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Eric S. writes . . .

This my EDC. Pretty simple: a GLOCK 26 Gen 5 with OWB Stealth Operator holster, Swiss Army knife, wallet, and pocket change. Hoping to add some better aftermarket sights in the near future.

I keep “higher capacity” magazines in my car, just in case more pew pew is called for. One of the reasons I like the GLOCK 26 is its versatility in taking the larger mags of its brethren.

The Stealth Operator is the best holster I’ve ever used. Fits many of my handguns, including both my G26 and G17. Lightweight, good retention and doesn’t print much.


This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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  1. I’d add a light and ammo, but looks overall OK.

    We have a Georgia shooting update –

    “Man who reportedly filmed Ahmaud Arbery’s killing charged with murder”

    “The man who reportedly filmed the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was arrested and charged with murder, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

    According to the GBI, 50-year-old William “Roddie” Bryan Jr. was jailed on felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.”

  2. Good pistol, but those spare mags in the car won’t do you any good unless you’re in the car. Add a light. Like the Leatherman the other day the Swiss Army knife is a good supplement, but no substitute for a fast opening, single blade lockback.

    • A choice of the type of knife carried depends to some extent if you expect to have to leave your firearm locked in the car or not one you. That would certainly drive me to choose more of a tactical folder to work as a self defense weapon. However, if I expect to carry a firearm most of the time, a utility type knife makes more sense to me. Sure its a poor weapon, but gets used more than anything else. Life is always full of choices with trade offs.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. You on the other hand are a virtue signaling homophobe. How do you live with the cognitive dissonance?

  4. Abraham Lincoln said if he could reunite the country even with slavery still intact, he would.


    • K. That changes what the confederate flag represents how? Calling someone a dumbass for being against the confederate mentality and acting like they don’t know how the north operated is a pretty funny mentality. Ignorance is bliss, right? That’s like saying because I think Trumps a moron that I must support some democrat, huh… Ever get the feeling some people just think politics are corrupt in general?

  5. I’ve been tempted by the Glock 26 but just never had a reason to switch away from my current carry options. Good choice.

    • I would get a G19 instead if I had to carry a Glock concealed. The G26 is fat, ugly, short, it just feels horrible imo. If you can conceal a G26, you can probably do it with a 19.

      • 26 is a good gun. Carry a 17 magazine as your backup mag and it’s the best of all worlds.

        • +1. My EDC for years has been a Gen3 G26 with an aftermarket safety, that I pocket carry concealed in a DeSantis Nemesis (for training or open carry, I switch to a Blackhawk Serpa paddle holster). G17 mag with a grip extension in the weak side pocket (multiples of same in mag carriers for training) b open carry Have run tens of thousands of rounds though it in training classes in mud, snow, ice, heat, etc, and it always, always goes bang when it is supposed to.

      • Well Hell….if you can conceal a 19 then you should be able to conceal a 17.

        Less difference between 17 and 19 than 19 with 17.

        You should always carry the most bullets possible, even if looks like a colostomy bag.

  6. Way down South in the land of cotton
    Old times there are ner’ forgotten
    Look away, look away, look away
    Fuck off troll. You’re to easy. We like trolls with a modicum of intelligence.

  7. RE: Montana Actual
    Has anyone else noticed that the once-high level of Trollery has fallen off lately? Used to be that trolls would have at least SOME sort of logic or misinformation to support their views.
    Now it seems it’s just all about hatred & fear because they don’t understand the social dynamics & aren’t smart enough to do any cognitive research or self-education to come up with a reasonable argument. CNN talking points & late night comedians is where they get their “News”.
    … and WE’RE the ones who are stupid rednecks.

    • It is relative to the number of teeth, the average hillbilly has 8 teeth. This has been proven btw. If you have more than 8 teeth you are a slightly less retarded redneck. I mean, you’re still s stupid redneck don’t get too excited either.
      You can do a self-assessment Ricky Bobby:
      Do you believe Hillary and Obama will go to prison?
      Is Michelle Obama a man?
      Is Barack a muslim who was born in Kenya?
      Is Donald Trump the greatest POTUS ever?
      Would a wall stop illegal immigration? What about those already here, and those who travel by plane then stay upon expiration of their visa?
      If only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun, what the F are you all doing every time there is a mass shooting?

