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I’m not sure what’s worse: this inevitable “accident” or FPS Russia’s comment on his Facebook page. [after the jump] “My cameraman took some shrapnel today, but we made a pretty cool video so I guess it was worth it (he doesnt share my opinion)….” I wonder if the cameraman has a good lawyer. If he does he might want to search “FPS Russia Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day.”

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      • hes just out there doing it like an average American. I know for a fact that there is a whole lot of people out there that don’t use eye or ear protection and do stupid crap that would hurt themselves all the time. go onto youtube right now and look up all the videos where they say those famous last words “hey watch this”. so by calling this guy a douche your pretty much calling America a douche. which honestly makes you a douche. douche.

  1. I don’t frequently say this (I’m a criminal defense lawyer after all) but it’s time for the law to step in and charge this moron with reckless endangerment or assault It’s too late to prevent anyone from being hurt by FPS’s recklessness, but there’s still time to prevent someone from being killed.

      • I’m guessing his undoing will be an insurance company or companies. The detonations, and firing of the minigun, rocket launchers, and cannon, etc. will give any insurer a heart attack. Say what you want about rights and freedom and whatever, now go show these videos to your insurer and ask them. They have full legal right to cancel you for violating the terms of your coverage and detonating explosives alone will do it. Not to mention firing a cannon, rocket launcher, mortar, etc. At some point his or the land owners’ insurers or the Georgia insurance commission will find out and once they do, they won’t hesitate about cancelling his coverage.

    • Chris Dumm Criminal Defense. That’s cool how your initials can stand for your legal specialty.

    • I imagine it would be kind of tough to charge him with anything when the injured party was there willingly, and it would be laughable to suggest he/she/it/whatever was unaware of the dangers involved.

      Random person, reckless endangerment or assault, sure. Someone else making the silly video with him, and unlikely to file a complaint? Good luck with that.

      Stupid behavior that will probably result in more of the same, but legally no different than any other film mishap.

      He could be in a bit of a pickle if his videos were filmed as most youtube dreck is, in that a bunch of guys get together with a camcorder and blow shit up without any sort of production insurance or disclaimers of liability for crew– but if and only if the injured party decides to take legal action.

    • Leave it to a shyster lawyer to suggest malicious prosecution. Do you chase ambulances for a living, by any chance? People like you represent one of the many systemic cancer-like problems this country is infested with.

      You’d abuse the legal process for your own sick and twisted political ends, in this case I’d imagine because you think public relations and putting forth an unrealistic “squeaky clean image” of gun owners is more important than not abusing the law.

      As a lawyer, might I suggest instead of being a low-life sue or prosecution happy shyster, you accept the old motto: “I don’t agree with what you say, but I’ll defend your Right to say it.” You don’t seem to have much respect for Rights though, it seems. You’d fit right in with just about any Prosecutors office in the country then.

      • Shyster lawyer! 🙂

        I think those lawyers must have several classes on “Looking For Someone/Something/Someway To File A Lawsuit Against” before they get their “SS” degree – Shyster Suits! People like that aren’t trying to fix a problem, they are trying to pad their pockets. -Gunny T sends

    • Hey here’s an idea: Why don’t we not try to sue the pants off everyone that does anything wrong? Let’s end this entitled era of “someone’s gotta pay” every time someone gets hurt.

    • Reckless endangerment? Who exactly is he endangering? I’m sure the cameraman signed a hold harmless agreement. I suppose you are heading up a class action against Smith & Wesson.

      Stupid comment by Chris Dumm (appropriate name) the pseudo lawyer.

  2. I ocasionaly watch the videos just for the drool factor over what he gets his hands on (and who doesn’t love explosions?).

    PS. Got a new shotgun today, anybody got any experience with a Hatsan Arms Escort Field Hunter in 12ga. ?

      • Nice, picked mine up at gander mountain today havn’t had time to shoot it yet hopefuly it works good for me.

  3. the legit gun blogs need to stop giving him free publicity…. had never heard of him until today.

