Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
(Dan Z for TTAG)
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I’m not a fan of one-size-fits-many holsters. They’re frequently not well made and don’t provide the retention levels you need for safe, effective carry.

But most of the problematic one-size holsters are made for outside the waistband carry. There are plenty of good pocket and inside the waistband options that fit a range of carry guns and are both comfortable and secure.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
(Dan Z for TTAG)

One of the best of these I’ve tried also has the advantage of being affordable. Alien Gear’s Grip Tuck Universal holster is a well-designed IWB option that’s comfortable to carry and conceals well.

The Grip Tuck Universal comes in seven sizes to fit everything from mouse guns up to government 1911’s.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
(Dan Z for TTAG)

One of the best features of the Grip Tuck Universal is that it’s semi-rigid. This isn’t a floppy fabric thing that will prove difficult or almost impossible to re-holster.

The Grip Tuck Universal’s core is a lightly textured plastic that mostly keeps its form — it compresses slightly, depending on how tightly you cinch your belt — after you draw your gun.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
The Grip Tuck Universal has an extremely grippy exterior material that keeps the holster snugly in place. (Dan Z for TTAG)

The other distinguishing feature is the Grip Tuck Universal’s exterior. It’s a type of material that may be the grippiest surface I’ve seen on a holster. That’s a big plus that keeps the holster in place as you wear it through your day. This thing won’t go anywhere.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
(Dan Z for TTAG)

The Grip Tuck Universal’s flexible plastic clip tilts to allow you to carry your EDC gun the way you like it. The clip pivots about 35 degrees in either direction so you can carry with the cant angle you like.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
(Dan Z for TTAG)

There aren’t any detents to hold the clip at a particular angle.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal
Courtesy Alien Gear

But with that tacky (in a good way) exterior material, the Grip Tuck Universal stays nicely in place as long as you’re not doing burpees or jumping jacks.

The holster is tacky enough that you could probably carry it without the clip, but I can’t think of a good reason to do that.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
(Dan Z for TTAG)

The holster is adjustable for carry height, too. If you rotate the clip 180 degrees you can remove it and reinstall it in the position that suits your carry style best.Β 

The Grip Tuck Universal is light weight, too. Mine weighs a mere 2.7 oz.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
Grip Tuck Universal with a Springfield Hellcat (Dan Z for TTAG)

I got the model for 3-inch barrel subcompacts that fits a Springfield Hellcat perfectly.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
Grip Tuck Universal with a GLOCK 43 (Dan Z for TTAG)

It’s also ideal for a GLOCK 43. Similar sized pistols — the SIG P365, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, Mossberg MC1sc among others — would fit this size, too.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
Grip Tuck Universal with a Smith & Wesson 642 (Dan Z for TTAG)

A J-frame works, but isn’t ideal. That’s more exposed trigger than I’d want. For a 642, I’d order the next size up.

Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster
Grip Tuck Universal with a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 (Dan Z for TTAG)

In short, with seven different sizes, it’s not hard to get the one that fits your particular carry gun. The good news is it’s not expensive if you need more than one. The Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal sells for about $35 or so and definitely doesn’t suck.


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  1. Hmmmm…

    Dan…were you able to re-holster safely?

    Verbiage kinda got vague in that section.

    Looks like it would collapse like a ziploc bag once the gun is gone.

  2. Unless the holster has a rigidly reinforced mouth I’ll pass. Doesn’t look/ sound like it does.

  3. To all you Newbee’s when you get a gun & start carrying get a good holster…..This isn’t it!

    • A good holstien and you just about forget your carrying a gunm. A bad holstien and your always fixing fence.

      • We had one of those bad Holsteins once. The electric fence didn’t bother him. In fact, we had orange tape tied to the wire at regular intervals so they could see where it was, and he worked his way around the entire perimeter, eating off that tape off clear to the knots. We could hear the snapping and see half inch arcs going into his tongue, but his only reaction was a dreamy look in his eye as he headed for the next piece. That was one boneheaded steer, but he did eventually make some fine steaks.

  4. Looks like a great holster….(unlike what all these tacticool non-shooters might try to say who’ve obviously never tried one…
    So to all the “gun noobs”, if you’re looking for a fine, INEXPENSIVE IWB holster, THIS IS IT!!!
    Of course with more money, you’ll get more FOR your money…

  5. This may not “suck” big time but, I have some experience with in the waist holsters, unless the mouth is reinforced with an insert it will collapse to the point of making a safe one handed re-holstering nearly impossible. I have not laid hands on this regarding the belt clip either and would be quite hesitant to trust, about the only one I ever did was Alessi’s Talon Clip.

    If your considering an in the waistband holster which doesn’t involve Kydex get yourself a Milt Sparks Summer Special or a clone by a trusted maker like Ritchie or Desantis. It will properly fit the firearm securely and it won’t let you down for 20 plus years.

    • Ranger Rick,

      … it will collapse to the point of making a safe one handed re-holstering nearly impossible.

      And that is critical because … ?????

      • Your other hand might be occupied with a flashlight, a dressing/wound, or an assailant or a friendly who needs your hand..

        • “Your other hand might be occupied with a flashlight,”
          – Put the flashlight down and re-holster carefully. If it not safe to do so, you should not be re-holstering at all! Get somewhere safe or keep your gun ready.

