m going to poke the hornets nest here.

      I think many of you here, and most gun blogs actually, hate on what people carry for two reasons:

      A: They have more money then you.

      B: They don’t carry what you carry.

      • Nah I just like to stir sht. Actually I’d be jealous( amazed) to see someone with my edc, poor bastard.. A good hint on envy, what they have or do not have doesn’t affect me unless their signing my pay check or giving me some of what they got. Keeps me from being jealous of that guy riding off on his Harley with that possuma I was hitting on.

    • I think if you blow a DGU to the point where the cops won’t return your weapon losing the weapon is the least of your problems.

      • You and I don’t have nearly the same problem here in Florida than other folks do when it comes to state law on self-defense.

        In too many other places, you can do *everything* right, and still have serious legal problems…

        • Remains to be seen. I have one in the property room right now for a DGU, and I am in Fl. It was clearly defensive, with evidence to back it up, & that evidence was blatantly ignored. Lawyers going to tear them a new one over that & other glaringly obvious improprieties, but that’s no consolation atm. As per my council, that’s as far as I can go into it.

          As one can imagine, my opinion of the gov. end of things has sunk a few bars, to say the very least.

    • It’s a current production pistol. He can buy another one (or may already have more than one). You people act like he pissed your Jennings and Lorcin collections.

    • The chances of having to shoot someone in defense of yourself are small enough that I don’t consider this an important factor. If he considers it an important factor I’m sure he would stick with a cheaper gun… or not own an expensive gun to begin with.

      Someone who can afford a nice gun can afford another gun to replace it if it becomes necessary. And, as the poster indicates, he has (at least) two more.

  1. Very nice gun. Just a smidgen shorter than a Commander, but no doubt well balanced and solid. I’ve always liked Wilson Combats.

    In regards to how the author obtained it, it appears that the ‘ol barter method was in play if Robert Farago indeed gifted a nice 1911 because “TTAG could barely afford our hosting fees.”

    I’m thinking that perhaps I’m becoming a bit unaffordable myself and will need some enticement for my continued valuable viewership and remarkably competent commentary. Maybe a case of Buffalo Bore .300 BLK? I know Farago will maybe consid… oh wait… darn, now it’s Dan I need to chum up with. One can only hope. 🙂

    • We all remember that RF likes nice things… which do not come cheap. Some of us chuckled, reading about his financial struggles with this site next to pictures of his Benz, handcrafted super chairs and most of all his multi K$ guns.

      • If there’s one thing about the half-dozen or so wealthy people I’ve known, they seem to have a natural talent for bitching about how they broke they are…

    • Nick earned that gun, it was no freebie.

      By many, many product reviews. Ask Dan…

    • Certainly not anyone from L.A. County. At least, not without Sheriff “Don Mafioso” Villanueva’s permission, which doesn’t exist. So…at least not legally…if one were to refuse to bend the knee…

    • That’s convenient, shoot the bad guy, answer a couple question from the cops and sign a couple of documents then you can go back to bed and nobody noticed.

  2. Imposter!. The real Nick Leghorn was lost at sea years ago. And some tell that even wasn’t the “real Leghorn” either.
    But the legend..it lives forever.

  3. That Wilson’s a right fine looking firearm.

    But only one spare magazine? You know, Bruce uses piles and piles of spare magazines for his 1911’s, and they use special Super Magical Capacity Magazines too. All of which mysteriously fit in his coat pockets, without weighing him down at all.

    Check it out, you are on the right track but could do so much better:

  4. That’s a pretty big jump.

    From car carrying a Charter to toting a Wilson. 🤯

    I guess we all make decisions about when and how we made need a firearm. I imagine most of us are wrong ( the bad guy decides that, for the most part).

    I dont worry much about losing a gun to evidence…that will be the least of your worries.

    Dunno about “stepping up” to a Sig. Do you shoot it better? Just more ammo?

    Maybe just carry the Wilson and more mags…..and the Charter in your pocket (or a better snub).

    Pay your nickel……..

  5. I get the idea of not wanting to lose an expensive piece to the police to screw it up if you ever have to use it. The fact is you can carry a lot less $$ pistol that runs just as well. M&P, G19/17, P320, etc… in the striker line and something like a Beretta 92x or 92A1, or some form of CZ75 in the hammer fired department. Some guys care about it, some don’t. For open carry I’d still most likely leave the 226 MK25 at home and carry one of my full size poly frame pistols. Wouldn’t want to lose one but it’s a lot better to stomach than the more expensive stuff. If it ever went to SHTF where all bets are off it would switch to the MK25 or the 92X. Even having an STI and Dan Wesson 1911, while I really like 1911’s, I want the higher capacity. But everyone has their own likes and ideas.