    • That ship has officially sailed. He has two and a half *million* subscribers to his Youtube channel. He is officially one of the Youtube heavyweights and makes a small fortune every time he uploads a video. Mentioning him, even on the most trafficed of serious gunblogs, is not giving him significant extra oxygen.

  4. He [FPS Russia] is one of the leaders of the Call of Duty generation. Such a great example he is.

    Who doesn’t like to play with firearms like they are toys — when someone gets injured you laugh at them and say, “It is funny because it wasn’t me!”

  5. He is a complete fool. I doubt he has had any kind of gun safety training. He routinely violates every one of the four laws and it is rare that he uses any kind of hearing protection.

    • That’s because it’s his damn choice to not wear it.
      And of course, if he didn’t do any kind of gun safety training, then why would he have the weaponry?
      You’re forgetting that it was because of shrapnel which could happen from any explosion.

      So tell me, what 4 rules does he violate?

      • The four basic rules of gun handling.
        1. Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
        2. Don’t aim or point weapon at anything you don’t want to destroy.
        3. Keep the saftey on until you are ready to shoot.
        4. Keep finger off triger until ready to shoot.

        • Actually the 4 rules are
          1. Always treat a weapon as if it were loaded.
          2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
          3. Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the guard until you are ready to fire.
          4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

          The 4 main rules do not deal at all with the guns physical safeties.

  6. Let’s arrest him and throw his ass in the gulag, even if his cameraman doesn’t want to sue. Then let’s pass a law against behaving foolishly.

    I would like to know how he’s not deaf though.

    • But your arm is off! No it isn’t!! ‘Tis but a scratch!!! I’m invincible!! And so on and so forth…Btw, I am shocked, SHOCKED to see that FPSMoron was careless with a gun.

  7. I’m feeling hungry. Time to go cook up the smoked pork sausage from Ottos and have some bourbon flavored baked beans on the side. Yummy.

  8. Wow that’s a real nasty cut, might even require a couple of band-aids and a dab of neosporin. Not even with the effort to fill out the OSHA form. Clean it up, put a bandage on it, quit bitching and get back to work. You’re not paid to bleed. Sorry but I see real accidents daily with real men using power tools, this is a glorified scrape this blog is making a big deal of.

    • So true. In my time in the trades I’ve seen one guy killed and a gal put in the hospital with months and months of rehabilitation ahead of her.

  9. Seriously? I hate to see these FPS-bashing posts, because it’s so transparently a hack move to generate pageviews, and the rest of the content on TTAG, including the rest of RF’s posts, is so much better and more interesting. FPSRussia has 2m+ subscribers because he gets his hands on stuff you can’t, and posts videos that are the next best thing to getting your own hands on it. Sure, NutnFancy is (way, way) more thorough and detailed, but I can read spec sheets online a lot easier than I can sit through his half hour videos.

    And by the way, let’s stop and think about that Facebook post. You really think FPS would have been so flippant if the cameraman was angry and threatening a lawsuit? You’re entitled to your contempt for him, but it’s clouding your journalistic judgement.

  10. I am a big fan of Fpsrussia.
    I think he was being sarcastic…
    So what if he doesn’t use earplugs? He is just hurting himself…
    How do we know he is unsafe? Do we know that he doesn’t have a designated, fenced off impact zone for the bullets he wildly sprarys?

    • “Do we know that he doesn’t have a designated, fenced off impact zone for the bullets he wildly sprarys?”
      Did you miss the part about his cameraman getting hit by shrapnel?

      • FPSRussia clearly has a lot of land. I’m certain that some bureaucrat is looking at the videos for violations so they can get their name in the paper and waste our taxpayer money working on their career. There is some knucklehead in Florida who thinks his backyard range (which backs to a waterway) is OK and he “looks” to make sure their aren’t boats passing by when he’s shooting and they can’t shut him down because backyard shooting ranges are legal. FPSR is nothing like that. He was actually closer than the cameraman, and if that’s his thing so be it. The idiots with their gun in their purse next to their kids are worse (Walmart Mom). I’ve even watched a few of his videos with the four laws in mind and he’s not bad. He doesn’t lock open safe (visible safe) like I was taught, but I know many military who don’t either.