  8. Hey douchebag, complaining about bigotry while using a homophobic slur makes you even stupider than the alleged bigot you are complaining about.

    • Looks like Serge took the afternoon off and left the stage open for Montana to come out from under the bridge.

    • This is really strange, I’m not sure where it’s all going.

      Montana, is it Homo on the range?

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  9. The 26 deserves extra style points because it epitomizes: utility, function over form, and the Mike-Rowe-esque spirit of Americans at work.
    That baby glock really is the Timex of ccw pistols: affordable quality that takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. Well played Eric S. Two thumbs up.
    I don’t carry a flashlight either. My light on my phone works great. Also, I’m almost always indoors after dark.


      Oh boy, I wonder what Gadsden Flag and Geoff have to say about that. Do they approve? What do they recommend?

      • I too have a light on my phone, but it’s very difficult to manipulate it and a handgun in a DGU. BTW there’s no phone in the EDC either.

        • You can remember when having a good flashlight with a strong beam meant having a 5-cell Maglite.

          Nowadays, whoa… 🙂

        • Interesting to note that Surefire has been around since ’79. So says the shirt I’m wearing.

          Their work on flashlight reflectors came from their original business in lasers, the first of which they put on a .357 Colt Trooper.

          They’ve been making lights since ’85 though, as Laser Products Corp. up until 2000. No one really knew much about them, widespread at least, until the GWOT.

        • “Their work on flashlight reflectors came from their original business in lasers,…”

          Now that is interesting, since what I thought was exceptional about the quality of a Surefire flashlight beam was the ‘soft’, divergent quality of it, thanks to that ‘orange peel’ texture of their reflector. That’s was a *massive* improvement over the smooth ‘mirror’ reflectors other lights (like Maglite) had at the time. Lights today are light-years better in beam quality today from the 1980s, I remember physically ‘clunking’ my Maglites head to straighten up the Krypton bulb filament trying to make the beam quality smoother and less ‘lumpy’ looking for use at night in the acid factory…

      • I’d love to see an article on the pros/cons of a ccw person carrying a light. Maybe there are sufficiently compelling reasons to warranty packing one about.

    • Revolution, the only solution
      The armed response of an entire nation
      Revolution, the only solution
      We’ve taken all your shit
      Now it’s time for restitution

    • “Damn, a comment that reads like an old SOAD song.”

      Strych, would S.O.A.D. be considered speed metal, death metal, or what?

      I never got into them…

      • Um… interesting question. You could make arguments for “heavy”, “alternative”, “nu” and maybe even “progressive”. They’ve been called “hard rock” too.

        System is all over the place. I’m not sure I’d want to try to pin them down with a label. At least not one I’d want to try to logically defend.

        Honestly, that might just be me. When I think of the band I don’t immediately think “metal”. But, then I also don’t immediately think “hardcore” when Minor Threat or Black Flag come up either… yet those arguments have been advanced.

        To me System is kind of a genre all their own, sorta like Infected Mushroom, which seems like they take Prodigy’s The Fat of the Land album and expand on the middle third of it so you end up with an album that is interesting but really hard to categorize, almost like they rook the Diesel Power through Nayaran tracks, threw them in a blender, and turned the mix into an off-the-wall techno-electronica-hiphop-rap-rock genre.

        Soooo… yeah. Call System what you like, really. Valid arguments could be made in a lot of directions. They’re not easy to nail down.

  10. Abraham Lincoln himself said the goal was to “preserve the union” above abolishing slavery.

    The fact that you are so enraged by that mans freedom of speech means *you* are in fact the bigot here.

    You don’t need to fly off the handle like an immature liberal. Though I’m guessing you are.