  6. Help. The grip safety on my 1911 will disengage if I rapidly push on the trigger. I’ve noticed that by pushing on the mainspring housing I get tension on the grip safety and it functions as it was designed. My question is by bending the 3 leaf spring will that fix it, I’m sure it will. My concern is why do I have a small amount of forward play in the mainspring housing. .

  7. A custom Wilson is on the wish list…right after the Lottery check clears…until then, I can dream and be a tad bit envious of those who have nicer toys than I do (or, I could prioritize my wants and budget for similar toys).

    • It’s not toys,its Tools. A bunch of tools is good, high dollar tools are better. It’s a tool, it’s a tool, chant I . Personally I’ve got to eat canned commodities pork to save up enough for a new/old gunm. If this gub check comes through, And I Can Find One, fck c19, yup..

  8. I used to carry a Nighthawk Custom 1911 regularly.

    It was gorgeous. To all those who say there’s no point, trust me, the man jewelry feels nice to carry around.

    But I stopped carrying a 1911 that had little to do with money.

    The first even happened in the spring. I was trying to beat a friend at the annual Walls of Steel match in August. We have 2 grudge trophies we swap back and forth, and I wanted the winner trophy, bad.

    So I took my Dan Wesson Pointman 9, which is a really nice 1911 along with my G34 to my gun club and started shooting steel with them. I wanted to figure which I shot better and then practice only with that one for the next 3 months.

    I like to begin my range sessions with a basic marksmanship refresher. Shooting slowly at paper targets, the DW 1911 was a tack driver. I couldn’t miss. The Glock demonstrated typical MEH glock accuracy.

    Onto the steel. I got out my shot timer and started running through strings. I didn’t like what was happening. I was consistently faster with the Glock than with the DW.

    I went home and thought about things.

    Next week I went back and had the same result. I didn’t want to admit it but I shot that ugly black plastic gun better than my semi-custom DW. Painful. The Dan Wesson went back into the safe.

    A few weeks later I was organizing my safe and my Wilson Combat customized Colt Lightweight Officers ACP ended up on the bench next to my Glock 19. Hmm. I had never thought ab out it but the smallest Colt 1911 was actually the same size as a G19. Hmm.

    The Colt held 7 rounds of .45. The Glock held 16 rounds of 9mm. With a full mag, the Glock weighed less than the Colt.

    The Colt sure was pretty. It had better be for the almost $3000 that went into it.

    Unfortunately, when it came to shootability, the Colt and the Glock weren’t even close. I could point shoot the Glock up to about 20 ft as fast as I could pull the trigger and keep all the shots on a pie plate. The Colt shifted in my grip and was much slower to shoot accurately.

    The truth came slowly and painfully.

    I was better off carrying a piece of Austrian plastic than I was carrying good old American steel and wood. It had nothing to do with money. I had to do with how well I shot them (the most important thing) , capacity, and weight.

    I sadly put all of my carry 1911s up for sale shortly after that. Because I love shooting 1911s, I’ve still got all my Government sized guns. I even picked up a Brazos 2011 which I kept for a while until someone made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

    In the end. I’m glad I made the switch to Glock. Its a tool like a hammer. But its a good hammer.

  9. The only thing I don’t agree with here is the choice to not always carry. I love the SIG, I love the Wilson Combat, but most of all, I love that MCX. I remember seeing that post and wanting to sell my wife to fund one. JK, I sold her along time ago, but somehow it ended up costing me money? The devil certainly does have a funny way of making deals.

  10. those Wilson’s are nice for sure, and Kimber,and Clark ect., but I own the best 1911a1 in the World,

  11. If the shooting is justified you will get the pistol back. Ask me how I know. You people have some terribly misplaced priorities.

  12. You just now due to a virus have decided to start carrying everywhere. WTF? The little stubby don’t work no more so you pull out a old Wilson. I call bullshit on this story.

  13. Fair notice, you might not like what I am about to say. I am 57 years old and been shooting, hunting, and competing most of my life. I have shot many weapons over my 35 years in the military. I own Sigs, Colts a Glock (you have to, just to keep the fan boys at bay!), and Smith and Wessons.

    Through the years I have also owned Stars, Llama’s, Taurus, and Rossi. My experience: A few have been stinkers but the majority feed, fire and eject with boring regularity. Accuracy isn’t bullseye, but we are discussing self defense, not gun club bragging rights.

    It doesn’t matter what you carry so long as you test it (vigorously), train with it, feed it what it likes, and maintain it.

    Stows soap box.

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