  11. I think many people are just jealous of what he does, after all who wouldn’t want his job? Shooting exotic guns all day, hell yes! I thought his earlier videos were a bit better, before all the CoD crap. I agree that he could demonstrate safety a bit better, and wear earpro!

  12. He’s high profile and he needs to be a little less negligent about safety.

    It is up to responsible gun owners to demonstrate proper firearm safety. If you don’t want to be a part of the responsible gun owner fraternity, that’s fine. But don’t whine when we castigate and/or shun you.


  13. Lol you all need to get laid or find something better to do with your time. Until he kills himself or one of his cameramen stfu and gtfo.

    • Lol at “you all need to get laid”. You must be what 12, maybe 13, and are such a fanboy of FPS that even when his blatantly dangerous antics finally get someone injured you still defend him, albeit with childish remarks. Also, one can only hope that he “kills himself” BEFORE he “[kills] one of his cameramen”.

      • Lol no actually I own a .22 rifle and shoot it frequently. So I guess I must be at least 18 to legally own and operate a rifle. And I just find it absolutely hilarious that you idiots have nothing better to do with your time than bother this guy. You don’t like his videos don’t watch it 😉

  14. Do you people have anything better to do with your time then complain about this? I mean this is America still right? The land of the free!, and this country started off with guns, and people getting injured with guns? You’re all liberals, complaining about how people live their lives, and how they have fun, if i didn’t know any better i’d think you’re just doing this for the fun of it! You people are pathetic, and plus why are you focused on this? We need more people like this for murder cases, and other crimes Etc, not gun safety. Get a life losers!

    • So a guy with a fake accent and backstory, whose day to day safety can easily by described as dangerous, wounded a person working for him but SHOULDNT be criticized?

      To me, you sound like a child, both because of your idiotic views and your lack of sentence structure. Personally what FPS gets to do on a daily basis is cool, but to argue that his practices arent dangerous is stupid.

      • I will repeat my previous statement, someone needs to go get laid badly…. You seem to be PMSing all over the internet and at other people.

      • Outside all sound waves move forward causing no need for ear protection. I had the fire a friggin m249 w/ no ears pro. In the army. And I’m fine

      • Outside all sound waves move forward causing no need for ear protection. I had the fire a friggin m249 w/ no earpro, In the army. And I’m fine

      • Outside all sound waves move forward causing no need for ear protection. I had the fire a friggin m249 w/ no ear protection in the army. And I’m fine

  15. This is going to require medical attention, and unless the cameraman is a good liar, the fact that the injury was a result of gunfire is going to automatically involve the police.

  16. Come on people, it was shrapnel from on of his explosions. He didn’t accidentally shoot someone. Chillax.

  17. Come on people, it was shrapnel from on of his explosions. He didn’t accidentally shoot someone. Chill.

  18. “Dmitri” Is a character and he’s just playing him up, this dude has EMS on site when he shoots, all safety precautions are taken.

  19. Too bad you didnt include the part of the video where he includes information of why you shouldnt wear a bulletproof vest when somebody fires a shotgun at you.. he may have saved a couple of lives right there being that people are stupid and are inclined to do stupid things. I’m sure that wont ever make one of your posts.

    And the police/ems know what he is doing, considering they are there when he shoots the footage. Ever seen the videos of him driving tanks through a town? I’m sure the police have no idea that a tank is driving straight through the mcdonalds drive thru, or what the huge booms going off in the distance are…

    And to Josh- I work a dangerous job, yet i know the risks involved. when my boss tells me to do something and i get injured doing it, i dont criticize the man, i shrug it off and say it was my fault because i knew what i was doing, and knew what i was getting into when i signed up for the job. the cameraman knew what could happen, all he had to say was “no.”

    so in conclusion to this 5 minutes of wasted life i spent typing this: mind your fucking business people, and go find something else to complain about. There are starving children in Africa and kittens that need a good home.

    or just keep complaining because you will make no difference either way.