    The Civil War was indeed about slavery, that’s not an argument, it was after all in the confederate states articles of secession… but that doesn’t mean slavery was the driving force behind the nationalism that drove the population of the south to support the rebellion.

    I’ve come to learn that the vast majority of northerners have at best an 8th grade understanding of the civil war.

    It goes something like this: “The evil, racist, white supremacist, slave owning southerners, rebelled against the perfect and wholesome North, from which true freedom and liberty reigned, and Superior North quickly and effortlessly crushed the hillbilly racist southerners through superior intellect and industrialization.”

    That’s not really true at all when you research the war. Real research too. Not Wikipedia, YouTube, or Reddit.

    In reality, the founders of the confederacy did secede to protect their economic power which was slavery, but as in any war, they needed to get their population to support such a cause. Let’s now take a look at what slavery actually looked like in the south:

    Slavery was a very expensive endeavor, belonging to only the very elite of the south. The low end modern day price tag for a single slave was $80,000. Your average southerner, could not afford one.

    There’s this image present in modern society that the south was covered in plantations and every southerner had a massive plantation with hundreds of slaves. This is actually quite far from reality. Slave owning plantations were actually the exception, not the norm, and most white southerners were poor farmers with no slaves.

    So why did the men who joined the confederate army fight the civil war? For something they couldn’t have? For rich southerners rights? No. They joined and fought because of the other, seemingly more predominant issues at the time. States rights, the growth the federal government, the anti federalist position following the Revolution, and most importantly, Nationalism, fueled by the real cultural divide between the north and south.

    You have to understand global history beyond just what they told you in high school or what you read in Wikipedia. That’s what I mean about an 8th grade level. The Napoleonic wars changed the world. The 19th century saw the rise of nationalism replace the old order, and America was no different.

    The south had, and continues to have its own distinct culture and nationalism, similar to Texas, Lousiana, and California. America just isn’t one country where everyone is the same.

    This nationalism was as much as fuel for the civil war as slavery was, and I do believe in an alternative reality without slavery, the American South still secedes in civil war anyway. Probably not the exact same way, in the exact time, but it still happens none the less. Secession over other issues was in fact a thing long before 1860.

    Research the Nullification Crisis for one, where South Carolina cane very close to seceding over the states right to trade with foreign nations, during the presidency of Andrew Jackson.

    The crisis went so far as to South Carolina calling up their own militia and Jackson deploying federal troops over the issue.

    Note also, the enduring legacy of the civil war is the unchecked, exponential growth of federal power, at the expense of the constitution since the war. Since then the state and people has been officially subservient to federal power, and that was never meant to be the case.

    This doesn’t justify slavery. But it should open peoples eyes to what this era in history was actually like.

    • I’d also like to point out to the “herp derp the north kicked the south’s ass crowd”:

      If anything, the south kicked the north’s ass. Confederate soldiers kill to death ratio in the civil war was 2:1, and in 19th century warfare that’s actually a huge deal. The Confederacy had far better generals and far better trained soldiers. They also we’re easily winning the war until the north finally found a General with balls, which was Grant.

      Without Grant, the confederacy wins the war, period. The North had superior numbers and industry, but the union leadership was too chickenshit to actually fight to win until Grant came along and fought like a Russian. Grinding away with constant attack depleting the the ability of the south the keep up with the war. All the industrialization and manpower in the world doesn’t make up for having incompetent leadership.

      • That’s a lot of typing just to make you feel better! Yeah, sure, coulda woulda shoulda, the South would have won if, and if, and if if if. And if the South had won, we would all be living like trailer trash from Arkansas or Tennessee, now that’s scary!

      • Let me put it this way Montana,

        You are from Montana, I’m right to assume, and I’m also right to assume you are proud of being from Montana.

        You violently claim you are not a liberal and straight, and though I have my doubts about that, I’ll go with it.

        So you are a gun owning conservative. Even if you don’t identify as a conservative, that’s how they left will identify you.

        Popular online is talk about a second civil war, between the left and right, over gun rights. Let’s say this comes to pass.

