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Courtesy Scott D.
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Scott D. writes . . .

I carry what can be called the anti-tacticool kit, and while some things wear out or are changed out (the Hogue grip and knife, respectively) it is pretty much the same kit I’ve carried for over 20 years.

My trusty GLOCK 19 Gen2 with its third Hogue slip-on grip sleeve. The Trijicon sights are much dimmed now, so I painted the front blade in bright orange enamel. I carry it with one in the chamber and a 15-round magazine loaded with 147gr Federal HST.

A cheap no-name metal LED flashlight I got at the hardware store for around $5 that has lasted for a decade or more (the blue tape makes it easier to spot if I drop it). A Kershaw assisted-opening Ken Onion Blur tanto blade.

An ancient, battered wallet and a 20-year-old Fobus holster that is still the most-often-used holster out of the five I own. I have several expensive leather ones, but I keep coming back to the inexpensive plastic Fobus. It does the job really well and is easy to take off and stash when I can’t carry the pistol into a federal building or similar situation.

If I need a pocket pistol for sooper-concealment I have a Ruger LCP II.

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  1. Love it! And I totally believe that this guy actually carries this gear daily. Personally, I enjoy the realistic EDC pictures more than the insane ones.

    • I agree. This is a very practical setup. Nothing wrong with carrying what you trust and have had for some time. I think the Kershaw matches the Glock perfectly. Neither are top level stuff, but neither are junk. I would say they are both great quality for the price items. I’m no knife/pistol snob by any means though. I carry my g19mos and my Kershaw launch very often although my Sig 365 is winning out mostly now.

      • Kershaw hits a good balance. It’s a workable knife and its not so expensive as to break your heart if you lose it. I lost one on a night hunt. Tried a couple of others but went back to the Kershaw. I don’t care for the tanto style blade, but thats just a matter of preference.

        The g19 is a solid choice. It’ll do all that we need done in a self defense weapon.

        • gesundheit.
          kershaw has multiple origins; read the blade or packaging if it matters to you.
          tanto blades are ok as gasket scrapers.
          i’d say for most the skyline is a good u.s. built affordable flipper.
          other models with speed safe assist open satisfyingly, but you’ll need to replace that paper clip spring from time to time.

  2. I don’t know, a Glock-brand Glock is still pretty tacticool compared to what you should be carrying… maybe a cap and ball revolver?

  3. You can find those finger grooves off that handall./sarc.

    Funnym that lots of people want a Gen 2 to get away from the finger grooves…..and you added your own ……

  4. Good stuff. Two things. Spare mag. Lose the grip sleeve. I remember all those years ago when I was chaperoning an an academy class through firearms. One of the things I had to do to get certified as an LEO firearms instructor. One of the recruits had a Houge grip sleeve on his pistol. He kept stopping to adjust it after every drill. After day two I couldn’t stand it. He was adjusting it again when I approached him. I said, “Let me show you what to do with that.” I took the sleeve off and threw it over my shoulder. The lead firearms instructor, Mike T, stopped the entire class and had me repeat it. Choose your accessories wisely.

    • I recently purchased an HK45 because it was on sale; I should have held out for an HK45 compact and just gotten the extended mag. The oversized finger grooves on the grip of the standard one feel nice but only after you get your fingers where you want them. And I rarely do get it right on the draw.

      Just not a good idea. Not sure why HK threw them on there against the design that Vickers et al had suggested.

      • A stippling would be a better option than a Hogue grip. He is probably used to it, doesn’t mean it should exist. Even Paul Harrell’s gorilla hands think the standard Gen II Glock grip is a great size… and I doubt this is Shaq’s EDC. Nobody here had an attitude, ‘cept you. Chill. 20 years of doing something doesn’t mean you can stop learning, or that you’d be interested in a story.

        • no, like this.
          c’mon, that was a scintillating tale with a net positive outcome.
          why are you so resitant to evolving?

    • Lol he’s carried this rig for 20 years and you’re going to tell him what he should be doing? Nice. Here’s some advice, lose the attitude. I don’t like grip sleeves either, and don’t use them, but if this guy has used them successfully for longer than I’ve been carrying then I’m sure he’s doing just fine.

      May not work for you, me, or that one guy you corrected, but I bet OP is just fine.

      • It wasn’t about the grip sleeve at all. It was about the recruit’s tolerance and temper control when somebody takes your stuff and pitches it.

        • two things, both arbitrary.
          what if a critter got his nose stuck in an errantly tossed band of rubber? might starve. obviously a night creature hater.

    • Maybe years ago grip sleeves weren’t very good, or maybe he didn’t put the sleeve on properly. The one I put on my .380 bodyguard hasn’t moved one bit since I put it on.