          “a dressing/wound,”
          -The first thing you should be thinking about in a tactical medical situation, even before the ABCs, is whether it is safe to begin treatment. You should, if possible, move to safety where you can re-holster as carefully as possible. If you can’t move to ‘safety’ but are bleeding severely enough to need immediate self-treatment you should not be re-holstering. If you may need that gun, don’t put it away. Sit your butt against a wall, put that TQ on and stay ready to fight.

          “or an assailant…”
          -You’ve either shot him, scared him off, or are holding him at gunpoint. Please don’t tell me you think it’s a good idea to give up the spacial advantage of a firearm by trying to restrain him or check his vitals or some nonsense. There is no way of knowing if he is still a threat unless his lid has been popped. Short of that he may very well have enough fight in him to take you down too. Unless you’re a cop or other responder who needs to try and render aid AND you have backup, you should use any opportunity to escape from the bad guy… not go hands-on with him.

          “or a friendly who needs your hand..”
          – If it safe to re-holster, why does a ‘friendly who needs your hand’ mean you have to do it quickly with one hand? Is someone literally holding your other hand? Are you trying to carry a child over a chasm? I suggest stopping and re-holstering beforehand, not during the traverse.

          There are always ‘what if…’ scenarios that we can imagine with ninjas and movie-caliber special effects but generally speaking a conceal carrier should not be rushing a re-holster. If it’s not safe enough to do it carefully, you shouldn’t be re-holstering at all. Just shot a guy who was trying to rob you at the gas station? Now is not the time to try and tie his hands up and put pressure on the wound. Take the opportunity to escape danger, re-holster, and call 911. And if the cops show up while you’re there, you’re gonna want to put the gun down or drop it, not try and re-holster under that pressure.

  6. I had the Uncle Mike’s one that looks like this for a kahr p9. For being cheap it worked quite well. Yes you have to pay attention reholstering, but gun fights aren’t won by reholstering faster than the other guy.
    I would carry it small of the back (that’s the triple crown of unpopular carry choices for those counting) while jogging in Florida. Took the copious amounts of sweat fairly comfortably.

    • Dan W.,

      I am thinking that this inside-waistband holster will really shine at small-of-the-back locations.

      Now you have me thinking about getting two of them — one right-handed and one left-handed — so I can carry a handgun on both sides of the small of my back.

      The advantage is that I will be balanced, I will have a New York reload, and those handguns will actually function like lumbar support!

      • With a small flat gun it fits nicely on the flat part of your lower back. Two might work depending on how wide your back and the guns are.
        It was not a quick draw and reholstering required removing the holster but comfort when running 10 miles at a time is a much more important factor.

    • Adjustable cant and ride height and a great value. I’d say this is a winner, especially for beginners. If I had one and had to reholster, I’d take off the holster, with that easy to use clip, holster the gun, place the whole rig back where it was. Easy Peasy.

      My few issues with alien gear is they don’t make shells for gun with WML and the newer designs, with the exception if this IWB universal holster, are too bulky.

  7. Unlike some, I dont have an issue with a collapsing holster per se.

    I just dont want to pay 30 bucks for one.

    Back in the day, i had several Bianchi #6 and #6D holsters that they didnt make a #3 Pistol pocket to fit.

    But as with a pocket holster, you had to remove it to reholster. Not worried about a fast re-holster.

    I think Alien Gear is trying to move into the minimalist market. Just needs to be 10 or 12 dollars cheaper.

  8. …. I used to just shove my gunm. In my pants but looking up gunm laws in this State , it said “The firegunm must be carried holstien or on a sling behind the back.” I called up the sheriff and ask him if a sock was considered a holstien, and if I could carry my gunm in a holstien made out of a sock. He ask my address and hung up, dumb cop..

  9. Was looking at it on Amazon. 4 reviews. 2 were 5 star, 1 was 4 star, 1 was one star. The 1 star review wasn’t available to be read, only the glowing reports were available.

    • Softies have their place. And they are cheap to buy.

      At least people can get a holster instead of free-ballin.

      Beats hell out of a clip draw any day.

      Pretty sure a lot are sold while people look for a more sophisticated holster.

      Gun shops dont always carry all type of holsters for all types of guns.

      Like a Sccy or an LCR.


  10. Alien Gear? Uh, no.

    I remember when I first started concealing I bought a couple different Alien Gear holsters. Instantly returned them all.

    I agree with the majority of comments. Hard pass.

  11. Lilyu U Andrew, Looking for hook up with a stranger! ?? Ready for any experiments! ?? –==>>>

  12. i agree that it beats mexcarry.
    but for another fiver or so find the seconds (returned) crossbreed specifically for your device.

  13. I have carried in soft IWB holsters for years. IMNSO humble opinion, the safest way to reholster is to reach across with your off hand, hooking your fingers beneath the belt clip and sliding the empty holster out of your waste-band. You then place the handgun into the holster and slide handgun and holster back into your waste-band together. It takes minimal practice and you can actually learn to do it without looking. If circumstances prevent you from following this process, it is actually safer to shove it into a pocket than trying to reholster with the holster still in your waste-band.

  14. What width did you get for the Hellcat? The holster comes in a single and a double stack width, but I’m not entirely sure what’s best for the Hellcat (technically a double stack, but width is similar to/the same as a single stack).

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