        Your state will most definitely be on the right, pro gun side. For the sake of this argument let’s say the left somehow wins the war. The war rages for a number of years with millions of casualties until, unfortunately, the left gains the upper hand, and manages to grind the red states into submission, and wins the war.

        What do you think the victorious liberal states, educators, and historians will say about you and your state? That you were valiant and righteous defenders of liberty and the constitution? Ha!

        You will be labeled as a racist. A sexist. A Nazi. A Trump supporter (wether you like him or not). A hillbilly from backwards Montana that fought for the extermination of people of color.

        The same way the media has tried to paint the Michigan protesters as nazi flag waving fascists.

    • @Ron
      Abomination Tariff ect
      Soo much that could be discussed on these topics. Clemson University-Calhoun.
      Secession Hill right down the road from me. anyway..

      You write well.

      • Thank you. I actually appreciate honest debate, through it we can learn. I welcome anyone that wishes to discuss the topic with maturity further.

        That era in history just has *so much* going on it, much of it relevant to today, and most people have little grasp on it outside of childish name calling.

        For example, another fascinating topic of the civil war I absolutely love is actually the final year or so of the war. The part where Grant comes in and the south digs in. When the war spirals into trench warfare with machine guns and repeating rifles. Virgina resembles the coming Great War, a harbinger of the future of warfare.

        It is also the war where the US military actually got good. As in the power house it became in the 20th century. A lot of the mentality it learned in the civil war was crucial in World War One and Two. The modern concept we have as an America that is obsessed with overwhelming firepower and force is directly descended from the Civil War.

        Our history is quite amazing regardless of your locale and it truly bothers me that the modern world has reduced history into edgy memes and 4 minuet long videos, as well as people with mental/sexual identity issues using it as an avenue to let out there angst.

      • Montana you cant actually learn anything in a meme or short video clip. But by all means, continue to live in ignorance, you are only hurting yourself.

        You go on and on about boomers this, and boomers that. I’m not a boomer for the record. You think your youth somehow makes you superior. History moves in cycles. It repeats itself. Because the young never learn, until they’re too old to anything about it. You will learn one day too, but by then it will be too late.

    • The fact that you so quickly throw the word “fag” out there, Suggests something about your own issues.

      Perhaps if you admitted them openly, you wouldn’t be so angry.

    • Ron, that is the most intelligent, conscientious, clear and concise post I’ve read in my short time here on TTAG. Thank you.

      Here is some of my personal perspective:

      I was born, raised, educated (K thru B.A. and Post-Grad), and have always resided, in the South (50+ years). I have never known, met, or heard-tell of anyone who honestly supports slavery in any way, shape, or form- either now or historically. I have experienced openly racist comments everywhere I’ve been- the South, N.E., Midwest, West, U.K., Europe, Far East, and the Caribbean (but most regularly here on TTAG). My surname traces directly to a Civil War General from S.C., but slavery is anathema to me, everyone I know, and everyone I have ever known.

      From my earliest childhood memories the three flags that would have been the most recognizable to me are the American flag, the Florida flag, and the “Confederate”/”Stars and Bars” flag (officially the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia). All three held a place of honor and respect. There was no disdain, no negative connotation, no suggestion that it condoned slavery- on the contrary, it represented honor, valor, and virtue… an ideal everyone should strive towards. I remember how upset I was the first time I heard someone disparage the “Southern” flag- why would anybody be that hateful? My “Southern” flag had equal standing with both the American flag and the Florida flag- they were all part of our collective American history, and insulting any of them meant insulting all of America. Every one of us.

