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New gun program. Mainstream media. Post-Midnight Massacre. Outrage to follow? Or is reality TV maven Mark Burnett’s firearms foray so wrapped up in patriotism that it’s beyond criticism? I’m thinking the latter but there’s no accounting for haste.

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  1. Eve Torres – WWE Diva
    Picabo Street – Olympic Skier
    Laila Ali – Boxer
    Dean Cain – Actor
    Dolvett Quince – Personal trainer, trainer on The Biggest Loser
    Nick Lachey – …
    Terry Crews – Actor, former NFL player
    Todd Palin – Are you effing kidding me?

    Oh my God, it’s full of stars!

    From Wikipedia: “Each celebrity will represent various military and veterans charities, and their winnings will be donated to these charities.” So they’re going to try to wrap it in patriotism, but I don’t think that will have anything to do with the show’s success or failure. It’s going to run its full course, regardless of ratings, because the money’s already been guaranteed.

    Also from Wikipedia: “In late July 2012 the political action group Roots Action began an online petition discouraging NBC from airing Stars Earn Stripes. The opposition argues that such a program would give a false, sanitized version of war that is divorced from its human cost. They object to the implicit notion that war is merely a sport or a game.”

  2. Way to trivialize what these guys do. I guess if Todd Palin can do it after a week’s training, Marine Recon can’t be but so tough.

  3. As long as they are not wasting tax payer money i dont really see a problem with this, but that does not mean i’m gonna watch it either.

    Unless one of those dumb jersey shore d-bags shows up and gets his ass whooped, then i may consider watching it

  4. Should be D-Listers Earn Stripes

    I may be in the minority but it seems to me these gun “reality” shows are a complete waste of time. OK there is some cool eye candy stuff here and there but they are completely fabricated (from the admittedly little I have seen of them) and pretty much not based in any kind of reality. I guess this promo was better than the Combat Pawn promo from a few weeks ago, nobody was tacticooling it across a parking lot combat assaulting a store opening.

  5. I’m sorry to be the asshole but all this is, is propaganda to recruit sympathy and undivided cooperation from us while they are used like tools to trample our rights and destroy lives the world over, I respect the ones that hold onto their honor and allow others to retain their dignity but recent operations and the complete militarization of our police forces to protect the Bloombergs while they rest in their highrise crystal palaces and they want some loyalty and respect from me? while they reach around behind me and try to remove the only protection my family has from the obvious and not so obvious criminal element, no thanks.

  6. We certainly are a cynical bunch.

    It’s simple. You don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    I’ll catch it DVR’d. I wouldn’t mind watching some TV and entertainment personalities get a taste of what I got in Marine Corps basic training or MEUSOC training. Any show like this I have seen in the past, the entertainers have ALWAYS been respectful and outright complientary of the military.

    And I believe some charity will make out. It’s a sanitized way of getting the public, (who is otherwise tired and numb to anything involving our ongoing conflicts), to pay attention to our people in uniform, and keep in mind that there are still US troops fighting for their lives.

    Like most things surrounding gun culture on TV, the gun community doesn’t appreciate the difference between telling people like it is, and telling people like it is, in a pallatable manner.

  7. A show like this just affirms my decision to cut the cord a few years ago. No TV in my home. They can keep this garbage to themselves. With so many soldiers deployed abroad, there is no reason to make a show like this. F**** this program and everyone involved.

  8. I have so many issues with this I don’t even know where to start.

    First issue, the bald faced lie of “this is real”.

    Next issue, another spin to blur the lines between military and police (and normalize the “militarization” of the police. Subtle but always disturbing to me.

    Gah…. I’m just going to go have a little sit-down for a while!

  9. Me, I’m a big fan of the FN SCAR-L & H (looks like it the gun of choice in this show) and am kind of looking forward to the show.

    • +1

      Not sure when my fellow 2a proponents got so crotchety. This show isn’t worthy of such strong emotions one way or another.

  10. This is looking like a mega-testosterone infused version of “Dancing with the stars”, another show I don’t watch.


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