  20. People like you are the type that would ban fireworks because kids might hurt themselves. Stop babying others. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. The camaraman knew what he was getting into and somthing was bound to happen eventually, it was just a sharpnel wound by the way he did’nt actually shoot the man. Calling him a douche is immature I thought you commenters would be better then that. And also the police DO know he was driving that tank. He has NEVER done any illegal action. Your complaining on the forum is just you beating your self righteous chest because your not content with your life and want to annoy people who like taking risks and having fun.

  21. 1. If you got something to said email him, don’t insult from behind a freaking computer desk
    2. His guns, his ears, his life, his videos deal with it
    3. Everyone makes mistakes, and the guy is not dead
    4. He has medical personal with him

  22. Fps is entertaining unlike the haters on this waste of space website. I’m one of his youtube subscribers, and I I would hit ‘like’ a million times if if he used you kill-joys lot as a target!

    As always, have nice day!

  23. His property, his guns, his videos, his friends, his problem… not yours. If someone points a muzzle at me I’ll pistolwhip them; If I point a gun at someone, I expect the same… that’s between me and whoever it happens to. He’s not a role-model and never claims to be. People can point out the fallacies and mistakes themselves and make their own decisions from the videos without you “high and mighties” blogging about suing and passing legislation like that’s going to solve all your little problems in life or aid in expanding your ego. Everyone has to be a nanny these days; if it doesn’t harm you mind your damn business and live your own life the way you see fit so others can do the same. Damn zombies….

  24. He’s doing his stuff on close courses with willing participants.. Most of you guys are just jealous of his popularity….

  25. Anyone who takes FPS RUSSIA seriously should get their sense of humor check at the next comedy convention. The problem with most who think they can fix all the foolish people out there with lawsuits are they don’t have a grasp on what makes this world go round and are just fooling themselves and simply forget about the golden rule of Darwinism. Fact remains he’s not the most responsible gun owner in the world but who cares. Its short-term and his run will probably be over before you would have time to file an injunction. I think he’s a gas and always has the coolest stuff in his videos. Why doesn’t Mr Lawyer concentrate his time on fixing a problem that will affect more of you than FPS RUSSIA ever will like finding a way to get motorcycle riders to wear a helmet? Oh yah it’s their right to choose not to be safe. But I bet everyone knows at least one person who has died from not wearing a helmet. How many people do you know have died in one of his videos?

  26. …u do realize a person who is worth as much as FPSrussia, who is such a force on youtube, apparently would have his cameraman sign contracts so FPS himself would not be liable for any accidents like this… (other then medical expenses, and if the guy was hurt beyond being able to work, he may be liable to settle for that, but its only a flesh wound, he covers the ambulance ride, and hospital bills im SUREEE)

  27. It would be kind of neat to see a video where a real Russian asks FPS a question in Russian, doesn’t matter what. Then when FPS can’t answer the Russian gives him a much needed ass kickin.

  28. Was the cameraman “FORCED” to participate? Was the cameraman their against his will? Nope. He was their on his own volition. Honestly, its not like EVERYONE whom has watched even ONE FPSRussia video doesn’t know what they are getting into. HE CHOSE TO DO IT, AND THEREFORE ITS HIS OWN FAULT! Its time the whinetit little crybabies quit trying to blame others for their own choices, and learn what personal responsibility is. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. If you are FORCED to do what you did not CHOOSE to do, THAT is a crime. No crime was committed here. Grow up. Get a life. And stay the hell out of everyone elses. Damn sheeple.

  29. 2015 and there’s still a lot of morons if you don’t watch his videos don’t comment because you clearly have no idea what your talking about 😉

    • Years later and the COD-playing fanbois are still showing up… what, did the FPSRussiaButtBuddies forum have a thread on this article?

  30. Hi, I’m visiting from the far-off future of 2018 to let you folks know that the smart people, as usual, were right. Kyle Lamar Myers’ YouTube channel is effectively dead because he’s likely going to become a felon soon and won’t be able to own any firearms.

    So basically, stupids, if the “You’re just jealous of FPSRussia!” defense didn’t work for you then, it sure as shit won’t work for you now.

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