      Blessed with a private primary and secondary education, it was not until I attended a public university (in the South) that I started to hear rumblings about the “Southern” flag representing nothing but slavery. Earning my B.A. required a respectable amount of history credits, and it is here that I learned the truth that “History is Written by Victors”. And life has taught me that there are multiple sides to every story. In the past couple of decades I have witnessed a frightening revision to a historical object that for the first thirty + years of my life I had never experienced anyone have an overt objection to. The most negative connotation the “Confederate” flag had, in the South I was raised in, was of uneducated, drawl-impaired trailer park residents. It had NOTHING to do with slavery. Heck, as teens we watched The Dukes of Hazzard every week on TV- no one had a thought of impropriety. If anything, General Lee was a point of pride. Come to think of it, at an even earlier age we were reading comic books like Haunted Tank, G.I. Combat, Sgt. Rock and Sgt. Fury, which represented the “Confederate” flag as overtly patriotically America symbol- not in any way improper or something deserving scorn.

      Somewhere, somehow, everything got distorted. The idea of slavery makes me sick to my core. I will lay down my life for Liberty… EVERYONE’S Liberty. I live my life in an honorable, honest, ethical, and principled way. I recognize that, historically, slavery played a pivotal role in the economics that led to the Civil War, but AT NO TIME in my life (until recently) had anyone remotely suggested that the “Confederate” flag (or the entire South for that matter) represented NOTHING but slavery. Making such a claim is historically, morally, objectively, and intellectually dishonest. I would hope those who espouse such obviously inaccurate information would have a strong enough character to do the research for themselves and learn the truth about this subject- and then be proactive in correcting the falsehoods that have been allowed to obscure the truth for too long. And if you claim there’s no evidence in support of what I’m saying, you’re not looking hard enough- great effort has been taken to conceal the truth. It’s out there- look harder.

      I am an American, a Floridian, and a Southerner. There is a flag that represents each of these facts. I am proud to be all three. Are there people in this world that hate the American flag? Absolutely. Has America done things that deserve some disdain? Without a doubt. Are there people who hate the Florida flag? (I hear you, Bulldogs… but I’m actually a Gamecock). Heck, Florida is pretty much the whip-dog of America recently (we’ll save discussing out-of-state transplants for another day). But do you hear a strong national outcry to demonize either the American, or any state flag? No? How did the “Confederate” flag get painted with the same brush as the Nazi Swastika? Did someone tell you they were somehow comparable? Really? And you believed them? Take the economics of slavery out of the equation, and what’s left is all of the virtues that make us so proud to be Americans. We ARE all Americans. Why do people WANT to believe something different? As a child, long before I understood anything about the importance of our inalienable right to self defense, I had a grasp on the importance of fighting for freedom from oppression- as both the colonists and confederates did. From early childhood, I was not indoctrinated into believing the ONLY thing the Civil War was about was slavery- it was much more than that. NO ONE suggested slavery was anything but evil, and we all felt revulsed by slavery- we’d have no part of it. Take slavery out of the equation and what are you left with? The EXACT same interference with Liberty that we, supporters of our Constitutional rights, face today as gun owners. It can only be a misunderstanding of actual history that leads otherwise intelligent people to vociferously espouse disdain for all things “Confederate”, when most of what the “Confederacy” represented it exactly what brings a tear of pride to people’s eyes when it is draped under the Star and Striped Flag of Freedom. Think about it folks… freedom is freedom. There are parts of all important things that are misguided (see- I was able to include religion), but that does not make them invalid. Choosing to sidetrack yourself in a bizarre, factually erroneous attack on yourself only strengthens your adversaries- the ones actively trying to remove your Liberty and Freedom. Wake up, America- you’re stronger than this.

      If you’ve made it this far- good for you! You’re obviously an intellectually curious person. No go forth and be intellectually honest.

      • “I remember how upset I was the first time I heard someone disparage the “Southern” flag- why would anybody be that hateful?”

        Because it is the symbol of a struggle to keep black people in chains?

        The real problem is the long time propaganda that black people are inferior to white people.
        The idea that black people are somehow in capable of caring for themselves and somehow deserve to be enslaved as a pass to a better life is the BS that underpants much of the racism that exists today.

        It’s a simple strategy.

        Make teaching a slave to read a crime, then complain about their ignorance and lack of education.

        Put them in terrible schools with the worst teachers, then complain about their low educational achievement.

        Deny them good jobs, force them into menial, low-paying, dangerous jobs and then complain about their lack of financial achievement.