    • I use the grip sleeve because while the G19 grip is pretty close to perfect I like the palm swells and “sticky” feel to the Hogue grip. Where I live (and I carried this very weapon as my duty gun for a few years before my agency finally issued us G22’s instead of requiring we buy our own) it is frequently cold, wet, and sometimes frozen. The grip makes it easier to control the weapon even if it was dripping with oil, let alone covered with ice from standing out in the freezing rain. Finger grooves are something I can live with and the sleeve doesn’t move around – from the first I lightly swabbed the inside of the sleeves with 3M spray adhesive so it won’t shift. The sleeves get torn sometimes so that is why I had to replace a couple of them. As many of you might agree, I prefer not to change what works for me for fashion or ‘expert’ advice, but your mileage may vary.

      BTW: I prefer a drop point blade, too, but this was what they had at the time I needed another knife. It’s thinner and lighter than my favorite, which is a CRKT Crawford Point Guard, so it was my vest knife and not so draggy in a pocket. And it gets used for the things knives do it real life but I doubt anyone would want to be cut by it in a pinch. The flashlight is good for finding keys, fuses, the snack I just dropped under the car seat, and so on. I learned gunfighting without a light attached to my weapon or otherwise, so while I know some like it I prefer to not do so as a default style. Chances are I wouldn’t have time to fish it out of my pocket anyway if I have to go to guns. Mainly it will be a lot of bang, bang – move – bang, bang, then use the light once I get to cover. If I’m wearing my parka or something else with deep pockets I have another mag, otherwise this set up works no matter what I wear any time of the year.

  5. I’ve had wallets like that. Things I keep for years on end. Latest one got replaced about 5 or 6 months ago.

    Looks like a good setup.

  6. Thumbs up on the 147 HSTs. Federal did a nice job on the 9mm HSTs with solid performance out of a variety of barrel lengths.

    • The perfect bullet weight, where is it at?. 9’s get heaver .45’s get lighter. Human hunting with a handgunm and picking the right load is a challenge.

  7. Thank you for sharing, especially the holster and background info. I wonder what a typical tacticool EDC looks like?

  8. Wow my daily almost exactly right down to the HST 147s…substitute an old Benchmade AFO and a Galco horsehide iwb but no flashlight since my phone has one…

  9. Great setup! Second gen glock looks awesome and I bet is reliable to boot. Out of all the EDC posts I’ve seen lately, gotta give kudos to this one. Can tell you actually carry it, and it’s not just a setup around for internet photos.

  10. Even a cheap light is better than no light. When you consider that most defensive gun uses happen in dark or low light, not having a light is a huge disadvantage.

    • most dgu’s happen within seven feet. I don’t think the OP is using that flashlight as part of his kill pack.

  11. Just because it isn’t beat up doesn’t mean it doesn’t get carried every day. I invested in a Recycled Firefighter wallet years ago. Been carrying every day for as long as I can remember, and it looks the same as it always had. Mainly because it’s recycled firehose, and the other one is black leather, but still… I doubt it will look any different in 20 years.

  12. Same pistol and ammo I carry every day. Finger grooves aside, there has been some argument that the GEN 2s are more accurate than the rest until the GEN 5s came along.

    I’m currently waiting on some parts for a couple of other Glocks I have laying on the bench.

    Everyone is out of stock, back-ordered, or limited employees resulting in slow processing….I mean seriously I wish people would have just stuck with hoarding TP and Hot Pockets……

  13. I have that same Ken Onion Blur. Having a devil of a time keeping it sharp. Most I do with it is cut cord. Open boxes, shave wood. I use a Kershaw diamond stick to sharpen it.

  14. With the ten round restriction idiocy of NYState,I went up to 45 ACP i.e generation 1 Glock 30/adjustable sights,230gr JHPs/ambidextrous pocket holster,similar to author’s flashlight,folding knife <=4"blade.
    PS having a 200 lb black bear 20 yards from the house,45ACP is a better choice than 9mm.

  15. Excellent! I do very much love my G19 Gen4, except for the finger grooves. Even so, I shoot well with it. My plan after this is over is to get a 19x for carry and stash the Gen4 in my dugout bag + mags etc. Right now carrying a relatively new S&W e-series 1911 + mags, I’ve been shooting it a lot lately and it feels right for the times. I will post at some point maybe.
    I very much appreciate the utility of this EDC.

  16. Coud do a lot worse than a G19G2. I had one for a long time. But I aint bettin my life on a $5 flashlight. Surefire. Buy once, cry once.

  17. Google the Clint Smith video with the Fobus holster, and you won’t carry with a Fobus Holster anymore.

    Otherwise, nice setup.

  18. Gun, Holster, Spare Mag, Light, Knife, covers all the bases. 20 years, if it works, don’t change a thing.

  19. I’ve been conceal carrying a PMR 30 for several years now, in a plain Kydex IWB holster at 10 O’Clock and have never felt out gunned. I carry a OTF knife, about three thousand in cash and my truck keys, that’s it, ………….until just recently.
    I now occasionally add my brand new Colt Python, loaded in 357 hollow points, in it’s brand new DeSantis OWB M90 holster at 3 O’Clock for those special occasions when I want people to know I am well defended.
    Damn thing with it’s rig is so beautiful it’s almost like wearing a Rolex watch with your shirt sleeves rolled up.
    What……………… I’m just bragging you say……………………….. yep, I think I am.


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