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We don’t know about you, but when we think funny, we think the Middle East. And Egyptian TV prankster Ramz Jalal figures there’s no better way to pass the long hours of Ramadan fasting than generating a few yuks. His big concept: fooling celebs by making them think they’ve been kidnapped at gunpoint in the Sinai Peninsula. But reports that – for some reason – not all of the kidnapees have been amused. “Not┬ásurprisingly┬ásome are not laughing, and according to al-Arabiya, many have attempted to beat up Jalal, who does his best to calm down the fuming star or starlet and avoid a bloody nose.” There’s apparently no stopping the irrepressible Ramz, the Alan Funt of the holy lands. “Jalal himself staged a show last year in which he trapped celebrities in an elevator with a lion.” You just have to laugh along with a jokester like that, don’t you?

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  1. Great.

    Of all the things we could have transfered in terms of culture to the Middle East…we transfer the smug prick-i-ness of Ashton Kutcher and his show Punk’d.

    But this was funny. I want to see the one where they lock the movie starts in a elevator with a lion. Foreign prank videos are ALWAYS funnier..cuz they aren’t worried about law suits…

  2. this will continue til one of the celebs armed bodygaurds does his job and takes out the threat.

  3. If I got abducted I think I could probably laugh *at* him, but only after I’d beaten him into unconsciousness with what was left of his camera equipment.

    Being beaten by an angry Arab singer isn’t something he should worry about, though. Getting his head blown off by jittery security guards should be much higher on his list of things to avoid.

  4. Nobody appreciates a twisted sense of humor more than me, but THAT is dangerous. I’ll admit I’d hate to be the one that prank is played on. Reminds of some show I watched about pranks played overseas, and some guy was hiding in a mailbox, and he’d throw peoples mail back out when they put it in…and some guy pulled out his pistol, stuck it in the mailbox, and shot the guy…several times…on camera…gotta be careful who you screw with…

  5. If you follow the links embedded within the media story from the Time of Israel it continues the lunacy.

  6. If I was a celeb, and he did that to me? I’d hire my own team to kidnap him right back! Except, it wouldn’t be a prank. We don’t release him until he signs a contract stating he won’t kidnap people in the MIDDLE EAST for fun!!

  7. Ramz Jalal, what a card you are! Come on over here and do a fake kidnap with Tawana Brawley. She’s highly experienced and Al Sharpton will back your play.

  8. How the hell was that supposed to be funny? Especially in that part of the world? Ridiculous. I probably would have gouged his eyes out when wrestling in the sand before I figured out it was a hoax…then he wouldn’t have been laughing.

  9. As my grandmother always said, “Yep, it’s all funny until someone gets their eye poked out.” In this case the eye might get poked out with a 9mm slug. What in the world were they thinking when they came up with this idea?

  10. I actually thought it was kind of funny when he tried to kick the guy’s ass. And then he got over it and they laughed. I’m sure that they’re pretty careful to gauge the temperament of their targets before they pull this. That guy was obviously not someone who holds a grudge. He got mad, he got over it, they laughed about it later.

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