        Force them into the worst areas, red lining and forcing them onto the wrong side of the tracks, and then complain that their living standards are low.

        Deny them equal access to government improvement programs, then complain about their lack of self improvement.

        Just like the Iraqi war, the Civil War was an energy war.

        The North had moved to a coal and oil based energy economy, the south exploited the labor of the oppressed to provide the energy to operate their industrial production scheme.

        In order to support the continued enslavement of human beings, the south invented a disinformation scheme to prove the inferiority of black people.

        The fact is, all the statues of Robert E. Lee, Beauregard, etc. are just second place trophies to stroke the damaged self-esteem of the Southerners, who lost their attempt to overthrow the government of the United States of America.

      • “The North had moved to a coal and oil based energy economy,”

        Yep, and I’m doing so helped kick start…

        CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!

        The worst offense any society could EVER make Miner!!!!!

        You should be ASHAMED of yourself!!! Climate change supporter!!!!

    • Gad, the wife likely dumped his sorry ass and got the house and car.

      He’s still seething a redneck is now living in the house he’s forced to still pay for, and is actually capable of satisfying her… 😉

  11. If one item had to be added it would be a hand held flashlight with minimum: 100 lm, tail switch (requires minimal gross motor skills), pocket clip (makes it easy and fast to deploy). IMO the Streamlight protac 1l-1aa is the standard because it’s durable (drop tested), reliable, you can use either CR123 or AA battery and has momentary On. It’s time TTAG did an article on tactical flashlights, yeah?

    • “It’s time TTAG did an article on tactical flashlights, yeah?”

      How ’bout it, Dan? If TTAG does a comprehensive round-up, I’ll volunteer to test a few…

    • Competently testing those lights would be a huge PITA.

      Breach, Bang & Clear tried a few years back and it devolved into an article about how expensive, time consuming and unscientific it was to do. How doing it right was even more insanely expensive and how measurements are taken, what can be accurately determined etc. Once you get to the point of serious talk most people can’t follow it either.

      Not saying it can’t be done but… I wouldn’t want to do it unless it was agreed to be essentially subjective… which kinda defeats the point, no? I mean, do we really need an “aLl dA lUmENz” article, since that’s basically what the comment section will be anyway?

      • I’ve noticed a few of these WICN posts not having a handheld flashlight or one that’s not a small key chain (I.e. 20 lm) or a cell phone light. As gun owners, compared to non gunowners, theres a certain level of vigilance, situational awareness we have. Not having a decent flashlight as one of the EDC tools is just short changing oneself. TTAG may want to consider an article focusing on the “why” carry a flashlight and then just skim the surface on flashlight features to consider. Then the reader can research and/or decide it’s time to start carrying one or time for an upgrade.

        • Yes, an article about why your 50 lumen 180 degree beam light on your phone is inadequate would be a good start.

        • I guess it depends on *what you want* from the article(s).

          I just get the feeling it will rapidly devolve into a mess unless it’s a skim by design or a series of lengthy and well funded technical articles. In the latter case it would probably be a shitshow even if the articles were well done.

          Just an example; the debate over the price of lights in relation to brightness, measured and perceived based on LED spec vs. reflector quality. Welcome to 150+ comments, mostly from people who have no idea what they’re on about and focus only on the lumen rating and price, as if that means something useful in the real world.

  12. I not see the Rebel flag as racist ,I see it as a symbol of “We don’t like the way your running the country”

    • “We don’t like the way your running the country”
      .. .Because you won’t let us spread the poison of slavery across the entire continent.

      Because we are upset that you want to make real the aspirational declaration ‘all men are created equal‘, it interferes with our gravy train.

      • “spread the poison of slavery”

        Slavery didn’t exist just to enslave people. Just like everything, it was about money. The rich southerners that used slaves didn’t want to pay people to do the same work. The northerners didn’t like that. They just preferred super cheap child labor and unsafe working conditions where people suffered and/or died. I’m not in any way justifying slavery. I just think it’s important to point out the angelic northerners weren’t so angelic. But that wasn’t all northerners, just the rich industrialists, right? Well, people can’t seem to comprehend that all southerners didn’t have or approve of slavery.

        • And the north wanted cheap cotton from south and didnt want to pay more to feed their factories.

          One of the big events raising tensions to war was the Fed’s preventing southern gins from selling their cotton to Britain for a higher price.

          So yeah, the war was about slavery but also state’s rights and federal over-reach.

          The union federals didnt want to enslave the indigenous peoples of America, they just wanted them out of the way. Enslaving them to work would take resources. They just stuffed them on reservations with no way to feed themselves so they would die off.

          And let’s remember, the original labor laws were put in place to keep workers in line and keep them from getting uppity. Much like the dems idea today, bring in illegals that cant complain about low wages and slave-like conditions.

      • @49er and anyone else,
        Slavery is not an issue in 2020.

        Can the States, that desire to leave the Union, leave said Union in order to form their own nation?
        As in tomorrow. Yes or No?

        Apologies to off topic..can’t help myself. It’s Friday!

        • Maybe TTAG can take the “off topic” comments that were deleted here (along with the remaining ones- which really don’t make sense now without context) and post all of them under a new topic so the discourse can continue. I believe there are many people here who would like to able to read/consider/comment (and, of course- troll) the subject that TTAG saw fit to remove. Can you make it so?

  13. Damn. I should’ve foreseen that old “Montana” posts would’ve got deleted. I spent a good while correcting him with that dissertation on the civil war.

    • Since I’m new here, I’m guessing that it’s not uncommon for comments to get deleted? Entire discussions, too? That’s a bit disconcerting. I thought I had found the most reasonable, concise, and illuminating discourse so far on TTAG (thank you, Ron), and I appreciated being able to participate in the dialogue. At no point did I anticipate the possibility of having my comments removed (along with others), and I’m still kind of surprised that it happened. I’m now wishing I had kept a copy of the dialogue for myself- it was refreshingly illuminating. Does TTAG have the ability to send me the deleted content so I can have it for my own edification? It pains me to think that someone just decided to sh!tcan my participation in what I thought was an intelligent, valuable, and educational discourse (by some participants)- which I now don’t even have a record of. Any help/consideration would be appreciated.

        • What he said, it’s actually rare.

          Kind of a shame, I was kinda proud of my zinger comparing his hatred of us to his wife leaving him because it took a southerner to *cough* satisfy *cough* her… 🙂

        • Looks like I missed all the fun. Had grandfather duty. Come to think of it minding a 5yo and a 2 yo cursed with the terrible 2’s is kind of like being on a TTAG discussion thread.

        • Yeah, I kinda figured it would happen though. And, as expected it took my reply to Geoff on classifying System with it.

          Of course, this isn’t The Truth About Music though.

    • Dan took his sweet time in deleting it.

      Better late than never I guess.

      Montana must be from California Controlled Montana.

      They have ruined a lot of places. I’m afraid they will matastisize further.

      • Go fuck yourself and wrap yourself in your rebel flag after you are done. Redneck.

    • Nobody cares about your defense of the south and their slave war. Redneck trash.

  14. Seriously TTAG? A Confederate Battle Flag in an EDC dump? Don’t we have enough issues with the antis trying to paint us as racist xenophobes? We don’t need to add fuel to their fire.

    • Yea, and they deleted comments calling them out on it too. It’s clear the confederacy mentality on owning slaves is very much still alive in this forum, and you can tell by the comments that are left. Using terms like “the northern war of aggression”… get real.

  15. Thank You TTAG. Noted I put a pretty upset post on here last night …that was in response to a person writing things that seemed inappropriate. It seems like TTAG took appropriate action in removing prior posts by this author. My post was so hot that it was not appropriate to even put it in the discussion comments. Sooo I just wanted to say thank you to TTAG for handling appropriately. We have a wonderful country that’s rich and complex in history that we all need to be thankful for. Especially this Memorial Day Weekend Holiday.

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